Bringing home a stray

Xanadu Weyr - Outlying herding hold
Theater of the mind, the general impression is located in the first few poses.

FLIGHT! It's an amazing thing. Probably colder than Evi thought it would be. Maybe she foresaw the wind, or maybe she didn't. The point is? She's flying now! And of course, flying means one very important thing.

Time to start gathering visuals for future Betweening!

Predictably, N'on is among the riders tasked with guiding the fledgling pairs over the landscape to see new sights and hopefully memorize them well enough to avoid any terrible accidents. On this particular day, he got himself assigned to Evi. Any attempt to find out where they are going has gone unanswered, met only with a cheeky smile and a wink.

Zhelinath sets an easy pace for the younger green to follow, soaring just high enough to make good time while still watching the landscape pass below. The glittering blue expanse of Lake Caspian remains only just within sight as the weyr fades into the distance. The huge herds and vegetable fields that support the weyr soon also fade away, replaced by green rolling hills and cliffs, scattered with the occasional settlement along the winding trade road that roughly follows the shape of the lake shore. Even these occasional settlements eventually fade into the distance, until there's nothing to see for miles around but nature occasionally divided by rough hand-made wood fences and even more occasional spatterings of farm animals.

Multicolored herds of sheep are the first real sign of human habitation, dotting the landscape like so much white, brown, and black cotton against the deep greens and browns of the landscape. That's the only warning Nei gets before Zhelinath does a silent dip of one wing to establish a circular landing pattern over a nondescript blip in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable field.

As the two dragons wind their way down to the convenient landing space of an empty grass field, discrete structures become more visible. The main building, looming large over the rest of what can generously be deemed a settlement, turns out to be an ancient barn. It is clearly currently in use, with evidence of constant patching and repairs, but the original structure is so old that it could believably be dated all the way back to the era of the last threadfall. A smaller, equally aged farmhouse squats nearby, standing sentinel over a chicken yard whose denizens seem remarkably untroubled by the appearance of two dragons.

There are a number of newer buildings constructed at some distance from the main house, but all seem to be in service to the main dwelling. Depending on Evi's experiences with farm life, she may or may not recognize the above-ground entrance to a detached root cellar, an outhouse, a storage shed? Only new by comparison to the main house and barn, but none of it built within the last generation or so.

A couple of stocky equines gallop away to the other side of the field as the dragons come in for their landing. A boy and girl wait on the porch, large-eyed with wonder. Neither can be more than ten turns, and they remain rapt right until both dragons have properly landed and furled their wings. Only then do they take off with shrill squeals of delight, racing across the field toward N'on and Evi (or perhaps more accurately, the dragons).

The ability to fly away from the Weyr is still fresh and exciting. Even the constant exercises, hours of on the ground and in air drilling and the strict enforcement of flight etiquette has not drained the fun from the experience (yet). After getting the approval to leave the Weyr form C'con, promising on both of their hides that they would be stalwart and noble examples of the Weyr and not embarrass themselves or worse, him, they escaped. Flying over the Landscape, it becomes apparent that Neifeth is fast, her near-adult size is still smol, and every passing day it seems more apparent that she will be staying that way. The advantage garnered comes in the form of air currents, finding and maintaining flight via flitting through thermals and placing into a stream of air that shoots her forward while conserving energy. The exuberance of youth doesn't hurt either, as she dips and dives to find a spot where keeping up with Zhelinath is less work. All of the jolting around creates a turbulent flight for Evi, who clings to her dragon's neck ridges with a furrow of concentration. As the animals pass below, Nei's eyes whirl red for a moment, nostrils flaring with desire but remaining with Zhelinath. As they reach this new place, there's no instantaneous move to land, even though this is one of the longer flights they have taken. Circling the dwellings and slowing down as much as possible to clearly understand where they are, the positioning of buildings and the shape of stone and wood so that they might return here one day.

After two rotations around the farmstead, Neifeth lands her body gracefully, arrowing out of the sky and limbs landing with an eerie amount of quiet on the grass. Evi takes a deep breath, shivering slightly and ramming both shoulders towards her ears in a weak attempt to warm them. The racing children are noted by both the young green and rider, the less than social dragon scooting back uncomfortably as Evi unbuckles and slides off, placing herself between them and Nei. An anxious glance is given to N'on, as goggles are pulled up, and breathing quickens. "Um, she's… A baby, she's not been out a lot." Is said quietly, towards the children, her voice quivering and hands balling up in tight fists. ACK.

The children seem to be at least /acquainted/ with dragons? Some rural children of such young age would be afraid of dragons. Unfortunately, they aren't so acquainted as to know that they should avoid a stranger and not run shrieking toward her.

Luckily, N'on and Zhelinath have enough sense for everyone involved. N'on slides off Zhelinath's shoulders and lands with a practiced move, scooping up both children, one under each arm, while Zhelinath smoothly positions herself between the children and the twitchy green. N'on glances around her to catch Evi's gaze and give a nod toward the farmhouse. With that single silent gesture, he starts off, hauling the two giggling children along.

« You will need to become used to children, » Zhelinath muses, in her typical gentle wisp of thought. « They are many of them, and the humans get upset if you eat them. »

Neifeth's mind is bold in color, pressing forward with a hint of tiredness in the quiet rush of a vermillion sea. «Probably not food grade humans anyhow. Not nearly enough marbling in the meat.» The green remains tucked in close to Zhelinath, whip-like tail snapping back and forth and flattening the grass with a thunk, thunk, thunk.
Evi exhales, blowing air through pursed lips as N'on drags the children away from her mercurial lifemate. There's hesitation, watching him move forward but remaining stiff, cemented in place at full attention. As the gap grows between them, the farmhouse is raked over wide eyes, focusing in and shoulders tensing inward. Though hard to hear with all the giggling, the young weaver weyrling lets out a tiny whine and a canary gold firelizard *POPS* in from *BETWEEN* adding anxious twittering to the cacophony of noise. Tulle's presence makes the difference, Evi turning to lightly caress Nei's nose before taking up a jog to catch up. "Um. I hello. I am well. It's not important, I don't think. I mean, we will get to it. But it's nice to meet you, whoever you are. A pleasure really, an honor, I um. Yes." Great strides have been made in the stammering and stumbling over words department, all of it seems to have vanished in her nervousness.

All of the stammering and awkwardness is totally lost on the children, who are having a grand time pretending that the BIG BAD DRAGON RIDER HAS STOLEN THEM. The effect is ruined by the fact that they can't stop giggling. As they near the house, he finally releases them, and they hit the ground running, zipping back toward the house in a sudden frenzied game of WHERE ARE WE RUNNING? I DON'T KNOW, BUT LET'S GET THERE FAST!

While the two riders and hooligan children were making their way to the house, adults have finally appeared. A stout older woman stands at the top of the few rickety steps to the porch, arms folded over her chest and wearing a solemn expression as she watches N'on and Evi approach. She wears an obviously homespun dress dyed a simple deep brown, and her greying hair is swept up in a sensible knot at the back of her head. Behind her, two women linger in the doorway, curious but wary. All this curiosity and wariness seems to center on Evi, as they whisper back and forth to each other. Both wear similar homespun dresses, and one is balancing a year-old baby on her hip.

As they reach the foot of the step, N'on signs a quick explanation to Evi, accompanied by a pointed finger to indicate who each sign references. The older woman: "Mother." The two younger women: "Sister-in-law." The two devils currently chasing chickens in the side yard: "Niece. Nephew."

While N'on is still busy signing, the older woman speaks over him, obviously impatient, in a thick country accent. "Ye fin'ly got a girl, then?"

N'on rolls his eyes a little, but at least he seems amused by it and gestures for Evi to answer.

The further they get from the chance that Neifeth will cause permanent, multi-colored, borderline psychedelic hallucinogenic nightmares in N'on's family members, the more tension releases from Evi. At first, it's all in the hands, one hand relaxing and finding purchase on Tulle's tail. The other hand reaches forward, thumb, index, and ring finger pinching at the hem of his jacket. Silence prevails after initial ramblings, clinging to literal coattails, though the children's game evokes a giggle. As they take off, she follows them with her gaze, convulsively pulling herself closer behind him once they reach the farmhouse.

Neifeth reaches out towards N'on, having already curled up in a tight dragon donut shape, and started to rest. Tiredly her mind loosens, brilliant purples trees that smell impossibly of lavender «I'm turning my best bitch over to you, please apply encouragement as needed.» After that, the mind spirals out; for a moment, a vast world of watercolors leak through an impossible starry expanse. Then silence, Neifeth's dream land barred off.

Evi stalls, placing herself fully behind her fellow greenrider before taking a long sidestep to be adjacent to him, her hips even with her fingers running down the hem of his jacket, maintaining a tether. With each sign, the person in question gets a deep nod, and then several quick ones, brown-green eyes intent, studious yet soft. "Um, Mom, Sister in law's, Niece, Nephew." The names repeated back, chin indicating each person. The words from the woman recognized as 'Mom' bring a blush to her face, chin tucking to chest and eyes closing tightly. "I am, sorry to disappoint you, I'm just a friend. It's uhh- well, a long story." With the most courage, she can muster the steps are taken, untethering and allowing herself out into the great unknown. "I am Evi, Green Neifeth's rider it's a pleasure to meet you. All of you." Meekness emerges, Evi extending one hand while pinning the other to the small of her back. "Um, your son he's, the most special."

As Neifeth makes her commentary, N'on coughs a little, then clears his throat and shoots an amused look at Evi. The younger women remain in the background, rapidly shifting from mild interest to puzzled curiosity. Mom just looks back and forth between Evi and N'on a few times, bewildered. It's the final compliment that breaks the ice, driving an amused snort from the woman. "The most special, is he? S'pose you must be special, yerself. He don't never bring home friends." After a long pause spent just looking at Evi, she finally softens a bit. "Well. Best ye better come inside, then." When Mom turns to go in, the two younger women retreat as well, leading the way into a cozy but slightly dim interior. The furniture is all handmade, with an abundance of knit wool blankets covering the otherwise rough bones of chairs and tables. The walls are unfinished wood, but decorative blankets or various works of needle art hang here and there to add touches of color.

"I'm Teiryn," the matriarch introduces herself, as the group enters a tiny sitting room. "Cee. Go fetch a pitcher? Tam, throw open them shutters and get us some light." The two women head off on their respective tasks, leaving Teiryn to lead Evi over to one of the better chairs, padded with wool-stuffed cushions. N'on settles on a chair in the corner, hanging back to let Evi interact with the family. It's just as well, since Teiryn seems happier to talk around him than to him.

"I expect ye won't be staying the night." Teiryn settles onto a third chair, with a certain heaviness that hints at joint troubles. "He don't never stay. Just shows up long enough to haunt the place. The men're checking the sheep, but they'll be back if ye stay long enough."

Moving in with the woman, her cheeks permanently dyed the same color and Neifeth's vermilion ocean of earlier. Taking a deep breath, her chin goes up, secure, shoulders back, and eyes locked intently on this new person. There's a pause in the doorway, each piece of needlework taken in and evoking hungry stares. "Thank you for inviting me into your home, Teiryn, Ma'am." Quickly the offered chair is sat on, body moving too fast as if she might lose a game of musical chairs. "Your work is beautiful, before I was.. before Neifeth I was, I am, a weaver. I sewed." Tulle is massaged, the gold wrapping herself around her master's neck and chirping a greeting to Teiryn.

Both of Evi's hands go to her knees, eyes downcast in deference for a beat before they're peeled off the floor. Sitting up straighter, squaring her shoulders with a sharpness to her face as the woman comments about N'on haunting the home, and her left eye twitches slightly. "We could not stay, Neith is a young dragon. FLying here is one of the furthest trips she has ever taken, that is… How I know your son, he um. Well, he was one of the people who rescued me from an earthquake in half-moon bay." Subtly Neifeth's raptorial strength seeps into her rider's eyes, jaw set, voice polite and easy-going while somehow pressing power and superiority of KNOWING she is right into every word. It's not rude, though it toys with the idea of being so. The tone doesn't leave a lot of room for argument, "Your home is magnificent." The words are genuine, cheeks rising with shoulders in a tiny gleeful shrug as a deep breath is taken. "His work, what he does… it's the most important. His dragon finds other dragonriders, and he's somewhat of a mentor. I would love to meet all of you and hear all about your projects. I'd love to know more about N'on; if you have embarrassing stories, all the better." A sly wrinkle to one cheek and tweak of her head towards N'on.

Neifeth's dream is broken momentarily as she croons approval from afar, the notes humming through anyone at all sensitive to the draconic presence in the room as bright cobalt grasses brush together and swish «Do telllll.» the noise half asleep, abrupt but purring. Evi raises both brows, waiting to see if anyone else heard her obnoxiously loud dragon.

Teiryn winces visibly when Neifeth's voice appears in her head. Nei will find her to be an oddly difficult one to communicate with. It's distinctly uncomfortable. Although there's nothing terribly unpleasant to the woman's mind, she's just? Well, dense. Difficult to get through to. It requires significantly more energy than it should, all things considered, and the woman herself frowns, her brow wrinkling at the feeling.

After a tense moment, it seems that Teiryn decides to simply ignore the dragon-voice in her head. She focuses instead on Evi. "Oh is you? Well, we don't do nothing fancy /here/, obviously. We're simple shepherds. But our Cee does have a modest gift." In spite of her denial, she smooths her skirt, oddly pleased with the compliments in her own prim way. Then her gaze sharpens and she glances between Evi and N'on. "We don't get much news out here. Earthquake, ye say? Sounds like him, for sure. Haring off, getting himself in trouble trying to help people."

For a moment, her gaze goes a bit distant, but then her hands flutter, waving the air as though to startle away a bothersome fly, and she smiles tightly. N'on has worn that exact smile, at times. "Don't know about /projects/, child. But we lost three lambs this spring. Just up an' fell over. That weren't bad enough, three of last year's ewes have up and gone missing. Another couple more rams, too. Cyron's just 'bout beside hisself over it, and the boys have been making crazy talk again. Sleeping in the fields and such nonsense."

Suddenly, Teiryn's attention turns back to Evi with a sudden interest. "How come your dragon didn't save you from the earthquake? Because she's too young? Looks big enough to me."

Round, pale eyes just stare for long moments, with slow blinks as the older woman just? takes Evi in. She listens to everything the girl has to say, then slowly glances to N'on with just the slightest smirk. "Is she real?" There's a rare moment between mother and son as N'on gives a crooked grin, a shrug, then a nod. Mother shakes her head in disbelief, then looks back to Evi.

"Yer tryin' to be polite, child, but don't go insinuatin'. I'm proud of each and every /one/ of my boys. Every last one. We don't need rich weyr folk to tell us what any of us is worth." A bit prickly, she is, but she shifts in her seat a bit and adjusts her dress sleeves.

Before anyone gets a chance to answer either the question of Evi helping with the disappearing sheep problem or the dye issue, N'on jumps in with a quick snap to get Evi's attention, and a flurry of signs. "You can't help. It's not animals. It's people acting like animals, and they're a lot more dangerous."

As N'on is signing this, Teiryn heaves a great sigh. "/Now/ ye've gone an' set him off." But she watches the flurry of signs with a strange kind of sad amusement.

Evi remains seated. "Ma'am, I'm sorry. When N'on picked me up for search, I was a refugee; when I got to Xanadu, I only had my clothes I was wearing." This fact isn't one almost anyone, but N'on knows. Offered up for this stranger to examine, to know. The question of her being real brings a furrow to her brow, head tilting and lips frowning sheepishly. Hmm? WHA? Then splaying her fingers out, as if she might reach out and grab what she meant.

As N'on jumps up and starts to sign Evi begins to sign back, slower, with caution because she does not sign perfectly she signs. "Nothing We DO? No Stop? No Scare?" Suddenly a terrible idea comes to her head, and she giggles out of places, with no context. "Drop LIVE FELINE Head? OW?" There's no flurry to her hands, each sign takes a precise moment, and for a few of them, she spells out the words.

"Um, he says it's not animals it's people." Lips pouting out with determined set to her face, "I am not sure we can help, right now. He's responsible for me and um if anything happens to either of us, the people he has to face aren't that fun." The idea of leaving this fun family reunion with a less than perfect Evi or Neifeth, only to end up dealing with Ila'den is not the height of fun indeed. "I do want to help, though. I. If I am um, forthright. Your son saved me. Just. Anything I can do is never enough. Nothing will be. The gift of my dragon was… " Out of words, she stares quietly at her green wher hide boots that match her green wher hide riding outfit that was given to her as an early graduation gift so she could enjoy it early. The bright teal and celadon colors are indeed expensive.

Teiryn remains unimpressed, but at least her response is a /touch/ gentler. Not much. But a little. "Child, you may have /come/ from nothin', but look at yerself." Beginning and end of argument apparently. Especially when Evi starts signing /back/, which just leaves the woman staring, nonplussed.

N'on remains quite solemn, even in the face of Evi's jokes. "YOU do nothing." 'You' is emphasized with several emphatic points at Evi. "No. Nothing. Leave it to the weyr."

Teiryn watches the exchange, and her brows lift a bit when Evi starts translating. "So I guess you talk that?" She flaps her hands a bit, as if that has anything to do with sign language. She snaps out of her surprise with a jump and a shake of her head. "Course ye do. Bet ye read, too. Listen, we been living here without botherin' no one since our many-great-grandpa survived the last Pass. We don't need no one, ye understand? We'll handle ourselves."

Given N'on's uncomfortable expression, it might just turn into an even more uncomfortable conversation, except the young woman chooses just that moment to show up with the long-awaited pitcher. She clears her throat and raises a reedy voice to ask, "Anyone want tea?"

The subtle amount of tension in the room has not escaped Evi, slowing crossing her ankles and sitting up higher in the chair. Confidence floods in, shoulders back, nose up, but with Neifeth asleep, the gesture is fleeting. "I got lucky," Evi mumbles out, head ducking towards collar bone and shoulder, face softening in contemplation eyes sweeping up her own form and lips tightening with realization. Facial control has never being a strong point, there's a flash of recognition, the idea that she's suddenly in an entirely different station in life dawning on her. The comments about signing bring a tip of the head, one way, and then another. "I learned, for N'on." The voice is a mere whisper, as tea arrives, reaching out and accepting a glass with a polite nod, attempting to smile but not entirely succeeding. "Thank you, Tea is nice. Yes."

After N'on's outburst Evi locks eyes on him, voice the barest whisper "I will help though, I've got a stint with Galaxy coming up and I can do more then." The advent of senior weyrlinghood, only a scant few months away, might bring an opportunity. N'on needed gray hair, right? "Teiryn, Ma'am, what was N'on like as a child?" Changing the subject, lips upturning, nose wrinkling, all mischief for a breath.

Teiryn watches this realization dawning on Evi's face, and gives a slow, satisfied nod. As the younger woman passes out tea, the older woman maintains a grave silence, waiting until she has taken a seat to continue. N'on doesn't exactly honor that silence, because the stern look he's sending Evi speaks volumes as to how he feels about her 'help'.

Finally, when Teiryn has had a sip of her tea, she deigns to answer Evi's question. "What was Teinon like… Well, he spoke a good deal more." The solemn delivery might be horrifying if N'on didn't react with a choking noise and a broad grin. She winks one eye, and a faint sparkle of pleasure makes it clear that, however complicated things might be, there is still a great deal of love there. "He was a bit of a troublemaker. Always doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Not terribly unlike you, if I judge correctly." She stares Evi down, thoughtfully, as though just staring at her could reveal her inner workings. "He was terribly concerned with fairness, as I recall."

The silence settling in brings Evi to stillness, brown-green gaze the only exception as she locks onto N'on and then up and around in a slow roll of her eyes. Pale pink lips twitching up, mildly amused and playful but flicking Teiryn a startled glance, because the quiet communication they have employed for over a turn is not always polite. An audible, sigh, shoulders relaxing down and body sinking into the chair in resignation. Only the description of childhood N'on brings relief, wry smile parting lips and plumping cheeks in glee, "I bet he did." An unladylike half giggle hiccup sound escapes from Evi and cheeks blush, back to tucking her body in and making herself smaller. "I, don't know. He might have me beat, I usually do whatever seems to fit the moment. I want to help and be kind. Until I impressed, I um, was the least troublemaking of my class. Are his brothers similar?" It's been all downhill since then, is the unsaid portion, both shoulders moving up and down in a fast dismissive 'what can you do' shrug.

The sister who delivered the tea is given a bright, possibly forced yet still managing genuine, smile "It's good tea, thank you for making it. And letting me in your home. I uh, this is the first time I've been out in a long while." Tulle chirps to the young woman, crawling over Evi's head to get closer, "You can pet her if you want, she's a decent lady." One finger running along the washed-out gold face with affection.

Teiryn ponders the question of N'on's brothers as she breathes in the steam off the tea. At last, she pronounces, "They were, before the Incident." Yes, she says it with a capital 'i'. "After… I suppose they grew up very fast." There's a solemn moment there, before she brushes it off with a sip of her tea. "Enough about us. Tell me about you, young lady. What makes you so important to my son? Is it just that you've learned to talk to him?"

The young woman gives a polite smile to Evi and the gold firelizard, but her shyness must overcome any desire she might harbor to pet the creature. She shakes her head, murmurs a tiny, "Thank you," and sips her tea.

"Things.. do change people." The comment is made wistfully, lips curling over teeth, a sharp exhale of grief. Evi is no stranger to the feeling suddenly upon her, sinking further into the chair and worriedly stroking Tulle whose eye color betrays the emotion in orange and yellow swirls. Tea is sipped, the cup it is served in is scrutinized, distracting from the question. Unfortunately, you can only stare at a cup so long before it's weird; her attention changes to N'on, eyes bulging out in a 'help me' both eyebrows up.

Resignation takes over, closing eyes tight before opening them again with a sigh-squeak, "N'on and I um, we met at Monaco Weyr. He, um. He searched me. As I said. Um, I. Ma'am, I have no idea, he's my friend. More than that, circumstances lead to uh, strange, new people. People you're meant to be with or around. In a Weyr, you choose your family. You have wingmates, and weyrmates, and people who come and go. You choose who stays, and we chose each other. Not in any um, weird way, in the way one decides who they sit next to at dinner." Silence, hands in lap as the now upset firelizard is pulled off the shoulder with a minor untangling of talons from hair. The on-edge creature is placed over on her back, wings pulled open as she is snuggled between her mistresses' knees. Nervous fingers make circles on gold hide, massaging the soft suede chest with a maternal crinkle of delight. Even for people used to firelizards, the handling style is bizarre. Speaking to utmost trust.

N'on only smiles and shrugs, a simple enough sign to let her know that she's on her own, at least for the moment. Teiryn watches Evi through all of this, nursing her tea with a strangely sharp gaze. She is silent for a moment or two when Evi is finished. It's rather reminiscent of N'on's habit of pausing over difficult thoughts to consider his words. Then, she sips her tea, swallows with a sigh, and announces, "If that's the case, then I am glad my son is finding people to look out for him. I expect he requires more looking out than most." She sets her teacup aside and leans forward as though to stand up, without quite rising to her feet. Her brows lift in a questioning expression. "Will you be staying for dinner?"

"I do try, Ma'am. Um, he does not find trouble often." Evi makes this statement with her eyes down on her firelizard, relaxingly stroking her emotional support item while Neifeth's dreams dance through her head and occasionally N'on's if Zhelinath is not filtering them out. The dreams are relaxed, all bright color and stars, radiant neon striations and tesselations that twist and shift in a kaleidoscope effect of blue, green, fish swim in the green sky and then morph into golden avians with comet dust tails. Due to youth, and breeding it's possible glimpses of this might seep into anyone nearby, Evi is aware of this but ignoring it. At least there's not blood dripping off the walls, for that they can all be thankful. Evi glances back at N'on, pursing lips out "Um, it's up to N'on. I'm not allowed to do anything if he's not onboard. He's in charge." Handing the decision over to him easily, with a shy tuck of head into shoulder. "I'd of course, love to stay, when my dragon's asleep it's easier to let her be. I, N'on is responsible, and safe or they would never let me him take me anywhere." Attempting to stand up for her friend, if only a little.

Teiryn sniffs dismissively, and hauls herself up to her feet with only a touch of difficulty. "Did I say he wasn't, young lady?" N'on finally steps in before that can escalate any further. He signs to Evi with a bit of a smile flashed to his mother briefly before his attention focuses on the recipient of his words. "We should probably report back to the weyr before our shift is over. The dragons will get hungry.

It takes every ounce of acting Evi has not to look relieved when she interprets N'on's signs, nodding along with his hand movements and getting to her feet. The golden lizard is perched on her shoulder again, head given a light scritching with a gracious, yet cautious twerk of lips to Teiryn, "No, no you didn't. Our dragons, need to be at home, mine eats quite frequently." At that, she takes two small side steps towards the door, inch, inch, inch. The plan to inch her way out without turning around. "Um, I, if N'on is with me, of course, will come again. We, will return." Step, step, side step.

N'on pretends that Evi is not doing a crab-walk out of the room, while Teiryn conspicuously watches her with an arched brow. She eventually sends a questioning glance toward N'on, who does his usual smile-and-shrug routine. "Well," the matriarch declares, "I shall expect you to honor that promise. It has been… interesting, Evi. But a delight to meet one of N'on's friends." And if she seems a little stiff as she says that, well, perhaps it can just be attributed to Holder reticence. N'on detours to claim a quick hug from a surprised Teiryn, then another from his sister-in-law. There are at least a couple more detours on the way out, to hug the other sister-in-law and ruffle the hair of the children. But finally, /finally/, he ushers Evi outside to the field and the waiting dragons.

HOLY FARANATH SHARDING THANK ALL THE DRAGONS THAT EVER LIVED AND DIED AND BREATHED ON THE WHOLE DAMN PLANET THAT IS OVER EVI IS NEVER GETTING A WEYRMATE BECAUSE THAT WAS TORTURE. They escape, and as soon as they're down the stairs Evi takes off at a light jog. Distance, she needs distance from this place and a breath to be herself before turning and squeaking, "Uh, they were. Wow my ma might be easier to handle then yours. I mean, at least. Wow." Twirling with her new found freedom Evi reaches out, on her toes to pat N'on on the cheek. "Thank you, for.. um, that." Head tucking for a moment, shoulders hugging ears. "I um, we will come back right? I mean. Seeming as you don't go out and find um a new little sister." Evi shyly smiles and shakes her head, "Uh.. we might. I've never woken her up like this, she was um, very tired." Pointing to Neifeth whose star spangled dreams are still echoing through any mind around.

N'on just smirks at Evi's reaction, and shrugs a little at the comparison, the nods to confirm they will be back. He gets a slightly somber look, and signs a quick message. "If I'm not around someday, you'll look out for them." Then he adds a stern look, and continues, "After training." As for Neifeth, Zhelinath helpfully saves Evi from needing to wake up her sleeping green. « You will be much more comfortable sleeping in your weyr. »

"You're not going to not be around don't even talk like that" Evi pauses, eyes big and emotional. The prod from Zhelinath wakes her up slightly, the sudden alarm in her rider has her coming to with a jolt. The striped, and spotted green rises up and hisses, head swiveling one way then the next before nuzzling Evi with her head inches from N'on «Anywhere you plan to go, she will follow. She's stubborn.» The words are loud, meant to be shared as the gangly 10 month old dragon opens her wings and rolls broad low set shoulders forward. That post nap baby stiffness and itchiness, because babies grow when they sleep. "You're not leaving me… I, um. I need you." A hand is placed back on Neifeth's snout and after a few moment the green rider turns to attend to her dragon. Tears welling up, she won't look at him, can't, because she never thought words spelled out with hands could hurt that much and for a girl whose lost everything before, the idea of going through any further loss is appaling.

N'on shakes his head a little. "Not planning to go anywhere," he signs, emphatically. "Sometimes, things happen." He squeezes her shoulder, aggressive dragon or no, and then adds, "Just in case." He leaves it at that, pats her shoulder again, then gestures toward the dragons with a quirk of an eyebrow that amounts to an invitation. Without waiting for an answer, he starts climbing his way up the straps to Zhe's back.

There's not telling Evi twice, Neifeth has learned how to ease her passage and there's a forelimb offered as well as getting low down. Upper body strength is utilized and Evi pulls herself into position, hooking safety straps, hands running over them several times to confirm they're in place before waiting for N'on. The flight home is long, and a good exercise for both of them but once it gets dark the Weyr may start to worry. "Lets go home Zhel, Neinei, this was.. A lot." With a sigh Evi looks over at N'on, laying her head down on her lifemates neck and slowing her breathing to match. "Uh, you're the boss so we'll follow." Letting N'on give the signal. Eventually they make it home safely, there's an excess of hugs given to her greenie brother before retiring to tent city.

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