House Hunters: Dragonrider Edition

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
// A massive cavern in its own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as have walls hung with numerous tapestries that provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt. The stone is carefully leveled but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area is the one near the Kitchens, where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. It's plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr, instead feeding people in shifts as they come off duty. On occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are borrowed from all the other areas.
There's also a big fireplace set into the western wall, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, the largest an archway to the northeast that leads outside. Near it there's an alcove with hooks for coats and shelves for muddy boots. A tunnel to the east goes to the infirmary, and a set of stairs just a little south of that lead up to the offices and administration area. To the south, a long and sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs. The kitchen is off to the southwest, while the residents' quarters are reached by tunnels going west, deeper into the cliff.

The summer is moving SLOWLY, the heat outside makes being out uncomfortable and sweaty. Despite all of this, the Weyrlings have been flying, learning formations, and enjoying the fun togetherness of camping. On the whole, at least the Weyrlinghood wasn't dull. As the day begins, Evi has found her way into the caverns. Today she's not yet put on riding clothes and is in a bright lime-colored skirt and a white top with sleeves that reach her elbows. Flouncing through the living cavern, she's carrying two notebooks, one a high-quality leather-bound journal with a green dragon on the cover and the other half that size and fluffy pink. On her right shoulder is a gold firelizard, and on her left is a fat green, waiting in line for klah she bounces every few seconds, braids whipping up and down and getting tangled on her firelizards wings or tail.

Slow or fast, most days follow a similar pattern of meals and work of some sort and perhaps some free time. Today is beginning with little difference, her dress the same as any other day as the blonde makes her way though the caverns. Its never been difficult to pick Evi out of the group with those bright colors of hers. A wave lifts towards the weyrling as she's spotted from where the trader has found a seat not too far off from that klah line.

Always accidentally helping others, that's Evi. Her bright outfits a cornerstone of her personality and a decent way to track her. While in line Evi chatters to the person in front of her, until a brownrider with a bronze firelizard around his neck arrives behind her and gold Tulle begins to socialize as well. This prompts Evi to nearly stop the progress of the line, busy chatting with her new line neighbor. AT LAST the greenrider fills her mug and turns to squint at the tables, head moving side to side, ears bouncing against her shoulder parasites. Katailea's wave gets the biggest smile and with TOO MUCH energy Evi tosses herself into a seat across from the older blonde. "I need help!" She pronounces immediately, her voice waayyy too peppy. RUN AWAY KATAILEA.

Katailea offers a smile though it may be hard to notice it its true or not it is a all the same as Evi spots her in return. Its the proclamation that causes a brow to arch in questioning (and at least a hint of curiosity). Run away? Now there's a thought, but instead the blonde remains in her seat, fork in one hand where it was poking at her food and the other hidden on her lap. "What could you possible need my help with?"

With a flourish of one hand Tulle is easily placed in her lap and the green Selvage on the table. Finally free to move her arms Evi squeaks with excitement, kicking her feet and making a slap, slap, slap sound on the hard cavern floor. Whatever is going on has her whole body wiggling, before with a deep breath she settles and smiles. "We need to pick a weyr! Um, well Nei and I do! I have the list of open weyrs here, along with how old they are, when they last had someone in them and repairs that might be needed. So far there's six open that fit our needs, but really only three I'm serious about." The pink notebook is opened up, and then the green journal. "Now, over here is what Nei wants in a weyr and um, over here is what I want. " There's a list of demands on the pink notebook such as
*Two extra rooms suitable for closets.
*Near feeding grounds, (But not too near, so you have to hear everyone’s disgusting chewing noises)
*Close to water source, but not beach (sand ew)
*Large couch area with windows or sliding glass doors that open.
*Sunning spot nearby.
Reading Nei's desires out loud Evi tsks, wiggling her face a bit with humor. "I had to narrow her down a bit, but that's the bones of it."

"Already?" that's the first thought and therefore the first word that’s spoken in response to the reason for Evi's excitement. It has been that long, even if in some ways it might not seem long enough to have been. That glee is at least contagious enough to earn a grin from the trader as she leans over to catch a glimpse of those lists even as the weyrling reads aloud. "Well knowing what you're looking for is a start." And has clearly narrowed down the list significantly already. "Still don't see what you need my help with." Sounds to her like they're well on track.

"ALREADY?! It's been like eight lifetimes." Evi dramatically rolls her eyes, back of one hand to her head in a faux fainting gesture. THE TRAVESTY OF IT ALL. "Um, I have well, never… I mean, I didn't even have my own room until I lived in Monaco." Biting down on her own lip for a moment, eyes flickering up and down from her lists to Katailea with uncertainty. "Now I have… We won't qualify to transfer if we hate it, it's a lot to decide. If, you'd be willing to look over the places with me. I'd love help." Pushing the pink notebook forward, in easy reach of Katailea the green journal takes center stage, a sip of klah taken before reading. "This is what I want."
*Bathtub and shower, not just one.
*An extra room for company (3 extra rooms, tall order)
*A dining area, of some sort. For parties, or visitors.
*Nowhere near any of Nei's siblings or any other loud people.
*A garden, or space for one.
After reading the second list the journal pages are turned, fingering through the pages until reaching another set of lists. The title at the top of the page in bold says AVAILABLE WEYRS.

"Alright, alright," Katailea laughs, holding up her hand in mock defence the fork left to lie against her plate which is pushed aside in favor of of Evi's notes. "I've never hand my own room," she notes, green eyes dropping to the page even as she's listening to the second list of qualifications. "I think you need to start narrowing down your list," the blonde comments looking back towards the weyrling. Three extra rooms? Who needs that much space? "What do you really need, what would be nice to have. Pick the one that covers the most."

There's a moment of shuffling, until a set of hastily drawn blueprints appear and Evi places them where they're easily seen. The blueprints show a building that's mostly rectangular, two stories tall, with marks for doors, windows all around is labeled FOREST in big letters. "This one is in the forest." Well. DuH. Evi begins, pointing. "Now, it has been vacant half a turn, no issues with plumbing or electric but there are reports it MIGHT have tunnelsnakes. Uhhh, according to the file I found in records it was built in 2691, an older build… There's some funky paint color going on in one of the bedrooms, and it only has two spare rooms. It's smaller then we'd like, but back far enough in the old builds to be quiet. I could give the bigger room to Nei and the smaller room could be my sewing room." The page is turned and another set of rooms appear, this one more T shaped, the labels around it say MEADOW. This space appears MUCH larger. "This one is really big, and newer but it has a list of repairs.. Roof leaks, there's holes in walls. Um, my guess is whoever resided here before wasn't so nice." Frowning with a long exhaling blow, eyes bulging as if the world tires her. "Um, it's got the windows Nei wants, the kitchen's small and all the closet space is upstairs. Meaning all of Nei's straps would have to be carted up and down… it's got one small downstairs room, I think if it was in better shape they'd not offer it to me. It's three dragonlengths from anyone else, and surrounded by trees on one side and the ridge off the meadow on the other." Pointing to the western wall and then the eastern wall. "There's no color on the walls at all, it's kind of creepy." Turning the page once more, the last weyr to be presented is medium in size. "This one is in the forest but it backs up to the beach, it's kind of close to everyone else though. There's lots of weyrs around it, but it's brand new. No one has ever lived in it, it's only two rooms and a single story. No stairs, but also no space for expansion. I um, I don’t' know which one is right. " Tapping her fingers on the page and shaking her head. "Would you want to visit them with me?" Ah katailea, you thought this project was going to be a breakfast chat. Ahahah.

Katailea considers each as they're presented. Oh, Evi. Would it could be just a breakfast chat, but such things rarely happen when said weyrling is involved. Information overload? Maybe, but the trader does nod to show she's listening at least if not retaining all of the details on each of the three options. The question at the end of it all sees her looking up. "Now?" That seems to be implied at least. "I don't have a whole lot of time before I should be at the docks, but I'd be happy to help inspect them if you want."

The blueprints garner a second inspection by the once a weaver, fingers tracing and smearing the pencil that marks the walls into a blurry line. Evi slurps up her klah, drinking it fast. Weyrlinghood has taught her a few things, speed klah consumption could be a lesson. "We do not have to go today… docks?" Both of her eyebrows go up and a tiny whine escapes her throat, "You're not um.. leaving, are you? I mean, if you have to leave I understand. I get it, but… you can't just go, I want a goodbye. Or to throw a party. Or at least to let you ride Nei first, so you know you can." Babbling all of this out while the hand not holding her klah sneaks out, making to poke the blonde woman lightly. "Still willing to get you a firelizard, Tulle was all flirts today soooooo." Placing her Klah down both hands move into the air, as if she's attempting to knead dough in the air, or grab air boobs, it's a weird gesture for mating. Doing the air boob grab. "That means eggs, and you can have your pick." After all the odd gesturing is done she shakes her head, "But, noooo I thiink, maybbeeee in a sevenday. I have to practice visualization, *between* is dangerous and there's no use looking at weyrs if I'm going to die sometime this month." SO CASUAL. Lord evi.

"I can if you want," Katailea replies, she was simply noting that there might not be time to see all of them. The sudden change of topic has her shaking her head quickly, "I've been working at the docks, Evi." Even F'yr in his recent introvertness was aware of that. "I don't want a party." Forget everything else in that thought, there should be no party. Those gestures are met with a roll of eyes, even as she reaches to pull the younger teen's hands down which brings her other hand into view where a cloth bandage is wrapped around her wrist. Just stop. Please? Its not spoken but it is the look the greenling gets. "Practice sounds like a good thing then." Dieing is not a good alternative.

"Oh… I." Evi has become quite bold since impressing, the mix of the tail end of her adolescence and a dragon whose personality could have turned a less gentle person into an obnoxious vapid snot. Grabbing the skin of her bottom lip with her teeth, another chunk is peeled off. Awkwardness seeps in, suddenly embarrassed her shoulders pull in tightly, eyes glaze over, and her hands move to pull back, but the wrap on the wrist is seen, and Evi leans in, narrowing her eyes on it and shaking what was probably Neifeth in her head. "What happened?" The dislike of parties is dropped, Evi fixated on the wrist.
[DTU/Bespeak] Katailea senses that Neifeth at first there's nothing, the slight smell of burning wood, possibly from the kitchens, then the smell is that of wood, no longer burning but similar to standing in the middle of a forest in the North. The voice is edged as if every word is a gift to the receiver, «We would throw, the best party. Only the best people would attend. They'd speak of it for turns.» Then nothing, the smells are gone, the soft impression of a forest full of blue trees left behind. «But first, a house for the party. Tell mine to focus, we're not living outdoors even a moment longer then we have to.»

Katailea shakes her head in such a way that implies 'oh Evi,' without anything needing to be said. Its too late to keep her from seeing it, but then she wasn't exactly trying to hide it either. "Huh?" it takes a second for her to even register what the question is in reference too, but once she has she pulls it back to her lap self-consciously. "Its nothing, I just scrapped it the other day." Yep, that's it. Nothing to worry about. "But…" she stops pulling her chin down and back just a bit as she gives a light shake of her head trying to clear some thought. "About your weyr.." At least she has back up on returning the previous topics?

WHELP, too late. The hand was seen and can't be unseen, and the attempt to return to getting her a new home is ABANDONED. "That's a serious scrape, I mean.. Did you see a healer?" Tulle chirps at Katailea, the little gold wandering forward and presenting herself for scritches, avoiding standing in anyone's food or ripping paper. Raised a polite firelizard. "My weyr can wait until after your work, and um after we do drills. I know they're planning to make us camp somewhere ELSE soon enough." Eyes will roll, a sneer taking over her mouth to show how NON AMUSED SHE IS. "Once I have a place of my own, Nei says we are throwing a party. You can be invited." Neifeth isn't done with Katailea, her mind prodding forward with the feeling of grass along the ankles, but that's impossible, that tickling of the feet feeling that mismatches the setting spectacularly. «Save us time, tell her what happened. Or don't, we are going to find out anyway.» The utter snobbiness lacks any caring; it's a matter of fact and in your face. DO it, or don't, she doesn't care, but she's going to know. Help her or don't.

"No," the answer comes with a shake of her head. She didn't see a healer. "It's not so bad, just keep it covered." Logical explanation for it as she watches the little gold and leaning back just a bit. "After supper then," its more a suggestion on timing than anything. As to the camping, "Doesn't sound like you're terribly excited about that part." Certainly not in comparison to the idea of having their own place. "But thanks for thinking of me," for the party invitation, a foot shifting beneath the table. "Tell Nei to mind her own business."

"After supper sounds good! I'll go make sure we have permission, and also that we're not joined. The quicker I decide, the less likely the others will take my place, and then um… Oh, furniture, paint, My CATS. I've not lived with my cats in almost a turn! They can move back in, I'll need a baby gate, so Nei doesn't inhale them or something silly." Or you know, outright kill and eat them because she's Nei. Felines are friends, not food. STaring at her plans again, she looks over at Katailea, eyes glazing over and then coming back. Squinting over at her, and then one side of her mouth curls down and over, lips flattening with obvious concern. "Katailea. You're my friend. I um, I don't… lie to you. Uhh and I um, well ok. I know I'm young, and.. everyone thinks I'm not up to life. But. I'm here. And if you're going to help me find a weyr, then maybe you can trust me. Too. I um, I spent a lot of time. Before. Deciding I had to do everything alone, but then there's Nei, and like it or not. Alone was the worst." All of this is said with eyes narrowed and locked because when you're partnered to Neifeth, if you have thoughts, the world needs them. The world needs her useless babblings, even if they're of kindness and not sass. Say what you need to say. "Also, we camp fine here. No need to force us to camp further from a shower or food. " It's easy to forget that this was a person who never did ANYTHING outdoors before Neifeth, and still should be watched around a hammer.

Katailea nods. "I'll see you then," after supper that is and if plans change they can discuss it then. Everyone, after all, needs to eat. She can only shake her head as the weyrling goes on, which turns to at the mention of the cats. "I'm sure you'll find a way to get them to live together." Without being eaten. What follows has her glancing away at first, shifting like she may up and walk off though its proves nothing more than the initial movement. "Our ship is in port," she starts, which goes without saying that her family is here. "My best friend is going through a rough time and I don't know how to be there for them without mucking it up." But camping, camping is a topic that she can work with. "Speaking of, how is your camping. At least the weather's been nice for it."

"That sounds hard. If it helps any, my future door is always open. I'll always have tea, and snacks. Um, the tent door is ALSO always open, if you want to wander in and sit on my cot. Warning though, the boys get naked. One of them SLEEPS naked." Which one she won't be telling, wrinkling her nose in distaste, sipping her klah and pouting at the suddenly empty mug. "Before the barracks burned down, I'd never spent a single night outside." The tone used to say this is prideful, almost boastful her voice sounding close to Neifeth's arrogant bite. "The tent is at least better than the candidate barracks. Nei's been… she's growing up. C'con said that they all mature differently, she's ready for it to be only us." The blueprints get a second look, "Maybe we can camp alone, clear our heads. The other babies are still loud, and all the sharing." One finger goes up, making a circle to indicate that it's driving her crazy. "This last trip, Nei wants to catch all our food. She thinks feline might be on the menu, but I don't even know where we are going."

Katailea says, "Thanks," is for the offer of future and present doors being open. "But," Katailea goes on, "I think for now at least it might be best that I don't." Wander in that is. "Not that I woudn't mind seeing anything of them naked," she notes with a grin that's as much teasing of Evi's apparent distaste for the thought as it is the idea itself. "I used to sleep outside when the weather was good sometimes. Always liked being able to see the stars." A breath is let out as she moves to her feet and she nods, "Well you'll find out when you get there if you don't before. Sure it will be fine. I should be going, but I'll see you around." And they can pick up on home hunting then."

At the mention of seeing them naked Evi gags, shaking her head. And this poor girl is a greenrider, she's in for it soon. "Where I'm from sleeping outside is a sign that you're not doing well at all." Wrinkling her nose before allowing her head to roll back and tongue to stick out, "Um, alright! After supper, we can go make sure no one died in my future home." There's no hint of joking in her tone, but how they plan to test for this will require further explanation. "Um, I will need to go too. I have to change before drills, and I still have to finish writing about leadership roles and conclave structure." Ah yes, the learning how to not get the Weyr in trouble. Firelizards hop to Evi's Shoulders, the journal is closed and both books are tucked under her arm. "If anyone is scary, remember you know someone WAY scarier. Not me, Nei." With a tiny hop she skips herself over to the klah line, when a man attempts to cut infront of her she says loudly. "UM EXCUSE YOU." Yep, she's changed. Who can say if it's for the better, but whatever it is. This is who they have now.

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