Rain and Falling Down

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road
This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

The morning began pleasantly. Clear and warmish, but as it wore on, it became obvious that it was not meant to last. On the horizon, clouds rolled in, and now that the afternoon has gone on for some hours, rain threatens. It hasn't fallen yet, but the smell of it permeates the now chilly air. The skies look gloomy, gray with rolling clouds that wait for the opportune time to drop their heavy bellies of water. Luckily, it's not one of those 'storm of the century' type of rains that'd make the masses duck and cover, but it's enough to make most want to spend time indoors rather than out. Ka'el is outdoors, having just made rounds with Galaxy and studying the shift rotation of Comet, just in case the weather does become dangerous. He needs to know where everyone is! He heads down the familiar coastal road with his eyes on the sky and his mindgoing backand forth with Kanekith. It's a dangerous thing, walking while talking to your dragon!

Walking, talking, getting rained on… oh wait, no. Not getting rained on. Not yet, anyway. Any minute now, to judge from the look of those clouds, but not yet. Not yet is why Soriana's out in the training field, taking advantage of the fact that the weyrlings have been sent somewhere else and the place isn't mud yet to do some exercises. The weyrlings'll probably be by after the storm to splash through the mud, but for now it's Soriana who swings on a rope and clambers a fence and stops at the top of it to take a deep breath of the chill air. Still not raining. Yet. But… huh. What sort of other fool is out walking in this weather? People should be near their homes! And so Soriana starts the process of hopping down off the equipment and heading out to the road.

Rain, whatever is wrong with the rain? Tahryth doesn't think there is a problem with it in the least as she glides along through the stormy clouds waiting for the rain to start she has a front row seat as it were, twisting and turning ever so lightly with a slight bit of wind pushes her upwards. The green is clearly enjoying herself, while Idrissa is making her way up from the lake, she pauses a moment to give her hands and then her pants a slight brushing off, not that it really works seeing how she is a mighty bit dirty at the moment. Oh well she's had more dirt then this, though it makes her sigh a touch.

No, they should definitely stay away from the cliffs if it gets bad tonight. Pass the word along. Have the watchdragon report to him every hour, on the hour. No, if it's blowing in from the east, then the patrol dragons should redirect their ro- "Woah!" Who put that hole there? Ka'el definitely didn't see the dip in the road as he walked along it, likely since his eyes were set skyward as opposed to ahead, and so his boot unexpectedly gets caught up in it, causing him to stumble forward rather ungracefully. "Shardit!" He's going down! Mayday! Mayday! Heeelp! In a bit of dust, he catches himself on the palms of his hands, one knee down. Smooth. Smooth move, Ka'el. The good thing is that no one saw that, right? Everyone's in their homes, playing games with family, and not watching their Weyrleader tumble over himself, right? Riiiight.

Rain, rain, go… from the clouds to the ground? From the ground to the lake? Or something like that. Soriana's hardly neat and clean herself, in her workout clothes, but there aren't any formal meetings out here - or at least there shouldn't be. Informal meetings, well, those happen. Like Idrissa, who she waves to even if it's just dark enough from those brooding clouds that it's hard to make out faces. Informal meetings, like… okay, so meetings don't usually start with people tumbling forward onto hands and knees, buuut sometimes they do, as Ka'el demonstrates. Soriana? Yeah, she's there to see it, though she doesn't see who at first. Just that's someone fallen, but it's enough to bring her toward him.

Idrissa catches the mutter the yelp, was it a yelp? Perhaps, though she doesn't really go searching for who it might have been just yet. The wave is caught from Soriana, or well it was /some/ movement at least, and she thinks it was a wave, a wave is sent back to Soriana. "Hey!" Is called out. It's been a while since she last spoke to Soriana after all. Tahryth picks up on someone going down even though her rider did not. The green twists about and soon heads downwards and lands with a few hopping steps while a slight warble escaping her. The green is peering at Ka'el, head tilting with a warble of greeting and concern picked up. See the dragon is checking on him.

"Aw, damn it.." Look at his knee. There's a tear in his pants! Well, at least it's on the knee and not in the crotch, right? But still! Weyrleader problems. Ka'el can't just walk around with a hole in his pants, even if it's just at the knee. Well, also…he's close to home, so he can stop by and change his pants. But he has to find pants that'll match his shirt, because it won't do to be a mismatched Weyrleader, right? Or maybe he can just go home and be done for the day. Does he have any more meetings left? Anything to do? He picks himself up and dusts himself off only to be face with a green dragon. He blinks up at her. He knows this dragon. Hell, by now he knows almost all the dragons that work on Xanadu. "Hello Tahryth," he says just before distant thunder rolls.

They're probably waves, anyhow. They might not be! They might be, uh… rains? …nope. Not quite yet, even if the thunder's saying it won't be long. "Hiya!" Soriana calls back, but then she's looking at… oh, that's Ka'el. Who seems more or less uninjured, but there's a green dragon who's here to fix everything up! …is she any good with a needle? Soriana looks from her, back to… yeah, that is Idrissa. So, dragon and rider all together now, or at least not far from each other, and… wait. Was that a raindrop? She tilts her head, looking up to the sky.

Tahryth rumbles out softly while curiously sniffing at the fallen rider, well he seems ok! With that she turns and starts to slip off and settle upon the ground waiting for her rider to catch up it seems. Idrissa is heading in that direction, Tahryth asked her to come after all. The greenrider sends a curious glance towards the others and a slight smile and nod is seen to the pair. "Um Hey" Good greeting.

Oh, and hey it's Soriana! Where'd she come from? And Idrissa, who he hasn't…spoken to in quite some time. And .. yeah. This probably could be a little awkward, huh? And it kind of is, with the whole lot of nothing that's being said other than that 'um, hey' by Idrissa and his own greeting..to the dragon. And he has a tear in his pants. Which probably is a big red flag to any passers-by that he's being abused. Poor, abused Weyrleader. "Hey.." he says, and there's probably more to be said other than that one word, but then…rain. Raaaaain! Not a soft little drizzle, but a sudden explosion of big, fat droplets let loose from the sky. It's a downpour! And none of them are made of sugar, so this obviously is not a life or death event, but it is rain, and a bunch of it, and standing about in a heavy downpour probably isn't the best of ideas, is it? "Woah!" Ka'el lifts both arms, making a very poor umbrella for himself as they're pelted by bullets of water. "Let's get out of this!" before he has to change his whole entire wardrobe.

The Weyrleader must always be dignified. It's a law. Which Ka'el is breaking, because he's just a rebel like that. "Are you-" Soriana begins to him, probably planning to ask if he's okay, but then the rain starts up and makes it clear that if he doesn't get moving soon, he'll be drenched in addition to whatever else he is. That was a raindrop she felt, and it's being followed by a bunch more. "C'mon," Soriana says to Idrissa, because… her house is the closest one! And even if Tahryth doesn't mind the rain, she's probably got better things to do in it than stand around and be an umbrella for Idrissa.

Idrissa was never one good with words to start with, and not after such a long time of not speaking with another one. At least she said something and didn't just keep walking on? A glance is sent skywards to eye the clouds and the drops and then The downpour that is falling over them all. A slight er escapes her and she shifts turning and well yes moving towards Tahryth for said umbrella of wings. The green does indeed flick her wings open offering plenty of space for the three to hide from the rain it seems. Tahryth even stands to show she'll walk them on towards the house in question for where they happen to be going. As for the 'c'mon' from Soriana, Rissa sends a slight look towards her pondering before there is a slight nod. Seems she'll follow along, for now.

Green umbrella wings for the win! For now. Tahryth is helpful to keep them relatively dry with their wingspan, and Ka'el indeed uses her as a large umbrella of sorts. Soriana is right, her cabin is the closest for shelter! And so they all walk towards it as dirt roads slowly turn into a mixture of dirt and mud. Yuck. He tromps up the porch steps when they reach them and gets the door open for them all, giving his boots a wipe in the process. "Figured it'd start sooner or later. … Shardit I knew I should've taken an early dinner!" His stomach growls at the thought, but hey..maybe there are leftovers in the house! Or a snack. Or he can send Alloy to snag some snack stuff items from the Caverns. Things that'll keep during the short trip Between.

Even small dragons have large enough wings to shelter a set of humans. "Thanks," Soriana says to Tahryth for the gesture, and takes advantage of it to get down the path to the house. The porch has an overhang, so once they get that far, they're safe - for now! "It's been looming all day," she says to Ka'el. Leftovers? Uhhhhh maybe. There's bound to be something, somewhere. Food does get eaten here. Sometimes. To Idrissa, Soriana says, "It probably won't storm for long." Also, she holds the door open.

Xanadu Weyr - Dragon's Rest Farm
In contrast to the gigantic barn is the smaller homestead. The structure is a small two-level cottage, complete with a covered porch that sweeps around the exterior. The wooden slats of the house seem freshly painted, as if this old place has been brought back to life by careful hands. A chair-swing sways beneath the shade of the porch, moving with the slightest breeze off the sea. Inside, the quaint space has been decked out with the comforts one might expect. Fluffy rugs cover hardwood floors, and finely carved furniture dominates most of the spaces. A few things here and there seem older, heirlooms that now have a new place to call home.
Everything within the cottage is comfortable, rather than elaborate. Though it may have once been empty, there is now a warm, welcoming feel to the place. Many large windows and sliding doors look out upon both the training field and across the road, a view of the beach and the sea beyond. Even on the hottest days, these can be opened to let in air and leave the rooms cool and comfortable. Set back a ways from many of the other Weyrbarns along the roadway, there is plenty of room for those who need a bit of space and privacy. There is plenty of space, leaving room to grow, to learn, to expand, and most of all… it is a warm, safe place to come home to when the day's tasks are done.

Tahryth is always up for helping, soft rumbles sent to both Soriana and Ka'el showing that is it no problem at all for her to keep the rain off. Idrissa follows along giving herself a slight shake as it where to get some of the water off along the way. "It's alright, thanks for inviting me over to escape it for the moment." She offers with a slight smile to Soriana. A curious glance is sent towards Ka'el before she moves on inside to really escape the rain.

Food. Of some type. We'll see just what the house has to offer, if anything! Ka'el offers a vague smile to Idrissa as she enters their home, sending a look to Soriana after. Another smile, slightly larger, and he leans in towards her as if to kiss her. But, he doesn't. He hovers near though, and gives her a sniff. "You stink." He grins, deviously, then moves inside after giving her hip a brief touch in passing. Then! Lights are turned on, as if he lives here (which he does) and he gestures towards the available seats. "Have a seat," he offers, glancing down at that hole in his pants that he hasn't forgotten about. "Want somethin' to .. drink? M'sure there's water, at least." Maybe. And cups. They've got those!

"No problem at all," Soriana says to Idrissa, and smiles. "It's coming down enough, you'd-" Then she pauses, looking at Ka'el. The sniffing snuffling Ka'el, who… "What? Should I go stand out in the rain for a few hours?" There's another rumble of thunder to punctuate that, but she doesn't actually do it. Instead, she shuts the door behind the three of them. They're just stuck with her recently-exercised self! "We've got klah," she says as far as drinks go. Which, no duh, of course they have klah. A lack of klah is a tragedy. "And I think we've got milk."

Idrissa hasn't been by the place for a while now, a slight glance is sent towards it and she smiles a touch before peering back at the two. She smirks a bit at the talk of Soriana being smelly? She chuckles a touch but that is all really. "Naw, just next to an open window maybe?" She questions with a joking tone to jump on the teasing wagon it seems. "If you guys have klah already made it works for me really." She does like the klah, keeps her going after all.

"Maybe," answers Ka'el to Soriana, glancing over his shoulder to her, smirking. "There's plenty of it. And with the hot springs bein' as they are..it may be your best bet at ever smellin' fresh again." Not counting a dip in the lake or any weyr that has running water and baths within it. "We also have ale," says Ka'el who moves towards the kitchen and opens their refrigeration unit to peer inside. But, klah it is! And he looks to Soriana for that. She's the klah-maker round these parts. He does pull a bottle for himself though, shutting the door with his foot. "I think I've an injury on my knee. May have to stay in bed tomorrow."

The place looks… well, mostly the same as when last Idrissa saw it. Some furniture has come and gone. There's a few more boots and coats near the door - Ka'el's boots and coats, if anyone's keeping track - and similar such things. "Hah," Soriana says to that greenrider. "Better not be any windows open, or that'll be a mess." She's smiling, though - at least until Ka'el mentions those busted hot springs. Siiiigh. A shake of her head, and then… klah time! "I'll make some." She probably would have anyhow! It's not like she doesn't drink plenty of the stuff. So she heads to the kitchen and gets that started, pausing along the way to smirk at Ka'el - obviously injured. Is it in the leg he uses to push that door shut, or the one he's balancing on to do so?

Idrissa chuckles a bit and shrugs a moment. "I suppose so." She offers with an amused tone at the idea of it being a mess. The bit on having ale doesn't change her mind for wanting klah, which to her is the best drink around by far! "Thanks Soriana." There is a slight pause, pondering, wondering before she slowly following after the pair, a curious glance is sent around while she seems a bit unsure of being here for one reason or another. "So How you both been?" She smiles a bit at the knee talk from Ka'el. "Other than having bum knees that is."

Yes, the knee of the same leg that he just used to kick the door shut. The same knee that he's not limping on at all. It's that very knee that's busted! Hurt beyond repair! Ka'el will likely be in bed for days upon days because of it. With Soriana tending to the klah, Ka'el settles himself upon the couch with his ale in hand, watching from there. All of this is normal, right? They all .. were friends, at a point. Until a point where they weren't. Or at least, two of them weren't. And now? It all … seems friendly enough. Or at least, cordial. He takes a swallow of his drink before answering Idrissa's question. "Good. At least, I've been good. Busy beyond words, but … still. Good." He pauses there, watching her for a quiet moment before turning the question back to her. "What about you?"

"No problem!" Soriana says to Idrissa about that klah. Pot… meet klah. Also meet filter and water, the essentials for making a pot of caffeine-filled beverage. The sounds of it come from the kitchen - not that it's far away - as Ka'el trails back out to sit (or maybe even lounge) on the couch. She - given she's assembling the pot - lets Ka'el answer the question first, but once she's got it on to brew she trails back out, leaning on the doorframe. "I've been good too." Her lips quirk. "In between all the chaos. But sometimes it's a good chaos." And sometimes it isn't, but why dwell on that part of things?

Its all good, all perfectly fine, right? Well at least to somewhat of a degree. Idrissa is trying not to think how strange this is, how well awkward it can be. One can't live in the past, right? Idrissa glances here and there, ponderponder before she shifts to sit down upon a chair that is over thar. "I've been alright. Seems everyone's been busy with this and that and that." Yep, /that/!

"Good chaos?" echoes Ka'el, giving Soriana a quirked-brow look. "Isn't chaos by definition not a good thing?" He smirks before taking another swallow of his drink, eyes following Idrissa now as she settles down on a chair. "I wish chaos would take a vacation for a while, let peace have a go at running things around here. Peace. Serenity. Uh… relaxation. Those sort of things." A chuckle follows and he inhales a deep breath, the smell of klah filling his lungs. Yum! Outside, it continues to pour, drumming a melody upon the roof and windows. He eyes Idrissa for a moment. For a while. His mouth opens then closes, changing his mind on what words to say. Choosing instead to say nothing. For now.

"Tell that to those weyrbrats who decided we needed fingerpaintings," Soriana retorts to Ka'el. "If that wasn't chaos, I don't know what is." But it was… "At least the nursery staff cleaned it up." And not them. So that part was good! She smiles to Idrissa. "Last I heard, you were busy too. Comet this and that having you streaking across the skies of Pern." Her tone's a cheerful one, and she glances back to the kitchen to check on the klah - still brewing - before returning her attention to the other two.

Idrissa lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a few times, a curious look sent to Soriana at the bit on the fingerpainting and she looks amused. "Hopefully it was pretty pictures or something." A soft tsk escapes her at the thought of such things." She doesn't notice that Ka'el is eyeing her, or well attempting to say something, the question from Soriana catches her attention and she nods. "Yeah, I've been pretty much all over as of late. Tahryth is thrilled, am too actually. At least with all the scenery and so forth." She keeps taking the long deliveries for one reason or another, keeps her busy and out of the weyr days at at time. Still only so long a person can actually enjoy that, and every with everything going on in the past Rissa is a bit homesick for the weyr as of late.

Ka'el snerks. "Those fingerpaintings were works of art," he remarks, brows lifting in a pompous way. "They should've been reproduced an' framed, not cleaned up." So he says now, anyway! He grins. "And that wasn't chaos. That was …… disorganized artistic….release." Yeah, that's what they're calling it nowadays. Fingertips slide against surface of his glass bottle now, listening to Idrissa's take on her long routes. "I've noticed you're off-weyr often," he agrees, having seen most, if not all, schedules of those in Comet. "Are those routes yours by request?"

"Chaaaaooooos," Soriana retorts to Ka'el, then grins to Idrissa. "They weren't bad, I guess. For five turn olds." If even that. Some of those kids must have been two or three! But it's not like Soriana is an expert on small children - thank Faranth. There are people who deal with such things! Who aren't her! Because if you put her in the same room as a child, someone is likely to start sobbing. But she nods to Idrissa about how she's been doing with Comet, then turns back to the kitchen because the klah sounds just about ready.

Idrissa chuckles softly hearing Soriana, a grin seen at the thought. "That good huh?" IS questioned to Ka'el. "Should get them to do it again on canvasses so they can be sold for the works of art that they are." This said with a teasing tone as she ponders who would by weyrbrats artwork. A glance is sent to Ka'el curiously for a moment before she nods. "Well Yeah for a while there anyway, Tahryth wanted to go exploring and I just wanted away for a while I suppose." It's always been what she does, to just run away, in a sense she still does it just hides it with work now. She shrugs slightly letting her gaze lower and she picks at a nail a few times.

"Organizing events forthe weyrfolk is a job for the Weyrwomen," Ka'el says, giving a pointed look to the klah-busy Soriana. "To delegate to the harpers, who'll organize with the Headwoman," what little he thinks of her. "So, there Soriana. That should be your next task. The weyrbrats need somethin' to do with their time. Might as well strengthen their love for the arts, eh? The harpers will love you for it." He brings his bottle to his lips again, swallowing slowly this time as he contemplates what Idrissa's said. Hm. "Still wanting to stay away?"

"Oh yeah, that… uh, good." That's definitely the word Soriana'd want to use for it. She grins, and busies herself with klah, though she pauses to call, "What do you take in it?" to Idrissa. Because it might have changed, from the days when they were kids and drank milk and sugar with just a splash of klah. Speaking of kids… "The harpers can arrange their lessons-" in art and other things- "just fine. They don't need my help." She's quiet on the matter of Idrissa's departures, though. Maybe she's still busy with the klah.

Idrissa looks a bit amused at the talk about the children's artwork. "I suppose it is up to the person whom looks upon it." This said with a slight grin at the idea of such things. At the question from Ka'el she glances towards him a few moments. "Not all the time, no. Thought about getting back into beastcraft work honestly."

"And become a craftrider?" Ka'el asks Idrissa, setting his drink down upon a nearby endtable. "Why? Are you not happy with the Wing you were tapped into? Or would you try to juggle both Comet and craft work? I hear it isn't easy. Damn near impossible, really, to advance up in crafting once you're a rider. Just look at Kiena. She's only become a senior apprentice within the last turn or so." Not that he's trying to be discouraging or anything. Not at all! His eyes trail momentarily to the kitchen, knowing very well just how Soriana takes her klah … and probably aiming on stealing a sip of it before it's all gone. She makes good klah.

Mm, apparently Idrissa's distracted. Oh well, milk and sugar in klah don't go badly, so Soriana tosses some in regardless, then comes back out with the pair of mugs, extending one to Idrissa. Now then, where's the conversation gone… oh, right. "There's advancement, and there's learning," she notes as she curls her fingers around her own mug. "If it's to work with the beasts… well, that's likely easier than trying to get to all the classes." She shrugs a little, then asks, "What's Tahryth think of that idea?" The support of a dragon is important, when it comes to these kinds of things!

"I'm not looking to advance, I just want to get back to working in the craft again." Idrissa offers softly, feeling a touch as if she is under questioning at the moment even if it is not meant to be such. She was always good at the craft, it always made her happy and she never second guessed herself. Was indeed distracted, though really she would drink whatever Soriana gave her at the moment. Once the mug is offered to her she takes it with a soft thanks to Soriana."I'm not unhappy with being in Comet wing, I've just been finding myself missing my craft." Just because she is a rider doesn't mean she stopped being a beastcrafter. "Tahryth doesn't mind the thought of change, she knows how much I enjoy it. Yet I know how much she enjoys exploring so I work make sure she gets some enjoyment out of it all as well."

"You'll be happy not moving forward at all?" Ka'el's head faintly cants to one side, but eventually his shoulders are given a near imperceptible shrug as he nods. "Well if you're serious about it, make sure you speak to your Wingleader so it can be brought to me properly and the necessary steps can be taken." No need for him to worry about it now, is there? There's a process for these kinds of changes! But as for the personal part of it, the whys and such, he's not pursuing any further than he has. He listens now, eyes sweeping from greenrider to gold, thinking of Tahryth and her feelings on it.
There are forms to be followed - and filled out. Soriana nods to Idrissa for that thanks, and smiles. "You can at least try to arrange for more riding time, I suppose." Now! How about a change of topic, or at least a variation. They're talking about runners, so… "Were you around for the races? I don't know any of the runners in them that well, but they seemed spirited about it." She smiles.

Idrissa there is a few moments where she watches Ka'el, her mind wandering over past conversations that are springing to her at the moment. Her gaze lowers and she looks into her mug to eye the klah there. "If I go through with it I'll do everything the proper way of course." She takes a sip from her mug pointedly not answering Ka'el question about not moving forward. "I got to see some of the race, they were all eager to go that is for certain." She smiles a moment and nods to that. "Tahryth thought I and Feathers should have be in it, which I thought was amusing as his only quick when apples are involved anymore."

"Of course," agrees Ka'el on getting things done the proper way. He takes another swallow of his drink, and it's destined to be his last one as there's no more ale inthe bottle to swallow! Aw. No more ale. And getting more would require him to get up and walk over to the kitchen to get it … and he has already fallen into that comfort zone. So instead, he stays seated, following the conversation as the subject it turned to the races. "M'afraid I didn't catch how it all ended," he says with a headshake. "It'll be a surprise for me at least to see who runs in the last rounds, when they happen. I'll still wager on Xanadu stock, whoever they are."

"It was all actual jockeys and racing runners, anyhow," Soriana says of that race. "I don't think there was anyone who was there just… to race for the fun of it, you know?" She shrugs. "Though I think there's to be one this fall like that. Just a Xanadu thing, not the whole Pern-wide… thing." She shrugs. "Keroon, the finals are in. Seems like a good place for it." Beastcraft Hall's there, after all. And there's lots of grassy plains. "I think some of ours," well, Xanadu's, "made it there, though."

Idrissa nods slightly as she hears Soriana. "Yes that is true, I was just amused at that she thought Feathers could actually do a race of any sort." This said with an amused tone at the thought. Another sip of her drink is taken, a slight nod seen. "I hope that I get to go, would be to watch it in person after all." She's always enjoyed such things like that after all, though she is a strange one after all. "A few did make it I'm rather sure. The names I can't recall at the moment though."

"There should be dragon races," remarks Ka'el in a random-thought moment. Though after he says it, he chuckles. There are dragon races. They're called flights, aren't they? "Browns against browns, bronzes to bronzes…etcetera. In the air. THere could be a course mapped out. Straightforward whoever reaches the endpoint first wins." He smirks at the thought, farfetched as it may be. "Maybe firelizard races to start with. See how they go." But firelizards tend to forget the end goal of things, don't they? It may start out as a race of ten with only 2 making it to the finish line at all!

"The race to the apple orchard?" Soriana suggests to Idrissa with a grin. "Or maybe the race to naptime." That's probably a popular one. Shells, some days Soriana'd be up for that race. As for Idrissa making it to the more formal one, "There's probably room in the schedule." Not that it's up to her how those're arranged, just Idrissa's wingleader. Soriana takes a sip of her klah, then arches a brow at Ka'el's suggestion. "Huh. Might be something, one of those days when everyone's restless. Like exercises, but… more fun." And like flights, but… with riders! On the dragons, that is, not on the round and… okay, but the firelizards just make her laugh. "Half of them would forget about it and the other half'd just between straight to the goal."

Idrissa chuckles at the idea of a race to an orchard. "Now that would be an idea. The winner gets to let their runner pick a tree and they get all the apples from it for that day." Which would be a good amount of apples, and imagine all the apples to be taken home afterwards? A nod is seen at the idea of her going to the formal one. "I was going to see about asking off for it. Or switching with others so I could go out to it." She grins slightly at the thought of a dragon, or even a firelizard race. "I'd love to see Ripley try out for something like that Everyone involved would leave with some injury I'm sure."

"Ah, we should have the Weyrlings race on the ground. It'd be good practice for their balance." Or just good ol' fashioned entertainment to see them all floundering around on their dragons! "Remember the blindfold task we had to do?" Ka'el shudders at the memory. "Most unnervin' thing I'd done at the time. Thought I was gonna walk off a cliff." Not that there were any cliffs around, but hey! It could've happened. Somehow. "A race would be practice with thought communication skills too." In a way. GO go! Run faster! Those kinds of thoughts. He rises from his slouch, finally, and picks up his empty bottle. "Alloy would be fine in a firelizard race. He's very obedient." Uhhh when he wants to be.. "Anyone need a refill?"

Apple-races… "Heh. If you can figure out how to explain it to the runners." Because, motivation! They've got to have their reason to run. Like… being ordered to as weyrlings! Soriana smirks. "Tell it to V'dim." Which might be a joke, but probably isn't. It's like the weyrlingmaster has stopped being a mythic figure and turned into a (mostly) real person, over the past few turns. The change's probably (definitely) more on the part of the former weyrlings than the man himself, though. But communication skills, oh… "Could be a race with a track. We show the weyrlings a map, the dragons just see a field, and we do time penalties if they go out of bounds." …yeah, it's the former weyrlings who've changed, because here Soriana goes suggesting that with a straight face. So that's horses and dragons, what else can they race? …firelizards! Soriana grins. "Haruhi'd probably want to be the prize." She shakes her head about the refill. She's good!

Idrissa smiles at the bit about blindfold's, yes that does bring up memories while she finishes her klah. "Not a bad idea, the racing bit for the weyrlings. Though I'll leave that all in your capable hands." This said with an amused tone. She'll just stick to the runners. She glances into her mug that is not empty and shakes her head slightly at the offer of a refill. "No thanks. I should honestly be going. Rain or not I have some things to finish back at my place." The mug is set down while she stands up brushing shirt off a bit for whatever reason. "It was good getting to speak with you two, have to do it again sometime." She seems truthful when she says that at least.

Hmmmm. Maybe a new tradition is in the works? Dragon racing. It really doesn't sound too difficult to do, is it? And it can't be any more dangerous than blindly going through the obstacle course with only your dragon's directions to guide you. Actually, it might be sort of .. fun! THey'll just have to pitch it to V'dim, yes. And by 'they' we mean Ka'el or Soriana. Probably Soriana, right? He laughs at the thought of Haruhi being the prize. "Some prize," He says with a dramatic roll of his eyes, heading off to throw his empty bottle away. Idrissa's words regarding leaving are met with a nod, and he returns to the living area, watching her. Do it again sometime, eh? "Sure," he answers with a nod. This was a good…first step. Towards something or another. But definitely a step forward. He'll even walk her to the door. The rain's let up a bit, but it's still coming down. Good thing she has a dragon umbrella, right? "Have a good afternoon, Idrissa."

"Heh. I'm not the assistant weyrlingmaster…" Soriana says, but… she's the junior weyrwoman, which is probably worse. Whether it is or not, she nods to the news of Idrissa's departure. "All right. Don't drown, okay?" Soriana grins crookedly and glances to the window to check on the rain, not that she tries to argue Idrissa out of it. Maybe the klah will keep her warm. Or that dragon umbrella will help. "See you around," Soriana says, and maybe… maybe they actually will! The future is sparkling with possibility - or is that the grass after the rain? Either way, there's some definite sparkling.

Idrissa was trying at least, she didn't keep walking in the rain after all, she put forth the olive branch to some degree and now well it'll be something for everyone to work on. If they wish it so. "I'm rather good at swimming so I think I might be alright." A slight nod is seen along with a wave as she wander on outside. "I'm sure we're bump into one another at some point." Tahryth isn't there at first, not that it bothers her while wandering along the path, though a ways off from the place the green dragon appears so all is ok as they continue the trek homewards.

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