Clutching Feast

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

A feast ( albeit modest) is in the midst of preparations in the kitchen. Meanwhile some fresh meat rolls are out for people to snack on while they wait. Lorelai was quite busy with the preparations of said modest feast so she's now seated at a semi-full table with some meat rolls on a plate before her. Mikal's just joined with his own snacks in hand.

The logical thing for people to do after a clutching is … eat and speculate! And the best place to do both is in the caverns, of course. ka-el arrives with a string of others who are looking for a good meal and conversation. And maybe a bit of wagering! And definitely a bit of scrambled eggs, if the kitchens have provided such a breakfast meal at dinnertime. "Look, there is a feast! She works fast," he says with a nod. That's always a sign of a good cook. "Mikal. Hey Mikal! Are there any eggs??"

"Okay, yes, it smells like a feast…" acknowledges Soriana, "-but I don't think meatrolls count. More like a pre-feast. Proto-feast. …snack." She snags one for herself, nibbling on it as she looks for a suitable table to descend on like the swarm of hungry locusts they are (or, at least, Kale is). She's got to get started on that paper, after all - it's why she has paper and pencil in hand!

"Feast, snack, all the same to them as long they get something that can eat you know?" Idrissa says while she makes her way on into the caverns next to Soriana. She eyes a few things and snags hold of a few meatrolls on a plate and then moves along munching on one.

There are eggs, though boiled, not scrambled. Lorelai smiles a welcome to Mikal when he sits across from her, Kale's call for eggs met with a soft chuckle as she points to a plate, "Down by the klah."

Zahleizjah enters the caverns with the whole lot of them, tantalizing aromas of the delicious feast filling the air as people fill the area. Mahlia follows close to the girls and Garait. She can't help, but shake her head slightly.. the thought of eating eggs.. Right now? She just can't stomach it, not even the thought of it. Zahl sticks to a meatroll. "Eating is good.." she glances over at Soriana and asks "Whatcha workin' on?" A fully unintentional attempt at distraction.

There are eggs after all? Kale grins at Lorelai and givees her a little salute to her. "Thanks!" he says brightly to her. "Hey, meatrolls count as a feast," he points out to Soriana. "Meatrolls and me equal a fun time. Plus eggs, which equal a fun time… plus eggs." He laughs and scoots off to those hard boiled eggs and snags a few in a bowl (despite Soriana's former warning!) Hey, if eggs have been made, he can't be the only one who likes and wants them. He loads up with meatrolls and klah as well and joins the others, sitting across from Sori and Idrissa. He eyes her paper. "Really? Now you've to do that? It hasn't even been assigned yet," he points out.

Garait is near to Zah, trying to smile a bit as he looks over what's being served, looking for fish rolls and fruits. "Hey Zah, what are you working on?"

Mikal twists around as he hears more voices entering the cavern's. Now it's really starting to fill up with people finished gawking at the newly laid eggs. Shaking his head at Kale's strange egg craving he waves over to his friend. "Meatrolls are fresh too." is said around a mouthful of said food. "Homework?" he asks in disbelief as he sees Sori's paper and pencil.

"I'm not going to write the whole thing," says Soriana with a roll of her eyes. "It's not like I know the assignment. But if I put the details down now, they'll be fresh. Easier to do the rest of it later. And of course they're going to assign something. D'ren will, if nothing else - he knows I went to watch." She glances up to Zahl, and grins. "'m a dragonhealer, that was definitely a dragon laying eggs. Also a wher, but I don't think the report'll be on that. So there's bound to be something." Soriana shrugs a bit, and scribbles out a few of those notes.

Idrissa snags herself a mug of klah before she is settled down upon a seat next to Soriana. Another bite of the meatroll she has hold of is taken while she peers over at Sori to eye the paper. "Maybe she is going to just get a head start?" Makes sense to her. "I bet the whole wher doing the burying was something new to see by everyone. Make sure to add that in to your paper."

Lorelai had seen Garait at the clutching, so made sure there were fish rolls for him and whoever else wants them. She picks at the breading on her own meatroll, nibbling on it and listening to the younger crafters talk about assignments and such. For the moment, she's content to just listen and remember the eggs that are now hardening.

Zahleizjah giggles while looking towards Garait "Well a meatroll right now I guess.. and apparently diverting Soriana from accomplishing some sort of dragonhealing assignment." She turns to her late night chat friend and remarks "Must be such a busy and exciting time for your Craft! I understand what you mean about jotting notes when they're fresh.." a smile is sent to Mikal and she asks him "How ya' been? Haven't seen you in awhile!" The Starcrafter looks to Idrissa with furrowed brows "That just sounds.. weird.." A wave and smile is sent to across the table when honeyed eyes meet Lorelai's.

Kale sprinkles salt on his eggs and begins to devour them. He is hungry, and his first bite reminds his stomach of how empty it is. So he's quiet a while to eat. Bites of egg. Bites of meat. Swallows of klah. "It's all very good!" he calls over to Lorelai, not knowing just what she prepared, but commenting on it all in general. His compliments to the chef. Or baker. Or .. whoever. Eyes slide to Mikal and he grins at his homework comment. "She's a studious student, isn't she?" he quip, glancing to the dragonhealer and nodding in agreement with Idrissa. "Definitely comment on the wher in your report. Bonus points." He nods to Zah. "Ah that's right, you didn't see. A blue wher buried the eggs an' the dragon didn't seem to mind."

Garait finds the fish rolls, eating them very slowly as he finds a place to sit, looking at the others there and listening. He's not talking much at the moment, just listening, especially to Zah.

"Oh, sure. Mostly just excitement, though… unless something goes wrong. It's not good for the eggs to get handled too much, and the queens generally don't like it either, so mostly the dragonhealers just watch. And they don't like to let the ones without dragons touch the eggs, either, sooo…" Excitement! Soriana's still got the excitement, right? Also the distraction from putting down those notes, and she gives Kale a little bit of a kick under the table at his studious comment, smirking. "You don't even know what the report's about." And neither does she.

Mikal eyes Sori a moment like she's gone mad. Perhaps he thinks she has. "Homework…" he mutters. He's not so big on studying or doing any assignments before they are actually given. "Heya Zah! Been keeping busy 'enough. You all settled in now? Hey, your dad's not gonna sell the weyr is he? I heard he was! "Ah, Mikal and the rumors he believes! He's done with his first set of snacks so he wanders away from his table a moment to head for more food.

Idrissa takes a sip from her mug while she grins to Kale and nods before glancing to Soriana. "Well, Briana and Derin are rather close friends, so maybe that has something to do with it?" Possible! At the 'sell the weyr' part she sends a glance over to Mikal and blinkblinks before peering to Zahl. Hold the sands… What is this?

Kale is kicked! Ow! His leg! He overacts the wince on his face in response, and sucks in a seething breath. His shin must have shattered under there! Chomp! More egg is eaten before he fixes her with a knowing look. "I do know what your report is about," he retorts. So there! Nope. No details are forthcoming. He knows, and now she knows he knows. "Briana an' Derin looked like more'n close friends to me down there," he notes before his eyes shift to Mikal before he moves off. Sell the weyr? He laughs. "He couldn't do that. He'd have to have Thea agree with him too, right?" Isn't that how the checks and balances thing works? "She wouldn't agree to that." Ha! Rumors.

Zahleizjah just has to look away while Kale inhales eggs and meat and Klah, though she does agree and says "Absolutely delicious Lorelai.." She adds bits and pieces to her plate as each addition to the feast is rolled out. While she was smiling, Mikal's next question wipes that expression right off of her celebration-face "What? Umm wow.. no! Not that I've heard. Xanadu is our home now.. and we wouldn't trade it for anything in Pern." Not that she really has any say, or claim to anything at all, but she knows that's how she feels at least. Oh, how that lovely rumor mill turns.

You may be right. She may be crazy. But… arglebarglekleemnyar! …and at least her homework will be started. "Oh yeah?" Soriana says to Kale, then smirks. "Well, I know what Orik's going to put on next week's choreboard." And she's not going to tell him, that! She looks to Idrissa, and grins slightly before grinning wider at Kale's retort. "Dersk may just be pretending to be a papa, buuuuuut…" she trails off into grin, then looks at the gossip-rumor-gossipers with just a raised brow.

Mikal returns to his seat, plate ladened with plenty of food. "Good!" he looks genuinely relieved at Zah's insistence that no sales of the Weyr will happen. "I had just heard…" he says.

Lorelai smiles and waves a hand at the commments on the food, her fingers slightly coated in crumbs, "Oh, I just pointed out that there were hungry people that would probably be looking for something to eat soon." She shakes her head at the thought that the Weyrleader might be considering selling the Weyr, "Who would buy a whole Weyr, though?"

Chores. Now that's no laughing matter. Kale gives Soriana a narrow-eyed look, trying to read her mind, apparently. "Pssh. No you don't." So … uh, there! Ha. That'll tell her! His stomach's growling has been silenced, and most of his food is already eaten. Just a bit of meatroll left, with just enough room left in a corner of his belly for dessert. He rises, looking across the table to Idrissa and Sori. "Do you want anything?" he offers, nodding to the sweets, though he fixes Soriana with a quirked brow look. "..But?" Oh yeah he doesn't get it.

Mikal has fallen silent after his rumor tossing to eat. After all the growing lad's got to fill his bottomless pit of a stomach. So it's a steady decline of all the food on his plate while he lets the various conversations flow around. He's clearly listening though because he offers a smirk or a faint smile here and there as a particular remark amuses him. So far the witty teen has nothing much more to add.

Garait seems to not be able to focus on the conversation at hand, but does manage to eat his food. He glances over to Zah then, 'It's a bit too crowded for me right now, so I may go to the Beach for a bit, if you want to join me, but you don't have to. If you all will excuse me?" He gets up, puts his dish up and heads out.

Idrissa didn't think it would be true, Thea wouldn't allow such a thing, right? Well of course right! Humming faintly she chews on another bite of her meatroll. "I didn't think it would be possible Zahl." She offers with a smile to the other girl before she looks to Kale. "Naw I'm good, thanks though."

Soriana just raises her eyebrows to Kale. Oh doesn't she? Well, she's not going to say, just look smug. She writes down a few more of her notes, and nibbles more on meatroll, before folding up the page and tucking it in her pocket. "There, done," she says. "No more report writing tonight." But she'll totally have a leg up on the rest of them! Speaking of getting up… "Sure!" she says to Kale's offer of something. He can figure out the details, right? He's a smart boy. She leans back in her seat, then smirks to Kale's but. "Think about it." She waves to Garait as he heads out.

Food gone, conversation…winding down? Or perhaps his ADD is kicking in for Mikal stands with his empty dishes in hand. "Think I'll go peek at the eggs again." he says to no one in particular. Dirty dishes are deposited into the magic place that they go, one..nah, two meatrolls are snatched and he's off towards the outside world whistling a cheery little tune. Elsie swoops in from outside, chirps once then swoops back out to also go stare at eggs.

Zahleizjah leaves only a raised brow as the remnants of the rumor linger with Mikal's smirk. She may not be that witty, but at least she speaks with conviction.. this time. The raven haired girl is only about half way in to the food she accumulated on the feast-sized plate in front of her. As her beastcrafting friend departs, Zahl smiles, nodding and responding that she'll likely meet him later if the evening permits. She nods to Idrissa still trying to imagine what that looked like, giggling softly shoulders shrug and head wobbles from side to side "I'd have never considered the idea even.. and can only imagine what it looked like out there." She truns to Soriana and asks "Maybe I can see your article when you're done editing it?"

With most everyone having had at least a little in the way of snacks, Lorelai stands and moves back to the kitchen, taking a few dirty dishes with her, to see how much longer it's going to be before the rest of the 'feast' is going to be ready. Then again, you really can't rush good food…

Kale glances after Garait's abrupt retreat, watching him go. He makes no move to follow, as he wasn't invited, and he's still got to satisfy his sweet tooth. The desserts are beckoning him! And plus Soriana's being cryptic and is giving him some sort of puzzle to figure out. He rolls his eyes as he moves off to snag a plate, plucking two cookies, a small fruit filled bubbly pie, and..ooh, is that a donut over there? It's a wonder how he isn't an overweight fellow considering how he eats, and he returns to the table with these goodies…to share at least! He sets the plate down somewhere near the center before reclaiming his seat. "Why do I need to think about it if you already know the answer an' could just tell me?" he protests Soriana. He looks at the two other girls left. "Either of you know what she's talkin' about?"

"It's probably not going to be that exciting," says Soriana with a laugh to Zahl. "They usually aren't. Just… reportlike." She waves to Garait, Mikal, and Lorelai as they depart, then returns her attention to Kale's sweets. Oh, and maybe Kale while she's at it, but… oh, hey, bubblies! She has some. Why does Kale have to think about it? "Becauf mah mouf if fuh."

"Because she wants you o figure it out yourself?" Idrissa questions with an amused tone while peering at the sweets that Kale has picked up. She'll wait for him to set something down before swooping in and makes a quick snatch and steal attack for one of the cookies. If she is able to pull it off she takes a bite from it. This may be why Kale isn't an overweight fellow, he has a pair of girls to help him eat what he brings back.

Zahleizjah shakes her head in an obvious no manner towards Kale "Something.. y'know…" she shrugs and goes for a fritter herself. As Soriana explains her report she 'ohs' softly after a sip of refruit juice "Guess I'll just stick to the stories then.." but with so many people reporting, the feast crowd is starting to dwindle slightly. There's a chuckle as Soriana mouthfull mumbles and Idrissa answers with bemusement.

"Woah, woah," Kale protests Idrissa as she takes a cookie, and he reaches forward to try to snatch it from her. Ha! "You said no. This isn't for you," he says, gesturing with his free hand to the spread that he couldn't possibly eat alone. "If you wanted some, y'should've said yes when I offered. Now you can just starve an' watch us eat the good stuff." Mwuahaha. His playful tone is likely enough to shoo away any possibility that he'd be taken seriously. And if not, his grin may. Zahleizjah is allowed to partake in the mini feast of sweets though, even though she's not being helpful at all with figuring out what Soriana is keeping from him. "I'll wait," he says with a smirk to the full-mouth dragonhealer. He glances to the starcrafter now. "Do you take egg bets? Hatching bets. Whatever they're called?"

Om, nom, nom goes Soriana, chewing with all due slowness. Because, otherwise, she'd have to get to answering Kale too soon, and where'd be the fun in that? …which is why, after she finishes the one bite, she goes for another one without actually answering! Muahaha.

Idrissa blinks at Kale, the cookie is pulled away, she frowns and then even pouts He took the cookie back, how dare he! He took it back and then made her feel bad by offering some to Zahl? Unheard of! She sniffles a moment and soon sips at her mug once again. Fine, then she'll just ignore Kale. She peers over to Soriana, there is a bit of amusement seen across her face.

Zahleizjah smiles at Kale and says "Thank you.." while helpfully adding "Variety is good.." without realizing how potentially awkward that comment may be. She takes little nibbles off her fritter, savoring every bite. The next question has lips pulling downwards for a moment at the corners, she is hesitant with "I'unno Kale.. bets aren't really.. m'thing, and so many marks went in t'the Observatory gather.." but, she's curious and wonders "Why do you ask? Only been around a clutch once before.. s'howdya know which is which? Hunches I guess?" she doesn't know what they're called, or much about any of that business really. An empathetic gaze is sent to Idrissa and she asks "Want some of this fritter?" Complete rubbish considering the source of the sweets, but she's an unbiased bystander right?

Kale teasingly waves that snatched back cookie in Idrissa's direction, not at all fooled by her pouty look. He's fallen for it too many times! And even though he's just had a bite of donut, it looks like he's going to take a bite of that cookie too, and he slooowly bring it towards his mouth. But wait .. drat it all, Soriana! "Hey!" He sees her about to fill her mouth with more, and he glares at her, setting down his donut to lean across the table and reach for her wrist. No! No eating! He tries to keep her hand at bay, away from her mouth. "Cheater. What is it that you know?" He didn't even care to know so much at first. But now.. now he must know! One hand on Soriana. The other baiting Idrissa. And now his eyes are on Zahleizjah. "Bets can be fun, I think. I've only known one clutch, too. I've no idea how to know which is which, but, I think it'd be fun to wager on an egg or two. Later. Once they harden. We can observe'm from the observation level and try to get a good idea. And no fritters for Idrissa!"

Fortunately for Soriana (unfortunately for Kale), she has two hands. One to be captured by Kale! The other to pick up a different sweet for nibbling on. "Fine," she says with a grin. "One clue. Didja get a good look at Briana?" And, clue given, the cookie (for that's her alternate sweet of choice) is lifted. It pauses, right before entering her mouth. "I'll come observe with you, but I can't do bets. Fallian'd probably string me up by my ears if I tried. Perception of unfair advantage and all that." She pffts. "But don't let that stop any of you!" And then… cookiechomp!

Idrissa watches Kale a few moments, still with the pouty look before she gives up and moves on so to speak it would seem. A soft chuckle escapes her as she watches Kale deal with Soriana, and attempt to stop her from eating and thus make her talk. Good luck there! Her gaze drifts to Zahl and she ohs at the talk of sharing the fritter. "Well sure, just a bit maybe?" She is pointedly ignoring Kale at the moment too. "I dono, I don't think betting on the egs is such a grand idea. I'll keep from doing it myself." She peers over at Soriana. "Please, half the time Kale doesn't get a good look at us."

Zahleizjah leans back in her chair chuckling, sugar rush lending to a wide smile as one shoulder gives a half shrug "Yeah I suppose once they harden and some less chaotic observing can be done.." *Cues the Wammppwampppwapppwwwhhhhaaaa sound* and plays the worlds tiniest violin for herself in her head. As for the fritter she chuckles, and Idrissa's POV about the egg betting is shared. The Starcrafter finds this kind of touching "I agree with you Rissa, it's not really my thing, but I've heard it's like tradition or something.." She definitely thinks Idrissa deserves a cookie for that one, and she might just put her half fritter down within her reach.. nonchalantly not actually handing it to her or anything. A nod is also sent towards Soriana and she says "You do know a lot about dragon stuff already.. guess that is kind unfair advantage.."

Damn Soriana and her two hands! Kale fixes her with a grump-glare as her free hand saves the day for her, but at least he's getting a clue! .. Kinda. "What sort of clue is that? I wasn't looking at her. I was lookin' at the eggs!" He crosses his eyes at her and scrunches up his nose, making a face, then lets her wrist go and sits back in his chair with a grin that stays in place even as Idrissa voices her thoughts on betting. "Why not? Ah, you girls are no fun at all," he says, waving a dismissive hand to both Idrissa and Zahleizjah, sighing exaggeratedly. "Forget it. I'll ask someone else." Idrissa's cookie, which he still holds hostage, is set back on the plate and the plate itself is nudged her way. "And I do look at you two. I think that's one of the perks, isn't it?" he asks, a humored look on his face.

Soriana nibbles on the cookie, then hehs to Zahl. "Less than you'd think. It's actually really hard to tell what's inside an egg… golds are different sometimes, but other than that…" she shrugs. "Everyone figures the dragonhealers ought to know, though. And I guess the seniors who have seen a whole bunch of them might have some intuitions, but I don't." She grins, then looks back to Kale. "Besides, would you really want to bet against me? You remember what happened last time." The grin widens, and then she hehs. "Sure y'do. Now…" Time for more hints! "There were eggs, yep. And Dersk, and Orionth looking grumpy, aaaaaand?"

Zahleizjah shrugs and considers Soriana's words of wisdom "Guess it's all just chance then.." an unsympathetic look is shot Kale's way, her soul purpose definitely not to entertain Kale as she's sure he's got plenty of 'fun' on his hands, at least in her reserved yet wildest imagination. That's the weird thing about Zahl, all blushy face and odd-duck like she's reserved because of inexperience and inexperienced because of her reservations. She might not be the best at making friends, but she tries the best she knows how, even if efforts are futile. The Starcrafter sits and listens as clues are given.. she really has no idea as her impeccable timing was.. less than impeccable.

So it's fill in the blank time, huh? "… Saah..zyth?" tries Kale, who still needs to brush up on his dragonese. Or at least, dragon name recall. "And Briana and Derin. Derik. Whatever," he continues to list the occupants on the sands, though really how is this helpful? He can tell that Sori is truly enjoying this, and he searches for something to flick at her. Oh look! Donut crumb will work nicely. He positions it on the tabletop, calculates the trajectory (not really, but it looks like that's what he does), and … flick! "I'm overdue to win a bet against you, Soriana. I understand why you can't take one up with me on this. But don't worry. There shall be other things, and I shall have my revenge." Reveeenge! Lady luck will most assuredly shed her grace on him eventually, right? That look given to him by Zahleizjah is returned with a bland one of his own. "What do you like to do for fun?"

"Some people think they've got a scheme for it. Maybe there's something, I dunno," says Soriana to Zahl, but she sounds dubious. And then… A-ha! There Kale goes. "Derin, yes," says Soriana, and gets crumbs flicked at her for her troubles. "Hah. Just for that, maybe you and me will make a private bet about it." One with no ramifications to be scowled at by her seniors, because the terms are… personal. She grins, then shakes her head. "I suppose you really didn't notice, did you?" Winning the next bet is gonna be eaaaaasy.

Ah-ha! He knew he'd get a wager out of someone, and of the three Soriana was his best bet. See? Kale's already on a roll! A smug look passes over his face as he crosses his arms, tipping back his chair enough that the front two legs come off the ground. As if she's played right into his trap! Winning the next bet is going to be cake. But not if it has to do with noticing things about people, perhaps, for he still has no clue what she's talking about. "I noticed the wher was blue," he says. "And that there was an egg that looked like smoldering coal." But somehow it doesn't feel as if he's hit the hammer on the head.

Zahleizjah looks at Kale plainly, her response including a few things listed off one by one "I'unno anything really.. runner riding, adventuring and exploring anywhere I can go.. I just starting hunting lessons not only for Ztyrian and Braczek but I decided m'gonna take it up too.." She's kinda glad Garait isn't here to hear that cuz she's not sure what the Beastcrafter would think about her stalking wild animals in the night. "And well, I also like to pour glass n'make new styles of viewing lenses.. I even started making a new kind that has crystal fragments like a kaleidoscope.. " maybe not everyone would appreciate seeing the world though sparking eyes, but she's a kid at heart. And that is about enough about Zahleizjah, she doesn't talk about herself very much and retorts with " And what do you do for fun 'sides pickin on girls Kale?" A wink is sent Soriana's way as she nods in reference to that nebulous subject of intuition. "Yeah No scheme here.." She wonders if Idrissa will ever get that cookie…

Has Soriana just played into Kale's trap, or has he just played into hers? Goood question. "Hah. I thought you'd like that one," she says of the smoldery egg. "Did you see the one that looked like it had a runner on it? I'm not sure if Rissa saw that one before it got buried. Probably didn't, or she woulda said something, I'm sure." She grins, and then… oh yeah! Observational skills. No getting sidetracked by gossiping about the eggs, they've got to gossip about things that happened around the eggs. Oh, but first, she'll get herself sidetracked by Zahleizjah. "Idrissa's been practicing archery for a while, she could probably give you some pointers. And I will give that firelizard hunting class, just… uh. When I have time." She half-smirks. "I've got extra chores with the Harpers for a sevenday." Apparently, somebody went and noticed those scratches. Oops! "Those lenses sound neat, though. Are they like… do you do a special kind of stargazing with the sparkly ones?" She doesn't know! She's not a starcrafter! Oh, yeah, back to Kale and his observational skillz. Maybe Mikal's ADD is rubbing off. "Yeah, well, take a look at Briana, next time you see her."

"Yeah? What do've in mind to hunt?" asks Kale, who won't be giving Zahleizjah any choice in the matter of whether or not she wishes to further indulge about herself. He's a curious fellow! He needs to know things. And remember things too, for as she speaks of viewing lenses, his brows lift in remembrance. "That's right. You were lookin' for material at the caravans that day I spoke with you there, weren't you? And were lookin' for lustrous metals?" How quickly one forgets! Her picking on girls comment gets his smirking, and he plops his chair back down on all fours. "I only pick on the ones who deserve it. Those who have wronged me so," a hand is gestured Soriana's way. "Other than necessary payback, I enjoy smelting. Forging. Shrinking. Upsetting. Bending. Wielding. And finishing," he lists with a crooked grin. "And takin' things apart," he adds. "Oh, and a good game've kickball." He has many likes! And now, eggs. "I didn't see the runner one, no. .. You're sure it was a runner? And you got in trouble with the harpers?" He makes a face. "Well, I can't really see their work bein' too difficult, y'know?" Her instructions regarding Briana has a brow quirking. "Uh. Sure. Next time I see her I'll stare extra hard an' let her know you told me to."

Zahleizjah listens as everyone recounts their stories from the clutching, she's definitely distracted by the gossip, but is quick to jump to when the talk of archery is brought up "Oh really? I didn't know.. I'd love to be accurate with a bow and some quivers. Something about being in nature, though I figure there'll be some scary stuff and I should learn how t'use a dagger well too. I'll be sure n'ask her.. thanks!" She pushes back in her chair slightly, nodding and knowing how precious free time can be with an answer for Idrissa "I mean.. I dunno.. I guess like firelizards.. start small right? Work up to felines and the larger?" SHe hadn't really thought much about it. The subject changes! "Oh yes.." she speaks of the lenses "They're a double paned feature, I seal the gems in there with a slightly viscous clear liquid, a mixture of salts and soluble polymers to create a rainbow'd or pastel effect depending on the colors I use. They're quite fun.." And she's all over the place too, must be the nature of things at a time like this. Answers for Kale are paired with listening "Ayyup.. still looking if you got something unique.. I'll even make ya one for your troubles.." a friendly gesture before eyes light up "Kickball sounds fun.." but she doesn't know anything else about forging or bending or that kinda stuff.

"Start with a stick," suggests Soriana, half-joking. "That way, even if you lose your knife, you can always come up with another stick." That said, she smirks to Kale and leans back with her innocent face on. Oh no, wait, that's her smirk on still. Details! "Well, I mean, really it was a random blotch, but it kinda looked like a runner." She shrugs a bit, then nods. "Yeah. Someone must've complained. Probably about the noise. I don't think Fallian actually cares," or her punishment would be far worse, "-but she says I'm to go help out there. It shouldn't be so terrible, I don't think." She hopes, anyway! She listens about metals and polymers, with nothing really to add except her munchings on cookies, then rolls her eyes at Kale. "You do that. Tell her it's because you can't put two and two together." She gives her head a shake, and has a bit more cookie before adding, "Game'f kickball'd be fun, sometime."

Kale nods at the answer of small prey. He's no hunter himself, but it does make sense and seems less dangerous than going for something with claws and rabid teeth. As he listens he take a few bites of desserts, but even he has a point of fullness, and it seems as if he's reaching it now as his bites become slower and slower. "If I find anything worthwhile, I'll hold it up for you," he offers Zah. "An' I'm not gonna ask you to make anything for me, but if you want to, I'm not gonna discouarage ya, either," he continues, grinning. "Have y'played kickball before?" he asks of Zahleizjah, eyes shifting to Soriana after. "Yeah it would, huh? You can stay on the sidelines an' watch. Those who unfairly tease me are not allowed to play." His chin inclines a little in a haughty look. "Apologize an' I'll consider re-enlisting you on the roster."

Zahleizjah considers this with a head wobble "A stick.. and the pointy end out right?" She's only half joking as well, though there's some logic on both accounts. She smiles and chuckles slightly noting "I'll have to take a better look.. though there's probably not that much to see all covered in sand by a Wher n'such.." she's thinking, and thinking, and the time goes by, "Kickball games.. sounds like this must happen in the near future! The weather is perfect for it.." There's a pause and she nods "I sure have.. and thanks for keeping me in mind for those metals.." There's a chitter from Ztyrian and alas! It is time "I gotta get going.. that's about all the celebration I can fit in tonight. So much to plan! See you two around, so glad we get to celebrate together.." with that she disappears, cleaning up her plate on the way.

"Or just thunk 'em over the head," says Soriana, and demonstrates with a spoon on the invisible monsters. Thump, thump, thump. She grins. "I mostly only go hunting with Inkfoot and Toral, though. I dunno how it's different when it's you yourself doing it." A bit of a shrug, there, and then she looks back at Kale and smirks. "Oh, is that how it is? Pff. The team'll be lost without me. You'll never make the playoffs. But, for what it's worth, I am sorry you didn't notice that Briana looks like she's smuggling a watermelon to a beach party." Okay, so maybe the junior weyrwoman isn't quite that bad, but… it's pretty obvious, if you're looking for it… which Soriana was, and Kale, evidently, was not. Zahl gets her attention again, and she waves to the starcrafter. "See you! If you need help with something, maybe I can do something. I can get a message to the Harpers real easy, if nothing else." She grins. "Later!"

A definite must happen, yes! Kale is in agreement, and like that, kickball plans are in the works! He shall be team captain, of course, and Soriana will not be on his team. "That didn't sound like an apology to me," he muses, giving her a long look. Poor her. She'll be on the sucky team. The sucky team with…watermelon smuggling? A brow arches at her. "First of all, I don't see why anyone would need /smuggle/ that to a beach party. Second, not everyone can be as thin as you." That's it. Briana's just a little fat. He wasn't going to point that out. Hasn't she always looked that way? Hearing the sound of a firelizard has him looking to Zah, who is taking her leave. He lifts a hand to her in a wave. "You're welcome, an' good day," he says with a grin to her, watching her go.

Soriana rolls her eyes. Kale is hopeless. Which means… "Okay. I'll bet you… mmm, a restday of servitude… that in a couple of months, Briana's going to have an announcement that's not about her dragon, but does have something to do with Derin." She leans back in her chair, and raises an eyebrow. Well? Your move.

Ah, now they're talking business. Kale's fingers entwine and his hands fold, resting upon the tabletop. He listens to her wager with a no-nonsense expression. Briana? Derin? He doesn't answer immediately. Eyes hold hers searchingly, and after a while his jaw sets. "No deal," he says at last, giving his head one stern shake. "I smell a rat in this, an' I don't like the putrid stink. That's a blind bet for me. I know nothin' of Briana or Derin. You, on the other hand, have done some sort've research, I can tell. You're not gonna trap me with this one." A smirk. "Nice try."

"Wuss," says Soriana, leaning back in her chair and folding her hands behind her head. "I've done nothing but paid attention." She smirks. "But, if you're not willing to take the bet, that's fine by me. There will be other wagers." Ones that may or may not be as stacked in someone's favor. "We can bet on the eggs later, just between us… and then there'll be no question of if I'm helping you with your other bets." She grins, and leans forward again, snagging another bit of bubbly.

"I think the word you're lookin' for is 'wise'," replies Kale, expression smug. He's sure he's just somehow dodged a bullet, but that doesn't exactly put him in the clear. As she said, he's yet to win any bet between the two of them! "You won't have to worry about my other egg bets. I doubt I'll have any," he snickers. "It's not like I could wager much but … you'd think anyone caught takin' or giving wagers would be thrown of the weyr the way Idrissa speaks of it. But," he waves a hand, "once we get another look at them, have time to think it over, I'll take that bet with you." He flicks another crumb he way. "Hey, is the observation deck always open?"

Wuss and wise have many of the same letters in common! And sometimes, they even mean the same thing. Soriana laughs, which is probably another sign it was a trick. "What, you don't think you can convince some of the other smithers to bet coal-breaking duties with you?" she says, then shrugs. "There's always bets. Last clutch, I even saw C'per making a bet with one of the others. Rissa just doesn't like making bets, I don't think." A pause, and then Sori grins. "Might be wise of her." Or was that wuss of her? As for the observation deck, she shakes her head. "It's up to the gold and rider when it's open. If it's open at all." Which might put a damper on the betting. "Different golds tend to have different opinions about people looking at their babies. Some don't mind it, some… do. Guess we'll have to see which Sahazyth is." She stretches a bit, then brushes crumbs off herself. Gee, thanks Kale. "I should probably head back." Sigh. "See what the new assignments are, now that there's a clutch. Hopefully I don't have shift, like… now or something. Or during Zah's party."

Ah, well. It seems as if everything about dragon babies is a tossup. How many eggs. What they'll look like. The color of dragons inside. The queen's temperament. The amount of Candidates. All unknown factors. Kale nods, dashing away thoughts of going back to take a look at those mounds from above. Wouldn't make a difference, anyway. "Ha. We wager duties all the time. Its marks I'm lookin' for." For reasons unknown. "I won't discount betting yet though. When the eggs harden, m'sure it'll pick up." Her mentioning of heading back has him nodding. Probably a good idea…and if what happened with Yumeth's clutch is any indication, dragonhealers and techcrafters alike will have a lot to keep an eye out for! No need to repeat that disaster. "Want me to walk you back?" he asks, already rising. "Zah's party sounds fun. An' the whole point's that meteor shower, isn't it? That'll be neat to see with her viewing things." At least Zahleizjah's done a good job of talking it up enough to make it sound neat! "Hope there's drinks." What's a party without alcohol? A bunch of drunken teens. Just what Xanadu needs!

"Yeah, sure," says Soriana to Kale's offer. Company is better than no company! She gathers up plates and such, then nods about the party. "Apparently it's the most… showery one… in a long time. Or for a long time. Or something." She's not a starcrafter! She has enough when it comes to those imprecise, tossed-up dragons to keep her quite occupied. "Should be fun, though. And I'm sure she'll have some ale for you," she says teasingly. "Or something else appropriately manly, in with all the fruity girly drinks with star-shaped ice cubes." Will there actually be star shaped ice cubes? She has no clue! That, like what lies inside Sahazyth's eggs, will remain a mystery until the due and proper time for its revelation. For now, it's back to the Annex with them, and likely a kiss before Soriana slips inside to find out what sort of report she's going to be assigned… and what her duty roster looks like for the next few days.

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