Sahazyth and Orionth's Clutching

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Below on the sands, Sahazyth casually waddles onto the sands , pausing to inspect the hatching arena before she moves forward to the centre of the sands. Not too far behind the golden princess is Briana and Derin and his wher, Dersk. Also joining this group is the bronze Orionth to see to his duty to his eggs. Sahazyth looks back to the followers, inspecting each in turn. Satisfied with those tending her, she settles back onto to the sands and starts to event out the sand with her tail.

This From Afar Egg
Save for the feathered wings that cup the curve of this egg, the silhouette of sandy grains swirled across the pale shell's surface appear equine in nature: the figure's contours are combined to form a graceful, trim-legged, barrel-chested, lean-flanked conformation. Galloping on a flowing river of pure, clear water, drawing behind it a paradise of lush growth and flowering plants in riotous colors, this creature's joy and pleasure in its task is evidenced the playful arch of its neck, tossed mane, and excitement-flared nostrils of delicate muzzle. Gazing into yours, dark eyes full of wisdom from before the dawn of time, seek to impart a marvelous message of incomparable worth.
Fanning the Flames Egg
Shades of red spiral over the curves of this mid-sized egg, twisting and writhing in a heated dance. The richest russet coats the base as though it were dipped in heart's blood, gradually bleeding upwards into a rich vermillion hue. Streamers of sanguine scarlet scintillate along the bulging curve of the egg's belly, twining with ribbons of ruby radiance, culminating on the crown in a coronet of crimson candescence. Tucked amidst the flames, several thick black lines streak outwards from the heart of the egg, slashing through the splendor to form the stylized shape of an avian, wings spread to embrace the fire.

Mikal has wandered up, chatting with another boy about his age. "'course there's gonna be betting on the eggs. Too early /now/ though." is part of the conversation as they come up to the gallery. Finding a spot among the benches the both sit and move their attention to the sands.

Darsce is there, her fancy rhinestone sandals kicked off, feet propped up on the railing while she carefully paints her toenails. Her silvery blonde hair is brushing her cheeks as she leans forward to concentrate on her task but she's also flickering her gaze to the sands once in awhile too.

Soriana, having been in the Annex making herself useful, finds it easy to come by. She eavesdrops on Mikal as they come up. "Depends what you're betting on. The wagers about how big the clutch's gonna be are just about over!"

Lorelai never misses a clutching, if she can help it. When she heard that Sahazyth had been seen heading towards the sands, she saw to it that the kids were safely in the nursery and hurried in that direction, herself, to watch. The petite baker finds a seat off to one side, near the railing, and leans forward to watch, only barely noticing the conversation going on around her.

Below on the sands, Sahazyth looks over the area, glancing to her 'groupies', then back to the sand. She starts to dig another wallow and settles to lay another. There are ripples across her golden hide as the contractions work to push out the eggs. There is several minutes before the next egg finally slides out onto the ground.

Talons of the Storm Egg
Against the blackened hues of its clutchmates, this egg shines with a vicious incandescence. Storm clouds have attempted to mutilate its brilliant surface, but they have failed, bullied and relegated to the far side of the shell to linger in shame. The rest of the egg is shattered by a thousand lightning strikes, each bowing into white-hot, agonized existence. They rake across the shell like talons, rendering it in twain, and twain, and twain again, until there is little left but a sharp and ageless wisdom waiting to emerge from the luminescent eyes of the storm.
Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg
It might be difficult, at first, to distinguish this egg from any common bit of mud-splashed stone. It's oddly shaped, slightly too narrow and a bit smaller than the others. Sable brown dominates over all the other colors on the surface, alternating between light and dark as if highlights have been layered onto a deeper backdrop of earthen hues. Gray swirls in various shades near the base, with little slashes of black that curl together. A larger swatch of fleshy-pink encircles the egg at an awkward angle, tapering off to a point as it curls near the top. There is a textured look about it, too, as if tiny feet had trailed dirty footprints all over, darkening some areas and lightening others. The most striking feature, though, is a single spot of crimson that colors one side. It looks quite out of place among the rest of the more natural colors, like a watchful, waiting eye.

Qirin, quite quiet in his little corner of the observation level, just watches in awe at the sands below. This is a new experience for him, and just the deposits of the eggs below cause the boy's mouth to hang open.

ka-el hurries up to the observation level. Has he missed anything yet? He briskly brushes off his coveralls while peering out onto the sands, happy to shed the 'I must be missing something because there's a crowd of folk heading to the annex already!' feeling as he sees dragons still on the sands. "Phew." Not that missing it would've been catastrophic, but who wants to be out of the 'out' crowd when everyone's talking about it?

Below on the sands, There is a glance over toward Dersk before Sahazyth moves on to another area of sands and deposits another couple of eggs. In her wake the blue wher once invited goes in to bury each egg in sands. It seems the gold is quite content with the presence of the little wher, though the Bronze Orionth seems less than pleased by his interference.

Still Waters Run Deep Egg
The wonder of the sea is captured within the fragile shell of this smallish egg, bubbling forth from a base of rich navy blue. As the sapphire hue creeps over the curving belly of the egg, it lightens to chill cobalt, streamers of creamy foam twisting through the azure waves. Near the apex of the egg, where the curving sides meet at a near point, the color lightens more, a crest of cornflower spilling into a fountain of percolating periwinkle. Rising from beneath the glassy surface of the egg, wavering slashes of black radiate outwards across the belly, curving and twisting into the sinuously stylized shape of a serpentine dragon.
Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg
In the darkest of places, there is still light. Shadows play across verdant greenery. Swatches of various shades laid on top of each other like the leaves of a tree or the scales of a dragon. Emerald and black show against a base of chestnut and russet which stick out in pointy lines like thick bramble. Here and there, between the canopy, there are hints of other colors, too. A flash of white here, a pattern of mahogany there, each one stands out like some great beast lurking in the shadows. If that is so, it encircles the entire egg, prowling closer to those who dare approach. Between the leaves at the very edge where it seems like the monster might curl around back onto itself, there are a pair of glowing yellowed eyes that stare from the darkness, narrowed to mere slits.

Garait is near to one side, close to the railing, watching carefully and wondering how big the clutch is going to be. He's watched before with his mother, but today he alone, and quiet.

Lorelai sits up a little as the eggs are deposited on the sands, "Oh, I like that green one." Her eyes flicker to the little blue wher as he moves around, covering the eggs, "I don't think I've ever seen a wher at a clutching before, though…" Hmm… Well, whatever makes the dragons happy!

Mikal's gaze has barly moved over the galleries as of yet since he was intent on looking to the sands. Once though he hears Soriana's voice he glances over to the girl. "Oh hey a. Too early for bets on the colors of the babies yet." he replies towards her before attention is caught by something shiny…or Kale. "Heya Kale!" he waves towards his friend. "Sit down over here." "Ooh, I /like/ that one." he points to the newest egg.

When does Darsce ever not notice the males in her vicinity? Qirin may be younger than she is, an related to Muir and Marel, but he's not related to her so he's fair game. She leaaaaaaans way over and places her well-manicured fingertip under the teen's chin, gently pushing his mouth closed. Then she twinkles a wink at him. "First clutching, huh?" As if it isn't obvious!

Kantigh is not the first to arrive, and not the fanciest. In fact, he smells just a bit of ovine as he shuffles through the crowd up to a seat. The young man smiles politely to those around him, but his focus is where most of the attention is: on the sands. His eyes are appropriately wide at the swift appearance of the eggs, but they don't hold /all/ of his attention. Wait — "Is that a Wher?" Because that seems like an appropriate question to ask, right? He's not Weyrborn, after all, and…his eyes could be off. He hasn't got the best seat in the house. "Hnf." A very decisive noise indeed, but his interest wanes quickly enough, moving back to the eggs.

Below on the sands, Briana finds a place in the back of the sands with Derin to watch, one hand going to rest on the slight swell of her abdomen and the other hand reaching for Derin's. Out on the sands Sahazyth wastes no time, waddling over to drop another few eggs in the wallow Orionth has dug for her. Dersk, meanwhile is happily burying the eggs. Humdedum!

Colorful Field of Flowers Egg
This egg is a kaleidoscope of vibrant color. From a base of verdant green sprouts flowers in hues of scarlet, azure and golden hues and all shades in between. One can almost make out the intricate vine-work beneath the flowers flowing across the surface of the egg, leading you to the next cluster of vivid blossoms. As the vine-work is carefully followed towards the apex of the egg the brightness of the colors seem to intensify. Hidden within the vines and flowers one can almost see little colorful birds flitting about top of the egg, perhaps working their way through the tangle to escape from the surface. Their variegated array of feathers find camouflage in the bountiful array of colors that explode on the surface of this egg.
Primordial Philosopher Egg
Glittering coils wrap themselves about this egg, scintillating, sinuous, sinister. All manner of colors are represented, from exotic gold, to silky white, to a mottled mahogany, each color layered one over another in an endless amalgamation of scales. Here and there, a verdant shade of harlequin makes itself known, an inkling of happiness betwixt hazard stripes of lemon-yellow and tangerine. Blood-orange red pools about the base of the shell, perhaps another blended marking, perhaps something far more disquieting. Somewhat oblong, this egg sprawls across the heat of the sand, basking like some great tortile beast. This languid repose is belied only by the subtle notion that it might just be biding its time, waiting to strike.

"How many has it been?" Kale slides into a seat near Mikal and his friend, leaning forward, trying to count eggs before they're buried within or beneath the hot sands. "Have I missed many?" He grins a bit to Soriana in greeting, then looks back to the sands. Hey. He knows that wher out there! Well. Not really. But he's seen him about. "How many does a dragon usually have?"

Lorelai looks over at Kale when she hears his question, calling loudly enough for him to hear, but, hopefully, not loud enough to disturb the activities below, "Usually about a dozen, I think."

Below on the sands, There is an amused expression on Briana's face as she watches the wher cover the eggs. "It seems they make quite a good team." There is a glance towards Orionth as he watches on. "This is going to be an interesting few months." She says as she watches as Sahayzth deposit yet another couple of eggs onto the sands.

Soriana nods to Mikal. "It'll start soon enough," she says, then resumes watching the egg-layings. Dersk's busy attions draw a grin from her, and then she glances to Kale and grins again. "Depends," she says. "As small as eight's still considered normal." She glances to the eggs, then back to him again. "So… she's at… seven, I think? She might be close to done."

Diamonds In The Sky Egg
Like moonshine, this egg sparkles with a bright luminescent gleam, practically a self contained vessel of illumination. It lies on the sands a diamond upon the black night sky, beautiful in the cosmic glow, a plump and rounded shape. Crystals of silver arc across the softly curved shell, spider-webbing to catch a rainbow of color. Such colors are glittering with a prismatic burst of vivid energy, spreading dots, streaks, and speckles lusciously in an abstract mirage across the surface span of the egg. Burning in contrast upon the glittering apex of the shell is the dark menacing essence of the sky falling in. A star out of control, too late, its life snuffed, showing the smoking ruin of its shadowy tail billowing behind it as it falls, hurtling in a crazy jagged descent to the base of the shell. The friction of the dead star falling ignites the area around it with gold, fanning the explosive dust outwards in a motley of disarray and radiance.
Anthem of the Ages Egg
The edge of night enfolds this dichromatic egg in ebon skies across which a timeless saga is etched in sparkling testimony across the heavens, each diamond-sprinkled form containing a part of the whole and placed by a careful hand. Invisible save for glittering stardust etching each feathered pinion, a mighty eagle ascends to the skies, one of its talons is clutching a slain serpent, the other, a harp, the silver cords of which quiver, giving voice to a song, mysterious, eloquent and triumphant.

Idrissa is late, what else is new though. This is her normal thing after all. Once within the arena she peers around while checking for Soriana and Kale is would seems. Several strands of hay are sticking to her, which proves she has just came from the stables, she is busy picking at them to make them fall off though for sure a few will remain.

Cough, cough. Qirin turns his head to look over to Darsce with a blink in surprise. "Huh? Oh, uh… yeah. Is it that obvious?" He does do a small lean away from the other and scratches his head slightly in nervousness.

"Not too many." replies Mikal absently. "Um, maybe three before you got here?" something like that. He actually wasn't counting so now he takes the time to try to count the lumps of sand that are wher-burried eggs. The sandy-haired lad next to him seems to agree but looks a little star struck. CLearly it's his first clutching he's witnessed. "How many there gonna be?" he asks, his voice kept to a near whisper of awe and his gaze never leaving the sands. Mikal gives his friend a friendly elbow jab in the side. "Told you it would be neat to watch Jikymn." he then asks of anyone around him. "Never seen a Wher on the sands though…surprised the Gold is letting him!"

Garait nods slowly to Idrissa as she enters, but remains quiet for the most part with his attention on the eggs that are more blue in color.

Kale looks over to Lorelai, hearingher answer of twelve. "A dozen.." he repeats. That's a lot of eggs! "Thank you," he offers to her, turning back to the activity below while nodding to Sori. Seven or eight already. And there are more eggs down there now! "Geeze, it happens quick, doesn't it?"

Darsce's laugh tinkles musically as she nods and leans back, pulling her hand back to her own space. Her toenails need to be finished after all - this is of utmost importance! And the blue wher down there is amusing enough to gain her attention too.

Below on the sands, Over the next several minutes the process repeats itself. Sahazyth depositing an egg on the sands and the wher covers it up. Dig-dig-plop-plop. Sahazyth is keeping Dersk quite busy!

Luck In The Water Of Lilies Egg
Serene, this oval egg is gently set awash in cerulean blue, rippled with the mirroring color of the islands of viridian green and blossoms of magenta and surprisingly beautiful egg white. It's a splendid sight, peaceful, lucky as some might say it, to have such brilliant color, a pond upon the sands, full of life, an illusionary world contained in the curves of shell. Beyond the veil of water, upon closer look, as luck would have it, further color is found quite bold and striking against what has already been spread upon the shell. Here and there, signs of fish, some large manner of fish, strange in the way colors of orange and white, even spots of black and yellow, blend in mottled patterns as large mouths reach for the surface. They cluster together in handfuls, in one spot, or two, as if some greater hand was spreading crumbs for them to feed upon. The fish have a gentle look to them, no sharp teeth or spikes to speak of, only large fat bodies lazily settled about one another, relaxed in the garden of lilies and water.
Under a Watchful Sky Egg
At first glance this egg looks rather boring, a brown base with a black top. Its plainness may well invite inspection. As one looks closer the browns seem to come alive like the long grasses of the plains. The grasses seem to sway as one moves around the egg, giving a hint of a gentle breeze or is it something more sinister? Could the motion be a hunter moving through the grass? In one facet it seems a flight of arrows bearing down on its target. At its peak there seems be fragments of diamonds speckling over its surface, giving hint of a night sky overlooking the plains. One larger speck seems like a full moon giving light to the hunter down below.

Soriana hehs to Mikal. "Well, it's Dersk. He and Sahazyth have always gotten along," she notes. "But I've never heard of it before, either." She grins, then nods to Kale. "It's looking like a good clutch, too…" They just keep coming!

Idrissa soon catches sight of Kale, Soriana, and there is also Mikal and a few others. She picks her way on towards her little group of friends and pauses once next to Soriana. Her bright green gaze drifts towards the sands, a soft oh escaping her. "I didn't miss them at least!" She was rather afraid that she would.

Lorelai smiles, her eyes dancing slightly, and nods, though she falls silent as her attention returns to the dragons, wher, and sands.

Qirin bites his lip, unaware of just how obvious such an action is in displaying his unease. "Sorry," he mutters softly to Darsce, as though his first time is somehow an offense in a Weyr. Particularly in discussion with a girl. However, being a female, the awkward teenager does keep his eyes on her longer than one might find appropriate, resulting in missing the eggs that were just laid.

Kantigh's no stranger to the speed of the event, apparently; at least, the young man doesn't look particularly surprised at it all. His eyes do widen at the sparkle of a few of them — he's a trader, shiny things draw him in like sweets for 'brats — but he manages to not drool at very least. And his jaw stays quite well-closed. "Fine eggs." He remarks calmly into the din of conversations around him, watching the newest with keen curiosity.

From Ground to Air Egg
Blues of all shades adorn this egg as it rests in the warmth of the sands, gracing every curve of this ovoid. The majority of this egg is a blue tinted with hints of green, wave upon wave of seafoam edge the sea that bathes across the surface in the middle of the oval-shape. On the bottom can be spied brown, like fresh-dampened dirt, crooked streams of crystal blue weaving their way over the ground beneath the bright green canopy of trees. A bubbling brook cutting across the new-growth forest. Along one side of this landscape can be spotted rising mountains, green and brown fading into snowcapped mountains at their peaks. Rising from the sea, or maybe falling from above is the silvery-blue sprinkling of raindrops which fall from fluffy white and gray clouds that grace the bright blue sky on the upper half of this egg. Upon the apex, a flash of yellow sunshine, sending it's soft warm rays down over the clouds.

Below on the sands, The last egg is laid and in the end there are thirteen sand covered mounds on the sands. Once the last one is covered Sahazyth moves towards one end of the sands and examines her handiwork. There is a contented warble at her handiwork as she looks to the bronze and blue lads who have joined her. It seems they are both going to be welcome for the duration.

"It'd be neat to see'm up close," regards Kale. Especially since he missed the first few, and now sand is covering them up! "One, two, three…" he begins to count the hills he sees, flashing a grin to Lorelai. "Thirteen. You were close!" He lifts a hand to wave at Idrissa. "Ha, just made it."

Darsce grins over her shoulder at Qirin, reaching to poke his shoulder with a light snicker. "Relax. No one cares if you're new to it. I was just saving v'tols from flying in there." She's back to her own space immediately after, lounging indolently in her seat.

Mikal points to the Ground to Air Egg. "That one kinda looks a stream of blue water through trees." he points out to Kale and Jikymn. "13!" he looks quite impressed as someone tosses out the final number.

Soriana grins to Idrissa, then returns her gaze to the sands. "S'good clutch," she says. "Especially for a first one."

Lorelai doesn't look smug. Really she doesn't. She does, however, smile over at Kale, "That's just my experience… Most clutches seem to be around a dozen eggs." She nods at Soriana's comment, leaning forward to try to get a glimps of the eggs through their protective covering of sand.

Idrissa watches as the last few eggs are laid, an she smiles before looking over to Soriana and Kale. "So it seems. Glad I was able to at least see some of it." As the number of eggs is caught from the rest who have been here she is looking back to the sands with a curious gaze. "There so pretty." Yes she would notice things like that. Though she also thinks strange things are pretty as well.

Mikal nudges Kale with an elbow too. "Be a while before anyone can get too close to 'em. Gotta harden up. And get yaself searched too." his gaze does return to the sands though to simply look towards the sandy lumps. "Very good for a first clutch." he mutters in agreement. "Hey, they do a feast for a clutching like on hatching day?" figures he would think of his stomach.

Below on the sands, Once it looks like her lifemate is finished, Briana releases Derin's hand and moves toward Sahazyth. "You have done well…" She says as she reaches up to the lowered head of Sahazyth. Let search begin.

The mention of a feast has Lorelai looking over at Mikal and the group with him, "I'm sure if there isn't a feast, then we could get something impromptu fixed up." She grins, "There are perks to working in the kitchens, after all…" She stands, dusting off her backside and starting for the stairs back down.

Qirin watches Darsce leave his vicinity, then darts his eyes back towards the sands, realizing now there's more mounds than there were eggs he saw drop. Alas, he missed some! He keeps an eye on them a bit longer, hoping for a bit more of a display, despite the newness of the eggs and the still-developing dragonets within. Far too early for them to wobble about, but one can hope.

Garait watches the final egg being laid, nodding to himself. Thirteen. Good for the Weyr, he sighs a little then.

"First clutch?" Dude, is Kale the only one who doesn't know anything about Sahazyth? … Likely. The phrase is said as if he had no idea, which is true! He grins, looking back to the dragons and whey (and riders!) on the sand, nodding to Mikal. "So they're soft now. Huh." He learns something new every day! The mentioning of feasts has him patting his stomach. "I hope so. Haven't eaten since breakfast!" Lorelai's words sparks hope, and he gives Mikal a thumbs up for asking and planting that seed of an idea in her head.

Soriana grins and shakes her head. Boys! Always thinking with their stomachs. Not that she'd say no to a feast, mind you. "Yeah, they're soft. Otherwise they might crack coming out. The heat'll harden them up quickly, though."

"You've not eaten since breakfast?!" Mikal repeats in shock. "That's not good. We should definitely find you some food. You shouldn't miss a meal." he gives Lorelai an appreciative look. "I could totally help you in the kitchen if you want." offers the always hungry lad. Certainly he doesn't miss a meal. In fact he would have second breakfast if he could. But he's not a hobbit. He hops to his feet with a 'what are you waiting for' look to the baker apprentice.

Idrissa blinks as she hears Mikal and then Kale talk about being hungry? She chuckles and glances over to them before shaking her head. "I wonder how you two make it though the day sometimes if you're /that/ hungry all the time."

Darsce's finished the last toenail, recaps her polish and glances down at the sands. "Bet she feels like a deflated balloon now," she idly and irreverently observes of the now egg-less queen down there. "So, you're Qirin, right? Muir says you're his cousin. I'm Darsce, his half-sister." She emphasizes half and then blinks, remembering something. "Shi- shards. I'm late for a date! Nice meeting you Qirin." Poor Qirin. It's probably quite a different experience on his end of the meeting. "Seeya." The blonde is off running down the stairs.

Lorelai giggles softly and hurries out so that the boys don't go make a huge mess of the kitchen and get her in trouble, "I think we can handle things in the kitchen just fine without any help. Thanks, though, guys."

"That makes sense," replies Kale to Soriana. "Egg layin' can't be all that…comfortable. Or safe. For the eggs." He'd imagine! But really, he knows as much about egg laying as he does anything else regarding dragons and their inner workings. Not much! Mikal's shocked words are confirmed with a sad nod. "Didn't realize that til now. And I am feelin' a bit faint now that I think of it." His poor empty belly! He stands. "D'you think it'd be bad form to eat eggs after watching a clutching?" he asks all his friends in general. "I'm craving eggs…"

Before getting a chance to reply to Darsce, she's gone. Qirin's just dumbfounded looking her direction. "…Nice to meet you, too." There's no sarcastic tone, just his awkwardness as he sighs and leans back. He scratches his head slightly, his hair rustling with it. Ah well. He cracks a small smile.

Fashionably late, as usual, Zahleizjah stumbles in to the observation decks, covered in leftover marker marking from sign making, glue and glitter in her hair and trailing a bit of white ribbon off the heel of one foot. "Did I miss it all??" she asks to no one in particular, eyes glued to the sands once she's in the doorway enough to see. All those eggs.. and all these peoples and rows of chairs. The Starcrafter is feeling a little overwhelmed as droves of onlookers flood in and out of the area. A glance is shot Kale's direction, what a craving at a time like this, she sends a smile in the direction of any wandering faces that meet hers as she looks for a spot to sit.

Soriana wiggles a hand in an equivocal gesture. "Easier than trying to let 'em grow all the way first," she says. "But still." She looks out over the eggs again, then laughs to Kale. "Only if they're hard-boiled. Scrambled, you're okay." She grins, and then glances up to Zahl and waves! "…yeah. But y'can see the mounds."

"Yeah, they are all laid." Mikal calls out to Zah from where he stands, ready to depart in search of a feast. "I'm not sure." he says with genuine bafflement to Kale's craving question. Clearly he's not come across the in his long 14 years of life. "Ah, Soriana's got the answer. C'mon! I'm gonna faint from hungry. And I make it through the day fine when I'm hungry all the time. Cause I carry little snacks in my pouch for Elsie…so I can nibble on /those/ if I have too." he remarks to Idrissa as he passes her on his way out.

Idrissa shakes her head as she eyes Kale, not about to comment on it as Soriana has beaten her to it for now. "I think Sori's answer covers anything I could possible say." She hears another voice and smiles to Zahl, waving to her. "Hey, yes just a bit." A grin is seen as she hears Mikal, she chuckles and nods. "Well that is a good idea actually." She also tends to carry some jerky with her at times actually.

Kale snaps his fingers and nods. "Scrambled they'll be, then!" But oh, how he loves a hard boiled. Another day, perhaps, when squishy eggs are not so fresh on the sands. Zahleizjah is given a grin and nod as she arrives a bit late to the party. "Ah, you've missed it all! Thirteen of them, we counted. A fair size I'm told." Mikal heads off, likely to the caverns and kitchens, and Kale himself rises. "I'm goin' to find food. Are you all hungry? If not, I'll see you after."

Garait decides to move from where he stands, turning away from the eggs and finally seeing who'ss around. He waves at those he knows, particularly Zah, but he seems to ve lost in thoght some.

Soriana stretches. "Yeah, I'll come. There might be a feast, after all, and it'd be a shame to miss one of those." She grins, and rises to her feet. "Even if I probably will have to write a paper on this afterward. Hmm, maybe I can get a head start on that…"

Zahleizjah finds a good spot to chat to the group while she can still see the eggs, taking time to count. She looks to Soriana, Mikal and Idrissa "Am I counting right? Thirteen?" A grimace with curled upper lip is shared for Kale's sentiments and all she can say is "Gross.. thanks Kale.. Guess it is time to celebrate then?" She looks Garait's way a few times, giving him some space to chase thoughts before walking over and inquiring "You doin' alright t'day Garait?" lovely courage stick with her and spare the redness on her cheeks! Efforts are futile and blush she will.

Idrissa doesn't mind the idea of food and she shifts to follow after Soriana and Kale it seems , a glance sent over to Zahl, whom she smiles to. "You want to come with us to get something to eat from the cavern?" She looks over to Garait and points to the way out. "You can come too." As for the number she doesn't think anything wrong with it at all.

Kale wrinkles his nose. "A paper? I don't envy you," he says, giving her a 'aww poor you but better you than me!' sort of look. Smirking, he nods to the steps down in gesture, waiting for both her and Idrissa, if she is coming along. Anyone else? He glances to those left. Random lingering unfamiliar faces that are not friends are skipped over. Zahleizjah and Garait are going to pass out from blushing one of these days. Idrissa's invitation to them is met with a smirk and shakes his head slightly to her. "M'sure they'll catch up or something. C'mon. Mikal's probably thinking we died along the way!" Or they can stay and chatter, whatever floats their boat. He's going to eat! He heads out.

Garait just smiles softly at Zah, blushing slightly as well, "I'm fine, just thinking a bit too much. Thirteen eggs means more dragone to feed and we're already short on herdbeasts. This just makes rounding them up even more important." He glances the Starcraft apprentice over, "Busy day?"

"Thirteen, yep," Soriana agrees, then gives another wave to Zahl and Grait, and she heads out as well! Though she'll make a quick detour to pick up paper and pencil for totally taking notes with, and maybe a few exchanges with her fellow dragonhealing students as they all try to prove just how very knowledgeable they are before their seniors chase them away to puff and pose elsewhere instead of blocking the infirmary.

Without any further action from below, Qirin decides to finally stand and look about the observation area. With a few nods of greeting to those present, he disapepars down towards the exit, the fresh air, and the food.

Zahleizjah nods to the beastcrafter and says "As usual.. shall we talk about it over dinner?"

Idrissa ohs and shrugs while she follows after Kale and Soriana. "Suppose so. As for Mikal I bet he is to busy eating to wonder whereabouts we have gotten to, or why we aren't there." She'll wait for Soriana to gather her papers and pens before heading on towards the caverns to see what food stuff she can wrangle away from Mikal.

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