One Eighth Short of a Mark

Xanadu Weyr - Headwoman's Office
This grand office belongs to Xanadu's illustrious Headwoman. With walls of mahogany, dusted and polished to an elegant shine, this office gleams of cleanliness and organization. An entire wall is covered from floor to ceiling with bookshelves, upon which are catalogued each and every tithe delivery, complaint, report and gathering organized by the Lower Caverns Staff. A fairly simple desk sits off center of the office, made of the same red wood that the walls are built from and behind it sits a hard, high backed chair.
A large rug, woven of the same design found in the Weyrleaders' Office upstairs can be seen on the floor, greeting those who enter this office for whatever reason with the crest of Xanadu Weyr, making it hard to forget where exactly you are. Glow lamps are situated here and there, but the largest of which sits upon the clean surface of the Headwoman's desk, kept neat with the writing utensils situated off to the side.

Summer wanes, as all seasons do, but early fall here in Xanadu is usually pleasant. The leaves haven't actually started turning colors yet, but the days are growing shorter and while the days are still warm, they are a bit cooler. Which basically means that the humidity has gone away. It's afternoon, getting on towards dinnertime and the headwoman is looking forward to being done with work for the day. For now, though, she sits at her desk, flipping through some papers with a look of utter boredom.

Johhny knocks on the door and pops his head in. " Hello. Do you mind if I come in? "

It shouldn't startle her since her office door has been thumped upon off and on all day, but regardless, the knock causes Darsce to jump in her chair slightly. The blonde looks like she belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine rather than behind the desk of the headwoman. She stares at the head for a beat before drawling, "Are you here to entertain me? If so, I don't mind in the slightest." Really it's inappropriate, but she's bored. And as he hasn't said who he is or why he's come, she's going to make ridiculous guesses until he does.

Johhny slowly steps into the room. " I'm Johhny. I came because I need a dwelling for the night. Would it be possible to have a guest room? "

Darsce's pink-glossed lips form a slight pout. Really? He couldn't…come up with a better come-back? She sighs. This is going to be all work and no play, isn't it? "Well Johhny, you're in luck. We happen to have a few available." It's said with an almost-yawn. "Have a seat and tell me about yourself. We don't give them out to just anyone you know." She points to the chair before her desk while she gets a form from her drawer and reaches for a pen. This is held in manicured fingertips in poised readiness. "Where are you from and what brings you to Xanadu?"

Johhny says " Well. Im coming directly from Eastern weyr, but I was born in Telgar hold. I came to Xanadu Weyr to live with technology and work with it. Im trained in smithing and a bit of woodwork."

Darsce's pen scratches, sounding loud in the too-quiet office. She writes 'J-o' and then looks back up. "How's that spelled?" And is he still standing after being asked to take a seat? She just shrugs. And writes in the Place of Birth: Telgar. Reason for Request: Li- And she looks back up, iceblue eyes wide with amused disbelief. She tries, really she does but the young woman bursts out laughing, a silvery, musical sound. "Wait, whut? You… did you just say you came from Eastern Weyr but you came to Xanadu to live with technology?" Poor Johhny. To encounter Darsce his first day here!

Johhny says " Yes. Eastern is a bit, behind, compared to Xanadu. Also its spelled J, o, h, h, n, y."

Johhny sits down yet doesnt relax, chair aimed at a 45 degree-ish angle away from the desk.

Johhny says " Ill be right back"

Johhny quickly gets up and leaves right outside the door.

Johhny moves over to the Administration Hallway.

Johhny has left.

Darsce just gapes at Johhny, open-mouthed for a few ticks before she closes it and tries to control the snicker-snorting that follows his answer. She ducks her head and scribbles the rest of his name and also that he's come from Eastern Weyr. Finally getting control of herself, she warns, "Don't let Weyrwoman Fi hear you say that they're technologically behind." She smiles at him, sweetly now, approving of his compliance. Yeah, there are few that relax around the headwoman. Johhny might find out why? Darsce studies the teenager for a disconcerting amount of time, then asks brightly, "Do you have marks to pay for your room and meals? Or shall I add you to one of the-" she blinks at his sudden departure. "Shit," she whispers to herself. "This one's an oddball." She leans, cranes her neck a little to peer into the hallway, then leans back into her seat to wait.

Johhny moves into Headwoman's Office, from the Administration Hallway.

Johhny has arrived.

Johhny slinks back in and sits down.

Johhny says " Sorry about that""

Johhny leans back and begins humming the lyrics to a song.

Oh and look. Johhny's back. The headwoman doesn't even try to hide the strange look she's giving him. "Everything all right there, Johhny?"

Johhny says " Yeah. Im fine. I had a bit too much Klah ealier today and im a bit jittery."

Johhny" Marks.. Let me find them " he says as he begins digging through his pockets.

Johhny says " How many?"

One of Darsce's well-shaped brows twitches up and she mouthes a silent, Okaaaaay to herself. "I hope you found the restroom in time," she says dryly before answering, "One eighth mark per day will cover your room, the linens and three meals a day. If you're running short or stay longer, you'll need to see Steward Jethaniel to get yourself added to one of the work details." On the margins of the form, she jots, 'Might want to have Cyrus interview this one.'

Johhny"I might as well get a job here, but I will pay now" Johhny says as he fishes a half mark and a quarter mark out of his pocket and slides it to Darsce. " That should tide over until I start making some marks back. "

A…job? That implies pay. Instead of a room with linens and meals. Darsce opens her mouth to correct that and then just shakes her head. The coin is taken, the amount written on the form and then she swivels in her seat, unlocks a cabinet and removes a key from one of the tabs and offers it over. "Your room is in the residents hall - that's the hall nearest the bathing caverns. The latrines are just beyond yours by a few yards. The room is a small one. There's a dresser, cot and shelves; the bed is made up. You'll need to drop off your used linens and pick up fresh in the laundry weekly." She's been through the spiel often enough, but its spoken pleasantly. "Should you find anything amiss, see me. I'm Darsce." She eyes the kid. "If you want a job," because likely he will, "you'll also need to see Jethaniel."

Johhny says " Where can I find Jethaniel?"

Darsce intones the rest of her well-rehearsed speech, "Meals are three times daily, but there's always something on the serving tables between. The bathing caverns are less crowded between wing rotations. Late at night they're almost deserted. Towels and bathing supplies are kept there. on the sh-" Ohwait. The bathing caverns are dry. "Uh, usually they are, anyway. Right now it's the lake. Get your towels in the laundry." The question about the steward, for some reason, causes her to smile, one that is less plastic, more real. "His office is just across the hall. Here - take this form with you." And she hastily scribbles on the margin another note right under the one about Cyrus: 'The forge might be a bad idea.' "Good luck, Johhny."

Johhny says " Thank you"

Johhny gets up and hastily leaves

Johhny wanders over to the Administration Hallway.

Johhny has left.

Darsce just blinks in the wake of the newcomer as he darts out the door, then at the form she's still holding out to him. She whistles. "I don't think he meant to be, but damn! That was entertaining." And then she rises to take the form to Jethaniel herself.

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