Firelizard Orchestra

Xanadu Weyr - Harpers' Workshop
Through the labeled double doors is this spacious cavern set aside for the Harper craft. It's been completely sound proofed inside and out, but even after hours sometimes you can just pick up muffled voices in song, or instruments being practiced of someone burning the midnight oil. Inside, the large area has been divided up into several smaller places, also behind doors and have been sound proofed. A library of books and records stand upon the many shelves to the left, containing such content as music and Pernese history, law, and even sheet music. There are several access points at the long tables here for laptops to connect to data bases all over Pern, as well as to plug them in for a recharge. Long rows of chairs are pushed up against them. Silence here, is required.

Along the back wall is yet another space, and behind the double doors is a classroom for the practice of Storytelling. The chairs here are comfortable and upholstered, pillows are available as well for sitting on the floor. A projector is available for visual aid, with a white screen that pulls down should anyone need it.

The final space to the right of the entrance is likely the largest. All along the longest wall instruments hang free or on shelves for anyone of the craft to use. Guitars (both acoustic and base), flutes (including recorder and reed), violins, and lap harps. There is a few drum sets, and some standing harps as well. There are stands for music, benches for sitting, and even a corner where repair and maintenance supplies can be found.

The Harpers are done with their high-ceilinged practice hall for today, but even in their absence, the usual function of this room remains clear. Assorted practice instruments still hang on the walls, from hand drums to guitars, and a large floor harp stands proudly off to one side, its scrollworked body too heavy to move back and forth to the climate-controlled storeroom with the rest of the finer instruments. The benches have been arranged for lecture or concert mode, but taking center stage this evening is no Harper - instead, it's Soriana, her dragonhealer's knot displayed proudly and her face trying very hard not to convey terror as she waits for people to arrive. Since when is she the one teaching a class? Maybe she'll get lucky and nobody will show. She can but hope! That, and pace. Next to her is a table with a few carefully arrayed supplies in boxes and a pair of carelessly draped firelizards in brown and gold.

Slowly making his way in, Garait slides into the room with his young Green firelizard, Forest, on his shoulder. Almost chewing on his lower lip, he almost seems nervous, or debating on being here. As he enters more, he sees Soriana, and nods to her and makes his way to sit down close by, glancing around to see if he's the only one here. "Hello again Soriana," he says then and nods at her.

Idrissa has managed to get off from work at the stables, this happens when ones gets up early to start after all. She pauses while glancing around curiously to see whom all is within the hall, soon enough she is wandering on inside, a smile see while she waves over to Soriana. She has on a short sleeved dark green tunic, dark brown pants and boots, the bite scar on her right forearm is easily seeable as well. Her beastcraft knot is settled on her shoulder, along with a blue firelizard perched there, Ripley looks like he has just woken up, a few grumbles and hisses escaping him showing that the blue is well grumpy. Willow appears from *between* with a pop and lands upon the table next to the brown and gold lizards with quick greeting chirrups escaping her. Rissa glances to Garait and waves to him. "Hey guys."

And the people begin to arrive! Soriana looks up sharply at the first sound of footsteps and a voice. "Hey," she squeaks in firelizard-like tones, then coughs. Aherm. She settles into a more normal tone of voice, rotating from pacing back and forth to actually facing out into the practice hall. "Hey," she repeats. "Uhm, welcome to… welcome to the class." Her gaze flits from Garait to Idrissa, then to the door again. Will there be more? If it's just these two, she can totally handle this. On the table, the brown lifts his head to chirrup to Willow, then look out and croon a greeting to the other lizards arriving, while the gold… strikes a pose, fluttering her wings slightly and arching her neck. This is the class in Haruhi-admiration, right? She's so glad her students have begun to show up!

Waving at Idrissa, Garait watches as others appear and grins at Soriana in encouragement. His own green firelizard chirps a few times at other firelizards, but is staying with him for now. "So…firelizard care? This will be an interesting class," he says and truly seems interested. He moves over, motioning to Idrissa to come over and sit if she wishes.

Idrissa won't make it hard on Soriana, at least she knows what to do with her firelizards already. She has basically came to give her friend support and help out if there is some way she could possible help it seems. Willow hops a few steps and soon settles down next to Toral, the little green bumping her head against the brown's neck with a little nip even felt. Ripley chitters and is curiously watching Haruhi, well it seems the gold has gotten /his/ attention for the moment. Rissa catches the wave from Garait and a soft oh escapes her before she shrugs and soon moves on over to settle down on a chair. "It's not that hard. I know Soriana will be able to teach you plenty."

Toral arches his neck against Willow, twining and nuzzling in a friendly greeting. Haruhi spares a glance for them, then chirrups, lifting up her chin. Never mind them, she's the gorgeous one here. Ripley recognizes that, and she trills to the little blue. Soriana smiles to the (small) crowd with some measure of relief. "Okay, so! Let's get started." She steps back toward her lecture table. "I know you've both got firelizards, so I'm not going to talk too much about how to get one in the first place. You've both been at hatchings, and you know what hatchlings are like when they come out of the shell."
Smiling and nodding at Idrissa, Garait replies, "I'm sure she will! Forest is my first firelizard, so I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right." Then the class is beginning and he quiets to listen to her, nodding in agreement as Soriana begins and his hand is absently going to Forest as she watches the other firelizards from his shoulder.

Idrissa nods as she hears Garait, a soft smile seen while she leans back in her chair and is back to listening in on what is told. She tilts her head and smirks a bit hearing Soriana but just nods to what is said. "Yup." Ripley shifts on his paws, hoping a few times before disappearing *between* his gone for a moment and soon appear right next to Haruhi on the table, the scared up blue croons out as he sits up night and tall, his right wing tucked close to his side. "Show off" Rissa grumbles out softly.

The weird thing about giving a lecture is that you have to answer your own questions. Soriana pauses for a moment, like she's waiting for someone to reply, but Haruhi's chirrup doesn't count. Idrissa's would, if it actually said what, but what if there's someone who doesn't know? Her instructors make this sound so natural. "…uh, well, they're hungry," Soriana fills in. Haruhi lifts up her head to peer at Soriana. Ooh? Feed me time? When there's nothing forthcoming (and Sori isn't even looking at her) the gold lizard returns her attention to Ripley, draping a wing over him and glancing to Toral to make sure the brown has noticed while he busily pretends he hasn't. Soriana ignores the whole passel of them. "They need that food, because they've been growing in the shell. An eggshell is mostly full of nutrients when it's laid, and the baby firelizard eats all of those before it hatches. That's also why predators go after firelizard eggs. Tunnelsnakes, for instance, will burrow up from underneath…" She reaches into one of the boxes, and brings out a blue-speckled firelizard eggshell, nearly complete save for a chipped away part at the base that reveals it to be hollow inside.

Enter Darsce, who really has no business being in the Crafter's Caverns at all, really. Unless she has been unsuccessfully trying to 'happen by' when a certain sweet and nerdy Tech Journeyman might be about. Alas - her mission seems to have failed and so the bored young woman wanders in from the common room, handling the doorknob very carefully with one hand while still blowing on the freshly-painted nails of the other. Dressed immaculately as always, her summertime denim short shorts, showing plenty of lean thigh, her silky pink top off the shoulder. Her flashy rhinestoned sandals vie with silver-pink shimmered toenails and one sparkling toe ring. It's clear she hasn't recently been doing anything requiring rough work aaaaaand she isn't planning to, the lazy girl, sinking into a chair silently. She's probably hoping to be entertained while keeping the other eye out for Jethaniel though that door she's left open.

Garait leans forward, interested. He grins at the other firelizards and Idrissa, but remains focused. Food was the easy one for him since he's used to feeding young herdbeasts and know how fast they can grow. He frowns at the eggshell then, since he never really thought about the predators that firelizards may face. Then Darsce enters, whom he doesn't recognize and raises an eyebrow, then turns his attention back to the class.

Idrissa lets her gaze settle upon Ripley, her dear little lizard is making it ever so hard for her to keep up with what all is being said from Soriana at the moment. Naught lizard, bad lizard, stop sending her images of silly lizard thoughts! Ripley chirps and croons out while he shifts closer to the much larger Haruhi, seems this little grumpy blue has a thing for the golds as he has always seemed content and relaxed near this one. Rissa turns her attention back to Soriana once the show-and-tell part of the night starts. "Tunnelsnakes will go after the eggs?" Well there brings new meaning to why Toral and Willow love to go after them so much perhaps. The door opening is caught and she looks over to see whom it is, a smile seen and she waves to Darsce, someone she hasn't seen in a while.

Soriana nods to Idrissa. "They will. They get a lot of wild clutches. Here, take a look," she says as she steps forward to hand the eggshell to Garait. "But be careful." Like walking on, er, handling, eggshells. Haruhi is definitely taking a look, the gold lifting up her head and peering at the egg. Her wings rustle, and that brings Soriana's gaze back to her. More like Soriana's glare, really. Haruhi lifts her chin, Soriana lowers hers, and then the gold firelizard flounces back into a relaxed pose, nuzzling Ripley's head with elaborate unconcern. She didn't care about that moldy old egg anyhow! One awkward pause later, Soriana resumes her lecture. "So it's important to feed them, and they'll make sure you know that through the bond. It is actually possible to feed them too much, but you can use that bond to see if they're actually really hungry or not… and mostly, if they're not, they'll fall asleep. So, as long as you don't wake them up to feed them, you'll be okay." She turns around again as she reaches the table, and sees another arrival! Blink, but then she just gives a slightly uncertain smile and returns her attention to the more eager students. Pretending people don't exist is a lecture coping mechanism!

Being careful and interested, Garait examines the egg carefully, shaking his head, "I never really thought of that." But of course, why would he? Herdbeasts don't hatch from eggs after all! After he examines it, he hands it over to either Idrissa or Soriana, whichever one takes it. "Something I'll have to be careful about when Forest is old enough," he says as the green chirps at him. He sits there thinking for a moment, but it'll be a while before that happens.

Darsce's pink-glossed lips glisten as she purses them to blow on her fingernails, lifting iceblue eyes to stare back at Garait indolently while tossing her silver blonde hair back over her shoulder. Then, at his raised brow, fluttering the mascara'd lashes of one eye in a barely-there wink she adopts a bored look and turns her attention elsewhere. She's habitually late for things like classes and so doesn't seem to expect him to say anything and she doesn't interrupt the class by speaking either. Far be it from her to be a distraction! (cough) Idrissa and Soriana she flutters fingers to and sends both the girls a summery - and genuine - smile, glancing down the hall. Still no Jethaniel, a fact that makes her pout just a wee bit.

Mikal ducks in, late, and takes a seat somewhere quietly.

Idrissa tilts her head while pondering and nods while Soriana goes on talking about how hungry the firelizards are when they first hatch. She peers over at the shell that Garait has hold of, pondering before she takes hold of it. A smile is seen and she nods to Garait to thank him while she is looking over the shell. Her gaze flicks to the side and she catches sight of Mikal, whom she offers the firelizard shell over to so he can take a peek at it now. Ripley croons out while he happily gets the attentions from Haruhi, that's right the grumpy blue is happy!

Firelizards, be calm! Rest your worries. Shhh, and still your anxious hearts. All is now well! For … Alloy has arrived. The door that's been left open leaves a gaping hole for the bronze to swoop in, his presence announced with a loud call and flutter of wings as he makes a boastful circle overhead. Look at me! Look how grand! He zeroes in on a landing spot and makes his way for a music stand. Erp! No, too small! His claws scrape against the painted metal as he tries and fails to find footing, and thus he flies up again, allowing the useless thing to tip over and fall on the floor with a clatter. He settles on a chair instead, eyeing the tipped stand with a look of disdain. How dare you fail as a landing spot. ka-el arrives soon after this, fresh from the forge if the baggy pair of work overalls he wears is any indication, plus the hardy gloves that are still on his hands. "Hey!" Er…hey, that was a bit loud. Forge voice is mentally turned down to normal voice as he grins crookedly, sending a look to the too-innocently-just-sitting-there bronze of his.

Mikal is offered a shell to look at, which he does so dutifully despite not knowing /why/ he's looking at it. Once it's so inspected he quietly gives it back to Idrissa with a quick smile. Elsie chirps her own greetings.

Here's more crowd in the form of Mikal. Time for Soriana to pretend he doesn't exist! Only, instead of actually doing that, she smiles to him and pretends nothing at all is wrong and she's not nervous in the slightest. "So, uh. Baby firelizards will eat a lot, and sleep a lot, and-" if they're Alloy, they'll make a grand entrance! Haruhi lifts her head from nuzzling Ripley, and trills a musical greeting to the bronze. Why hello! Aren't you… clattersome! The sound of it makes the gold rustle her wings, with a low chittering sound, and then she launches herself in the air as he makes for his new and improved seat. Haruhi can so do better than that! Of course she can! Up she soars, with poor Ripley left behind, and Soriana… stares for a point. Oh, hullo, Kale. "…hey," she says, and quickly gestures toward a seat as she tries to resume her lecture. "Firelizards… uh… eat a lot. And…" oh yeah! "They grow fast. That's why it's so important to oil them regularly."

Darsce ducks, perhaps out of habit when Alloy flies in. Not that he's anywhere near her, but hey - she's having a Good Hair Day and wants to keep it that way! The rest of the firelizard mayhem is mildly smirked at. She's seen much worse from firelizards, nevermind that she doesn't have one. But its better than staring at the commons door wishing for a certain young man to enter. Or flipping through a craft book that doesn't really interest her in the slightest. A male voice ringing out turns her head, her brightened eyes dimming fractionally in disappointment but she greets Kale and Mikal with a chinlift - a silent hey back to the smithcrafter.

He's listening to Soriana speak, his attention mainly on her and the class, so Garait doesn't see Mikal enter, and then there's a clatter as a bronze firelizard tries to land and Kale following. He waves a greeting at the Smithcrafter and just shakes his head and chuckling a little to himself. Oh yes, the class. Food and oil. Yes very important. Then a question pops to mind, "Are there different types of oils to use?" He blushes a little, but his little green does look well taken care of.

Caught by surprise by Soriana's smile towards him. Um..did he forget to comb his hair again and that's drawing her amusement? Discreetly he lifts a hand to pat down his hair though it's futile since it's short enough to spike up on it's own. Settling further into his seat he tries to pay attention to the lesson at hand. Elsie spies Alloy and leaps up from her perching spot on Mikal's shoulder, which draws a quick groan of pain from the lad that he tries to stifle down. Elsie is heedless of his pain as she's determined to greet her friend! A slight blush tinging Mikal's ear is the only indication he's seen that Darsce is also in attendance today. No matter! He tries to keep his attention focused.

Seems all the greens like Alloy, even Willow whom croons out at him but she is staying put next to Toral at the moment. Ripley watches as Haruhi takes off, and leaves him here? HEY He takes offense to that it would seem. The grumpy blue settles down onto the table looking rather mad at the moment, he even hisses at times. Idrissa looks over and smiles to Kale, a wave sent his way and she pats a seat next to her from him to come sit down it seems. Once the questions start up again she looks back to Soriana and tilts her head.

Dude, what? is the look that's being given back to Kale from his noisy bronze, Alloy. He didn't do anything! Oh that fallen over thing over there? Totally wasn't him. Alloy's tail whips to one side before it curls around himself, getting comfortable as his attention wanders to others. Willow! Ripley! Forest! Elsie! Haruhi! His head tips up towards the gold and he chirrups to her. Nice flying! But eh, he's done better. Actually, he can show her this. And just like that, thoughts of relaxing are replaced by thoughts of showing off (his specialty, don't you know?) and up he goes with a flapping of wings, meeting Elsie with playfully batbatting claws in the air and a chitterchar of a greeting! Loud like his partner, it seems. Tag, you're it! Kale, meanwhile, is looking for a seat when his eyes meet Darsce's, causing a pause. There's a shadow of something on his face for a brief moment. An expression close to confusion, but not quite. Regardless, it's a passing thing that's banished by a grin and nod to her. "Lost?" he asks teasingly, pausing near. "Or have y'found yourself a fashionable firelizard?" He whispers. Sort of. Soriana is teaching and he doesn't want to interrupt! He grins towards Idrissa and nods, indicating that he's gonna take that offered seat.

"Uh," there's a question! What does she do with those? Soriana takes her eyes off Haruhi (probably her first- second - something-th mistake) to look back to Garait. "Yes. There's… they'll all work, but usually neatsfoot or lanolin-based is best. Your firelizard may show a preference for one. The same ones as riders use for their dragons are fine, or… the flower shop has some scented variants. Uh. If you're into that sort of thing." Soriana steps back toward the table, and lifts up a sample bottle. Everything is totally under control. …riiiight? Toral turns around to put his back to the soaring Haruhi, peering up at Soriana. Oiling? Okay! He chirrups, sitting up. Haruhi, meanwhile, decides that the air is far too occupied for her liking, and swoops down to a convenient perch… on a guitar. Her talons scrape across the strings. TWAAANG!

Glancing at Kale, he nods his greeting, but truly is paying attention to the class. Then the bottle of oil is brought out, which catches Forest's eyes and she lifts off his shoulder and flies next to Toral, looking at the bottle and at Toral, wanting some of the oiling too. Garait blinks and quietly calls to his green, "Forest, we have some! Come here!" As if she'll listen when someone's showing off a pretty bottle. Then he hears a guitar twang and just closes his eyes for a moment and then reopens them, glancing at the beginning chaos.

Oh will you look at that?! Darsce's nails are dry and thus it's time for another coat of polish! She unscrews the cap and begins deftly with precise and practiced strokes. At least she's sitting far enough towards the back of the room (in the very back, actually) that the fumes should dissipate before stinking up the air. She flicks Kale a look at his question, lifts a hand to her chest and lifts shapely brows in a 'me? you're kidding right?' sort of look and shudders delicately. Fashionable or not, firelizards, like babies, are work! "Have you seen Jethaniel?" she asks him with a beguiling smile instead. Smithcraft-techcraft, same difference, right? Don't they all sort of hang out together taking things apart? The twannng gets her attention, briefly before she resumes coating the next elegant nail with polish.

Ripley is unable to join in the reined-firelizard games so just watches from his perch on the edge of the table, his scared up wing is flutting at his side a few time while his bright swirling gaze watches the lizards that are flying all around the room. When Haruhi lands on the guitar and lets out that oh so /lovely/ sound he lets out a sharp trill to show that he does not approve of the sudden musical number or perhaps it is his attempt to join in the fun. Idrissa tilts her head while she peers to see what Soriana plans on doing with the oiling bit, or perhaps which firelizard will stay put long enough for such a showing. Rissa does glance over to listen in for a moment on the conversation between Kale and Darsce as she was a bit curious as to why the other had wandered in as she could not recall her with a firelizard.

Kale can't help but laugh at Darsce's reaction. Yeeeah that's about what he thought, but asking is far more fun than assuming. "Yeah well," he says, looking ahead now, also distracted by the sound of a guitar. Unfortunately, so is Alloy, whose air play with Elsie comes to an abrupt end as he flits on over to see just what caused that noise. He comes to a plopping land onto a nearby drum, the taught surface causing him to bounce. Woah, what?! His displeasure is voiced loudly, and his tail lashes, hitting the drum like a drumstick, which startles him, causing him to jump ..and bounce again. The drumming firelizard! "I uh…" Kale's sounding a little distracted now as the noise picks up (where has Alloy gone off to?), though he does manage to draw his eyes back to Darsce to consider her question. "…That tech Journeyman?" he asks. "Uh … No. Somethin's not broken again, is it? I'm not a fan of no AC in the middle've summer."

With two firelizards begging for oilings, Soriana's gaze is instead drawn to the loud noise made by Haruhi. The gold firelizard rustles her wings, looking first indignant at the loud noise her new perch made. When Alloy comes over to join in, she turns to squeak at him. He's laying down a backbeat! She is… intrigued. His perch makes noise, too. How about hers, will it make more noise? She finds out. Twing-twang-twung! Oooh. Talonpicked guitar sounds neat! Now that she's expecting it, anyhow. The gold trills an accompaniment as she plucks her way along. "Haruhi!" says Soriana, glaring at the gold with an expression of Young Lady You Come Back Here Right Now.

Is this how class is supposed to go? Mikal seems unsure on this but he's not offering anything to the noise. Neither is Elsie, for once, as she's found a place to perch and simply watch for now.

Garait blinks, but he's heard a familiar name and absently replies, "Jethaniel has been doing inventory and looking for stuff, so he could be anywhere. I heard something about him being the new Steward, so he probably has an office if you want to look in the Weyr." Forest remains focused on the oil bottle, but since she's not getting put on her, she chirps and looks to see if there's more bottles close by.

Idrissa oys softly while lifting her hand to cover her eyes a moment as all craziness has broken out. Leave it to a group of firelizards to let everything get a wee bit out of hand! Ripley shifts and wiggles on his paws, wings flicking open and he hops upwards before going between, a moment later it appear and bounces down onto that drum right after Alloy has. For a few moments there is a bronze and blue firelizards bouncing up and down upon the drum, and for once Ripley looks to be having fun. "Shards…" Rissa grumbles out while she stands moving to towards the drum to try and collect the crazy blue. Willow tilts her head as she watches the other lizards and shifts, pondering on joining but soon just turns her attention back to Soriana, well Toral is still here so she is going to stay for the moment.

Charp charp! Alloy is annoyed with this landing space. It's far too bouncy and makes hollow sounds. Though . .the bounce part is not all so bad. Neither is the hollow. And so after being annoyed for a few seconds, the firelizard's mood changes to 'not so annoyed'. And here comes the blue Ripley to land upon his spot. The blue is lucky that he's feeling so charitable and is happy enough to hop and bounce an increasingly loud beat, complete with Haruhi's guitar solo. It's the Firelizard Band! "Er…" Kale's unable to ignore so much for so long, and the mental tug he's giving is obviously being ignored by the headstrong bronze. "Excuse me. I've gotta…" Bam! Bam! Raucous noise! "..yeah," he finishes without really finishing, and he slips off to head towards the drums. Upon passing Soriana, he mouths a "Sorry!" to her. This is all Alloy's fault! Couldn't he just come in and sit like a normal firelizard?

Darsce starts to drawl, "Maybe my heart-" back to Kale when the firelizard-symphony begins and she can only blink open-mouthed at the cacophony for a split-second before a slow smile spreads across her face. Now THIS is more like it! Garait - so not helping with the vague - get a soft pout at his 'anywhere' then she brightens. "Steward?" Mindful of her (again) wet nails she claps. This is better than a breadcrumb trail of nuts and bolts and fried machinery. The young man has an OFFICE. She'll be checking that out for sure. She recaps her bottle, hops up, waltzes over to the beastcrafter and gives him a smooch on the cheek, burbling a cheery, "Thanks Dollface!" Okay so it's more like a peck on the cheek, but it totally leaves pink lip prints there. Mikal is blown a kiss since he's being all studious but the saw him! Whirling to head out the door and check out her new lead, a fluttery wave given to Soriana and Idrissa, she skips on out the door, goosing Kale's tush on the way by.

This is so very NOT how class is supposed to go. Soriana sets the oil bottle down. No oiling now! The brown firelizard, at least, is not too unhappy at the lack, because while Alloy may have the gold's attention, Toral has two greens. Aww yeah. He puffs himself up a little, brushing his tail against Willow's and then offering the same to Forest (even if she is just a hatchling. No harm making friends!) He looks over at all the bouncing and twanging, and there's an intrigued cock of his head, but then Soriana glances to him and mutters, "You stay there," with a silent reinforcement of the words, and he, at least, listens, turning back to the greens and crooning to them quietly. Soriana leaves the table behind, giving Kale only the briefest of glances as she heads toward the musical firelizard band. "And," she declares in clipped tones, "You can improve that bond with your firelizard. Instead of just knowing when they're hungry, you can get an idea of what they're doing and make. them. follow. simple. commands." Isn't. That. Right. Haruhi? "Now," she informs the golden firelizard, and Haruhi recognizes that tone. She gives a final strum to her guitar before reluctantly launching herself into the air once more, swooping over to Soriana and draping herself around her human's shoulders with a sweet, innocent chirr. Who could ever be mad at her?

Firelizards follow simple commands? Or maybe they train their pet to give simple commands. Mikal is trying hard to listen to the class but the NOISE! Omg…really? He stays in the quiet section and merely watches the chaos with an amused look. However the kiss blown his way has his stammering a bit and ducking his head. Oh will he outgrow that reaction??!

Making sure Forest doesn't do anything silly, Garait watches her carefully. Forest trills at Toral and accepts the offer, but then he's distracted from watching from a close Darsce and a smooch on the cheek. "Um, your welcome?" The young Beastcrafter is unsure how he helped, but if Darsce thinks he did, hen why argue? His hand moves up to where the lipstick is and it shows that he's unsure of rather to wipe it away or not.

Idrissa watches as Ripley bounces on the drum a few more times while she is glaring, or is that glowering at him? Well it is /one/ of those for sure. A grumble escapes her once more and she makes a grab for the blue, easily catching Ripley before he smacks into the drum again. "Enough" Her tone is firm, one most likely more firmer then her friends have every heard her use. Ripley peers up and looks wide eyed, a faint croon escapes him and he shifts to settle on his person's shoulder and hunkers down. Willow is rather content to stay next to Toral, chirping and cooing out while she presses close to him getting all cuddly it seems. Rissa makes her way back to her seat now that her dear blue lizard has been caught; she is listening to Soriana the whole time. "Hopefully they will listen to what you tell 'em." Unlike Ripley. Rissa does catch Darsce kiss Garait, and did she just goose Kale? She just peers at Kale curiously and smirks.

Yes. Following commands! Toootally what Kale is going to get Alloy to do right this minute! Or well, maybe in a moment as for in this particular minute his booty is being pinched. Oh yeah, smack dat azz! … No, wait. He turns to peer after her, a hand reaching around to cup his attacked buttock with a look of "appalled shock" on his face. "Why I never!" gasps the southern belle, gawking at her with wide eyes. But oh, the noteworthy act dissolved with a grin as his hand falls away and an upward nod is given in departure to her. A rather … composed reaction compared to anything he would've done a turn or two ago! Though there is that look that lingers a bit too long on her retreating form. …….drool. But now, back to Alloy! "I'll have you diggin' coals if you don't stop actin' a fool, fool." Oh yes, threats work too. Don't forget to tell the newbies that too, Sori! Alloy, either getting the gist of the tone or reacting to "coal" and what toiling work thoughts are being sent his way, almost immediately clams up and clambers off the drum and onto the floor. He's been a perfect angel!

The firelizard orchestra has played its last number! The sounds of drum-thumps and twanging most likely echoed out through the open door of the practice hall, but now the guilty parties have been reclaimed by their humans and silence reigns. Entire moments of it, as Soriana paces back to lecture-hall center. "Firelizards are quite intelligent." Too smart for their own good, sometimes! Haruhi chirrups. "They can learn to hunt for themselves, but unless you teach them, you're going to have to feed them daily. That's what you get for having impressed one." Fools, all of you! "Now. Any questions?"

Garait is still recovering from the unexpected kiss on the cheek that he was given, "Okay, yeach to hunt for food. Fish is probablyy good since the beach is so close." And there are no wild felines to potentially deal with. "I, um, I think you covered it all for me. Thank you." He whistles at Forest who trills back and returns to his shoulder. See? He's been working with his firelizard!

From way across the meadow, Zahleizjah could hear the wonderful symphonic racket of firelizard orchestra practice. It was enough to make any young apprentice antsy enough that prolonged duties were like torture, and she had to all but beg her firelizard pair Ztyrian and Braczek to stay and keep her company while she finished up the last of her assignments. For as dastardly a duo as they are, and all the trouble they cause, the pair genuinely luff their human so they stuck around and serenaded her along with the sounds reverberating from the hall. Once the three of them were released for the day, they headed straight towards those awesome sounds and just in time for hunting lessons it seems! Zahl enters with brown and bronze on opposite shoulders with a "Sorry I'm late and hi everyone! I definitely have a question.. can we teach and old firelizard new tricks or is it too late for these two?" The comment stirs a peanut gallery of warbles from her two friends and the Starcrafter giggles slightly while taking a seat somewhere near Garait.

"Intelligent, sure. An troublemakers on top of everything else." Idrissa murmurs out softly while eyeing Ripley. The little blue seems content to settle upon his person's shoulder, he even croons out. Look at how innocent he is, how could he do any wrong? Willow hophops and then sprawls out on the table next to Toral, a soft chitter escaping her. As for any questions Rissa shakes her head. "Naw I'm good." She looks over to the others to see if anyone may have a good question. She looks over to Zahleizjah and she offers her a smile along with a wave glad to see that she made it.

One thing about Alloy is that he makes it hard to stay mad at him. Look at him! So noble and loyal and sitting so nicely as if he did nothing wrong. Kale's glare gradually begins to soften until he eventually rolls his eyes. "Stupid git…" he mutters, which in teenage boy terms means 'I forgive you because love you'. And then he walks off, half smirking at the sound of claws against floor as he's followed. He comes to a stop by that seat he was supposed to take a while ago now, and settles next to Idrissa. Questions. His hand shoots up. "Oh, oh oh me! Teacher, pick me!"

Just as they gain one more student so do they lose one. Mikal murmurs something about errands to run for someone and he slips out with very little fuss.

Across the meadow? Oh, shards. For all that the firelizards are silent now, Soriana is likely to be hearing about this one for sevendays. Faranth. Sori's own pair are busy looking sweet and innocent. Well, Haruhi is, anyhow. Toral's just lounging on the table looking lazy, most likely because he actually is innocent and thus doesn't need to pretend. Soriana nods to Garait. "Try having her fetch a toy from the water, first," she suggests, then makes a little face at Idrissa's comment but doesn't say anything, her attention going to Zahleizjah. After all that, a new arrival barely even makes her twitch. "New tricks, sure. The hard part is getting them to forget something they've learned." Like fun new music making toys and trampolines! …once more with feeling. Faranth! Soriana's gaze settles on Kale, and she gives him a somewhat dubious look. "Yeees?"

Garait waves at the Starcraft Apprentice as she enters, motioning for her to come join him. He nods at Soriana, "Yes, a toy. Good idea." He's taking mental notes for sure. He sticks around listening to the questions and answers, somewhat amused by Kale now.

Ztyrian & Braczek's heads are wobbling like crazy from Zah's shoulder… they've never been around this many other firelizards at one time and each of them are greeting with croons and warbles to match their swirling opalescent eyes. The Starcrafter nods, her own head wobbling in response to Soriana's answer "Makes sense.. old habits die hard right?" At that moment, shoulder infiltration occurs and the larger bronze Ztryian hops over to Braczek's side where he nips at the little brown. "Hey.. you two.. cut that out!" Zahl reprimands as the two bump in to each other and consequently the side of Zah's head as they mess around. The three of them settle in next to Garait and she asks "How are you today?" sending a wave and a smile back to Idrissa and Kale.

Idrissa eyes Kale a moment and snickers as he goes about trying to get Soriana to ask a question. She loves her firelizards, Sori should know this! Though sometimes Ripley makes this very difficult. The question from Zah makes her oh a moment and she nods, yes how to you teach them things when they are older, or how about the ones that a extra grumpy? Ripley lets out a faint hiss at the presence of two new firelizards, when did /they/ get here?

Kale grins as he's called on. Yes! He drops his arm down. "Sooo .. I heard once before from someone a while back that firelizards can can make fire if they chew …" What was it again? ".. Firestone." Look at him go, recalling things from memory! "Is there an age at which they can start doin' this, or like … if I gave a hatchling a bit of it, they'd start?" …. A legitimate question? Who else is surprised? But lo, he's not done. "Oh oh!" His hand shoots up again, and he wiggles it around because obviously Soriana isn't going to see it unless it makes his arm a bit more spectacular than others. But even so, he asks his question without even waiting to be called upon. "And is the ability restricted to certain colors of firelizards, or can they all do it?" Alloy is content to stay at Kale's feet, leaned up against the side of his leg like the saint he tries to portray himself as being.

The gold firelizard draped around Soriana's shoulders lifts her head and trills to the new arrivals, just as sweet as if she wasn't getting scolded mere moments before. Besides, the boys don't need to know that, now do they? Soriana nods to Garait, then her lips quirk as Zahl's boys get into a little argument. "Yeah. You can retrain them, but… it's hard." She pauses a moment, then adds, quite seriously, "It's important, though. If they can't behave, one of the dragons here will correct them… and that can be pretty terrifying to a firelizard." Then it's back to Kale, who… actually has a serious question. Huh. She blinks, then says, "Well, firelizards don't usually get trained on it." But if they were? "Any color could… in theory." Not like dragons where golds don't. "You'd want… no, don't give it to a hatchling, if it goes in the wrong stomach that's bad. No younger than a turn. And you'd want to start with a small piece, and… get them to… convince them it isn't food. They'll eat it, but it's not food." She pauses a moment, considering on that, and then a gaze that was lifting to the ceiling snaps sharply back to Kale. "And you'd better work on impulse control before you even think of teaching flaming."

Garait blushes slightly as Zahl sits beside him, "I'm good, and how are you? Everything okay?" He seems sort of distracted when she's there, but is brought bck by Kale asking about fire nf firestone. Oh this can't be good. Well, no firestone for his green since she's too young, and Grait seems fine with that.

Zahleizjah sits back in her chair, leaning ever so slightly with one arm propped on the side. A glare is returned to Ripley as the firelizards ban together against the hissing, though the scolding that this provokes from Zahl has Ztyrian and Braczek minding their own business quick like as they chitter to the luminous Haruhi. "Y'hear that.. the dragons will hafta correct you rowdy wallops if you don't stay in line!" She says this half jokingly, but it's a good enough warning for them to at least focus on the gold instead of starting a fight. "Firelizards and firestone.. that sounds like pure trouble Kale!" the Starcrafter smirks and wouldn't trust those two boneheads to use any of the elements at their disposal sparingly. She smiles at Garait, and she doesn't know why but once she sees he is blushing, she's blushing too. "Things are good here.. just another long day of duties and gather planning.." she speaks softly and somehow manages to pay attention to the entire lesson.

Idrissa blinks as she hears Kale talk about firestone which makes her peer at him curiously before she looks back to Soriana. She had totally forgotten about all that. "Sure it's trouble; I can just image what would happen if certain ones get into." As for Ripley and his hissing she eyes the scared up blue a few moments. "Enough, behave for once." Is murmured out softly.

Kale has always known that Soriana is a treasure trove of draconic information. Firelizard…ic as well! It's been un fortunate that he hasn't had the opportunity to mooch facts from her, and so now that the chance has risen again, he's definitely paying attention. Drat it all! He forgot his notebook. Ah well. Mental notes are taken instead. Small pieces. Coach and insist them not to eat it. Hmm. He could definitely practice that with other things, couldn't he? Rocks and minerals. Even a small bit of coal, though he couldn't image any firelizard wanting to ingest that. Oh! He could even… His thoughts are interrupted by Soriana's reprimand, which he reacts to with wide eyes and innocent look. "What…who me?" A smith wishing to teach his firelizard to breathe fire? Of course not! Whyever would she assume such?? -.-;; "It was just .. hypothetical. And Alloy isn't impulsive," he says, coming to his bronze's defense as he touches a few fingers against his eye ridges. "He's spirited, is all. He has much control when working. You haven't seen him then. You've only seen him after, when he needs to get the energy out, eh Alloy?" Chrrrrr ^^ To, Zah he smirks. "Trouble. Me? Never."

Spirited, huh? Soriana's gaze flicks meaningfully to the drums, and slooowly back to Kale. "Totally hypothetical," she agrees in the tone of one who doesn't believe it in the slightest. "And you're not going to try any of this, and if you were - which you're not - you're going to do it in the middle of the beach, away from anything green, and you're going to have a dragonhealer or weyrlingmaster watching. Not that it matters, because you're not going to try and this is entirely hypothetical." The stare she's giving Kale now is a close cousin to some of the ones she was giving Haruhi before. "Right?"

Almost doing a double take, Garait looks at the Starcrafter and asks, "Zah, did you say gather planning? There's one coming up?" His mind is racing now and he blinks a few times, only halfway paying attention now though the talk of safety and fire and Kale brings him back, "Yeah, do what Soriana says, or else you may get a visit from the Weyrleaders." Not that he would know what it's like to talk to either of them.

Zahleizjah giggles at Idrissa nodding in agreement, though Ztyrian still hasn't taken his eye off that hissing Ripley. Braczek is still warbling to the gold who probably want's little to do with him and Zahl's glazing over at the talk of teaching her firelizards to breathe fire, it's the last thing she needs to watch out for, the two winged gents already getting in to their fair share of trouble on a daily basis. Zahl is distracted and doesn't notice her bronze staring at Idrissa's blue, responding to Garait with "Yup.. for the upcoming meteor shower.. it's not too far off now and an invitation will be headed your way soon.. well everyone's way actually." A 'sure!' kinda grin is sent towards Kale as she looks up to Soriana and raises her hand to ask "Soo.. say a firelizard needs to start earning their own keep? What kinda things are good for beginners level hunting?" That's right.. put these two to work she will!

Idrissa picks up on the gather planning and glances over to Zahl once more to see if this is indeed happening. How did she miss that the first time? Who knows! Ripley on the other hand clambers across her shoulders and settles on the left one that is closer to where dear Zahl and her pair of firelizards happen to be. The scared up blue lowers his head and hunkers down before letting out another deep hisssssss, his wing unfurling, no one is going to stare him down, he'll prove how fierce he is! His fought a feline after all, watch out you little or well, big bronze! "Soriana's firelizard Toral is a great hunter. He taught Willow plenty." At the hissing from Ripley she turns her head to eye him. "Ripley, stop it, enough already."

Does he take note of that look to the drums? Kale purposefully looks in the opposite direction, admiring a bookshelf filled with musical volumes. "Hypothetically speakin', of course," he says as his eyes draw back to the smoldering Soriana, "I'd not only do it in the middle of the beach, I'd do it in the middle've the beach durin' a light rain shower. An' I wouldn't dream of tryin' this without the best dragonhealer I know keepin' watch," he says with a smirk, giving Alloy one last pat before settling back in his seat. "Only the best for Alloy, eh? Safety first and all that … hypothetically." A grin curves his mouth now, and he glances over to Idrissa and nudges her side gently with an elbow. "You hear this? She thinks this would be somethin' I'd actually do!" he says incredulously, as if this was the most ridiculous thing he's heard in his life. "And him too!" he extends, gesturing a hand to Garait. "I wouldn't mind getting a visit from either one've them. Weyrwoman Thea could use a break. I bet she'd love Alloy." Chirpchirp! agrees the bronze, who is happy to stay out of the staredown hissing contest. "And as for the weyrleader? Smith's been preparing for him for days. We've never had so many "organizational an' cleanliness" days in a row. Word is he's in to visiting crafts." Or something. "I wish he'd come an' get it over with so we can stop pretending the forges are ever a clean place."

"Hypothetically," Soriana agrees to Kale, before leaving that subject behind. For now. She still doesn't believe his innocence, any more than she does Haruhi's - who is being the charmingest gold ever (in her own mind) and is perfectly happy to chirp and trill to Braczek, brown as he may be. She can appreciate a cute brown. Speaking of browns, Toral's still keeping comfy with green Willow and not getting himself into any of this trouble stuff. He lifts up his head at the sound of his name, chirping and giving his wings a flutter. Soriana reaches down and gives Toral a bit of a pet as she looks back to Zahleizjah. "Another firelizard can be a good teacher, yes. Playing fetch is a good place to start; have them chase a toy, then, once you've got them trained to that, try picturing to them fetching a bug or a small fish. Start small, to avoid hunting injuries, and work up from there. They have the instincts for it."

Garait looks to Zahl, asking a little shyly, "Maybe we can train our firelizards together? It would be nice to have company while trining them, yes?" He glances to Kale then, "Well, the weyrleader does want to learn how things work around here. Plus, Jethaniel is doing inventory stuff in his position of Weyr Steward, so you may get a visit from both."

Ztyrian cannot help himself as the scarred blue instigates things by encroaching on their shoulder territory (even if not really anywhere close to actually jumping on Zahl's shoulder) and the protective bronze snaps his jagged maw with a low-pitched grumbling growl in return. "Oh geeze Ztryian! Really?" She ushers the bronze tot he other side with the opposite arm while apologizing "Sorry Rissa.. and thanks for the advice. Sori does Toral do lessons? Maybe after a fair amount of catch and bug chasing we can all head out for some field training?!" A slight shift in her gaze catches the dynamic between Rissa, Kale and Sori.. she minds her business though, despite how confusing it is to the late-bloomer of a gal. A brow is raised regarding organizational cleanliness, sounds like a yucky subject so she makes sure that a good amount of focus is on preventing a firelizard brawl. Braczek is now swooning, best a brownie can at the trilling most charmingest gold there is, apparently he'd rather flirt than get in to Ztyrian's mess as per the usual M.O. Zahl smiles and blushes with a nod to Garait "I umm.. sure.. that'd be.. lovely.." she's shy and nervous herself, you'd think she's never had a gentleman for a friend before or something.

Idrissa blinks as she peers towards the rather mad looking Ztyrian, a soft ah escapes her and she shakes her head to Zahl. "Don't worry about it, not like Ripley is helping matters at all." As for Ripley she snags hold of him and settles the blue upon her lap to try and keep him from getting into a fight with the bronze. As for the dynamic between Kale, Sori and herself she doesn't even think about it anymore, just a natural part of things anymore. A chuckle escapes her and she just grins at kale. "I dono, I think with you she has plenty of reason to not believe that." There is the talk of possible hunting lessons now and she ponders while glancing over towards Willow, the little green is happily snuggled to Toral, crooning out in the process. "I bet Toral and Willow could help out with some lessons. What you think Soriana?"

Kale rises from his seat, causing Alloy to perk. Where are you going, buddy ol' pal? "Heard somethin' about that," he remarks to Garait of Jethaniel. "Steward: Whatever that is. I trust that fellow probably as far as I can throw'm. He's a way of makin' words sound important, when all he really means to say is 'do the dirty work I don't wish to bother with'. He can keep his stewarding far from me." Lesson learned! Kale gives a knowing smirk to Idrissa before he gawks at her words. "Not believe me? What've I ever done to get such a wretch-.." Hm. "On second thought," he amends abruptly, "nevermind." He laughs and begins to move off, drifting towards the instruments as the conversation continues on. Alloy follows, miraculously not immersing himself with showboating for attention, especially with two new males about. Kale's complacent mood seems strong enough to keep him that way as well. Fingers are tapped lightly against a drum, violins and flutes are eyed curiously, but it's that guitar that Haruhi jammed out on that keeps his attention, and he lifts it from its stand. "I think Toral an' Willow'd be grand with lessons. I know Haruhi would sabotage," he quips with a smirk.

Haruhi lounges indolently across Soriana's shoulders, fluttering her wings slow and flirty to Braczek. So nice! Soriana is used to that sort of thing from her gold, and ignores it, though her gaze goes between the snappish lizards and she frowns slightly. "I think we're done with this class." Before a brawl starts, please? At least Toral and Willow are behaving themselves, the brown crooning back to the green, his voice a little deeper than hers. Soriana nods to Zahl and Idrissa. "But, uh, sure. I can teach hunting, with Toral and Willow helping." Assuming her superiors are willing to let Soriana teach another class ever again. And… yes, assuming Haruhi doesn't sabotage. She peers down at the gold, who innocently pretends she saw nothing. Soriana looks up again. "I'll see if I can get something scheduled." A pause, as she lets the fact that she's just volunteered sink in, and then she adds, "Something outside." And far away from any breakable objects! Speaking of, she starts to put her supplies away, then pauses. "Uh… where'd that eggshell go?" For that matter… she glances to Kale. "How is it?" Poor guitar.

Garait blinks as more people seem to be adding onto the list of hunting, since that wasn't what he expected, "Well, um, sure, we can do this. Forest is still young, so hunting will be good for her." He looks at Soriana, "Last time I saw the eggshell, Mikal had it." He looks at Kale, "Well, Jethaniel isn't that bad really. He just forgets sometimes that not everyone has his training. He smiles at Idrissa then, "I do need to speak with you sometime about the runners and rounding up herdbeast." There, business taken care of.

Zahleizjah smiles at Rissa and nods "Ztyrian can be.. a litle protective at times.." and it's not like it's weird for Weyr-life, but Zahl's just a little intrigued and confused about how they all get along as only bits and pieces have been observed for conclusions from her own, inexperienced, perspective. The bronze at her side is successfully calmed and separated from that hiss of a blue and Zahl sends an apologetic glance to Soriana while Braczek makes up for it all by trying to woo her lovely little gold. "Well, thanks for all the info Sori. I'd look forward to another class with you if it gets cleared!" she smiles towards Kale and giggles slightly as he answers his own question and eludes to something far beyond her understanding. A look is sent towards Garait who seems surprised about how quickly their hunting plans turned to a hunting party and she mentions "We can go any time for bug pouncing practice if you'd like.."

Idrissa ohs at the egg shell bit and offers it to Soriana, she had it! At the bit on calling it a night she is all for it thank you. Ripley is allowed back onto her shoulder while she is standing up. Hearing Garait she nods with a smile. "Sure, I have to get back to the stables for a lesson on runners. Maybe later?" This questioned while she looks over to Soriana at the bit on training. "Just let me know when, if I'm not around just see if Toral and Haruhi can get Willow to help if you want her to." Willow is very happy to stay put pressed close to Toral, the little green croons out which sounds rather like a cat purring to some degree. "Thanks for the lessons Soriana." As for Kale she eyes him a moment and shakes her head. "I won't answer it this time." Though next time no promises! A wave is sent towards Zahl and she smiles. "It's alright, truly." With that she turns and is off, lesson time!

Hmm, well…firelizard claws are a bit sharp. Kale spies a few scratchmarks on the fingerboard, which he examines closely. His drift to Soriana. "S'not too bad. Nothin' that can't be chalked up to use," he says dismissively, a grin following his words. Nothing to worry about. No marks will be owed! He plucks a string, then turns back to where the instrument was resting with searching eyes. Ah-ha. Finding what he was seeking, he plucks up a pick and moves to press his back against a wall, though pauses as Idrissa speaks of leaving. He smirks at her answer to him and inclines his chin a bit before bidding her adieu. With that, he slides down against the wall til he's on the floor, guitar resting upon his right thigh. "Keep this up Soriana," he chuckles, hearing her new plans, "an' you'll be expected to have a class every sevenday." His attention is on the guitar's neck, fingers touching at the strings. "You should ask to be paid."

There's one thing settled, and Soriana accepts the empty eggshell from Idrissa gratefully. It's set carefully in the box, well-padded, and then she nods. "Yeah…. I will… if there's another one." At least her students are enthusiastic about the prospect? "Uhm… you're welcome," she says, and smiles. Maybe that gratitude will counterbalance whatever complaints the Harpers make to the Annex… or the Weyrleaders… or the Steward. Shells, maybe even all of the above! Soriana is so not looking forward to that (those) lectures. But, bright side: she made it through! This time. She waves to Idrissa, and after she finishes putting things away, she goes to pick up the knocked over music stand - no obvious dents. Haruhi flicks her tail in a gesture that's rather excessive for just keeping her balance, but then, she's also looking over her shoulder at Braczek. then heads over to stand next to Kale and take a look at that poor guitar and drum for herself. But… they're intact. More or less. She breathes a sigh of relief, followed by, "Shards, no! I'm only grade one. I barely even know what I'm talking about!" She gives Kale a 'come on be joking' look, but the problem is, she's the one who said it herself, not him. "Shards," she repeats, and heads for a chair, sitting down with a thwump.

Waving at Idrissa as she leaves, Garait nods, "I'll talk to you later. His attention is back to Zah, "Yes, bug pouncing would be nice." He glances over at Kale and Soriana "Hunting lessons would be fun though and will keep the firelizards busy too." He glances at Zah and blushes slightly, "Have you eaten yet?"

Zahleizjah is glad her firelizards like to sing instead of play instruments, and as Kale plucks at the taut string Braczek is attempting to mimic the echoing sound with some humming of his own. Whether or not that is an attempt to sing for that goldie he's got his eye on, especially with that tail flicking! Ztyrian foils his plan by bumping right in to the brown, creating the equivalent of a firelizard sputter after which the brownie bumps him back and right off Zahl's shoulder *Victorious!* The Starcrafter giggles, nodding to Soriana, gratitude is prominent but she can't speak for what will happen if firestone ingesting suddenly becomes popular around here. A wave is sent to Idrissa and Zahl asks "Anything I can do to help clean-up? N'fer Grade 1 Sori you sure know what you're talking about!" The place isn't in complete shambles, but she does pick up a few splayed remnants of sheet music from off the floor, placing them in the re-erected music stand. After picking up a few things she sits next to Garait again, just as he asks and says "Umm actually no.. I skipped lunch and came straight here from the Observatory.." she apparently doesn't realize it is likely and invitation.

"Uh, if that was "barely", then we're all shardin' idiots," says Kale with a quirked brow look to Soriana. "You're more like a grade one point four," he goes on to say, all the while without looking at her for those frets are calling his name. The feel of them beneath fingertips is familiar…not quite forgotten, yet not as known as they were once upon a time. "You know plenty, an' I've always said so. Plus, you wouldnt've tried doin' this if you didn't think you knew somethin' worthwhile." He grins a bit, stealing a glance her way. "Were you nervous?" he asks, sounding genuinely curious as his eyes flit back to the instrument. Ah look at how helpless he is. The girls clean and he lifts not a finger, opting to instead pluck that pick across strings individually, searching the nooks and crannies of his memory for a long not thought of tune. Bits and pieces are recalled. Single notes followed by chords. Fingers placed, misplaced, and corrected on the strings as eyes shift from wooden neck to body. Alloy curls up next to him, still peaceful, even slightly more so now as plucked notes merge to a simple melody whose tempo would be slightlslightlyy faster if tough fingers were not out of practice.

"I…" Soriana begins to Zahl, then just shakes her head. "Thanks." Her gaze goes back to Kale, and she hehs. "'m about a turn off from the grade two exams. So. One point six, maybe?" Not that fractional grades count for anything, but there's a bit of a smile lingering now. She surveys the hall, looking for more things out of order, but it seems tolerable enough. "I think that'll do," she says, and nods to Zahleizjah before looking back to Kale. "Shards yes. I don't like waiting." She leans back in her chair, and shrugs. Haruhi squeaks and hops over to perch on the chair next to her. "It was better once I started talking." Though now that she's done, she's getting a little of the aftermath of nervous, and that makes her content to just sit there for a moment and listen to the music being played. Haruhi flutters her wings, looking around - where'd her audience go? - but Toral croons softly, a low thrumming accompaniment.

Garait smiles a little at Zah then, "Would you like to grab something to eat? I'm sure we all need something before going back to regular duties." He glances at Sori then, "Everything okay in here? Need help before go grab food and return to duties?"

Zahleizjah smiles at Soriana as she thanks then Kale as they pour over decimal points.. silly twitterpated silliness! Yuck! She'd stick her tongue out and fake gag like the mature side of her wants to do, but she'll easily unmake friends with gestures like that. Braczek continues to croon along with Kale's strumming, attentions on none other than the squeak-hopping Haruhi. *pretties?! playtime?!* "Sorry buddy.." Zahl says to him as Ztyrian flutters with a squawk from the floor back to shoulder. Her tummy grumbles and she's nodding to Garait "Food sounds delish.. I'm ready when you are.." She'll push to a stand when he does with a "Thanks again Sori.. maybe I can stop by on our next late shift so we can catch up? And umm.. see'ya round Kale.. hope your boots made it through after that adventure of yours.."

"One point six then, definitely." Kale's smile is soft as he speaks, his left hand shifting, sliding down textured strings to a new position. A different chord of notes. There's something rustic about the sound of it. A sort of rural refrain one could imagine hearing being played in quiet solitude after a day of rugged work. A chorus at sunset, when shadows grow long and fields are painted golden with the fading light. He does remember this end day song, and his fingers falter and pause altogether after a bit. Sorry firelizards. Pulling himself out of his own thoughts, he looks up to Zahleizjah and smirks. "They survived. Made a good trade after all." He lifts a hand to wave to her and Garait both.

"Nah. It's all good," Soriana says to Garait. All that remains is carrying her box of supplies back and making sure the firelizards don't cause more trouble along the way… and for the moment, they're behaving themselves. Haruhi preens on her perch, not joining in the song herself because she's too busy being charming. She chirrups to Braczek, but then her adoring audience is heading off with his human, and Haruhi deigns to glide over to join Toral and Willow instead. Soriana gives the gold's flightpath a quick glance, then waves to Zahleizjah and Garait. "Yeah. Seeya soon." She smiles to them, and then regards Kale for a long moment before saying softly, "I didn't know you played."

Garait moves to head over to escort Zah to get some food. "I'll talk to you guys later. Thank you for the clas Soriana." Then waits for Zah so he can eat with her, "I'll see you both soon. Have a good day." With that, he waits for Zahl and then heads to grab food.

Zahleizjah tips her head to the guitar strummer, that intoxicating melody sticking with her as the lazy chorus replays in her head. "Good 'thear.." she says in reference to the trade, giving a half wave salute to the gent. Braczek doesn't wannnnntttttttt to go, but the brownie has no choice as Zahl insists he must eat instead of flirt with Haruhi all eve, chirruping back with promises of his return as he's torn away by his human. Zahl smiles and nods "Sooner than later according to Braczek's fondness for your lovely gold. See ya'round.." she gathers her things, and her winged friends, departing with Garait towards the Weyr for some grub.

Kale allows the sound of the last strummed chord to reverberate and gradually die while the pick is turned over and over in his hand. He watches the two go, chuckling at bit at the reluctant firelizard that must be dragged off. "Haruhi's harem is gettin' bigger an' bigger," he remark, resting his head back against the wall behind him. "When she starts glowin' like Willow did, there's gonna be trouble around here. But that takes longer to happen for golds than greens, doesn't it?" A pause, and he chuckles. "That could've been a good question to ask. I'll ask it again on durin' Firelizards 101, Session 2, but I think I remember you telling me that some time." He shifts a little, moving the guitar off of his lap to lean it against the wall as well. Sori's question is answered with a vague smirk. "Yeah. One've the many mysteries of me." He grins now, turning his head her way. "But…really. D'you know of any country fed boy that doesn't?" Over and over, goes the pick. "Are you leavin' or staying?"

Soriana glances back toward Haruhi, and smiles ruefully (proactively rueful?) as she shakes her head. "Yeah. I'm so not looking forward to that," she says. Sure, there'll be eggs to give afterward, but… "She's bad enough even when she's not proddy. I'm almost afraid to imagine what she'll be like then." The gold blissfully ignores the worried looks and conversation, arching and trilling to Braczek as he's taken away and then nuzzling against Toral before the other brown is quite gone out of sight - after all, sweet a brownie as Braczek may be, he's hardly the only one to vie for her attentions! And Haruhi does love her some vying, even if Toral looks more put-upon than anything else at this particular moment. Soriana smiles to Kale. "Sure." And if you give her a moment, perhaps she can even name one. At the question, she shrugs one shoulder. "I've got to get the things back to the Annex at some point, but… I'm in no rush."

"I told you I should've been a harper. You didn't believe me, did you?" quips Kale as he removes himself from the wall, standing again. The guitar is lifted by its neck and replaced in its proper stand, setting the pick down beside it before he approaches her seat. Apparently not against sitting on the floor, or perhaps just in a floor sitting mood, he does just that and leans against her leg a bit. "Whoever it is you know that doesn't play isn't a true representation've what we farm bred boys can do. Everyone can strum a guitar. Y'learn how to play, even if you don't mean to learn." He grins a bit fondly at that, eyeing Alloy, who looks as if he's dozed a bit throughout the song. Lazy bronze! "Y'did a good thing today. Sorry I was late. … And distracting." He snerks.

"Wasn't I the one who told you that?" Soriana asks with a raised brow, though to be honest, she doesn't quite remember which way it went. She reaches out to brush fingers through Kale's hair as he leans in against her, the gesture slow and affectionate as she relaxes. "I suppose there's a lot I don't know about farmboys," she acknowledges with a smile, and her expression turns contemplative for long moments - perhaps thinking about those farms and boys, perhaps thinking back on that very thing she did today. "Ah, 'm sure you were busy," she says, shrugging at the apology. "But… thanks."

Did she? "Maybe … If you did say it, then that does it. Tomorrow I change my craft. No more ash for me," he vows with a decisive nod. From now on, it'll be poetry and ballads! The thought of that makes him grin, and his laugh is a lazy chuckle. Her touch has brought forth the laziness, making thoughts of doing anything besides sitting here with her seem unimportant and silly. Fingers slip beneath he hem of her pant leg to idly graze her ankle and up her calf, his touches just as slow. "Well, we're a complicated lot. Not as simple-minded as some thing." A smirk. "You should visit a farm one day. Get up close and personal experience. He glances to the door in which their friends have exited. "What do you think?" asked with a nod that way.

Soriana chuckles softly. "We'll be hearing Orik clear across the Weyr," she says, and her fingers continue their slow caresses over Kale's head. "Hah. I lived at a farm for turns, you know. Well. Sort of." She's quiet for a moment. "It was a runner farm, not a farming one. And I never really… I sort of kept to myself. There weren't really any kids, so… I just went off on my own, when I wasn't with my mom. So I guess… maybe I didn't get the proper farm lifestyle, there. Just my own dreams of dragons." She shrugs a little, her leg slowly sliding out into a stretch as fingers brush, then turns her head to glance at the door through which the others vanished. "I don't think Zahl knows what she's in for," she says, considering, then huhs. "Wasn't… was Garait the one sleeping with a rider? I seem to remember something like that."

"Someday soon, I wanna know more," contemplates Kale. "About you, I mean. I forget sometimes that you weren't born here. Seems to me like you would've been. You fit in with everything here." He tips his head back to try to get a look at her. An upside down view. "You know what I mean?" he asks, looking at her from that position for a while before righting his head and leaning against her leg a little more. "Garait's alright. He seems alright, anyway. I asked'm about that rider. He didn' really….deny it, but didn't really say it happened, either. Somethin's up with the two've 'em. Or was. Or .. whatever. I don't get it," he admits, shaking his head. "He told me he likes girls and guys. I don' know if she knows that or if it'd matter, but I couldn't imagine kissin' anyone that has the same bits as me."

Soriana's fingers wander down to rest on Kale's shoulder, and she smiles. "Yeah. I used to pretend I was at a Weyr, back when I was a little kid." She chuckles. "Made the finest rockpiles you ever saw. And then I actually got here, and… well, some if it wasn't what I expected, but… it was a lot less lonely, that's for sure." She smiles, and her fingers brush lightly along Kale's cheek before rising through his hair again. "I dunno him that well," she says of Garait. "Seems okay, though." She's quiet for a moment, then smiles. "Harpers gotta have good imaginations," she teases, before shrugging. "I dunno. I mean… S'nothing wrong with it."

"I can't imagine you as a little kid," grins Kale, who really is trying! Short Soriana with chubby cheeks and pigtails? No no, that's Allie, the silent little girly girl. Little Soriana would be … messier, maybe. Rough and tumble with untamed hair? Perhaps. "I lied," he says after a moment, tilting his head against her fingers a bit til they're pulled away. "I can imagine. You were one've those kids that was always in trouble, huh?" he asks, teasingly squeezing at her calf before those fingers trail down her leg. "An' when you came here, you told all the other kids what to do. Put'm in their places." Soriana, the tomboy! Soriana, the bully? Haha! Who says he doesn't have a good imagination? As for Garait. "I don't mean there's anything wrong with it. Shell, I'm not interested in that rider, so it's nothin' to me. It's just … different." AKA weird! "Never knew anyone like him at home. Like, where would things…go?" Not that Kale is any expert on human anatomy, but he does know that male and female parts are like .. pieces of a puzzle.

"Not always," says Soriana, which pretty well means yes. "My mom probably got to hear all sorts of complaints, though." She grins. "Should ask her sometime, what they used to say." Little Soriana, climbing trees and catching bugs. As for what happened when she got here… "You been listening to Mikal again?" she asks teasingly, raising one eyebrow as she trails her fingers through his hair. "S'getting long," she murmurs idly, then nods. "That's another of the things about Weyrs. More of that. Even when it's not flights." The question of anatomy is… left to drift off on its own.

"Somehow, I don' think your mother wishes to talk to me about young you," snickers Kale. "She likes me well enough I think. Why ruin it by havin' her think I'm crazy?" Her comment of Mikal causes a faint grin, and he ever so slightly shrugs his shoulders. "Maaaybe. Maybe not. I suppose you'll never know til I blab a deep dark secret he may or may not've told me about you." His hand is lifted to comb through his hair, gauging its length. "Eh .. kinda is long. Last time I cut it, I did a hack job of it. Guess I could whack it off when I go back." He makes snipping scissors motions with his finger. Be afraid. "'Less you want to give it a try." Be .. even more afraid? "Heh. Weyrlife is different, that's for sure. But .. most if it I like."

"Yeah, but now I'm curious," says Soriana, and grins. "Maybe I'll ask her myself." But, no, having Kale ask the questions… let's not go there. It's veering dangerously close to the embarrassing stories of herself as a two turn old. She doesn't know what they are. She's sure they exist, and she'd rather both Kale and herself stay in blissful ignorance of the details. She hehs, just shaking her head a little at the thought of Mikal. "He was one of my first friends here, y'know." Not that fourteen turn old girls and twelve turn old boys would ever actually admit to friendship. Perish the thought! Retroactively, though? Totally friends. "It's not perfect," she acknowledges of life in the Weyr, even if her kid self never would have admitted it. "But… I still think it's good." She smiles, and splays her fingers through his hair again, combing through it, then tilts her head, looking down. "Sure, why not?" she says. "I mean, how hard can it be?" Famous last words. Poor Kale!

Now that's news. Mikal and Sori go way back? "Ah, you two have history? All the more reason to talk to 'm. He'll be the source've my growing arsenal of ammunition to use against you when you try to take advantage of me an' my kindness." Mikal. His not so secret weapon! He looks rather smug for a while, gloating in his self proclaimed victory. "And don't think he won't help me. He's a boy. Automatically, he's on my side." It's one of those rules of the world, doesn't she know? He tilts his head back once more as she looks down at him, meeting her gaze with a slightly gaping mouth. Wait .. she'll actually do it? Snip snip cut! Yes, why not? Cutting hair. Anyone could do it! It's not as if hair cutting would be anything one would do as a career. Except maybe Darsce. "Don' shave me bald," he warns. "Remember, however I look at the end … you're gonna have to look at every day." Ha!

"Oh, of course he will," says Soriana with a careless wave of her hand. She knows how the laws of nature work! "He'll tell you all sorts of things, I'm sure." And some of them may even be true! As Kale stares at the prospect of a haircut, Sori grins in response. "Sure. At least I can see what I'm doing." Unlike the ol' self-snip. Besides, if it goes terribly, horribly wrong, "I could always make you wear hats."

"Then it's settled. You'll do it, an' if it's awful, horrible, an' all together crappy…you'll owe me big time. Hats are an occupational hazard." There's no hiding a bad haircut in the forge! Maybe a bandana will suffice? He grins and leeeans against her one more time before leaning back and picking himself up off the floor. "C'mon. Let's go put your stuff back an' get somethin' to eat. A half mark says Garait's still there, makin' eyes at another rider by now, red faced and all." He'll pull her up and gather her box of things to carry back to the Annex for her, firelizards (including the sleepy Alloy) all in tow.

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