Derin's Turnday

OOC Date: 11 January 2012
IC Time: Evening, D1 M12 T2691
Cast: Derin, Matrin, Zafirah
Location: Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Scene set: It's a typical night at the tavern, people getting drunk, people already drunk, etcetera. Derin is in a dark booth off somewhere hiding from a greenhandler and probably his mother since it's his turnday and all. Rin's table already has an empty beer glass on it, and now he's working on someting stronger. Zafi has just asked if she could join him with her ale

It's, well, it's the tavern. People working on getting drunk, others already drunk, some just here to peoplewatch, and others are just here to hide. The last choice being Derin, who is tucked away in the darkest booth he managed to find possible and he's slid as far against the wall as he can. Yes, he is hiding from someone..or maybe someones. On the table is already an empty beer glass, and now he's working on something a bit stronger, some sort of rum mixed drink or something, all he asked for was something strong.

There's a faint hint of firestone when Zafi walks into the tavern, though it's quickly overpowered by booze and fried foods. She looks around the tavern a moment as if looking for someone in particular and not seeing them she orders an ale and then wanders through to find a table. Then she spies Derin. "Whatcha doing way back here?" she asks as she leans against the table. "Mind if I sit down?"

Derin has been spotted? Ack! "Hidin'.." Then he eyes the apprentice a moment. "Yulio didn't send you to look for me did he?" He shiftyeyes as he glances around the tavern cautiously. Not seeing the offending greenhandler, he nods. "Sure, grab a bench." Then drink is touched to his lips for a drink.

Zafirah just stares at Derin and then she snorts "Why ever would I do anything like that for that wherry brained journeyman?" she asks as she sits down and takes a drink of her ale. "Heck I try and make sure I'm not in a position to have to follow his orders. He's too… too.. blech for me."

All work and no play makes Mat a dull boy, so even though he has a smudge of ink on the rolled up cuff one sleeve and a forgotten pencil tucked above one ear, he appears in the Wherry's doorway. Pressed slacks and a tailored button up shirt are rendered casual by faint rumpling, a few buttons undone, sleeves rolled above the elbow. Bright eyes flicker over the tavern's clientle before he makes for the end of the bar nearest to Derin's dark booth. Hitching a foot up on the rung of a stool and leaning his weight into a propped elbow, he orders ale and fried apples, then goes back to glancing around the room.

Derin laughs, yes he laughs, "You an me both!" He raises glass to the apprentice before taking another large drink from it. "I don't care if Dersk is sweet on that green of his..He's..he's…an idiot." To put it mildly anyway. Matrin's entrance is noted, and wherhandler tries to place name to face, but fails grandly at it. But then, the man isn't Yulio of Airen, so Derin deems him no threat to himself. "Who's that? I seen him b'fore." He asks of his tablemate. Ooh, fried apples, he should order some of those for himself sometime.

Zafirah raises her glass in return. "Now that has got to suck." she notes quietly and then looks around "Who's who?" she asks and then the hmms thoughtfully at the man. "I dunno, but he's looking all spiffed up and smudged." she notes and then shrugs a little.

When Matrin's order comes - and it only takes a moment - he lifts the basket in one hand and the glass in the other. He could stay at the bar, but instead seems to be hunting a place to sit with hands full of bar goodies. His scan of open seats coincides with Zafirah's glance, and his brows go up. He makes short of the space between their table and the bar, and though he can't place either of them by the time he gets there, he greets them with an easy, "Evening."

Derin hmms, maybe Matrin will share the bar goodies. Derin offers a slight wave. "Evenin. Not too many seats left. as long as Yulio didna send ya, ya kin sit 'ere if ya want." That would make it easier to try to steal fried apples afterall. Zafirah gets a glance as well, she doesn't mind if he sits right? "Zafi and I were just discussing our distaste for a certain greenhandler." Bluehandler smirks a little.

Zafirah doesn't mind in the slightest. Sitting with a couple of good looking guys. Who is she to complain? She reaches out to snag one of the apples though. Or well, at least she tries to. "Oh yeah, pain in the arse he is." she grumbles "Thinks he knows everything."

That was probably the whole point of Matrin coming over and greeting the pair, but he affects pleased surprise just the same, with a flash of a smile and a slight widening of his eyes. "Thanks for the offer, I appreciate that," he says even as he sets the basket and beer down so he has a hand free to pull a chair out. Dropping into it, he nudges the basket closer to Zafirah's grabby fingers and offers his hand to Derin. "What's the name of this greenhandler? I'm Matrin, by the way." And his Journeyman Healer knot will tell the rest.

Derin takes the hand, giving a shake of his own calloused one. "Name's Derin, Rin to m'friends. Journeyman miner and blue wherhandler. This here's Zafirah, senior apprentice miner." As for the greenhandler's name, it rolls off the bluehandler's tongue like shattered glass, none too pleasant. "His name's Yulio, also a journeyman miner." And his own fingers will travel over towards the fried apples' basket. "Ne'er tried these before, must be good huh?"

"Oh, they are good. Just don't always get any cause I can't afford the extra." Zafirah states and then smiles at Matrin "Pleasure to meet you." she says sweetly as she looks him up and down. Course, figure she's now surrounded by journeyman. "How ya likin' Xanadu?"

"Pleasure, Derin, Zafirah." Each gets a nod in turn, and then he unfurls his fingers at the basket to welcome Derin to eat some. "They really are good. Keziah got me hooked on them." He takes in the information about Yulio in with a thoughtful little dip of his chin, and then eyes Zafirah. "Can't afford the extra /what/ exactly?" The incredulity on his face says that he thinks he knows but doesn't want to make the assumption.

Derin ahs, "That's where I recogniz ya from. You were here with Keziah, umm..time before ast…doesn't matter, one of the other times I was here." He plucks one of those fried apples up from the basket and takes an experimental nibble. "Ah, s'good." He nods. And then drink is retrieved and drained as he waves a server over to order another.

Zafirah laughs "The extra food." she states and then lifts her ale "I limit myself to just this." she notes "Gotta watch the few bits I earn. That and I don't wanna get too fat." she states as she snags another apple. "Kezi's cool. Little strange, but pretty cool. Her daughter's a good friend of mine. Oh!" She pauses and then looks over at Derin. "Mirai was tellin' me that she thinks yer totally hot." she notes in a matter-of-fact tone.

Matrin brings his glass up and takes a small sip of the pale golden beverage, watching Derin over the rim. "Oh, that's right. I think I left rather abruptly not long after you arrived." He tips the glass in something that approximates a toast, then darts that sidelong look back at Zafirah again. "Well if I, or he, orders them you don't have to watch your marks. And either way I don't think the fat is anything you really need to be worrying about." His smile is polite rather than flirtatious, and even that is wiped clean away by the mention of Keziah's daughter thinking Derin is hot. "Oh. Well that's… interesting. Isn't she a little young?" And then there's Keziah. Who he has spent enough time with to know this can't be a good thing.

Derin glances over the apprentice and chuckles quietly. "Dunna think you hafta worry about getting fat." And as for Mirai thinking he's hot, he just shakes his head a little. "Yeah, ain't she, like, Daoi's age or something." Just a wee bit young for him. "I'm sure Keziah is just thrilled about it too, huh?" Where is that drink he ordered anyway? He dares a lean away from the shadows to glance around for the server.

Zafirah laughs "Well of course I don't have to worry about it. Since I watch it. And I dunno about Kezi. I don't think she knows." There's a pause "And I ain't telling her. I value my skin thank you very much." she does smile at Matrin "And I think you for the apples. mom, very delicious." She might flirt a little, but then she's just that way. It's more habit than anything. And thus she licks her fingers a little. "And actually, she's almost a Turn younger than Daoi." she adds "But what's age when yer in love?" she sighs softly "I know I had my first love around fourteen. Oh yes, he's a handsome fellow." she smirks a little "But alas, whats a girl to do. He has someone."

Matrin takes another steady sip of his drink - poor Derin with no shield of glass and liquor. "Mmm, well I don't know Keziah all that well but I wouldn't want to cross her, and she seems a little protective. I try not to incite violence, so I'll keep it to myself, as well." Amusement flickers through his blue eyes and a smirk finds its way to his lips. "So Zafirah, you still like this lad?" A beat and his eyes narrow a bit. "Or maybe fourteen was a while ago and you've moved on?"

Hooray for liquor! Derin's drink is finally delivered and he smirks a little. "Fourteen's too young fer love. Perfect age fer a first crush, but crushes aren't love." And, besides, crushes have got him nowhere, he's too old for them now. Or something like that. "A local lad, Zafi?" His eyes glint with amusement as he teases the apprentice a little.

Zafirah laughs brightly "Oh sure, why wouldn't I? Just because he's with others doesn't mean I can't look." she chuckles and then nods to Derin "Oh aye, he's around. WEll maybe not originally local, but he's loco now." she stats "Oh now, it's not a pretty sight when people piss of Kezi. Course, not a pretty site when people anger the Weyrwoman. She's shot people with her crossbow." There's a thoughtful look. "I think the Weryrwoman is scarier in that regard." she notes thoughfully and she tsks at Derin 'Just because you don't get lucky, doesn't it make it not love."

A nod of agreement goes to Derin's assessment of crushes at fourteen, and when Zafirah talks about the correlation between love and 'getting lucky', he just chuckles. "I think there's more to it than how you probably felt at fourteen too. But love's complicated. It can be different things." He finally takes one of his own apple slices, chewing thoughtfully as Zafirah talks about Thea and crossbows. "Did she shoot them on purpose? That seems a little hard for me to make line up with her. But really, none of you Xanadu women seem to be very safe." He gives Derin a 'right?' look, arching a brow and tipping his glass toward the Miner. "Scary, the lot of ya."

Derin remembers that about Thea, he thinks. "Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that, not sure it was on purpose, though I guess it might've been." As for the lucky love thing, he smirks. "Love's not just about getting lucky, Zafi. Love is supposed to be some deep thing." He shrugs a bit, pbviously he hasn't experienced such a thing. "Oh, aye, Xanadu women're fright'ning sometimes." Okay maybe lots of times?

Zafirah grins "Oh, I dunno. I think one time it was on purpose. But she's famous for her crossbow." she notes. As she listens to the guys she just shakes her head "NOt from what I've seen. Very few seem to have something special. So what's the point in it then?" she asks 'About the deepest I see of it is how long they can hold their breath while kissing." There's a pause "Well, maybe deep if you count swimmin' down to the cave." she notes thoughfully. "But I'll admit it's complicate all right. The tangles and such that happens? I think I might have to agree with mama. Don't get tangled."

All this talk of crossbows is intriguing to say the least, and Matrin sets his beer down, draping a hand loose over the top as he glances to the side, thoughtful. "Interesting," is all he says though, before flicking a smirk across at Derin's agreement with the Xanadu women being scary. He straightens when Zafirah starts in with disparaging love though, tsking and shaking his head. "That's a shame. You can't be more'n what, seventeen? And already so cynical. Your Harpers have not done the wonders of love justice, clearly. Even knowing it's a Weyr, there must be some couples who feel more than simple lust." Brows up he looks from one to the other, seeking some sort of confirmation, then he settles back in his chair and crosses one long leg over the other. "What about the Wingleader and his 'mate that just had the baby? That's more than just-" he breaks off with a cough. "Swimming down to the cave, right?"

Derin contemplates the whole love thing a moment. "I dunno, my mother and father seem to have more than..tangles and lust, they've been weyrmates for..shards, a long time and they're just as…bleh…" Yep, real mature words there. A brow is arched at the mention of swimming down to the cave. "Seems I might've missed some stuff here in Xanadu, will have to explore more.."

"Bleh. Yeah, you call that love?" she asks "I don't think being as comfortable as a pair of old socks is love either. And trust me, I'm familiar with all sorts of socks." Zafirah snorts a bit. "Nah, not quite seventeen. Sure, maybe a few get lucky. But I see fighting and regrets and people leaving others for other people. Is that love? Hah. I'd rather just enjoy myself. I get enough stress with the Journeyman." A glance at Derin "I suppose present company excepted." she notes with a grin. "ANd yes, the Harpers do. It just goes to show love is just a story. A fantasy."

There's not much left in Matrin's glass so he drains what remains and sets it down with more care than the sturdy pint requires. "I think that it takes more than being comfortable to last so many turns, and I also think that fighting or ending up with other people isn't mutually exclusive to being in love." He rolls a shoulder, and that smirk is back, tipping the corners of his mouth. "Speaking of stress with Journeymen, shouldn't you be… enjoying yourself a little less, Apprentice?" He puts the capital on the A sure enough but his grin is still there as he scoots his chair back. "I still say you're too young not to look for love sometime, but there's nothing wrong with a little fun either. And that cave does sound like fun." He pauses, standing. "And it isn't on the map I'm working on so I should probably see to that. It was nice to meet you both. Pleasant evening." He lifts his hand to tip a hat that isn't there, then just nods instead before turning to go.

Derin chuckles, "I dunno, it doesn't sound all that bad." A shrug. "Guess you just have to find the right person that'll put up with you through it all." He takes a drink from his glass and watches Zafirah with a little shake of his head. As Matrin departs, the journeyman is waving after him. "Ah, look, he left us some goodies." And another fried apple is plucked from the basket.

Zafirah grins brightly as Matrin leaves "Ahh, but enjoying with journeyman makes it okay." She states with a smile and then hmms a little "I wonder if he can swim that far down?" she wonders idly "Well, I suppose he either finds it or he doesn't." she notes and then ohs. "He did leave us some didn't he. Well, I'll take the food over love. That you can count on most Turns." she states as she bites into one. "Mmm, so good." she shrugs a little at Derin "Oh, I suppose. Maybe someones there, maybe not. I know Mama never found anyone. Or at least never found anyone who would stick around long."

Derin finishes the apple and brings his glass up to his lips again. "Ah, I dunno, reckon I'd be willin' to try, if someone ever turned up." Someone that's _NOT_ Yulio, of course. A shrug of large shoulders and he's picking up another apple to nibble on. Okay, so talking about love makes the large journeyman a wee bit uncomfortable, so sue him.

Zafirah laughs "But you have someone that's turned up." she says when an oh so sweet smile. And Dersk is just so sweet on his green." she can't help but say. She's terrible and she knows it. She laughs a little "Well who knows, next time one of the golds goes up, perhaps there'll be some sweet young thing that'll take a shine to you."

Derin growls lightly at the thought. Darn whers are conspiring against him. "I have feelings towards that person, but those feelings definitely sin't love." And if the greenhandler happened to pick that very moment to show up, Derin would probably sock him in his face. Then, the comment of some young girl taking a shine to him gets a smirk. "Yeah, she'll probably be fourteen too." He snickers, finishing his drink.

Zafirah looks all so sweet and innocent, not, as she suggests "Well then, ya can train her up right." she states and then smirks "And you know what I've heard? That love and hate are just two side of the same mark." she notes and then smirks a bit. She herself savers her ale, she doesn't get it very often after all. "You never know though. Maybe she'll be oh, fifteen." A smirk.

Derin chuckles a little, "Love and hate, huh? I'll do the hating and let Dersk deal with the loving." Or something like that anyways. He doesn't order a refill, three drinks should be enough for him, for now, but he does takes a few more of those fried apples. "Who is the lad you were talking about anyway?" He grins, come on, he has to dig up dirt somehow.

"Oh, just Ers'lan. He's a fine bit of eye candy" Zafi states with a smile and then sighs "Course, I don't see him around as much now that he's wingsecond. Course, for a while there saw very little of him anyways. Always workin' it seemed." she shrugs a bit "Not that I don't watch when he's around. Especially if he has his shirt off." Oh yeah, those pecs.

Derin chuckles, "Ah, Ers, nice guy, that, good drinkin' partner. Though I bet he can drink me under the table." Sagenod. Another apple is flicked into is mouth and Rin sits back, leaning against the bench with a stretch.

Zafirah grins "I wouldn't be surprised. I think he's more fish than sailor with the way he can drink." she notes "So, how come ya don't get out more? I mean socialize and such with the girls? What do you look for hmm? Anything in specific, aside from not being a certain greenhandler, or fourteen?"

Derin chuckles, lightly, "Me? Ah, not so much good with the ladies." Obviously, otherwise he would've at least had a girlfriend once in his life. Women scare him?

Zafirah laughs "Well maybe ya shouldnae go with the 'Ladies' then" she suggests with a smirk. "And well, that still didn't answer me other question." she notes with a smile.

Derin laughs, "Yeah, tried th'other way too, no luck there either." He smirks slightly. "Guess I dunna know what I'm looking for, probably why I haven't found it."

Zafirah hmms a little at that "Well, I suppose that makes sense. " she murmurs "But I suppose it wouldn't hurt ta think about it. I dunno. Take notes on what you like and don't like" Yeah, Zafi would never make a good matchmaker.

Derin shrugs, "Funny, all my crushes I had when younger…none of the people had the same qualities. At least not that I can put together." He smirks. "Guess that means none of them were right, thus why they were merely crushes."

Zafirah phhts a bit "Yer no help at all." she snorts and then snags up an apple. Hmm cool now. Still good though. "Well maybe yer doomed to just spend your days with Dersk." A pause "Actually that doesn't sound half bad."

Derin grins, "Eternal bachelors. So exciting." A chuckle rumbles in his chest. "Or one day someone'll just walk into my life and I'll instantly figure out what it is I like about them."

Zafirah hmms a little "I suppose maybe. If yer lucky. Just hope you don't fall into them or something." She finishes her ale "Well, thats it for me, time for a swim now." she states and gets up "See you below." and then she's off.

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