Burn It Down!

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in its own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as have walls hung with numerous tapestries that provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt. The stone is carefully leveled but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area is the one near the Kitchens, where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. It's plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr, instead feeding people in shifts as they come off duty. On occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are borrowed from all the other areas.

There's also a big fireplace set into the western wall, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, the largest an archway to the northeast that leads outside. Near it there's an alcove with hooks for coats and shelves for muddy boots. A tunnel to the east goes to the infirmary, and a set of stairs just a little south of that lead up to the offices and administration area. To the south, a long and sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs. The kitchen is off to the southwest, while the residents' quarters are reached by tunnels going west, deeper into the cliff.

Risali has reached the point in her pregnancy where piggy backs are no longer feasible things. WOE. She's waddling with the best of them, one hand on the top most curve of her stomach, the other settled on her lower back as she limps along because SOMEBODY'S BABY is sitting on her sciatica. AND IT HURTS. K'VIR. Which might also be why she's leaning so heavily on the much taller bronzerider at her side. "I'm going to kill you, or I'm going to kill Dashiel, or I'm going to kill you both, but either way I hate you." A beat. "And him. Mostly whoever knocked me up." AND WHY ARE THEY HERE? Cravings. Duh. "And if they're out of bubblies, I'm burning down the entire weyr." SO THERE.

Sephany is minding her own business and doing her own thing, settled in at "her" table with a small basket of mending at her side, a plate of local foods, and a mug of undisclosed contents on the table in front of her. She's working away, fingers flying through movements that she can probably do in her sleep by now; which means that when that woefully pregnant Risali comes limping in with her dead-man-walking weyrmate, grey eyes lift up and catch sight without missing a single stitch. Too far to scream 'hello' and live with the embarrassment of a thousand eyes turning to stare at her (or maybe just a ten to fifteen, still. MILLIONS), she just sits and watches. And maybe prays there are, indeed, bubblies to be had.

"If there's no bubblies," K'vir is USED to these threats now! So much, that he just casually dismisses half of what Risali says these days. "You can hold off on burning down the Weyr. We'll get you some." Meaning Zekath and himself or whoever the bronzerider "hires" in that dire emergency. Supporting her is easy, finding the nearest and best seat in the place even easier! Which just so happens to be Sephany's table (sorry, not sorry). He'll be a gentleman too in helping her into that chair, even if it means suffering more threats and maybe a good punch to his arm or upper torso. "Mind if we join you?" And, y'know. Rudely interrupt! What's wrong with all the OTHER tables? Probably plenty. Ask Risali!

Ice, Ice and more Ice. It's everywhere at Fort, and that's why the visiting rider's are invading Xanadu Weyr, but probably /NOT/ for the reasons one may think considering the temperature differance of the two Weyrs right now. Lu'ka is unbuttoning his coat as he steps into the cavern with I'am and he glances to the bluerider "I think Seph said she was about to pop." Referring to Weyrwoman Risali who is a fellow JourneyHarper as well. He shrugs with a grin though, eyes casting about the cavern who a specific blond head, but she's a shorty, he may not spot her a first. Bit he knows that voice though. That can only be the dulcet screeches of the Risabeasty herself. Lu'ka grins and nudges I'am to point out Risali.

I'am cuts quite the figure in his dark purple flight leathers. Nearly a foot shorter than his fellow he has no chance of spotting Sephany in the crowd if Lu'ka. He unzips his own now they are in this warmer climate showing a bright green shirt underneath. The boy likes his colours it seems. The words about Risali draw his gaze over to the sound of the waddling Weyrwoman, "Oh yes, she is quite…egg heavy." He offers in a low voice.

From her own lower back, Risali's dropping one arm around K'vir's hips, leaning into him more heavily as that chin tilts back and grey eyes seek out blue. "I love you, stupid bronzerider," comes softly - an awkward amount of affection, perhaps, given that Risali shows it so rarely. But she endures, allowing K'vir to pull out her chair while she stares at it preemptively (and accusingly, because sciatica pain is LITERALLY THE WORST). It's probably what spares Lu'ka from her wrath when he goes about POINTING HER OUT LIKE SOME ACTUAL BEAST TO BE INSPECTED, those grey eyes flicking to Sephany as she doesn't wait for a yes, she just… sits. With a hiss of pain, and a string of what are probably curses and tears that jump to her - "I HEARD THAT." UH OH. RUN I'AM. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. It's why the weyrwoman is looking over her shoulder to I'am and — Lu'ka. LIP WIBBLE. "Kyzen, they think I'm fat." AND THUNK. Into the table her face goes. "Ijustwantbubblies," is probably what she says, but it certainly sounds a lot like 'Mmffwunbufffffsss."

Sephany is, really, not that short. She's just seated. And her table is being invaded. By Risali. And the weaver looks positively delighted. Really! She's grinning wide and her eyes are doing that mischievous dancing-thing that speaks of good moods. "Not at all! Please," and she motions uselessly towards the empty chair that Risali is ALREADY lowering herself into. Bit too late to say no. "Ugh. Back pain?" And there's a sympathetic face, a wince and a frown, because she knows. It wasn't that long ago she was waddling her ass around Igen. IGEN. Desert heat plus preggo-belly… anyways. "You're not fat," is said quick enough, grey eyes flashing up to locate the offenders. But she can't exactly glare effectively when her face is splitting into that ridiculous grin that says she's freakin' delighted to see that purple-and-green-clad bluerider. "I'am!" And "Lu'ka," because she say him not that long ago."I think they made some not that long ago…" for bubblies.

K'vir's concern is obvious enough when Risali is in obvious discomfort just from SITTING and yeah, he KNOWS it's his fault, okay? Even if he can't quite grasp what his weyrmate is going through, it's unsettling enough for him to feel helpless about it. Which is why he's here, to kind of, sort of, help — or keep the goldrider from murdering everyone within range! "You're not fat!" he echoes, along with Sephany, who receives a relieved look from him. THANK YOU! As for the offenders? I'am and Lu'ka are giving a nod of greeting and while he may look like a copy of Th'ero in some ways, he's NOT his father in many others. Namely, temperament. For one, he actually grins. Sorry, but the muffled words from Risali bring a bit of amusement from him — and a gentle pat-pat caress along her back. "Wait here, I'll go raid the kitchens." TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE HERE!

Lu'ka glances down with a bemused expression before laughing loudly to something the bluerider says, an amused snort slips out when the Queenrider's words bellow across the cavern to them. He manages to stifle his humor though before they approach the table, and those around it. "Duties to Fort and her queens." Formalities and all that out of the way, he nods around the table "Hi Sephany." Who else would the WeyrHarper greet first, then to Risabeasty. "Risali, you're looking well!" No matter what I'am says. He does nod to K'vir as the man roams off to hunt down the ever elusive bubblysaurous for his pregnant Weyrmate.

"No ma'am, not fat. Majestic as a dragon, preparing life in her womb that will add further joy to the world." I'am responds with a deep bow for the weyrwoman. The calling of his name though provides a focus of his attention as he rises from the bow, "Hey Seph!" He calls out to her as he approaches on THAT side of the table, hoping to keep at least her between him and the pregnant woman. Weavershield! "So how is everything going in this delightfully warm weyr? You should come up to Fort, it is quite the winter wonderland and the skating is marvelous."

Somewhere in Xanadu, there's an enormous gold laughing entirely too hard. "I know you're smiling, I hear it in your voice, and I hate you." All muffled, all SORROWFUL statements made as Risali pushes herself up to sit properly and look at Sephany (even if those words are aimed at K'vir). A beat, and then a sigh. "Not so much my back. It goes from my lower back, down through the back of my leg." It's not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination, kind of like I'AM AND LU'KA. SHE SEES YOU, VILLAINS. YOU AND YOUR VILLAIN MOUSTACHES. Risali's staring at the bluerider and the bronzerider, staring as they approach, staring as they greet her and greet Sephany at times that vary and - "Faranth. I'm going to do it. I'm going to burn down the entire weyr, and it's going to be your faults." But with some difficulty (and a longing look in the direction K'vir's disappeared off to), the goldrider is pushing back out of her seat, and waddling around the table so that she can pull Lu'ka and I'am BOTH into a hug. SQUEEZE. She might have only played with I'am the once, but she remembers him. And his awesome drumming skills. "But you both look…" A beat, as grey eyes take them in and a smile comes. "Majestic as dragons." I'AM. I'AM. A tilt of her head, and she's looking at Sephany. "Tell me if you're about to swoon, I'll get the smelling salts ready." And yes, she hugs SEPHANY FROM BEHIND before hobbling back to her chair and staring at it dejectedly. She might also be looking back towards where K'vir disappeared. This is her life now.

"Grab me one, too!" hollers Sephany after K'vir. Because why not? might as well get a bubbly out of this. "If you do, can you let me get my stuff out first? I didn't bring much, but there's a dress I rather like…" teasing. Because she's pretty sure Risa is only HALF serious about that burning-thing. "Warn me, and I'll help you burn the rest." Bargaining! "I'm sure it's delightful," she agrees of Fort's winter-y wonderland. "But I'm rather enjoying the warmth. The garden is beautiful…" which is just a little bit wistful before she's snorting out laughter and stifling the rest with the press of her hand. "Majestic as a… ugh, I'am. Terrible. TERRIBLE! You've gone rusty," she chides, teasing playfully between giggles. And Risali gets return hugs, even if it's just her arms that get the attention because Seph's not about to try and twist around what with bellies and backs and NERVE PAIN FROM HELL. So Risa's arms get a little 'pat-pat' of affection.

K'vir will return with enough bubblies to feed an army! Not because he thinks Risali needs them all… FARANTH NO! It's just that when he showed up in the kitchens, there just so happened to be some available! … in an alarming amount of varieties (okay, only three but STILL)! So what's a man to do? He just took several of each and said a little mantra for good luck that this sacrifice will appease the Goddess-Beast that is Risali at the moment (them hormones, yo). Said offering is delivered without flourish, settled in the centre of the table and far enough from Sephany's work. A warm grin for all gathered, but warmest of all for Risali. "That's all they had." Everyone be prepared to RUN! "Anything else you want?" Cause if not, he's going to plunk his butt down in a chair beside her.

I'am gives an oh so innocent look that he has perfected through the years at Risali as she reacts to their presence. Then she is coming around and he ducks his head for the buffet that is sure to come and gets hugged instead. He laughs as she turns the words on them. "Thank you Ma'am, I do reckon I cut quite the fine figure these days." He says grabbing the edges of his jacket. Then there is a faraway gaze that riders get and he sighs. "I fear Toska wishes to check something and he does not intend to leave me be until he does. I think it is no serious thing, but the boy is ever on duty!" He gives Risali a quick cheek kiss, then Sephany…then Lu'ka gets the same treatment, "Catch up soon!" Others get a finger wave as he heads out to his demanding dragon with a carefree walk as he zips up his jacket.

Lu'ka grins and moves over, just about to sit on Sephany's other side but a chill down his spine tells him he's being tracked by a dangerous predator. He turns in time to keep from being knocked into the seat by the tiny woman's squeeze attack. One of her most fierce weapons in the woman's arsenal. "Umph!" is forced from the man "Good to see you too Weyrwoman." He returns the hug briefly before he's released and drops down next to the Weaver. Still grinning, he glances over as I'am gets the same treatment and he nods to the Queenrider and the rest of the table "Hmm. Majestic huh? Yea. That has a nice ring to it." Hopefully those bubblies will arrive soon before the hungry pack of females turns on the visitors. I'am's enthusiasm is nodded to "Yea. Just thought we'd save you a flitter mail and come check on when your next restday is. That lake is good and frozen." He did ask proper offical types about it, not just him guessing. Bubblies arriving has him leaning back away fromthe table, for fear of losing digits if they get between Risalia nd her snacks. And Sephany too for that manner. Who knows.

One rider leaves, another enters! Though really, who can compare riders to each other? This one coming in now, well… he's a D'lei. Which means… many things, really, but among the things that it means is that - once he notices the gathering around that table - he makes for it, with a grin for Risali and K'vir before he notices that, oh hey, a conveniently emptied seat - and, further, faces that he doesn't see nearly so often, which means he waves to Lu'ka and Sephany and also provides them with a grin. Because he's a sharer.

Risali looks as if she's considering Sephany's thoughts, and - "No. I had a favorite dress once. And then D'lei ripped it." WHICH CLEARLY MEANS HER FAVORITE DRESS HAS TO BURN. Still, there's a wicked little smile that comes, a hint of teeth on her lower lip as if trying to stifle laughter, and Risali breathes out, "But deal. Leirith says you'd be a disappointment if you didn't set some of the fire, anyway." CUE THE LONG SUFFERING. "It is Risali — what is it with you -" A kiss to the cheek, Risali falls silent (even if her eyes say BLUERIDER, I WILL CUT YOU), and then K'vir is there with food while Lu'ka calls her Weyrwoman and Risali's pushing bubblies aside so that she can LEAN ACROSS THE TABLE and PUNCH LU'KA. In his arm of course. Gently. "I'm just going to start calling you idiot bronzerider if you keep calling me weyrwoman, Lu'ka." DON'T TEST HER. And then she's grabbing a bubbly, tilting her head to look at K'vir and narrowing grey eyes. "Something hard to beat Lu'ka with." That's what else she needs. And apparently D'lei! Whose smile is returned even as Risali sticks her finger in a pie to see what kind it is. "I'm doing it, D'lei. I'm setting the entire weyr on fire."

"I'll go see if I can find something suitable," K'vir aims to please! Or just keep Risali from tearing of his head, given he's to blame for her condition. It's the least he can do! And there's an apologetic grimace to Lu'ka. Sorry! Because he really is going to leave and come back, probably will a stick or something equally as harmless (no muderous pointy things, honest!). There's a grin to Sephany and a broader one to D'lei as he rises to his feet. Following that? A tilt of his head and a look that all but screams GOOD LUCK to the other bronzerider. "Be right back. Try to enjoy a few of those, Risa, before setting the weyr on fire?" He'll give her a quick kiss and, passing her, will clasp a hand to D'lei's shoulder. Good (pat). Luck (pat). And off he goes!

RUDE! And there's definitely a pout from the apprentice. The apprentice WEAVER who might be able to do something about ripped dresses. "Why did he rip…" but Sephany stops right there, seems to decide she doesn't want to know the answer to that half-formed question, and changes the subject instead. "I would," she agrees, sharing in the mirth. "It's Risa-" but Risali's already got this, and she just rolls her eyes and reaches for a bubbly. "Thank you," for K'vir, for the delivery of such delights. Her prize taken, she drops it on the table in front of her plate so she can put away sewing apparatuses before someone gets stabbed with a needle (or bubbly gets on mending, either/or). "Mm," for her rest days, a glance at Risali. "I think four days from now?" But there's definitely hesitation. Because there is a pregnant best friend about to pop and she's here for moral support and holding hands and will not miss it. "Hello D'lei," for the arrival of the bronzerider sliding into the table just as K'vir is leaving. "Good bye, K'vir. And thank you again!" for the bubblies that decorate the table.

Lu'ka should have been paying attention to Risali and not to his fellow Foritan's departing back. At least he could have braced for the punch. But no. It's the punch that got his attention back to the table. "Yeeeoweeeeyuuuo crazy lady! Shell okay okayy." He's rubbing his arm alright, that little lady knows how to throw a punch. "You holding a rock Risabeasty?" He glances to Sephany with an innocent expression. "What?! You saw what happen when I was all formal and stuff." Lu'ka eyes those sewing needles and all sorta of instruments of stabby destruction the Weaver may have hidden away. There's no doubt in his mind who at the table would get stabbed. Him. He looks to K'vir for back up, but no. The man is fleeing for his life. But wait, he tapped out. Lu'ka saw it, shoulder tap to D'lei. When Risa starts plotting with him to burn her Weyr down, Lu'ka cracks a grin and turns back to Sephany. "Alright, one of us will come pick you up then." He eyes the stack of bubblies, slinking his hand out for one while Risabeasty is distracted.

"At once, or in sequence?" D'lei asks Risali, with a rise of brows that is inquisitive about the details but not at all surprised about the overall plan. These things happen, okay? Sometimes it's sunny out. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes the whole sharding weyr gets set on fire. That's Just How It Goes. DOOMFULLY. Which is (a part of) why he grins back to K'vir, with a reach up to brush his fingers against the other bronzerider's on his shoulder before the one slips away to seek implements of vengeance for Risali's righteous (or at least wrathful) wreaking of it and the other remains right here to be a convenient (and blameable) target. Yay shared culpability? For some things, at least. The ripped dress, well, that was all him. …kinda. It's a long story, okay? Anyhow. "Hey Sephany!" he says to the weaver, because he is unaware of that previous conversation, and he follows it with a nod to Lu'ka that is at least affable before returning attention to Risa for her fire-related answers. Or maybe not fire-related. MYSTERIOUS ANSWERS.

Sephany doesn't want the answer, and Risali's answer is a smile that pulls halfway at the corner of her lips before she's turning away to receive - and return - kisses. "I love you!" she calls out, eyes following the bronzerider, then staying on D'lei where they narrow because SHE SAW THAT. SHE SAW THE EXCHANGE. "At once," she answers, because CHOREOGRAPHED DESTRUCTION IS THE BEST. Back to Lu'ka, Risali's mouthing 'Risabeasty,' and then SMACKING HIS HAND WHEN HE GOES FOR A PIE. "I hate you," she tells him, solemn, stealing the pie back. A FLIT! Risa catches at it, reading a letter, furrowing her brows, and then rolling her eyes as she shifts to her feet. "I'll be right back." She moves away, dipping to kiss D'lei's brow.

"Exactly my point," Sephany answers Lu'ka. "So call her RISALI next time." And not weyroman. And definitely not ma'am unless he has a death-wish. Bubbly in front; bronzerider to the side. Another bronzerider joining… and then flits fluttering in to deliver messages that has the only other woman leaving. Abandoned. To boys and bubblies. "Be careful…" murmured as Risa stands, a furrow of brow because pain and movement don't really go together well. "Apparently, all is doomed," said to D'lei. For the Weyr-burning that shall soon commence. "So enjoy a bubbly while you can. Once the kitchens go down, it'll be a raw food diet for us," and with a swipe of her hand, she picks her own up to dig in. "Ugh, these are amazing…" and now that Risa is gone? Lu'ka might be able to actually nab one.

Lu'ka snatches his hand back just in time, "Geez woman. Got eyes in the back of your head." he mutters and doublechecks his hand for damage. A fellow Harper should know better than to attack the hands. Risali's declaration of hate though gets a quick grin "Awww, love you too." When her back is turned, and she's waddled at least half a dozen paces away, Lu'ka deems it safe enough to snatch a bubbly up. He makes a show of tearing into it behind the busy queenrider's back. "Mmm. These /are/ good." He totally has to agree with Sephany on this one. Dare he try for another bubbly while he can? He nods to D'lei between stolen bites "How's she been doing?" referring to the man's departing weyrmate.

"Efficient, that way. Less time to appreciate each individual flame, but…" D'lei shrugs. You win some, you lose some! Like this table has won a D'lei but lost a K'vir (and now a Risa). …or maybe getting D'lei was the loss. DETAILS. He reaches to slip his arm around her hip briefly as she kisses his brow, his look - by this point - faded curiosity after the brief concern that pretty much went away when she rolled her eyes. Can't be too bad, right? Right. So now she's gone (for now!) and he's left with Sephany and Lu'ka. And the future in (and of) flames! "That won't be so bad," he replies to Sephany with a grave look. "Once the raw food burns to ash, though… that's going to be a challenge." Because why should it be exempt from the everything that will be consumed in flames? "We'll have to learn to eat firestone." Which does not sound promising, and so he grimaces for just a moment before he grins and takes one of the bubblies for himself to eat and enjoy! "Mmh," is his initial answer to Lu'ka's question - well, actually, it's to the bubbly, so he brief-grins and then finishes chewing his mouthful. "She hasn't actually murdered any of us," he says by way of answer. "But… well, we'll all be glad when the baby gets here, but she's going to be the most happy about it."

"No doubt," agrees Sephany dryly. "By the time you reach the end, you feel like you're the size of a house… nothing fits. Nothing works right… you wonder if you'll ever see your toes again. Do you even have toes anymore? It sucks," decides the Weaver Who Knows, grimacing for the memory. "The labor part isn't so great either…" murmured, with eyes flashing to D'lei because presumably he will be there for it, "So prepare yourself. Hands may get broken," and she's not even joking. Another bubbly-nibble since they're not burning yet, but (in the words of dearly departed K'vir) TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! "How are you, D'lei?" she wonders eyeing the foreign bronzerider over her treat. "How is Monaco? Lu'ka already filled me in on Fort. Snow and ice," and a little side-lean so she can shoulder-bump the Fortian-bronzer in a very Risa-style. Sans violence.

Lu'ka just shakes his head, laughing while munching on the stolen bubbly as Sephany and D'lei continue the plotting of razing Xanadu to the ground. "I hope you two got someone following he around with a bucket of water." Meaning the wannabe PYRO Risali. Another bite and he DOES dare to grab another bubbly. HAHA. Lu'ka stole another bubbly Risali and you couldn't pssibly waddle back fast enough to catch him at this point. Nodding to D'lei. "Well, that's good I suppose. I mean well, I've heard some healers ssay if they are feeling good enough to complain, they are gonna be fine. Or something like that." He turns the bubbly this way and that, eyeing it appreciatively before biting into it. Yeup! He's already delivered the ice report for the day. Experts agree, tis perfect for ice skating! A grin for Sephany and he returns the gentle shoulder bump before another bubbly bite.

D'lei gives Sephany a wry smile and a nod. "Sometimes I'm not sure if she or Selene are outgrowing their clothes faster." Not that it's a race, but still. D'lei hehs as he continues, "At least we'll be able to use Selene's old clothes again." Which is good, because do you know how many adorable baby outfits Risali bought for Selene? (The answer is all of them.) The incoming threat of broken hands (and punches) makes him grimace a bit, though. "Yeah. At least between me and K'vir, we'll hopefully manage to get away with only one broken hand each." Unless Risa gets creative, which. Well. This is Risali and violence we're talking about. It's a real risk! Just like fire, and D'lei grins to Lu'ka and his mention of a water bucket. "We're training one of the firelizards to do it." Yeah, because that's sure to go… uh… wonderfully. (They're all doomed.) But, for now, he looks back to Sephany, with a grin that gets a bit lopsided at the second part of her question. "Well," he says, and leans back for a moment to regard the bubbly as if it might give him answers… which apparently it does, because he looks back up to Sephany again and replies. "Monaco is hot and wet." As usual! "And as for me, well… I'm getting a transfer here." He points down, to… the table. Or at least the Weyr where it's located, and smiles wryly. "Decided that being with family was more important."

There is a particular look, studied and practiced by all women, aimed at most men. And it is definitely the look that Sephany is fixing on Lu'ka for that water-bucket comment. "Really?" again, in that exasperated voice that ALL WOMEN HAVE. It's inherited or taught. Or both. "You know she was joking." Mostly. The weaver is ninety-five percent sure Risali was joking. "After all, most of this place is stone…" and does not burn. More bites of bubbly, polishing off her first one and delicately nibbling sticky-sweetness from her thumb when D'lei explains Monaco's current state… and then his own decision. Wide-eyes for that, and then a grin. "Oh…! I mean… yes. Congratulations!" And maybe there are more things she would say, or questions she would ask, but something has caught her eye and, with a startled jump, Sephany is leaping from the table and grabbing her basket of mending. "Oh… f- Faranth," which is NOT what she was going to say, "I have to go, I completely forgot… argh!" and then she's gone, racing through the cavern with her basket of mending and abandoning bubblies and friends.

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