An Inventory of Sorts

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex(#3200RJL)
The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

It's late morning and with most of his outside done for the day, Garait is working on an assignment at one of the computers meant for general use. The Beastcraft Apprentice seems to be inputting data written on a sheet, occasionally scratching his hea looking confused until he gets close to being done, and then he sighs. He'd obviously rather be outside, but you have to do your asignments and lessons, so he is trying very hard to get this right. "I wish there was an easier way to do this…."

Late morning, and Jethaniel has a clipboard in hand as he enters the craft complex. He heads straight for the computers, starting at one end and looking at the machine before making a few notes, then moving on to the next. In a few more machines, he'll be to the one Garait is using.

Garait begins staring at the computer blankly, blinking in confusion, "Okay, that doesn't look right. What did I do wrong?" He glances over, going over hiis notes and what he typed in again to see what's wrong and makes a few minor corrections, which makes him a little happier. "I don't know how people do this all the time." It's then that he realises someone's approaching and vaguely recognises the guy, "Oh, hello." He looks curiously at the clipboard and nods, assuming it's inventory.

Jethaniel makes another note on his sheet, then glances to Garait. "Practice," he answers the question that wasn't actually asked. "As with most things, really." He takes a glance at the screen. "You'll want to be careful of your apostrophes. They shouldn't present an issue in this program, but in some, they require escaping." He returns his attention to the next machine in line, taking his notes, then back again. "Hello."

Nodding as the other man speaks, Garait nods. "Practice. I guess that's why we've been given these lessons how since by the time we're Journeyman, we'll be used to it." He listens to the advise given about programs, nodding, "I will remember that for sure. Thank you sir." A deep breathe as he double checks everything, "Doing inventory?"

Jethaniel nods what is most likely agreement, finishing the notes and moving on to… ah. To Garait's machine. He considers that for a moment, before looking at Garait himself again. "Assessing the situation, yes." He glances to the screen again, and to Garait's sheet of paper. "This is…?"

"Some of the data on wild herdbeassts and territories around Xanadu Weyr," Garait finishes for him. He's trying to imput it in a table of sorts and organise it. "They are trying to make the learning relevant to us." He blinks a few times at the other man and leans back, showing the screen a bit bettr. It looks good, but there jusst seems to be a minor typing error that neds to be corrected, "Look okay?"

"Ah," says Jethaniel. "Is there a canonical computerized source?" His gaze once more goes to the sheet of paper, then back to Garait. "Under the circumstances, I believe that question is for you to answer, not me." There's a trace of a smile. "I will, however, advise that double checking is often advantageous."

Garait just bliks in confusion at Jathaniel, "I, um, believe so? If I remember what they said, the input we do goes to the ame place. Is that what you mean?" Obviously not quite catching the technical terms yet, but he is trying. When double checking is mentioned, he glances over the notes and the information he's inputed on the screen, then he smiles aass he catches the typo, "There we go! That should do it!"

Jethaniel hmmms, and nods. "I suppose I shall have to speak to the beastcraft." He nods, and flips up the top page on his clipboard to make a note on the page underneath. With it up like this, it's rather clear that it is, in fact, an inventory sheet of the computers here, and then he flips it down again. He studies Garait for a moment. "You are an apprentice here, yes?"

Garait nods at the man, "Yes, I am an Apprentice here. My name is Garait and I was raised here. My mom is a Greenrider here named Myrna." He blinks a couple of times, "You'll have to speak to the Beastcraft sir?" He looks a little worried then as if he may have caused some trouble.

"Do you find the beastcraft here suitable?" Jethaniel asks. After all, the perspectives of those not in authority may often be enlightening! And how else would he find out except by asking? At Garait's question, he nods. "Unless you are aware of the location of those collated records?"

Thinking carefully about his choice of words, Garait takes a moment to respond, "Well, I do like the Beastcraft sir, but they do need to take advantage of the new technology here, especially the computer stuff. I think it will be of help to use what is available more than they do now. Plus, a little more paperwork could be done with the stuff here. He seems to think a little bit, types a few keys to save the information, then types slow, as if trying to remember steps that someone else has done. The Beastcraft Apprentice finally gets there and shows some records for the Beastcraft, and blushes. This is something most Apprentice don't know how to get to, or at least shouldn't know. "Is this what you mean?"

Jethaniel simply listens to Garait's report about the beastcraft, and his face betrays no emotion beyond simple consideration for those words. "Hmm," he says at the end. Nothing more. Just, 'hmm', and a nod. When Garait brings up the records on screen, there's a flick of a smile before he nods again. "Yes, that will do nicely," he says, and flips up his top sheet again to make another note. "I shall have to take a look around."

Garait nods, blushing a little, "My father was a Sr. Journeyman here before he became a Master and transferred to Fort Weyr, and I watched him work." That could explain how an Apprentice knows how to get to these records. "What are you looking for?" He seems more curious than anything else, and looks up at the Steward.

Jethaniel glances back to Garait, and considers him for a moment. "The thing I am not yet aware of," he answers, and smiles slightly. "If I knew what information it was I required, I could simply ask. As it is, I am not yet aware of the questions, so I shall look at the answers until I discover the appropriate questions."

Looking slightly confused, Garait just nods, not knowing exactly what to do. "Sort of like the Beastcraft is trying to gather up wild herdbeasts to supplement the Weyr's supply, since we've had a shortage of herdbeasts for a few Turns?" Maybe not exactly right, but at least he's trying!

"That is most certainly an interesting answer," says Jethaniel. He smiles. "It also, by implication, answers a few other questions. Notably, that there is a shortage of herdbeasts." Up flips the inventory sheet once more, and he writes down a few quick things. "It also raises other questions. Why has the shortage not previously been addressed in this manner? You said the shortage has lasted a few turns. A shortage is one thing. An ongoing shortage implies a deeper cause. Additionally, what measures has the beastcraft taken to ensure these newly acquired wild herdbeasts will be retained and become a long-term solution?"

Considering his answer, Garait nods to himself before responding, "Well, the shortage was caused by an experiment in hormones that killed many of the herdbeasts and I believe that the population is increasing, but just not that fast. That was before I joined the Beastcraft you know, and part of why I want to specialise in herdbeasts. Also, with the wild herbeasts, if you get then while they are young and just past weaning, they can still be retrained and tamed. Maybe some of the adults can be, but the youngg ones are easier. Then, as they get old enough to breed, we can have the crossbreeds of the domesticated and wild herdbeasts that we can raise here. Later this Summer or early Fall, that is exactly what the Beastcraft will be doing and gathering up more."

Jethaniel takes a few more notes. "Interesting," he says. "I shall be certain to look into this." He smiles. "Now I have questions." Which certainly seems to please him, and he makes another quick note before glancing to Garait again. "Do you have questions?"

Garait blinks a few times, "Well, I know the Weyrleader recently found out about the shortage as well and was going to ask about the paperwork and stuff. Mind if I ask what this is for?" He cocks his head curiously, waiting for an answer.

"Ah, has he?" asks Jethaniel, then smiles to Garait. "It is for a better understanding of Xanadu. A Weyr presents a very complex system. While I do not consider a detailed understanding of each part essential, a broad base of knowledge and an understanding of how the parts interact with each other is, if not necessary, at the very least highly advantageous."

Garait nods, a few questions still reflects in his eyes, "I do think that some of the Crafts could be working together more. Maybe have more computer training to show the Beastcraft Journeymen here how computers and technology can benefit them more? Things like that?"

"Ah, teamwork," says Jethaniel. "A noble ideal." There's a slight wry twist of his lips, and then he nods. "Nevertheless, I shall keep it in mind." He does not, however, write down a note this time. "You enjoy the use of this technology, then?"

Smiling, Garait nods, "Yes I do, and I think the technology can be utilised better and applied to the beastcraft, as well as other Crafts, especially here at the Weyr. I just need to get used to it more." The Apprentice almost sounds like he could be crosstrained in both Crafts.

One of Jethaniel's brows rises slightly, and he smiles. "I see." He looks to the machine Garait's been working on, and takes his notes on it, then looks back to the apprentice. "I shall let you continue your exploration of it, then. After all, the key to expertise is practice."

Garait nods a few times, "Thank you sir. The practice is useful, and I am trying. If there's any more questions about the Beastcraft that I can help with, let me know." With thar, his focus is on the computer again, backing out of the records and trying to get ahead on these lessons at least.

"If you have questions, the computer or tech craft may be able to assist," says Jethaniel, then pauses. For a moment, he looks like he's going to say something else, but then he shakes his head slightly. "Good luck." He continues on with his inventory, checking the line of computers and then making his way back out of the craft complex for other things. There's always other things.

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