Weyrling Lessons: Mounted Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Training Grounds
A wide, grassy expanse, nestled into the gentle bowl shape where something's taken a bite out of the mountain. It's high above the level of the beach, and there's a good eastern view of the lake and a long path leading down to that sandy shore. Granite cliffs surround it on the other sides.
While much of the grounds are left in their natural state, one area has been trampled and trodden by enough feet that the grass struggles to grow. A running track circles a set of equipment - straw dummies with wooden frames, obstacles of various sizes and shapes, and targets for flaming, archery, and whatever else.
There's a dragon-sized opening to the south that leads to the cavernous weyrling barracks, and a smaller tunnel to the northeast - large enough for dragons newly emerged from the sands, but quickly outgrown by hatchlings who are then forced to take the long way around - at least, until they learn to spread their wings and fly. Between them in both position and size, a jagged crack in the stone leads to a dim cave with the sound of water.

IT'S MORNING TIME. THERE'S PROBABLY CICADAS BECAUSE PERN SHOULD HAVE THOSE AND EVERYBODY SHOULD SUFFER. Onto what's actually important: at some point, Teimyrth RALLIED THE TROOPS. That's right. That massive, hulking, nightmare bronze blasted everybody with a white-out blizzard and summoned Xermiltoth's and Ilyscaeth's weyrlings to the training grounds. « Bring your riding straps, » was the second instruction provided, delivered to young dragon minds with the expectation that the message would be relayed to their riders. Ila'den, on the other hand, is seeking shelter beneath Teimyrth's wing, balanced on the bulk of one meaty haunch in a shoulder-press lean as he waits.

HOW MANY SETS OF STRAPS HAS RHODELIA MADE SO FAR??? If you ask her, probably too many as Inasyth can't seem to avoid going through growth spurt after growth spurt. Think she was done, BOOOM ANOTHER FOOT OR THREE. Like a bedazzled bit of glory, said growing gold charges out into the training grounds with a very undignified squawk as she spread her wings in excitements. « He said bring the straps, Rhody! THIS COULD BE THE DAY!!! » That one glorious day of flying together she's been dreaming of (and sharing said dream with everybody else too) for quite a while. Rhody looks a little less convinced even as she double checks a few of the strap buckles. "It could just be ground drills again…" But excitement is infectious and even while her words might be doubtful, she steals a hopeful glance at the sky.

MAYBE SOME PEOPLE LIKE CICADAS!? Or the sounds, anyways. No one needs to see the ugly, really. Teimyrth's summons are answered with a masked smirk by Kihatsuth and while she generally attempts to mess with visuals, she'll be a good -girl- green today. Focus on the IMPORTANT! Like -POWER- flight! Flight. Yes! Ahem. Her arrival is slightly more dignified than her much larger golden sister, but there is an air of excitement and intrigue in the way she holds her head, her stride and even the way she mantles her wings. Ru'ien is not far behind, straps slung over his shoulder as he joins the rest of his weyrling brethren on this fateful adventure. "I hope not. If they wanted us to be able to do those drills in our sleep, well… mission accomplished?" Even so, he's not glancing skywards but rather sidelong to where Ila'den and Teimyrth are lurking. IS THIS A TRAP?

Suffer is correct - some of us are suffering from PTSD from last summer, and by some of us, one of course means R'hyn, who approaches from the beach with the sort of darty-eyed hyperawareness of the sky that implies he's just waiting for the swarm to descend. It doesn't help that Rhodelia is the first human he spies, stormcloud eyes narrowing nervously before skimming the grounds, making sure the harbinger hasn't already summonned the plaguebringer into their midsts. Ah. No. That's just Ila. The bronzerider's shoulders loosen, hand pushing back through rumpled hair, other arm occupied with keeping a lump bound by a long length of cloth pressed tight to his chest. A tiny baby fist and a crown of dark hair peek from beneath soft bindings, but R'hyn is less focused on baby Kitahny and much more invested in flashing a bright grin at the emerging weyrlings. "Have you told them yet?," is tease and tantalization as he pat-pats Teimyrth's side, gaze flicking sideways before focusing back on the yard with a wave of greeting.

Straps, straps everywhere and not a set that works. Evi did not go straight out to the training grounds; instead the two of them skirted to the forest. The space situation being what it is, and Neifeth demanding more straps then many dragons use in AN ENTIRE LIFETIME. This alone makes them tardy, but the two arrive with Evi wearing a pair of riding pants, which she pulls at every few minutes and wiggles in, and the pinched look on her pale face shows her obvious discomfort. Whose idea were pants anyways? Neifeth follows, stalking and slow with eyes whirling at attention and wings half unfurled, wingtips give a minute flick every few minutes in apprehensive excitement. The two mirror each other's movements, it's like people matching their canines. To Teimyrth Neifeth allows her bright pink forest to poke out, «We brought our formal straps, mine said they were too fancy, but she barely knows that word.» Evi stares at Ila'den, wide-eyed, and suddenly it seems to click. "Oh. You mean today? Um. Shards." Time to push the birds from the nest!

Is it a trap… OF COURSE IT'S A TRAP. That wolfish smile that dominates the pull of Ila'den's lips presents no illusions to the contrary — softened though it goes for a half fraction of a second when that grey eye shifts to the arrival of R'hyn, dropping to his tiny burden of dark-haired, bundled up cute. "Look at their faces, husband. They already know I'm going to run them until all the joy leaves their body." SARCASM, THY NAME IS ILA'DEN. "I don't even have to tell them." Calloused fingers rise, sweep through Kitahny's locks before knocking gently beneath R'hyn's jaw, and then he's on the move, pushing away from Teimyrth so that stalking gait might bring him to the forefront of those in attendance. "Your straps," comes on a husky, low-pitched rasp, Ila'den's voice raising mere fractions and still hushed. "Please put them on, then check to make they're secure. Once you're confident they'll hold, let us know. R'hyn will assist me with double-checking that they're on properly." And that they're strong enough to bear the brunt of riders — but he DOESN'T GIVE THEM THAT JOY YET. BECAUSE HE IS RUDE. Might just be a ground drill indeed.

Harbinger, Shmarbinger. You're stuck with Rhodelia and any locusts she may or may not generate in her wake now, R'hyn. The equally suspicious glare she shoots towards the bronzerider which is quickly broken off as Inasyth's excitement extends to her feet as she shuffles to the left and then shuffles back to the right and her tail swishes and flicks back and forth. A little wave of champagne bubbles brushes out to her sisters (and everybody else, cause Inasyth still hasn't mastered that whispering thing yet). « Do you all think… ITS THE DAY??? » Rhodelia can share her grumbles at both Ru'ien and her wiggle-worm of a lifemate. "They'd have to let us sleep to be able to do them in our sleep." SLEEP IS IN SHORT SUPPLY. "And you need to sit still or we'll never get anywhere!" With a sigh like that's asking SO MUCH, Inasyth mostly stills to allow those last few buckles to be double checked even if her tail still wiggles and waggles.

See, Ru'ien is pointedly NOT looking at the tiny bundle R'hyn is carrying for a variety of reasons. One, the adorableness factor. Two, it's reminding him that he's weirdly quasi-related to all of this via his mother's bloodline. Something, something, distant cousins not-by-blood, yadda yadda. Right? Right! And whenever there is something mildly troublesome, Ru'ien will do as Ru'ien does and focus on TASKS AT HAND! Namely how they're all going to do the Big Thing! Not that Bigger Thing (Between) that could get them killed but, y'know… still a pointed milestone to cross! Oh happy days! Kihatsuth is positively beaming as much as a dragon can, unbridled in her JOY for something different (and you bet she's plotting)! "Got it!" Ru'ien chimes, faux-brightly, with an equally bordering on not-formal salute to the two bronzeriders. In aside to Rhodelia, and likely Evi now that she's arrived, he grins and murmurs. "Good luck, ladies! Looks like it's now or never." Really. Chuckling to himself, he'll whistle off-key while arranging his straps on Kiha's back, the green humming her approval as her talons click-click ominously against one another.

IS HE RHODY? IS HE? He is. And he's not complaining. His droll gaze rolls the goldrider-to-be's way as his chin rolls out of that affectionate chuck, his fingers lifting to skim the back of Ila'den's arm even as he moves in the opposite direction, slinking around the back so as to be of little distraction as possible. Or maybe just so he can sneak up behind Inasyth's bulk, steps careful to avoid being tripped up by wiggle-waggling appendages. "It's a tactic. If you get sleep you might get ideas and start thinking, and we all know what happened last time a couple of dragons got a bright idea." Twinkle. "Been keeping out of trouble?" One would expect that question to be asked of Inasyth, but his eyes have already moved on to Kihatsuth, one brow cocked high as though to say, what? Just because he hasn't heard of her getting up to any shenanigans doesn't mean they haven't happened? That same barely-leashed-amusement-riddled gaze drops to Ru'ien, second brow joining the first as though to welcome his - perhaps more truthful - input. "Or have you all been well-behaved?" This for Evi and Neifeth lest they feel left out of this heaping helping of rude, teasing doubt, grin finally breaking through, as though it weren't clear enough he's joking with them as he reaches out to pinch the straps Ru'ien's working to arrange, fingering them absently as his far hand soothes over Kit's tiny head. "You did well on these ones."

All of the excitement emanating from her siblings seems to be catching SLIGHTLY, Neifeth settling down and snaking her head back and forth her forked tail tipping like a metronome. Evi watched Rhodelia and takes her Queue, the bright teal straps in her hand are ALMOST too large, the smooth leather is padded with soft fleece fabric, and embellishment was ATTEMPTED. Oversized flowers adorn the straps, burned into the leather by an obvious amateur, but it's not nothing. Methodically the straps are hooked up, Evi fumbling with them as her hands shake slightly, and breathing quickens. "Maybe this is it, maybe it's not, maybe they will give us another seven or um. Let us ride around some more, or make us practice mounting more." Neifeth catches a champagne bubble and colors it bright pink, places a small feline in it, and pushes it towards Inasyth. «Maybe they're trying to get us all killed, wouldn't be the first time. I bet that's what this is. Especially with sulky and smiley being here.» Always the bringer of such cheerful tidings, and fun nicknames for R'hyn and Ila'den. « Let's go, Evi's breakfast is coming up, and it smelled going in.» The demanding sass is loud and a tad disgruntled, as always. She's not called anyone a where since dawn, someone get out the sticker stars. Evi does look a tad green in the face, looking over at Ru'ien, "I'm ready. Yep. No need for luck, we've practiced. " Deep breathing exercises commence. Evi spares R'hyn a glance, a pained smile. "We are absolutely always well-behaved sir, it's just the definition of behaved might need work." Yes, language, Neifeth snorts approval to her rider's answer. Let the sass flow through you.

« I am sure she knows many words. As long as the straps do their job, it does not not matter how they look. » It's not unkind. It's delivered with a gentle sweep of snow that kicks up brilliant bits of white in his mindscape — that melts under the invasion of champagne excitement, much like tension seems to melt from Ila'den the moment R'hyn's fingers brush his arm. « There are many days that it could be, mine's mine's mine's mine. Of which do you refer? » AND LOOK. ILA COULD BE AMAZING AND COME CHECK STRAPS RIGHT NOW, LIKE A BOSS, but why do it twice when you can do it once — and when did a fall from that high ever kill anybody? … SHUT UP, SIT DOWN WITH YOUR LOGIC. So Ila'den allows the Weyrlings a moment to fix straps upon their lifemates, waiting as they run through checks and R'hyn does what R'hyn does best, being personable and engaging them all in a way Ila'den never quite seems to manage. "Now mount, and buckle in." It's only once this feat is accomplished that Ila'den's chin tilts towards the Weyrleader, as much a cue as R'hyn is going to get that they can make the actual rounds now (SORRY R'HYN, DECEPTIMATE), pulling at straps and making any adjustments if necessary. BUT THIS IS NOT THE FIRST STRAP RODEO, and so IT SEEMS ALL IS IN ORDER. PROBABLY. DON'T DIE, YOU GUYS. Regardless, as Ila'den works, he speaks: "You will be doing mounted flying today." A beat. "And let it be known that I really hate paperwork, so I suggest we save the daring antics for another time. Your lifemates have already been flying on their own, so they should know already how to take flight." « But it requires more finesse, » comes insidious, dripping cold into the minds of young dragons. « Your lifemate is fragile and human and it requires a certain amount of care when you take off. » "We are going to do small laps around the training field, so that your lifemates can practice take off and landing both." And, satisfied that nobody is going to die and stick him with paperwork, Ila'den steps back. "Ru'ien and Kihatsuth, would you like first run?" And oh, Neifeth. Teimyrth heeds that sass and the demand in it, and he drops his head, eyes lidding. « And you, Neifeth. You may go last. »

"Trouble? What makes you think we even know the word?" Rhodelia puts on her best innocent smile, well practiced from all those times she 'accidentally' forgot to schedule a meeting nobody wanted to go to anyways. Inasyth can't really smile, but she can nod her overlarge noggin in agreement even as her tail still excitedly thwaps back onto the ground. The gold's Best Behavior doesn't last long as Neifith seems to be a burr that just can't be ignored. « Don't be silly. If they killed us, they'd just have to do more paperwork and nobody likes paperwork! It's time for us to fly! » She raises her head and warbles her feelings. #sorrynotsorry for any human ears around like R'hyn and Rhody and Ru'ien. Look, Ila'den even echoed that paperwork statement as well so it's TRUTH. Once the words for mounting up are given, Inasyth is helpfully wiggling her forearm under Rhody's knees even as the woman starts pulling herself up. She's not a complete expert at the movements yet, but she's working on it. Up and at em. And then she pats her gold's neck as they wait patiently. "You can do it, Ru'ien!" Inasyth has the mental pompoms ready and waiting. « Go Kihatsuth, it's your flyday! Get your fly on! Yeah, yeah!!! »

"…what? Oh. Uh, thanks! Practice, I guess. Metal bits aren't so hard but the leather took awhile to get used to." Ru'ien tips one shoulder into a shrug, as the other is occupied in weight bearing as he fiddles with an adjustment to one strap. His grin suggests there's an unspoken 'sir' somewhere in there and when the task is all said and done, he steps back and dusts his hands. Belatedly, he feigns a wounded expression, complete with palmed hand over his heart. "I've been on my best behaviour, I swear!" Uh huh. Even Kihatsuth adopts a near-mirrored look of sweet innocence, wings tilting for effect to the gesture as she croons lightly. « Me? Trouble? Oh, I would never! » Intentionally. Never mind that she's, y'know, "artfully" edited some mindscapes a few times in the last sevens. SOMEONE is really hitting her artistic streak. Shouldn't she share her creations with half of Xanadu? Then come the SUMMONS and the instructions and, with one last face-splitting grin to Rhodelia and Evi both, Ru'ien does as asked. Mounted, buckled in, he seems relaxed (TOO relaxed, really) in the saddle, while Kihatsuth shakes out her neck and flicks her wings. All business, this pair! Which SHOULD be suspicious, okay? « Your support is greatly appreciated, darling! » Kihatsuth all but purrs, genuine and sarcastic in the same breath. Then she's away! The first leg of their round is rough on the edges but passable and goes without incident (except for what sounds like an audible WHOOP of delight from Ru, #sorrynotsorry too). Second leg? It starts nice and ends, well… It's Ila'den's fault jinxing things! Or would that be R'hyn? Kihatsuth has finished landing and it's in the last movement that she stumbles… and recovers! Very well and naturally at that, thank you very much! It's Ru'ien who wasn't quite ready and while he manages not to get a ridge to the face (not his beautiful face!), he does get thumped in the chest. Ooh, that's gonna bruise! Which he'll worry about when, y'know, he can breathe properly again. "… fine! I'm fine…" See? Waving off all that concern! CARRY ON FOLKS.

ALAS, POOR R'HYN, UNABLE TO DEFEND HIMSELF FROM DRAGON THOUGHTS. Where is his dragon, anyways? Probably still laid up after a flight wing-injury, or maybe still - forever - banned from visiting his children until he can be trusted. Which, let's be real, is never. So it's just him to laugh at Rhody's 'innocence,' low and rolling along with a shake of his head, mind clearly somewhere in the same vicinity as hers as he says, "We miss you." SOON. Soon she'll be just-next-door again, near enough to bother on the regular with requests to casually lose things as they've never been lost before. For now he lingers as she clambers aboard Inasyth's back, waiting until the goldling is settled before slipping fingers between straps and hide to jerk hard. "Clear skies," is approval enough, palm gently slapping against the energetic gold before he moves on. Blue-grey eyes glint at Evi for that sass, lips quirked up hard as he says, "Indeed. Maybe file it under 'well' for today." Behaved, that is, eyes jerking tellingly towards Ila'den for that paperwork request. "Think of the kittens." He offers similar patted approval for flower-pressed straps, a swift grin of understanding aimed Ru'ien's way. The lack of sir is appreciated, the mock-wounded expression even more so, though - in the same vein as the others - he offers a chiding tsk-tsk brush of his pointer fingers together. For shame, all of you. Such picture-perfectly-awful weyr citizens. He loves it. But now it's their turn to shine and he's more than happy to settle into the background, eyes gleaming as Kihatsuth rises, falls and— "Ouch." Sympathetic wince. "You'll want to ice that." Unless he likes big bruises. He doesn't judge.

Neifeth is petite, it's become overly obvious that she's going to be one of, if not, the smallest green in the clutch. This can be helpful when it comes to mounting. With careful practice, Neifeth flattens herself out as best she can, offering her speckled cyan foreleg as a step. Evi climbs aboard and sucks in a breath, and then with deft hands straps herself in and sighs out with an 'ehhhhhhh' sound of apprehension. While her rider settles, Neifeth's mind flickers towards Inasyth's «Everything around here is constantly lost anyways. Who would even know? They would probably claim they lost us. Psh.» Oh yeah, the letters. You know what, she's not wrong. Ila'den is given a small, maybe apologetic, maybe 'you know what, it's whatever' type smile. Hard to tell because the greenrider is breathing quickly, blowing in a manner most only do into a paper bag. Woo, wooo, woo. Neifeth reaches out to Teimyrth, all play and coy as she reflects back the snowy blizzardmongers snow and turning it an aquamarine blue, the trees in her blizzard are sapphires and emeralds, bright and dazzling. Then she says, «You see, you made it cold, but I made is pretty. Pretty matters, and like DUH, we are going last. We won't be the first to die in this tale. Only the supporting characters die first, and well, I'm not one. And my name sounds awful on your tongue, I much prefer Nei if you can't do it proper justice.» Pshaw, like obvs Teimyrth. Evi watches Ru'ien with deep focus, her eyes glazing over and refocusing again and again as she attempts to mind-meld with her partner and understand this process. Both of them seem to be conversing, tilting heads one way then another. The amount synchrony in the pair can be alarming, they enjoy oneness. This only breaks as he lands, and she yells out, "YOU DIDN'T DIE! See Neinei! Yay! You did amazing ACK! Was it fun?" All of this is shouted through slight squeaks, faking excitement through utter terror.

CUE TAYLOR SWIFT BLARING IN THE BACKGROUND. Because WE ALL KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE WHEN YOU WALKED INNNNNN. Every single one of you. Regardless, Ila'den moves toward R'hyn as Kihatsuth takes flight, attention riveted to the first take off as he stills beside his weyrmate, as he brings his arms across his chest and — ILA, THINK OF THE CHILDREN BEFORE YOU DROP EXPLETIVES IN THESE QUOTATION MARKS. GEEZ. He's already on his way over to Ru'ien despite assurances that he's fine, fingers brushing Inasyth's hide as he passes if the goldling allows the minor indulgence. "You're up, Rhodelia. Keep her safe, Inasyth." That husky, rasping encouragement comes in passing, as his attention lands on Evi just long enough to receive that maybe apologetic smile. There is no response from the bronzerider, just a dip of his head that might be an acknowledgement as he takes those strides across to Ru'ien — to at least help him down, if nothing else. HEALER GLANCE OVER FOR YOU, and then you can come back once you've got the all clear. LISTEN. PAPERWORK. It's Teimyrth who gives any indication of the words passed between himself and the green, fauceted eyes awhirl as one, two, three moments pass in silence — no attempt to correct the landscape, no hint of ire rising as he awaits Inasyth's impending takeoff. Only then does he answer the green, a winter-cold, « You are next, Neifeth. » So pay attention, and get ready to fly!

Allow? Pshaw, Inasyth doesn't just allow the finger brushing, but leans into it almost like an incredibly large and affectionate feline. Rhodelia's eyes widen as instructions are given. She gives a salute before Inasyth discards those pompoms she had for her green sister and busts out a whole sharding marching band to announce her readiness as she trots to the designated take off spot. It's not a dignified launch by far, requiring a good bit of running and a few awkward hops that may have been some failed leaps but eventually the gold is in the air and Rhodelia lets out a whooop of excitement! The loops go smoothly, and while Inasyth's over large wings probably could cover the distance quicker, she might be dragging out this first flight a bit longer than necessary before coming in for landing. « HOLD TIGHT!!! » Because it's one, two, three and THUMP. Rhody does manage to catch herself before her face smacks right into her dragons neck and even that bit of a rough landing can't hide the grin on her face. Dragon also apparently isn't too shaken by the rough landing as the wiggle worm is back as she trots over to the observation section. "We did it!" It might be obvious, but she's going to repeat it. Just one more step closer for her getting back to helping R'hyn avoid the boring, unpleasant work that can be ignored.

If he wasn't winded, Ru'ien probably WOULD have made some winked remark about bruises, so the no judgement would've been appreciated! Alas, he is actually briefly incapacitated (not in danger, mind) and doesn't get the chance to fire off some smart mouthed comment. Kihatsuth is barely ruffled over the whole ordeal, if anything, she looks put out. « Oh, come now! How could you forget to breath? » It's a joke, people! She's concerned, but is trying to keep things light but making Ru'ien want to laugh is NOT HELPING. Neither is the fact that Ila'den has to help him down and, y'know, the look over. "Fine!" he manages to wheeze, along with a terrible attempt of a smile. It's definitely a grimace. "… I'll just…" Shallow breath, exhale. See? Not dead. "Go on then." To the Healers! Paperwork. No judgement? Oh, who're we kidding! He'll give a reassuring pat to Kihatsuth's shoulder, some vague 'I got this' thumbs-up like gesture and salute to Ila'den and R'hyn and then he's gonna shuffle his butt on out of there. Slowly! Because, ow? Also, so he can sneak a peek at Rhodelia's flight and maybe even a bit of Evi's if he isn't chased off by then.

R'hyn's eyes tear from Ru'ien to watch Ina's hop-skip-lift into the sky, the grin threatening at the corners of his mouth breaking loose, basking in the borrowed joy of the moment. His gaze is still bright as it shifts back towards the winded greenrider, his own fingers tipping lazily away from his skull as he calls a low, "Worth it though, right?," towards Ru'ien's back. Because he isn't about to rain on the parade of such a momentous occasion. His head shakes ever-so-slightly as he moves to fill the space next to Ila that the weyrling leaves behind, weight shifted to one leg as he adjusts a faintly-stirring Kitahny. "Just knocked the breath out of him?," he asks because he's concerned, alright, low-grade worry replacing joviality as Inasyth treks their way back. It takes only a second for good cheer to return, eyes scrunching, features brightening as he mimes giving the too-high-in-the-sky goldrider a high-five. "You did. How did it feel?" He wants to know. He wants to know almost as much as he wants to release Neifeth to the task, to feel it for herself. "You're up, kid," he notes towards Evi, chin tipping towards his chest in a send-off gesture.

All of the spots and stripes on the bright and dark night stalker green tremor, every inch of muscle shivering in anticipation as they prepare for their moment. Once Rhodelia is in the air with Inasyth, the studying begins again, both longingly following the gold pair. "We are smaller, Nei darling, you will need to flap more, but you weigh less." Evi says all of this into her lifemate's neck, whining a continuous low key 'ehh. mm ehh. ehhh.' All of the noises a puppy might make when left alone for the first time. As Ru'ien heads towards the healers, Neifeth throws a violet neon flower towards Kihatsuth, twist at will sissy seems to be the message. Subtle praise for work well done. Neifeth croons towards Evi, wrapping her long neck around to stare her rider in the eyes. For a moment, everyone's gone, Evi closing her eyes, "Nei, I'm scared." Neifeth glances upward, and then moves with her stalking, predatory grace to the launch spot. Evi gives one back glance at R'hyn, her face determined. What room does fear have? And also, this girl is not the one he met a turn and a half ago. The girl with the kitten might as well be dead. The green nearly falters at takeoff; instead of running and throwing herself into the air, she takes only two steps and JUMPS, almost unable to open her overlarge wings in time. That first downstroke is harrowing as her back foreclaws tap down on the ground and push off AGAIN once because she lacks height. With a sufficient distance between herself and the ground, she makes the first flap, as more air is gained a second long flap. That's all it takes, she's up, her wingtips having POSSIBLY brushed the ground. After the rough start, there's a lot of speed; Neifeth's large wings and body does not provide a smooth ride, but it's FAST, Evi's hair whipping her face and her eehh replaced with happy shrieks. The squealing joy that's cut off only by the fact that the trip is short, the circle being completed before anyone can really blink. What they lack in landing is made up for in landing, the green arrowing herself down with precision. Evi breathless and grinning from ear to ear, eyes sparkling with tears. You pulled me in, and together, we're lost in a dream. Her mind still in the air, reliving the freedom she will have forever.

"Mm," is Ila'den's non-committal reply to JUST WHAT RU'IEN WILL DO. And after he helps Ru'ien back to the ground, only then does the assistant weyrlingmaster step back, arms coming over his chest, grey eye jumping from Inasyth and Rhodelia's progress to Ru. A beat, two, five, and that grey eye alights on R'hyn, an expression broadcasting something complicated in one, two, five more moments of stillness before shoulders sink and Ila presses a hand to his weyrmate's lowerback. "I think so," but he isn't sure. Lips brush R'hyn's temple, fingers sweep the inside of one of the Weyrleader's wrists, the top of Kitahny's hair, and — "I'm going to take him to the healer." JUST TO BE SURE. ONE CAN NEVER BE TOO CAUTIOUS. The unspoken offer is there: join us, if you want. It's not as if they're being left unattended, another assistant weyrlingmaster abandoning her previous post to stride in and issue gentle orders. "Let me help," comes on rough tones, when Ila catches up to Ru, allowing an uncharacteristic moment of closeness in the action he executes: dragging one of Ru's arms around his shoulders while his own arm loops low around Ru's hips, other hand keeping hold of Ru's shoulder-bound wrist to help support him as he moves. But don't worry! He doesn't rush. He allows the greenrider to move at his own pace, to linger for flights if only because he's watching them too. Score for Rhodelia! A wince, a pause to make sure there won't be a second escort and — Score for Evi! Score for dragons green and gold alike! Everybody can keep practicing, even if the man who initiated their lesson is disappearing with Ru'ien in tow. HEY. IT COULD BE WORSE, RIGHT? AT LEAST ILA ISN'T DOING THE SHOULDER CARRY. « You all did very well, » comes Teimyrth's praise in the absence of Ila's. « Rest, and then we will try again. » And look, the other assistant weyrlingmaster agrees!

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