Dolphin Lesson

Xanadu Weyr - Dolphineer's Dock(#7735RJ)
A section of the dock has been set aside just for the use of the dolphineers. At the end of the plastic structure, a large raft is attached with a Dolphin Bell, floating low enough to allow easy access on and off, and easy communication with the dolphins. A shack for supplies is set nearby, out of the general walkway.

It smells like fish out here. It's not a bad smell persay, just different than what Kale is used to, which are scents that are less organic. His boots gently clunk against the plastic docks as he and Garait make their way from the shore to the dolphineer's dock this warm afternoon. Kale isn't sure what to expect, and he's never been out here before. Eyes betray curiosity as he looks out at the water, searching for dorsal fins perhaps while trying to look like he belongs here. It'd be no fun to be kicked out before they even started! "Surely she'd be around at this time of the day, you think?" he asks his partner in crime.

Bubbles suddently appear just off of edge of the dock a few moments before Natalya head break the the surface. Face covered by a diving mask and snorkle in her mouth. Pulling the mouth piece out of her mouth she glances about at the dock and gives a waves to those on it.

Looking around criously as well, Garait nods slowly, "I bet she is. Look for the smallish girl…." He sigh a little then, looking around more. Fish are definitely not what he's used too, and the smell is very different than herdbeasts. He then catches a glimpse of someone in the water, "That could be her."

Smallish girl. Right! Kale nods and begins to look around, his eyes drawn towards the water more often than nt. Then .. splash. Soemthing rises from the depths! Brows raise as he slows in his step a but, eyeing the emerged creature from the depths. Garait's words has him turning his eyes. "That's a …" Oh yes, it is a girl! Not a sea monster at all. He laughs and nods. "Good eye! Might be her after all. C'mon, let's get a better look." He nods to him and then continues closer to the edger, waving an arm. "Hello there!"

Natalya giggles and smiles offering a waves, "hi there. Mind helping me out a bit." she reaches down to pull off some fins and tossing the onto the dock.

Following the other boy closer to the edger, Garait nods as he smiles. As the girl speaks, he moves to help herr, glancing around at the water before he does though. "Natalya, how goes?" He glances to Kale to see if he'll say why they came, since it was his suggestion afterall.

"Long as you don't have mind to pull me in an' make me swim with the fish too," answers Kale good-naturedly and he stoops a bit to offer his hand to her, bracing himself to pull back and help get her out of the water. "You are Natalya, right?" he asks her after Garait greets. It'd be awful to have run into the wrong person this whole time.

Natalya laughs as she is pulled out of the water and says softly, "I don't think I could pull a big strong guy like you in." she smiles and nods, "I am…How can I help you?" she looks between the two guys blushes a bit as she is clad in a small two piece bathing suit.

"Swimming with the fishes dressed like that Kale? We'd probably need something different, right?' Garait glances to Natalya to confirm that or not. He helps Kale get the girl out of the water and waits patiently. "Kale had a suggestion and we were just wondering…."

Kale laughs as he releases her hand once she's out of the depths. "You'd be surprised what could happen when you catch a guy off guard," he replies to her, his grin remaining. He glances over to Garait and smirks. "Any wear can be swimwear! Though true, it'd be easier to strip down to our underwear huh?" It'd be less of a hassle! Once Natalya confirms who she is, his eyes sweep back her way, two piece and all. "Excellent. We were wondering" he says after Garait, "Just how … possible it be to ask a favor of you. See. The two've us are rather curious about dolphins and would love t'see one up close and personal."

Natalya laughs and ssys softly, "You are wanting to swim with the dolphins?" she looks between the two and says softly, "I would have to clear it with my journeyman, I don't have a partner yets but I don't think there would be a problem. Why did you want to swim with them?"

Garait nods, agreeing with Kale. "Yes, seeing one up close will be very interesting. I really haven't taken the opportunity to be around fish or dolphins since I've been so focused on land based animals especially herdbeasts." He glances t Kale then, "Well, I kind of want to touch one more than swim with them, but swimming is good too."

Kale nods to confirm what Natalya supposes, his expression optimistically hopeful. He remains quiet though at Garait's explanation, watching the other fellow as he talks, nodding then and again as if that'll help their cause. As for why he himself wishes to swim with the dolphins.. "Eh .. because I haven't," he answers honestly, grinning. "I mean, I think it'd be fun to do. Like Garait said, just touchin' is fine, especially if your journeymen say no, but .. swimmin' would be even beter!" he laughs. "As long as one've them doesn't pull us under to murder us."

Natalya smiles and says, "They'd never pull you under." she smiles, "If I had a partner I would introduce you right now but.."

Nodding, Garait smiles, "Like Kale said as well, but if you need to check with your Journeyman, can we make a time to come by later once it's arranged?" He doesn't want to be pushy at all, but seems to understand if the answer is no.

"With my luck, I'd be the first," remarks Kale, humor in his voice as he speaks back to the younger girl. "But I trust ya! At least now I do, as I'm dry and not bein' drowned by a dolphin." Eyes shift to Garait, and he nods after. "Yeah, no rush. It isn't as if either've us are going anywhere! So … whatever's good for you." He grins, excitement obvious. "Do you dolphineers usually work with partners?"

Natalya nods ands ays softly, "We do, one of the pod chooses to work with us on a one one one basis."

Listening, Garait nods and listens, "So they choose to your with you? How is that?" He doesn't seem to uite get that and it shows. "Dragons and firelizards Impress at birth and the animals I work with tend to be trained and can't choose. "When do you think you can talk with your Journeyman?"

Kale raises his brows a bit. "Oh you mean…partner as in a dolphin?" he asks. "Ah, I thought you meant another dolphineer!" Well now this is interesting! Garait's point of not choosing who he works with earns a grin and he pats the guy on the shoulder, a playful grin on his face. "Aw come now, Garait. One day, a mutt will find ya and stare up at you with big brown eyes and drool hangin' from its tongue and it'll be an instant Impression."

Natalya nods and says soflty, "Well maybe if we swim out a bit I can get one or two to come investigate us…" she thinks for a moment.

Garait just wrinkles his nose a tiny bit when Kale mentions Impressing a mutt. "I have my hands full enough with Forest, thank you." He grins at Natalya then, "If you cab, it'd be great, bu we can come back if we need to."

"Right, it won't be a problem," assures Kale, still chuckling over his Impressing comment. "Besides, it'll give me good reason to come back here. I don' think I've ever stepped foot on these docks in all my turns of livin' at Xanadu.." He walks to the edge and peers over into the water, perhaps hoping to catch the shadow of a dolphin down there. "Do they have names? Can they speak to ya like dragons do?" Kale obviously has no knowledge whatsoever about dolphins!

Natalya smiles and says, "They do all have there own names." she smiles and says, "If you all wanted to swim out a bit I might get them to come say hi."

Garait smirks at Kale, "I was raised here nd never trally asked about the dolphines. I was too focused getting into the Beastcraft or helping my mom with her Green." Which is probably why he doesn't have that many close friends. "Okay, swim it is." The Beastcrafter moves towards Kale as if he's going to push the Smithcrafter in, but he is grinning while doing it.

Kale hmms at Garait. "Makes sense. Seems like only wanna be dolphineer apprentices would care to ask about dolphins." He begins to look back to the water, but as he does…uh oh, here comes Garait! He grins, lifting his hands to to act as shields. Or perhaps, grabbing mechanisms? "You push me an' you're goin' down too!" he warns with a bit of a laugh. And with all the splashing that'd follow, they'd scare the dolphins away! He glances to Natalya while still keeping a close eye on Garait. "Think I'm gonna have to pass on meetin' them today though. Gotta grab some lunch."

Natalya smiles and nods to the pair, "Alright then, just let me know before hand next time and I can try and see if I can get some of the youngs ones that want to play in closer.

Chuckling, Garait raises his hands in defeat, "Okay, okay. I don't want to expain to the Jurneyman why I was a little late getting back." He nods in agreement with Kale, "Yes, I have to get some lunch, do some lessons and other things, but would like to come back as well. Maybe in more appropriate attire. I may send my firelizard Forest with a note if I can't deliver it myself." With that, he waves and starts heading back to the Craft Complex.

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