Sneakiness, an Update and a Reprimand

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex(#3200RJL)
The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

The Craft Complex is just slightly busy even for this late evening, but it'ss winding down quick with people heading out for food, classes and lectures are ending and last minute duties to attend to. Sitting at one of the computers that is avaible to everyone, Garait is getting a lesson with one of the Journeyman Beastcrafters with someone from the tech and computer crafts. At a glance, the screen shows a map overview of Xanadu and its surrounding areas with different labels and circles entered. "And that is what data we have for the wild herdbeasts and where they graze and roam right now. We'll get more soon, but that will help us focus on those areas." With that, it's saved, printed and added to a stck of paperss with the lesson being over and them heading out. Garait just sits there a moment and takes a breathe before getting up."

The Weyrleader can sometimes slip in like an unseen shadow and othertimes he commands audiance with all who are present. Today, it's the former. His business today, at this moment in time, would be better off without a huge commotion set to his arrival. Thus, he slips into the complex, cloak on his shoulders, hood drawn up, using the cooling of eve for an excuse that none seem to question in his passing. He footfalls for the most part were silent, mastered long ago in some far place where he was raised, now, they carry him just as swiftly as they did then. It might therefore startle Garait when his Journeyman leaves his side, that another joins in. His presence like a looming threat behind Garait, hunkering down so his face just grazes near to Garait's shoulder, his tone most definitely belonging to the Weyrleader, a deadpan commad, "Remain seated and tell me what of news you have."

A slightly sharp intake of breath and a tensing of his back give Garait's startlement away as the Weyrleader's voice is so close. A whispered "Shards!" escapes his lips, but he remains seated, straightening up things to look busy. "They are asking people to volunteer to do one or two day trips to see where the wild herdbeasts are. They are planning to gather up the younger and calmer herdbeasts to supplement our herds here Also, data is being entered into the computer to show on a map where they have been seen so it can be planned. They are teaching us this as well as getting us used to computers now." It sounds like it's recently been added to the young boy's lessons, which he sounds glad of.

A'dmar leans down, with one hand on the desk upon which the computer rests, the other settled on Garait's chair, smirking when he realizes he still has what it takes to be seen but unseen as it were. Without his lavish clothes and his bold Weyrleader's knot and a simple cloak on, only a few people have even looked his way and then it was for stray moments. A sure sign of the security risk, but something that he can deal with later. For now, it suits. His eyes flicker up toward the front of the techcraft room, incase the journeyman should return. And most of what Garait tells him is something he could learn himself through reports, nodding all the same as the apprentices view point could at some point stray from what the reports give him, something he wanted to keep on top of if it were ever to happen. "Good," he starts at first then notes with some hardness in his voice, "Apprentices are not supposed to get into intimate relationships. You realize you could get ejected from the beastcraft for failing to follow these rules, do you not?" It is a strict part about being an apprentice afterall, for some crafts more than others, "You don't realize how damaging gossip can be, for there is always a little truth in every rumor spread."

A blush touches the young crafter speks at the mention of gossip nd Garait looks down, the reprimand nd reminder ssetting in. "Yes sir, I understand. I will make sure that I'm not any more gossip in regards to intimate relations. I really want to be here at Xanadu in the Beastcraft, and don't want to be evicted." There is a seriousness to his tone and anyone looking on will guess it's just gentle reprimand from a higher rank in the Craft. There is no denial or admission to the rumors, but he is obviously aware of it and then changes aubject. "One question sir. Are there dragonriders helping the Beastcraft learn where the ild herdbests are and the territory the herd is in?"

"It doesn't matter what I think, but if your journeymen or masters care of the rumors, you might be dragged in front of them to explain," A'dmar is frank with the youngster, "I recommend you keep your distance from If'an, because if I hear of it again, it is him who will be paying the consequences of bedding an apprentice. He knows better, you, may not." A beat, "That said, there is no excuse for it. If you wish to be a part of your craft, follow their rules." That is all he can say to the matter, appearing like some scolding higher ranked individual indeed, so much so that the techcraft apprentices mulling around the room are giving them a wide birth. As for the subject change, he nods, "If you wish of it to have our dragonriders involved, your journeymen should request aid from either Galaxy, a wing lead by a brownrider named Ers'lan, or Comet, a wing lead by a bluerider named Fl'ynn. Either or would be sufficient. Galaxy is trained in search and rescue, the other, trade. Each are capable." He does not recommend any other wings or wingleaders, simply, leaving it there as his attention is turning, "Anything else before I go?"

Garait blinks, eyes going wide for a moment at the mention of If'an and the not so veiled reminder of what can happen to him or a rider if things happen. "I, um, yes sir. Definitely sir. I will keep my distance." His tone is serious with a hint of fear there as well. Message received loud and clear. "I will abide by the rules sir, especially in that case." He then nods as he listens, "Ers'len or Fl'ynn. Comet or Galaxy. I'm sure they've thought of it, but I'll talk to my Journeyman about it sir." A deep breathe then, "Umm, no sir, nothing else sir. A Journeyman should be delivering the preliminary reports and other things by tomorrow, or the day after sir."

"Very good…" A'dmar praises the lad again, voicing no further disapproval on things that the lad has done. The message was given loud and clear. He didn't want his riders getting involved with an affair that could ridicule them as well as the apprentice involved. Riders must know more common sense than to bed an apprentice. But, as for the matter of business, the 'very good' is the last thing that Garait will hear from the man before a flutter and furl of fabric hint at his departure. Indeed, as quick as he arrived he seems eager to leave, slipping beyond the techcraft complex before long and out into the Weyr, a drifting shadow.

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