To Judge A Mocking B'rd

Interactive Vignette Details:

B'rdian is being brought before the Weyr Council to be judged on his performance as a Wingleader of Galaxy and to face claims of abuse and willful endangerment. He will stand in front of the Weyrleaders, Xe'ter and Thea, along with the Weyrsecond D'had and the Jr. Weyrwoman, Sianne and Brianna. His peers will also be there, Wingleader's of all wings present. The accused will be represented by Harper Matrin. Witnesses Keziah and Ers'lan will be called to attend and answer questions directed at them in regards to the matter. The hearing will conclude with the decision of the Council and be irrevocable once read aloud.

Anyone who would be in attendance can add to the interactive vignette whenever they choose to. This vignette will have no end date as folks can continue to add until their characters have been represented as well as they think they should be. As a vignette, any piece written specifically as a RP pose may not get immediate response, so please do consider adding further detail outside of waiting for a response back.

The case would proceed as follow: Opening comments from Weyrleaders, the plea from the defendant, testimonials from fellow wingmembers and witnesses, last statement from the defense and accused, deliberation between the weyr council (witnesses and defendant excused for the time), verdict and reactions to follow.

B’rdian had spent the last sevenday humiliated, confined to his weyr by the order of the Weyrwoman. His Kasuth would not disobey that request no matter how much B’rdian had wished her to, considering his confinement meant that he couldn’t go see his weyrmate and children. He spent the days calculating who in his mind had dared to make such a claim to get him stripped of a rank so easily. He had come to the decision that it was the weasel of a brown rider who must’ve reported him. B'rdian had always believed that the former ex-sailor intended to mount a mutiny to take over. Apparently he had done well at succeeding since the brownrider now held a Wingsecond knot, temporary, but the evidence of what happened was clear to B'rdian. Ers'lan had overthrown him. At least B’rdian’s supporters would believe the same - this was a wrongful dismissal. B'rdian still had supporters, did he not? That was the question. Everyday he pondered the outcome of the last few Turns of work, pondering loyalties and relationships. Would they hold when it counted?

The fateful day had come. He was suiting up in his finest leathers, looking at himself in the mirror, face solid and square, ready to face the accusations and defend his honor as a dragon rider and as a leader. He did nothing wrong. He would have to make the rest of them see that Ers’lan was just exaggerating. The boy had been on a ship for crying out loud, he probably heard a lot worse than what B’rdian had ever said to him. Shaking his head, he was more disappointed at the brown rider than anything else. He would be glad to face the dirt bag for once and for all.

Resentment had crept in when his escort had come to collect him, dusting a hand down his jacket as he looked over at them. Both were tense but at least both were of his wing, he recognized them as N’varre and R‘iver. One had to be a supporter, he was certain of it, yet both looked as grim as if they were going to walk him to his death. There were no need for words, just a nod shared between as he set the pace in front, proud and defiant of this whole situation. He was a Wingleader and he wouldn’t let anyone think less of him. He would show the Weyr Council he was still a strong member of this Weyr and that he wouldn’t let anyone shake him from his cause.

Despite what she's witnessed and despite how she feels about the situation, Keziah is quite nervous over the whole proceedings. While waiting

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