Surfs Up

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.

The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.

Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

It's a beautiful summer afternoon at Xanadu, and and many people are taking advantage of the weather. Well, anyone who doesn't have to be elsewhere with duties. And it seems the WeyrHarper has finished today's lessons considering the number of water-splashing and sandWeyr building weyrbrats scattered along the shoreline. Off in deeper waters, a colorful fair of flitters dart and zip about, chittering excitably in their aerial acribatics as they fly above a dragonpair slicing across the water. The rider in a crouching stance just above the green's wings as the dragin surfs across the surface?

And in the skies above… blue! The weather, mostly, the sky bright behind the little fluffy clouds, but… also a dragon. He's small, Redemereth is, and so one could be forgiven for missing his presence, but at least he (and R'eyn on his back) loom closer as the pair circles down - and, catching sight of the greenpair in the waves, starts to match their trajectory, following just a half-wingbeat behind up in the sky.

Sephany is certainly one of those enjoying the weather that the summer day has provided; stretched out on a blanket in the sand, clad in a swimsuit that reveals JUST enough to toe the line of risqué and come away clean, propped up on her arms so that she can turn her gaze towards the ocean beyond. The flare of firelizards gets a glance, perhaps checking to see if her own pair are among those that dance over the waves. It is the descent of the blue that catches her eye, drawing her gaze in a downward path until she's likewise spotted that surfer-rider and the green in the waves. "Huh."

By air and by sea, winged beasties large and small are invading Xanadu's beach! Where is the watchdragon! Oh wait! Most of those winged things look to Kera, the silly rider currently dragonsurfing on her green dragonmate's back. Moncerath slices her tail back and forth, propelling her through the upper surface of the water and leaving a bit of a wave in her wake. Aware that the newly arrived pair are shadowing her from above, Moncerath bugles a greeting to all and adds to the visiting blue ** Clear skies and warm waters ** Kera adjust her stance and darts a quick glance in the airspace around them, even though they are in the water. About half of the dozen flitters cavorting overhead belong to her C'rus, the rest she has no clue. She signals a greeting to the rider above before her foot slips and she spends a half second catching ehr balance before getting her groove back. Moncerath's speed slows as they get closer to shore, and soon a little surge of water creeps very close to an endangered sandweyr, but it recedes just before any structural damage can occur. The greenrider crouches low and stretches across Moncerath's neck as the dragon wades into the shallows.

Redemereth flares his wings as the green reaches shore, veering toward the side and gliding down to take his own perch on the sands, toes curling in firmly before wings snap in to tuck against his sides. His head turns, looking back toward Moncerath. « Hot sands, too, » the blue replies with a soft whirring noise beneath diffuse light. He lowers his head to let R'eyn unfasten his straps and slip out, the bluerider waving to Kera and her green and Sephany before he starts unfastening Redemereth's straps.

Two of those little winged beasties might look to the blond on the beach, though from this distance, Sephany cannot discern whether her pair are among those that cavort and play. Besides; the oncoming quad of blue-plus-rider and green-plus-rider has drawn her attention and her gaze. The wave in Moncerath's wake doesn't just threaten to destroy sandy-weyr, it also threatens weaver-toes, a sharp look leveled on the surf that keeps on coming before it recedes without touching her. SAFE! A glance for the blue as his shadow passes, the spin down and dismount. A flicker of a smile in acknowledgement of the greeting. Then back to healer-and-green. Sun and surf certainly bring a crowd, though there's a ruefull look tugging at the sides of Sephany's mouth.

Kera let's Moncerath do all the work of getting back to shore before laughing and sliding over and down the green's neck and slip into the water. By now the green is close enough to shore that the woman's feet can reach the sand. They both wade from the water, Kera glancing to the landing bluepair a moment while the visiting rider sees to his dragonmate's gear. She works at wringing water fromher pontytail as she makes her way over to where Moncerath's half stuffed satchels and other gear are grouped on a blanket near by Sephany's. Several of her flitters veer from the cavorting group and land at various perches on the stuff while she is trying to gather a towel "Get off it Weasty!" she has to nudge a stumby looking bronze one off her towel to start drying off. The woman has a few tattoos on her arm. Some of her hard earned knots through craft and Weyr. Namely, JourneyHealer and Greenrider knots inked into the flesh of her upper right armand shoulder, front and back. With a smirk she glances to thte woman on the nearest blanket "You'd think /he/ needed to dry off her something." she refers to the bronze flitter trying to claim her towel before glancing to the bluerider a little distance down the shore and sending a wave.

R'eyn finishes tugging the straps off Redemereth, taking a moment to bundle them up before he puts them over his shoulder. The blue gives himself a shake and another spread of his wings before he settles them again, padding off through the sand in a rough semicircle to head back toward those waves splashing up against the shore… or maybe just to inspect one of those sandweyrs. Got to see what the construction standards around here are like, after all! R'eyn lets his dragon explore, making his own way over toward Kera and Sephany. "Nice moves," he offers to the greenrider as he comes near enough.

Grey eyes lazily follow the path of green and rider, until the former is touching down and walking away to gather things. Things that are close enough to allow conversation. "Perhaps he just wants a bit of attention?" Sephany offers in a way that isn't really contradictory so much as sympathetic. In a 'poor little firelizard' sort of way. "Thanks," replies the weaver, a sassy grin in place when she continues with, "I've been practicing my 'lounging' all day." Teasing, because she clearly knows he meant the compliment for KERA and not herself. "But I will second him," she says a moment later, enough seriousness in her tone to convey sincerity when she says, "It sure looked fun out there."

Kera squeezes the towel around her pony tail a few times before swiping over the rest of herself and getting mostly dry before shrugging into a loose tshirt. She snorts in amusement at Sephany's sympathetic reaction concerning the stumpy little bronze. I mean look at those wings. How can they get his chunky self off the ground, much less keep him airborne! Tossing the damp towel back, it lands in a heap on the flitter, who sqawks indignantly and pokes his head out of the soggy mess. "Aww, poor little Weasty… Don't know what to do with it now that ya got it huh ya WE little beASTY." (Thus how the flitter was named) She chuckles and gives the flitter some scritches before digging out a handful of flitter bites. Several find their way into his belly, and to some of the other flitters that claim the woman as theirs. She'll probably have a few bits to offer to any strange flitter that comes a beggin as well. Laughing at the woman's retort to the bluerider, Kera's attention drift between the two as they talk. She'll give a slight tip of her head and a non too humble acceptance of her mad dragonsurfing skills, all tongue in cheek though. "And your Shadowing Formation is top notch!" Kera flashes a teasing grin and tosses out a few more flitter snacks to whoever wants them "Moncerath does all the work though. I only have to not fall off. Which I manage most of the time. Welcome to Xanadu. I'm Kera. Awlm with Moncerath there, as well as JourneyHealer." Her gaze slips between the sunbathing woman and visiting rider a bit curiously.

R'eyn arches brows to Sephany's reply, following it with a "Hmfh," that might be dismissive but might also be amusement, especially with the faint smile at the corners of his mouth as she addresses Kera and he listens, then looks back to the greenrider. "Thanks," he says to her, and shrugs. "It's like going after big fish or game. Course, generally if you're hunting, you only have a few moments before they notice and make it more challenging." He smiles for that, then nods for her introduction. "R'eyn, and Redemereth." A gesture back to where his blue is wading into the water. "We're out of Ista, at least for now. Duties and all that."

A flicker of a frown, pulling at the sides of her mouth and the corners of her eyes, for the towel-tossed bronze 'lizard; sympathy clearly evident. "Not his fault. He's just a firelizard," Sephany murmurs. But he seems fine enough, so her attention drifts back to the pair of riders. Sassy reply for lounging poses given, she sinks back into silence, gaze drifting toward the sea once again as the pair converse of things she knows nothing about; dragon surfing or hunting. At the greeting, her attention reverts and she offers a quick, "Sephany of Fort Weyr. Pleasure to meet you," that shows readily enough she was paying attention.

Kera isn't much of a hunter, but what R'eyn describes does strike close to her work sometimes "Like cornering skittish or irritable patients and keeping the needle out of sight til the last second. Or better yet, never see it coming." A bit of a nod for the introductions, Ista and Fort hmm. Her grins turns to Sephany "Fort, that explains a bit. We get alot of Fortian visitors this time of Turn. Finding your way around alright?" She starts rummaging through one of the large satchels pulling out shorts and sandals and slipping them on over her swimsuit. She grins as she watches the wandering blue creep closer to some sandweyrs for some reason, Moncerath watching from where she cants her wings just so, so the water will run off quicker. Still searching among the packs, she cants her head to R'eyn "But what brings you to Xanadu? Come to join in the game at the Tavern later?"

R'eyn nods to Sephany for her introduction, then says, "Nice to meet you both," with a glance between her and Kera. The healer's description of her craft draws a chuckle from him. "Should I take the fact I've spotted you as a sign I'm safe?" he asks lightly. "Or is this just another way you get potential patients off-guard?" His blue seems to currently be watching a pair of children at work in the sand. As for R'eyn? "What game is this?" he asks curiously, following it with, "We heard something about feline problems nearby. Came to consult, as it were."

Cornering patients and springing on them with needles? That definitely gets a frown from the blond on the blanket; a deep and disapproving look that does not become spoken words but is there, nonetheless. Sephany pushes herself more upright, reaching to gather the meager belongings that have littered the area around her; sandals and towel, floppy hat that promptly goes onto her head, a small bottle of water that had been nestled in a small hand-dug hole. "I'm not here for the sun," she says simply, grabbing her blanket in one hand and yanking it up as she rises. "Pleasure to meet you, but I must be going now," all said with an air of cool politeness that says maybe she is not that pleased afterall. "Good luck with the felines…," to R'eyn. And then she is gone, moving over the sand with smooth steps that speak of familiarity with shifting grounds and grainy textures underfoot.

Kera glances between Sephany, brow arching when she states she's not here for the sun, when slearly she was sunning herself moments ago. A nod to r'eyn's report of the felines. "Yea. There were sightings near holds around Rubicon. Have they managed to track any of them down?" As Sephany makes ready to leave, Kera offers a smile "Nice meeting you Sephany. I'm sure I'll see you around sometimes." Probably at the caverns most likely. To R'eyn she gives a little laugh "I had thought you were hear for the supser secret poker game some of the older weyrlings are planning." She gives a winked little grin "Too bad most of them will be too busy to attend their own game." She glances to Moncerath "It's nice meeting you as well, but I do need to get back to my duties. Safe hunting!" Then she's shoulders straps and a couple of large satchels and heading towards her next task.

"Thanks," R'eyn replies to Sephany for her offered luck, and he watches her departure for a moment before returning his gaze to Kera. A nod for those reports of felines, followed by a shrug. "Haven't spoken to the locals yet, and dragons aren't so good at whether the sighting they remember is a seven or a turn ago. But we'll get it figured out, hopefully sooner." The mention of the poker game gets an ah from him, a nod of understanding followed by a shake of his head. "Not my plan, no. I use my luck in other ways," he says, then lifts his hand to wave. "Farewell!" he says, then goes to see what Redemereth has found to look at now.

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