Gone Fishing

Fishermen cast out their nets
We all in turn go fishing
Some will use a rod and line
While others fish by wishing

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Thea is on the Dock, Seryth is beside her. Both are peering into the water. Thea can be heard shushing Seryth, who is trilling gleefully at something down there. "You're scaring them! Hush now." But it's no use. Although the young gold is crouching very still, she cannot seem to stop singing — at whatever she is watching.

Delynni is strolling down the beach with Ryukith, the blue slouching his way along the sand until he spots the weyrling queen trilling. The blue cranes his head around, standing onto his hind legs to try and figure out what the queen is trilling at. "Oye, heya there Thea." Delynni says with a casual wave. Ryukith moves silently over to the pair to try and get a closer look.

A bit further up the beach, Fiara sits on a blanket, wide-brimmed straw hat flapping a little in the breeze. The harper's got on swimwear with a wrap around her waist, knees drawn partly up as she works on something in a notebook. A gitar case lies on the blanket beside her and she looks up now and then, head tilted to catch the musical sound of Seryth's trilling, a little smile pulling at the corners of her mouth though she's presently beyond comfortable conversational distance.

Walking along the beach as well is also one newly-made weyrling! And his dragon. A'dar and Zeituth, to be more precise. A blue and a green firelizard are playing on the blue dragon's back. They too see Thea and Seryth staring into the water and both blink, almost in tandem. A'dar looks to Zeituth and shrugs. "I don't know," he notes quietly. "Let's sit back for now and find out." A'dar did not want to disturb the pair. He sees Delynni and Ryukith, but he does not call out to them, as he hasn't met them. Matter of fact, it's taking a herculean effort for A'dar not to hide behind Zeituth. Which really wouldn't help, since obviously, if there's a blue dragon out here, there's probably a rider somewhere. He may or may not see Fiara, since he's trying not to revert to his old ways of hiding….

Thea looks up and blinks. One hand rubs at her eyes, no doubt re-adjusting her sight after peering through the water. "Oh hi, Delynni. Hello Ryukith." Seryth croons a lower note and apparently adds a non-vocal message along with it, which has Thea pushing up from her prone position and giving A'dar a wave as well. She gives Seryth a pat as she steps off of the dock. One hand gestures towards the water where her young dragon is once again peering — and trilling — into the water. "Fish." And she half-grins.

Delynni aahs. "Has she tried catching fish yet? Ryukith has no trouble." The blue raises his head, and Delynni nods in silent comand. The blue prances down the dock and leaps into the water. In little time at all, seconds it seams, he comes back up with a fish in his maw and climbs on the dock again. So deftly that only the faintest ripple is left where he leapt.

Faint disappointment colors Fiara's face as Seryth's trilling stops. The harper sets aside her notebook, flips it closed and tucks it under the gitar case then gets to her feet, padding barefoot across the sand, one hand on her hat to keep it in place. "Good day, weyrlings, bluerider," she says politely as she nears the dock enough to be heard easily. "A little fishing to pass the time?" she queries, grin bright. "And Thea, Seryth's song was quite lovely from where I was sitting. I was trying to capture the notes." A'dar earns a brief look as she nears the dock, but since he's not approaching she only nods his way as she passes.

A'dar smiles shyly, and offers a wave back to Thea. Zeituth doesn't seem to understand what has his rider so upset, and looks from his A'dar to the others, tilting his head slightly, as if confused. A'dar pats Zei on the flank. "Just me…don't worry." He gives a sigh, and then walks forward a bit. He's been seen anyway, so his cover's blown. He watches Ryukith catch a fish, and claps. Zei gives a trill of congratulations as well. He gives a nod in return to Fiara as she nods to him, and finally approaches, with Zei walking beside him. "Hello," he offers to all present.

Seryth's trilling cuts off abruptly as Ryukith leaps; easily distracted she is. She tilts her head, watching the larger dragon's progress under the water, then blinks in awe at his catch. Seryth gives a little questioning trill at him, then focuses on the water to continue her 'fishing by song'. Thea just gives her a patiently loving look, "Nicely done, Ryukith! And not yet, Delyinni. We haven't been cleared to take them into deeper water yet." She gives Fiara a warm smile, "Capture the notes? Oh, that's interesting! Can… dragons be taught to," a slight blush, "sing as background, um… accompaniment?" A'dar's hesitation gets a bit of a blink and a questioning look, but she doesn't ask. "Hey A'dar."

Delynni laughs at Seryth's trilling. "Ah well. Dragons are naturals at flying and swimming. Eventually she'll get to do everything. So don't worry if you aren't allowed to do anything yet. Everything in its proper time." Ryukith slurps down his fish and yawns, falling into a relaxed and reclining pose. All splayed out, the blue hums smugly before silently peering from Fiara to Thea to A'dar and then Seryth and Zeituth.

"Oh yes, it was very tuneful and not like anything I've written," Fiara tells Thea with a wide smile. "As for being taught, I honestly don't know. I've not all that much experience with dragons other than rides," the harper confesses, looking over at the young dragons curiously. A'dar's approach earns a warm smile and a "Good day, weyrling!"

A'dar smiles and though he is now closer to the group, he does not speak. Until Thea offers her greeting. "Hello there," he offers quietly. Really he's not trying to be rude. He's just shy around new people. His firelizards don't seem to be as shy, though, as the blue offers a happy mini-trill of a greeting, and the green draws herself up proudly as she sits upon Zeituth's back. She is a princess, after all! A'dar bows slightly to Fiara as as greets him too. He does not know who she is, after all. "Good day," he offers. Zeituth leans forward a bit and sniffs at the gathered people and dragons. Ryukith especially, since he doesn't know him.

Thea glances briefly at Ryukith's head-turning and she smiles, He'll get dizzy trying to watch us all." Fiara's comments set her to thinking, "Tuneful. Huh, how about that?" She studies young Seryth for a moment, "Perhaps we ought to try sometime? I could try to… I dunno, give her a cue for you or something." A'dar, have you met Harper Fiara? Fiara, this is A'dar formerly of… Oh shells, A'dar all this studying has driven it clear out of my head."

Delynni watches as Ryukith chuffs. Dizzy? No. The blue isn't dizzy, he raises his head for a moment, almost sphinxlike as his tail begins to twitch. "Ryukith says he can't sing. And it would be better if he not try." Delynni giggles. "Poor Ryu." The blue humphs, settling again, but still with that sphinx like gaze on the conversation. "I've never heard of a dragon singing in the literal sense. Maybe humming pleasently but not in the same way as a human. Though Ryukith once tried mentally, though the other dragons told him he was tonedeaf, and what sorts of things they'd do if he didn't stop." Ryukith purrs, eye whirling shrewdly as he observes Seryth.

A little surprised, Fiara considers this idea of Thea's then she grins. "Well no harm in trying, right? If your Weyrlingmaster allows it of course," the harper adds on. She holds a hand out to A'dar though, smiling warmly once more. "A pleasure meeting you, A'dar. I'm from Paradise River myself, then to the Hall and posting at Tillek before coming here."

Hearing that Fiara is a Harper makes A'dar seem to be even shyer. "…Smithcraft," he supplies when Thea stalls, hoping that Fiara doesn't know his parents, both Harpers as well. Then again, he hasn't spoken to either of them, so maybe his new name won't be reocgnized. "I'm a clocksmith." He snickers a bit at Delynni's statement. Shaking his head, A'dar offers, "I couldn't carry a tune…if it had a handle, sorry. Don't know about Zei…he hasn't tried yet." He shakes Fiara's hand as she offers it. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Fiara," he notes.

Thea looks thoughtfully at Ryukith, "See Delynni, that purr, while not musical, it's rythmic— like a rattle—a percussion, maybe." She slants questioning glance at Fiara, "Might be fun to try sometime." Oh, she's noting A'dar's discomfort and looks slightly troubled. She helps, if she can, "And possibly toy repairer, if we ever get time to mess with the broken stuff in that box. I still have it."

Delynni yawns. "Keroon beastcraft. But I spent some time living in Rubicon River. That's where my family moved to. However, I'm proud to say I've been searched 7 times before I impressed Ryukith, and each at a different Weyr!" Delynni makes a show of prancing and hopping slowly across the sand. "Foot loose and fancy free, walking the world waiting for my beautiful, beautiful blue Ryukith. Believe it or not Xanadu was one of the places I was left standing. And then I had Ryukith, and I said 'buddy hows about a trip to paradise?' So we came here." She spins on one foot with practiced grace before planting both sandal covered feet firmly on the ground.

Returning A'dar's handshake with a firm one of her own, she laughs a little for the mode of address. "Journeyman, or just Fiara, if you please," she tells him in a mild tone. "And a former Smith, that must have been fun." She releases her hand after a moment, looks back towards Thea. "It is at that," Fiara agrees about that rhythmic quality. "Like percussion," she says with a little smile for the bluerider and she nods Thea's way. "All right, just let me know. I'm easiest found just before or just after the kids' harper lessons. FIrst thing in the morning in the classroom, or right before I go take lunch." Delynni's dancing is eyed with some bemusement while the rider is semi-turned away, but by the time she's turned back, Fiara's face is merely pleasant of expression again.

A'dar smiles to Thea's statement about the toys. "Yes…with all the hustling about…I haven't had time to fix those toys," he recalls. To Delynni's words, he notes, "I traveled about for a while, too. Fixing clocks, though. Not nearly as exciting." He smiles. "Found Zeituth first Search." As he speaks, he leans over to hug the blue, who seems to smile at the sentiment. "Second hatching, though…he was from Ellamariseth's clutch." A pause, and he leans over to almost whisper conspiratorically. "Do you know…one of the Candidates…actually SHOOED Zeituth at the hatching?! Couldn't believe it." The blue snorts at the memory, flicking his tail a couple of times. He nods to Fiara's request. "Fiara, then?" A smile. "Oh yes, clocksmithing is quite fun; I still work at it, actually," A'dar notes to Fiara. "Zei likes clocks, likes the…" He pauses, trying to find the word, and then looks up at his blue. "…The order that clocks bring to people."

Thea blinks at the spinning Delynni and smiles in a bit of baffled amusement, then looks towards the dock where Seryth is still softly trilling. The dragon's head raises and turns towards Thea, who explains, "She says you aren't a fish, Fiara, so why would she want to sing to you?" She giggles briefly, "I'll work on her." At A'dar's recounting of the shooing, there's a wide grin, "Vivian doesn't know what she's missed, eh, A'dar?"

Delynni is about to chime in, a huge grin on her face at Seryth's mention of not singing to Fiara because she's not a fish. But a familiar (to her) voice calls out. "You hooooooo! Del!" Del perks up, "TORUKIA!" The bluerider who pulls Del into a noogie wears Easterns' knots and a grin the size of Rukbat itself. "T……. torukia what are you doing here? Don't you have deliveries somewhere?" The bluerider pouts. "Don't give me that!" She moons. "My little Delling is all grown up and does she come to see me? Nooooo! I dragged you around as a candidate, ergo I /expect/ to make you an honorary Blue Bird! Blue sisters and brothers for life!" The ebulliant bluerider waves her farewell to the weyrlings, (with a wink of mischief to A'dar), "You mean I'm an excuse for you to blow off work so you can gossip and get drunk at the…….." They pass out of hearing and Ryukith huffs, laughing as he gets up to follow.

Laughter, merry and bright from Fiara at Thea's pronouncement about Seryth. "Shall I hop in the water and pretend to be one then?" she jokes with a wink. "At any rate, if she's not inclined, that's fine. I"m interested in working with what I've heard though, working it into a composition," the harper continues. "And Vivian — an interesting girl," is the politeness that comes out of Fia's mouth. "Clocks, always a useful skill," she tells A'dar, nods for her name. The enthusiastic traded greetings and effusiveness from Delynni and her friend occasion some more blinking, but she's murmuring polite farewells as the bluerider departs.

"Not at all!" A'dar notes. "But then…I know what she wanted. Both clutches, she waited for a gold." He shakes his head. "Faranth help us all…if she becomes a weyrwoman!" A'dar falls silent as Delynni is pounced on by somebody, and blinks, as if confused. He does not intervene, though he tilts his head curiously at the wink. He doesn't respond to it, but he offers a wave of farewell as Delynni is dragged(?) off by someone. Vivian is mentioned, and A'dar wrinkles his nose. "Interesting, maybe. But not very nice," he admits. And Zei echoes the sentiment, with a snort.

Thea's mouth hangs slightly agape at the sudden arrival of the bluerider and departure of Delynni. She just gives a feeble wave in the departing wake."Okay, that was… interesting." Fiara's comment draws a bit of a laugh. "I'm not sure I'd recommend that; you're likely to get eaten after being serenaded. Though I'd love to hear your composition, for sure." She just smiles as A'dar mentions Vivian, "Might fit right in with the bunch, who can say?"

"Mmm. Never a dull moment around here," Fiara answers, eyes twinkling with good humor. "Would she really eat me?" Fia asks next, looking skeptical. Her eyes flicker over to A'dar at that snorted exclamation. "She's been … polite to me at least, but I hear she's … difficult."

A'dar wrinkles his nose at Thea's statement. "Wouldn't fit in with me," he notes. "Hopefully I've graduated…before she becomes a weyrling." To Fiara, she notes, "From what I hear, Vivian is…polite when she feels the need. When she doesn't get what she wants, though…she can be…difficult. Granted, I haven't actually met her face-to-face…except at the two hatchings. And she behaved like…like…." He looks to Zeituth again. A pause, and then he nods. "Well, yes…but that would be rude to say." He smirks, and then looks to Fiara. "Like a child having a temper tantrum. She blamed someone else…for Seryth not choosing her. Blamed someone else, then stormed off." He shrugs.

Thea shakes her head at Fiara, "Nooo, not really. She must just sorta chew on you for awhile though." Eyes dancing, she adds, "Might be fun to see what she would do." Obviously not serious. She tilts her head at A'dar's comment, "Oh, I meant fit in with the other Weyrwomen, guess." Her shoulders lift, "Don't know about her well, though. We didn't click; had different chores." Seryth, meanwhile seems to have tired of her unsuccessful attempts to woo the fish. She ambles over towards the group and hops off of the dock.

Thea's humor earns a laugh from Fia. "Well then. Either way, let's stick with you working it out with her." Fiara murmurs a quiet," Shells," about Vivian at A'dar's description. "I mean, I have /heard/ things from other residents at the Weyr but …" she trails off, shrugs lightly. "She seems to do well enough taking care of R'— the Weyrleader."

"Oh," A'dar notes. "You mean Ysa?" he inquires of Thea. "Well…maybe, maybe not." He doesn't want to say anything bad about the Weyrwoman, after all. She was the rider of Zei's mother, after all…. He shrugs. Then he tilts his head. "Who taking care of the Weyrleader does well?" A little weird on the word order, but he's not concentrating 100%. Zei nudges him, and he looks sheepish. "Sorry. I meant…who does well taking care of the Weyrleader?"

Thea blinks at Fiara's mention of Vivian and R'sul. A low whistle accompanies her surprise. "Never dull around here, that's for sure." She shakes her head at A'dar, "Not Ysa; she's nice. Viv is…eccentric enough, that's all." A nudge brings her focus to Seryth. "Oh, oil? For sure, let's do that right now before it worsens." An apologetic look to both Fiara and A'dar, "Time to fix itchy skin." So she doesn't get to elaborate on who or what eccentricities. They abound on all sides, all colors all ranks. And that is Xanadu.

"Vivan, she's the Weyrleader's assistant," Fiara explains to A'dar. She nods politely at Thea's claim about the need to go. "Of course, nice talking with you again Thea," the harper adds pleasantly and tips her head back, eyeing the angle of the sun. "I should probably get back and changed myself, I've an appointment later." Her head bobs in A'dar's direction. "A pleasure meeting you A'dar. I'm sure I'll see you about again." So saying, the harper waits for Thea and Seryth to precede her off the dock before she heads back up the beach to pack her things up and head back up to the Weyr herself.

A'dar nods. "Itchy skin is a problem," he notes. "Take care, both of you," he offers, giving a wave. Zei offers a trill of farewell. Fiara explains about Vivian, and he nods. "Ahh…explains how she got Searched - I'm sure there's a word for that, but…." A snicker. "I'm more polite than to say it." A pause, and as Fiara turns to go, he offers a wave to her as well. "A pleasure meeting you, Journeyman," he offers in reply. Hopefully when she does meet him again, it's not with more information about him.

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