Canines Abound and Bounding!

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre
There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

Fortunately for the newest Xanadian, summer has taken over what was formerly a pretty snowy and rainy winter to spring transition. Today, the sky is a clear brilliant blue, and there's a light breeze from the west. The deep green leaves of the trees and bushes rustle in the breeze, which provides welcome cooling from the heat of the blazing sun. Zahleizjah has been doing everything in her power to explore this amazing Weyr, from the Treetop Cafe to the clock tower, today she stumbled on quite the gem indeed. Sure she may be chronologically 18 turns.. nearly 19 even, but, every late-blooming wall flower of a gal loves a little playground play time. She's brought her wolf-hound like Canine Draka with her, who's not so little any more and bounds after the ball thrown from the wooden carved dragon bench his master sits on. Fast as can be, round upon round is retracted and thrown, the large, strong hound snatches it from mid-air half the time. This is fun and all, but Zahl tires of this game much earlier than Draka does and dismounts the toy-dragon perch to head for those sketchy looking swings.

"Oi! Come back here with tha'!" A very gaudy bronze firelizard swoops into the courtyard, trailing a bright red shirt, followed by a very disgruntled If'an, "When I catch ya…" The brownrider trials off, the threat unfinished, since he really wouldn't do anything to hurt the younger of his firelizards. He might be a pest that thinks that everything belongs to him, but he's still just a firelizard. For his part, the bronze ignores his person and just drops the shirt on the top of the swings, chittering gleefully as he then tries to steal the ball. MINE! "Leo!" The tall blond man doesn't seem to notice the canine just yet; he's too focused on trying to get his firelizard to mind…

Zahleizjah had just sit down to start that draw back and leg swinging that gets one going while enjoying some old-fashioned fun on a swing set. Sure it's a little creaky and the support beams look… well, there at least, but this doesn't deter the Starcrafter. Draka has taken to tossing his ball for himself, playing in that rambunctious pup kinda way following Zah's command of "Solo time Draka.." Things are pretty mellow until one tiny bronze firelizard with a red-shirt streamer makes his way towards the Theatre. The situation unfolds rapidly, honeyed pools of eyes looking up at the shirt deposited atop the swingset and then looking back towards scolding brownrider. "Quite the friend ya got there.. If'an rig…?" she would've asked, but as her gaze wanders back towards ball and pup, eyes go wide. "Draka! Down! No! Drop it!!" the poor hound can't help but get excited at the firelizard challenge. Problem is he doesn't know his own strength some times and nipping at ball stealing bronze is sure to cause problems for all involved if not commanded otherwise. "I'm sorry he's um.. not very good at playing with the smaller creatures.. I don't think he realizes how gigantic he is.." Zah did, after all, pick the biggun' of the bunch!

"Leo!" If'an's voice is a little panicked when the big canine starts nipping at his firelizard, "Here." Simple one word commands seem to work the best with the little beast, after all. With a hissing squawk, Leo vanishes *between* just before his tail can be chomped, reappearing just above his person to drop down into the rider's arms and croon happily. "Ya daft thing…" The gruff rider shakes his head and affectionately scritches the little bronze's eyeridges before turning his attention to canine and owner, "Sorry 'bout tha'-" He cuts off when he sees that it's Zahleizjah and… "Tha's one a' them pups I found, ain't he?" He grins, "He's grown!" Not surprising, considering it's been almost four turns since he last saw him.

At the same time Zahl is calling "Draka come!" and as that bronze disappears that large beast snatches that ball and saunters towards his master. Upon finding the firelizard already there, he's upturned that long snout, holding ball between seething jawline with jagged teeth. There's no interest now that the little creature isn't going after /his/ ball and Zah is quick to apologize too "M'sorry as well.. he just really like to play.. Now Draka Sit!" The large canine does as told, copping a squat right next to Zah's feet. The day is young, the weather is clear and Rukbat's intense summer rays are accented by gentle wafts of cool breeze. Zah and If'an are near the swing set, the Starcrafter still sitting in swing seat nook. Long straight locks bounce as head wobbles with confirmation "Aye.. he sure is! Right before Candidacy if I remember correctly. I think I almost took care of your female pup too? I figured some local arrangements were made when I didn't hear from you. Do you still have her?"

Natalya wanders slowly though the paths of Xanadu having only recently arrived at the weyr she peaks in here and there trying to learn her way about. She stops and blinks as she come into the theater and looks slowly about.

"Ya've trained him well." If'an nods in the direction of the large canine, still scritching the gaudy bronze that's flopped bonelessly in his arms. For the moment, he's willing to let the red shirt the firelizard arrived carrying stay where it is on top of the swings. He shakes his head, "No… Figured it weren't fair t' her t' take her back once Izzuth 'n I got our own weyr." Besides, it would be horrible to have a canine as large as that litter got in the glory of the weyr he was assigned, ruining everything. He's already got a firelizard that's threatening to do so! He shifts Leo up to his shoulder, so he can reach down to hold his hand out to Draka, "Ya 'member me, boy?"

Zahleizjah blushes slightly with the nod and "Thanks.." for the training compliment. "I was told so wisely in the begging, establish the alpha relationship early on and you won't need so tight a leash later.." She looks up towards that dangling red shirt then back to If'an with a shrug "I completely understand.. having a hatchling must be time consuming enough.." That large-breed at Zah's feet perks instantly at the brownrider when he addresses him, moving from laying to sitting and instantly extending a paw to meet the one offered by the gent, some things not even needing a command these days and Zahl often amazed by how smart that creature is for only speaking in canine. "I think he must.." Zahl notes of the dog-smile on Draka's face, a wandering woman at the edge of the theater catching her eye a smile sent her direction of their focus meets.

Natalya blushes slightly as she is noticed, normally a very shy one, rarely scene out away from her studies, Natalya give a shy little wave as the smile is sent in her direction. "Afternoon." she says softly.

Done with morning duties, Garait is wandering about with his little green firelizard on his shoulder. He is paying attention to where he's going this time as he walks along to the Playground, though at first he doesn't notice if anyone is there.

If'an chuckles and shakes the canine's paw, "Good reasonin'." Leo chirrups and stretches out closer to the canine, eyes whirling excitedly at the sight of the large beast's ball. He wants it! It should belong to him! The rider nods, his expression going soft at the memory of his huge brown as a small, helpless hatchling, "Woulda been too much t' have Izzuth an' Lil' Girl t' take care of at th' same time." He grins when the canine seems to remember him, going to ruffle the large beast's ears and earning a possessive nip to the ear from the bronze. No! You don't give that monster attantion! You're MINE! "Oi!" He shoos the firelizard off, scowling and rubbing at his injured ear instead of petting Draka, "Crazy thing…"

Zahleizjah is often found wavering between anti-social recluse and awkward gregariousness… looks like today is a good day for Zah who typically keeps to the nights and herself. A wave is sent back towards the familiarly shy gal "Afternoon.." she responds with a nod just as Ztyrian and Braczek pop in from *between* Draka starts that but wiggle commonly associated with canine excitedness towards beings they know "Oh great.. let the games begin I suppose!" Her creatures know what that means: PLAY TIME!!! Draka was nearly about to drop his ball for pets, and then chase after the firelizard pair that are quick to the notion and take off with spirals and croons, but with the way that stranger bronze is eyeing it, the ball tossed ahead as he chases both ball and flizzenfriends. Zahl giggles, shaking her head then nodding back to If'an with a smirk in reference to his ear nipper "Add that guy on top of it and y'got your hands quite full!"

Natalya giggles as she watches the pets dart off into full play mode and decides maybe she should try to be social. Walking up to the girl that sent the greeting her way she says softly to Zahleizjah and the rider, "Afternoon. You all seem to have your hands full over here.."

As he gets closer and the chitter of the little green, Garait does recognize familiar voices and moves towards them. He nods greetings to everyone as he smiles, "Ummm, hello Zahl, I was hoping to see you again. I wanted to apologize to you and your fath-, I mean the Weyrleader if my mood wasn't that great after Jessi showed up. Proddy greenriders sometimes annoy me." That should be enough of an excuse, shouldn't it? He turns to If'an then, a faint blush hitting his cheeks, "Afternoon Iffy. I hope you are doing well?" He nods to Natalya, smiling and addresses her with a hint of humor in his voice, "Nice to run into you again."

It's only once he's free of the possessive bronze that If'an notices the other two new arrivals and offers a wave to both, including a private wink for Garait. "Yar… An' I got a green tha's glowin' right now, too." He rolls his eyes at that. With the two firelizards and his big brown thief, he has a weyrfull! He chuckles as the canine takes off after his firelizard friends, shaking his head, "I c'n only 'magine what it woulda been like if'n I'd kept his sister, too." He still sees the runt of the litter from time to time, but it's just visiting and playing, occasionally. He chuckles when both of the younger people join them, smirking a little at Garait's blush and winking again, "I'm right fine, thanks, Garait." He glares at his gaudy bronze who is perched up on the swingset, eyeing the shirt as though considering shredding it, "Woulda been be'er if'n that pest o' mine hadn' of stolen my shirt."

Zahleizjah smiles and shrugs slightly as she looks out towards Draka, Ztyrian and Braczek who seem to entertain themselves quite well from time to time.. never when it's important though like during Craft study time, but oh well! Natalya's observation has her looking towards the brownrider "Well.. he surely does.." then up to his dangling shirt. She offers greeting to the gal "M'names Zahleizjah.. but y'can call me Zah or Lei.." or anything more reasonable to pronounce. As Garait approaches and addresses her, the young Starcrafter blushes for a myriad of reasons, one of which being that shyness that lurks within "Oh umm.. Hi Garait! Think nothing of it, but thanks.. m'not the biggest fan of that proddy business either, so I completely understand!" She makes quite the grimacing yuck face, nose crinkled, upper lip curled on one side and tongue sticking out slightly. "Either way, no worries Garait and good to see ya.." A glance is shot towards If'an.. or Iffy as his petname conveys "Y'got more than one glowin green onnya then.." a snicker follows her joke, one which is not a very good joke, as typical for Zahl. "Yeah, y'know If'an I saw Kale with one who wasn't so carefully trained.. I couldn't imagine!" That poor rambunctious beast who hopefully found a good home is thought of.

Looking relieved as Zahl speaks, Garait smiles than and nods, "I'm glad you understand, but I felt like I needed to say something." Looking at the brownrider, his blush turning a shade deeper, "Does he steal your shirts much?" He listens to the talk of good training and nods his agreement to that, "Training is important. It makes things easier for everyone."

If'an chuckles softly, "I'm rather fond of proddy greenriders, m'self…" They're so much less inhibited! He leans back against one end of the swingset, making the wood creek under his weight, and lets the younger people talk for a moment. Apparently, he doesn't mind the petname, since he doesn't comment on it, "Well… Izzuth 'n I don' fair too badly with greens." He folds his arms across his chest to watch the firelizards and canine play together, pointedly ignoring his own firelizard for the moment. He rolls his eyes and sighs in exasperation, "No, but only 'cause I keep my clothes put 'way." Now he does eye Leo who still looks like he's debating on whether or not to destroy the brightly colored cloth, "Tha' un was goin' t' be washed."

Zahleizjah smiles and bows her head slightly to Garait "Well thank you, I will pass that on to my father.." There's something strange about that blushing as Garait looks to If'an, but she's aloof and grazes right over it with a "Yep.. training is essential.." a sideways glance is sent towards If'an's troublesome bronze whom Draka still has his eye on. "I bet you are.." she blurts to the brownrider "Sorry, I mean.. as it should be.." It's only natural Pernese instincts really, something the sheltered girl is still working on becoming comfortable with since moving from Holder lifestyle to Weyrlife. The trio bouncing around the theater continue to do so, coming around in laps as they frolic about. It is at this close moment, cruel twist of fate, that Draka miscalculates his steps and barrels right in to If'an, ball flying in to the air and Zahl's wide-eyed disbelief has her hands covering worried O! expression as they collide "Oh noo! Draka! Off! Down! Heel!" the tangle of canine and dragonrider is not good and she's sorely embarrassed as can be conveyed by bright red cheeks.

Garait raises an eyebrow at Izzy, "so, he'd do it more if he could?" He glances at his little green then who's eyes are swirling as looks all innocent like, and he ponders. As to the greenriders he makes a face, "Well, you are a rider Iffy, and more used to it." Being Weyrbred, he's seen it but since most of the greenriders seek other riders….A small sigh then and he nods to Zah, "Thank you, I appreciate it." And then a crash of canine and human, and the BeastCraft Apprentice moves to help, "Everything okay?" Part instinct sets in a he moves to check the canine over and a worried look sent to Iffy.

One corner of If'an's mouth quirks up in a smirk at Zah's blurted agreement and he chuckles, though it switches to an exasperated grimace at Garait's question, "Yar… He prob'ly would." He doesn't get a chance to, though. He chuckles and shakes his head, "Izzuth ain't quite four yet, though, an'-" He cuts off in a surprised yell when he's suddenly barreled into by the canine and knocked sprawling. For a moment, he lays there, the wind knocked out of him and stunned. Apparently, he's not dead, though, "Ow…" Leo takes advantage of the situation to dive down and steal the ball! Mine! FINALLY!

Draka whimpers, more because he knows he's in trouble than because he's hurt and Zah rushes to If'an to ease that awkward moment between getting the wind knocked out of you and lungs replenishing the surfactant pleural layer that is stuck together. A glare is sent towards Draka as she tells Garait "He.. is just fine m'sure but thank you.." one hand is on the brownrider's shoulder and she says "I know it hurts.. just try to relax and suck in small bits of air.." That discomfort only has to occur once in life for instant empathy when it troubles another. Draka wriggles out of the mess, tail between his legs and sits next to If'an's head giving his cheek a good lick for apology "Oh Draka.." she shakes her head, another apologetic look towards If'an as he gets slobbered on. "Pull back.." she commands the dog, who does so, noticing that blasted bronze snatching his ball he whines at the command and looks ready to chase. "No.." she tells the canine "M'so sorry If'an.."

Glancing at Zahl then and nods, Garait still watches to make sure the canine is okay, but his focus is much more on Izzy. He chews on his lower lip, worried as Zahl speaks, but she seems to know what she's doing. "Do you need anything Iffy?" he offers, a worried crack in his voice breaks the otherwise stable question. He waits to see if the brownrider needs anything.

If'an shakes his head and pushes himself up onto one elbow, coughing as he finally manages to get his breath, "F'rgot what it's like t' have a wall of canine hit ya…" He chuckles, though his voice is a little horse, reaching out to give the monster canine an affectionate pat like he used to when the beast was a puppy, "Ain't nothin' I can't take. I had six of 'em all over me when he was a pup, 'member." He gives Garait a reassuring smile and sits up, "Could do with a hand up." And maybe a kiss, but that's another story.

Zahleizjah pushes a few unruly locks back in to place, head shaking as Draka not only gets coddled but affectionately pat for his bad behavior as well. "He's usually so good.. let me know if there's anything I can do to fix this.. like launder your now dirty attire.." No, she is not trying to get If'an nakey, nor is a kiss to make it better part of her MO and she will push to a stand when a hand up is requested. Knowing Garait will likely do the honors of giving the gent a lift to his feet, Zahl will work on brushing off the dustiness clinging to the brownrider from his fall. "If you'll both excuse me, I should take Draka in as he's had enough playtime for today.. good to see you both and again if there's anything I can do If'an, let me know." A smile and wave is sent to them both as the firelizards are called to perch on shoulder and a snap of the finger brings Draka to the Startcrafter's side for their departure.

Still looking worried, Garait does move to offer the brownrider a hand up. "I'm sure everything will be okay Zahl," he says and waves to her. He the leans down, offering Iffy his hand and leaning in close enough for a kiss, he whispers, "Need help back to your Weyr?"

Natalya returns to the theater and blinks as she spots the rider getting helped up and hurries over worriedly and offers a hand as well. Not that the slight young girl will be much help getting him up, "Are you ok? What happened?"

A small smile plays at the corners of If'an's mouth when Garait helps him up and kisses him. He nods, "Tha'd be welcome." He gives Natalya a grateful smiles, "Thanks, doll. Jus' got knocked over by th' canine." He drapes an arm over Garait's shoulders, for all appearances making sure that the girls know that the beastcrafter is his. At least for the moment…

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