Dragon Lineage Gallery

This is a list of a bunch of lineage charts Moria made for the draconic parents of Xanadu clutches, PC and NPC. They are in name order.

Bronze Aedhyth Gold Aelith Bronze Alandoth
Bronze Alhenaeth Bronze Arinith Gold Avaeth
Bronze Azaeth Gold Biancath Bronze Branth
Gold Branwynth Gold Calanth Bronze Dhonzayth
Gold Ellamariseth Gold Everenth Gold Felinth
Gold Frydath Bronze Gauth Gold Genevraith
Bronze Hesketh Bronze Inimeth Gold Irabeth
Gold Kilaueth Bronze Kinseth Bronze Lyrath
Gold Mellonath Brown Meluth Bronze Pentath
Gold Promith Bronze Quiath Bronze Raenth
Brown Saenkarith Gold Sakrienth Gold Seryth
Gold Solarith Bronze Valenth Gold Zaislinth
Brown Zoith Bronze Zsuzsath

This next table lists dragons that have not parented any Xanadu clutches, but their players have asked for a lineage chart.

Green Ilexith Blue Iolath Gold Talisyth

Want a chart for your dragon? Send Moria and @mail and she'll see what she can do!

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