Search, being the process by which new riders are selected and Impressed, is done differently at every Weyr. At Xanadu, the method of choosing Impressions is up to the goldrider whose clutch it is - it may be vote-based, or random.

To apply for search at Xanadu Weyr during our hatching cycle, you must first fill out the game wide Search application, reaches by typing SEARCH ME. The Search Committee will choose the candidates, based on the number of PC eggs they wish to have, and the quality of the applicants.

REMEMBER: You MUST ask for OOC permission (even if just by @mail) AHEAD OF TIME from your current Weyrleaders or Craftmasters. We will not chase you for this and if we are informed you do not have permission, you will not be Searched. If we find out you do not have permission after we have Searched you, you will not be Impressed.

If you are searched, you come to live at the Weyr and we all RP until the hatching. At the hatching, you will be shown onto the sands, and the dragons will choose their riders. OOCly, the Search Committee chooses the new riders well before Hatching Day and builds dragonets to suit the new riders. Weyrlings will then be put into the care of a Weyrlingmaster.

The sequence of events surrounding any Xanadu Hatching will be as follows:

  1. GoldFlight
  2. OOC Search Opens
  3. OOC Search Closes
  4. Clutching
  5. IC Search Opens
  6. IC Search of PCs Closes
  7. Hatching.

When dates for the Flight, Clutching and Hatching have been determined, they WILL be posted on the appropriate Bulletin Boards (no. 1 and 25), including the Xanadu Bulletin Board, as well as in the Xanadu Knot MOTD. Keep an eye on these locations.

It is expected that applicants and candidates will conduct themselves in a sensible, rational manner. If you have a question, check bboards and help files before asking SearchCo — if the answer is written somewhere, all you will get from them is a pointer to where it is. Don't hassle people about being Searched: if you are on the list and are out in public and RPing, you will be Searched. Don't complain about who gets what: there are a limited number of PC Impressions and it is the wizards who set the maximum number. SearchCo and the Weyrleaders select the Impressees based on a wide range of factors. If you want to know why you personally were not Searched or Impressed, talk to the Weyrleaders and/or SearchCo and we will endevour to give you what explanation/help/advice we can. Sometimes it is simply that we could not Impress more than a certain number.

If you are Searched, and you misbehave, there is no law in the land that says we have to let you remain a candidate.

Please also read schedule (+xawhelp searchcal), Search Permission (+xawhelp search permission) and search Policies (+xawhelp search policies).

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