Mush Manners 101 - Dos and Don'ts

Please Do:

  • Page people to ask for RP (if we're logged in, we're usually here to RP. If we're busy, we'll politely decline but will try to get with you another time and will usually set that up with you)
  • Ask on-knot if anyone would like to RP
  • Ask OOCly if you may join a scene already in-progress (some folks can do a 4 person scene but a 5th puts them over their limit)
  • Let others know to pose around you if you need to attend to RL
  • Say hello to us on-knot when you log in (many of us have our watchall set to 'off' to cut spam)

Please Don't:

  • Teleport (or send your firelizard) into private rooms without being invited to beforehand
  • Idle in public rooms
  • Wander into a scene in progress to 'watch' without asking those involved if you may first
  • Type at people all in caps - this is considered shouting and hence, rude
  • Powerpose someone without their permission
  • Idle out or leave a scene without posing out - this leaves everyone hanging either waiting for a response from you or waiting for you to take your turn posing
  • Use the knot for lengthy conversations (take it to page)
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