Weyrfolk may @link themselves to the Resident Quarters (@tel #8776) — Crafters may @link themselves to the Apprentice Dorm (@tel to #8002) in the Crafter's Complex. Both are located off the Main Clearing. If a resident wants their own room, they may have it, provided they have the quota for it (one room and two exits). Crafters of Journeyman rank and above may have their own room. Contact Staff to have a room dug for you.

All Riders (including goldriders) may have a ground weyr located in either the Forest, the Meadow, or the Coastal Road. Sky weyrs are no longer available. Instariders should contact the Weyrleaders to have a weyr built. Weyrlings will be asked at the appropriate point where they would like their weyr.

Like rooms for residents, riders need 3 quota free for a weyr (one room and two exits).

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