Flights at Xanadu Weyr are something we wish to encourage. For such, here is information:

The Feeding Grounds are off the forest, and are jump_ok (#2040). Your dragon can go straight up from the feeding grounds to the Sky.

The Ground Weyrs are located off of the feeding grounds. It is strongly suggested that riders gather in the Ground Weyrs during the Flight. However, the Ground Weyrs are not an appropriate place for RP that goes beyond a PG rating. If you wish to RP with a higher rating, it is suggested that you create an enterable object in the Ground Weyrs that is *not* set Audible and put a note in the desc about what rating it encompasses.

It is expected that all Flights at Xanadu will follow these 3 basic rules:

  1. It's the green/goldrider's Flight. Her choice, her event, she may run it how she wishes.
  2. Maleriders are entitled to know at the beginning of the Flight how the green/goldrider intends to choose the winner and if there are any peculiar conditions involved.
  3. All Flight RP and OOC talk is *voluntary*. No OOC harassment of any form, including subtle pressuring, is tolerated.

If you feel that you have been harassed or made uncomfortable by events surrounding a Flight, please let the Weyrleaders know ASAP. NO ONE should suffer harassment. Honest. If it's done to you and nothing is said, it may be done (possibly more strongly) to someone else.

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