While you are a candidate at Xanadu, we encourage you have as much fun as possible. While there will be chores, the purpose ICly is to keep you busy while waiting for the eggs to hatch, and OOCly to give you things to roleplay around. Candidate chores can be found on the chore board which is located in the Living Cavern. Pranks are certainly welcome, but you need permission from those involved. Candidates will also be given the opportunity to attend egg touchings, question and answer sessions regarding dragon colors, the weyr, riding in general, as well as any other inquiries they might need discussed.

Rules for candidates are simple and straightforward: Candidates must not engage in public intoxication or criminal behavior while a candidate at Xanadu Weyr. Sexual relations are strictly prohibited, no matter those involved. Getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant is grounds for immediate expulsion. Xanadu Weyr reserves the right to expel you from candidacy at any time if we feel the candidate has violated the rules in question.
Candidates are not required to wear uniforms. However, their knot must be a single white loop. If you have a question regarding your candidacy at any time, do not hesitate to ask any member of SearchCo.

Final say about Candidates belongs to the goldrider whose lifemate is on the Sands and the Weyrleaders.

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