Hannista Hold

Hannista Hold is located in the eastern region of Xanadu's patrol area, bordering the lands protected by Eastern Weyr. To the east, a smaller mountain range runs, providing plentiful mines. The majority of the holding is made of skybroom forests, though the southern most reaches are pleasant hillsides which are home to grazing ovines, and eventually give way to marshy lands around Caspian Lake.

Recently, Hannista Hold has become a valuable asset to Xanadu Weyr, as a variety of metals are available through the Hannista mines, metals which are used by the Technology and Computer crafts, as well as the Smiths, to maintain the technology driven Weyr.

Since the disappearance of Lord Leonidas of Rubicon River, the ambitious Lord Holder Eyvindr has begun to creep into Rubicon River lands, his holders slowly taking over the outlying cotholds. While on a hunting trip, Xanadu Weyr was responsible for the removal of the women and children from the hold, including the Lord's own daughter Izellah, as a move to ensure his appearance at the Holder's Conclave.

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