Political Relationships

As in any society with multiple settlements, politics play a role on Pern, even on PernWorld, and listed below are the political relationships between Xanadu Weyr and other areas of note.

Monaco Bay Weyr

Xanadu has a generally positive relationship to Monaco Bay Weyr The last two Weyrleaders of Xanadu - T'revs and D'lei - have both come from Monaco, which has generated some - mostly joking - rumors that Xanadu is going around and 'stealing' bronzeriders. Still, the two Weyrs share their technology-forward and craft-supporting philosophies, and - while there is little actual trade between them save in certain specialty goods - work together readily when it's necessary.

Fort Weyr

Xanadu has had a tense relationship with Fort Weyr in the past, but at this point the connection is more familial than anything. With K'vir - the son of Fort's Weyrleader - being a weyrmate of Xanadu's Senior Risali and Weyrleader D'lei, the leadership of both Weyrs are committed to working together - even if, in private, there are philosophical differences that go beyond a mere generational divide.

High Reaches Weyr (NPC)

Xanadu and High Reaches have a healthy relationship despite their distance, as riders seeking to get away from the cold and snow - or train in it - exchange places and continents.

Igen Weyr (NPC)

The relationship between Xanadu and Igen ran into issues some time ago, and has never really recovered… though given K'vir's impression there, the surface is generally polite… if rather distant, and seemingly unlikely to deepen anytime soon.

Ista Weyr

The relationship between Ista and Xanadu has had its ups and downs, ranging from fast friends… to weyrstaff thrown in jail. For the moment, things are quiet, and nobody at Xanadu is asking too many questions.

Telgar Weyr (NPC)

Telgar's relationship with Xanadu Weyr is perhaps the strongest of all the Weyrs - as home to the Smith Craft, there is much interaction between the crafters and the research and development projects at Innovation Hall. There's also a fair exchange of riders, even including Queens who've moved from one place to the other.

Half Moon Weyr

Half Moon Weyr and Xanadu also have a strong relationship, as many of their leaders over the turns were formerly Xanadu riders and many also have family ties with the Weyr - not to mention that Xanadu's current Sr Weyrwoman, Risali, came from Half Moon Weyr. Half Moon may be half the world away, but the ties between these Weyrs remain strong.

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