Political Relationships

As in any society with multiple settlements, politics play a role on Pern, even on PernWorld, and listed below are the political relationships between Xanadu Weyr and other areas of note.

Eastern Weyr

Xanadu has long had a strong relationship with Eastern Weyr. While Xanadu and Eastern share boundaries, there is little need for trade interaction between the two, as both have similar import and export needs. While both are committed to stopping renegade activity in the south, there is no formal arrangement in place. Until recently Syra, the senior Weyrwoman was their only goldrider, Arolaeth her ancient queen thought to be sterile. It was while visiting Xanadu Weyr’s dragon healers annex for fertility studies that the younger and recently-made senior Weyrwoman Thea developed an acquaintance

Fort Weyr

Xanadu has had a tense relationship with Fort Weyr in the past. Due to Xanadu’s interference in hold manners, after the issue at Hannista and Rubicon Holds over a decade ago, Fort had levied various restrictions against Xanadu. Over the turns however, Fort has offered Xanadu aid and support despite tensions with other areas, creating a positive atmosphere. With the more recent stint of Weyrwoman Thea’s stepson N’shen there while his bronze Taozyuth guarded the clutch he shared with Neyuni’s gold Zuhth, things have warmed considerably between the two Weyrs, especially since the retirement of Senior Weyrwoman with Kessa with Neyuni becoming her replacement.

High Reaches Weyr (NPC)

Xanadu and High Reaches have a better than average relationship - High Reaches's former Weyrleader was a Xanadu bronzerider, and one of their previous Weyrwomen had many interactions through the Healercraft at Xanadu Weyr before Impression. Over the turns there has been a steady exchange of riders between the two weyrs, fostering a healthy relationship. Despite the frosty relationship between Cold Stone Hold, the former home of Xanadu's Senior Weyrwoman Thea, and the Weyr it is beholden to, relations between High Reaches Weyr and Xanadu itself are warm.

Igen Weyr (NPC)

The relationship between Xanadu and Igen is still suffering to a certain degree, despite the many turns that have passed since the renegade incident that forced a giant rift between the two on top of a trade embargo. The relationship had improved since Sianne became Weyrwoman, though it is still relatively rough, even after the goldrider’s transfer to Xanadu a decade ago. There are high hopes of being able to work with the new leadership of Igen Weyr, though that remains to be seen.

Ista Weyr

The relationship between Ista and Xanadu has mostly recovered from the disastrous split over a decade ago when Ysa was ejected as Junior Weyrwoman at Xanadu by the then senior Niva for dereliction of duty. Ysa found a place for herself at Ista but was angry and bitter, refusing any contact with her former home, even to the point of refusing help from Xanadu after a disastrous earthquake. It did not help matters that D’son, Xanadu’s Weyrleader at the time, Thea, then a junior and Sigam, a class III dragonhealer from Xanadu were all arrested for trespassing in an attempt to help despite the restrictions and held in Ista’s prison for a week afterwards.

Shortly after Ysa retired as Ista’s Senior and Thea became Senior at Xanadu, the two women were able to mend their personal rift, but the restoration of diplomatic ties between the two Weyrs came when Cenlia, formerly of Xanadu and Sigam, now S’gam, both good friends of Thea’s and both formerly of Xanadu became Weyrleaders there. Further strengthening ties between the two Weyrs, Ista’s Xe’ter has recently become Weyrleader of Xanadu.

Telgar Weyr (NPC)

Telgar's relationship with Xanadu Weyr is the strongest of all the Weyrs - as home to the Smith Craft, there is much interaction between the crafters. The riders are also constantly moving back and forth, and half the queens currently at Xanadu were hatched at Telgar, while some of Xanadu's Queens now reside at Telgar.

Western Weyr

Western Weyr and Xanadu also have a strong relationship, as many of their leaders over the turns were formerly Xanadu riders and many also have family ties with the Weyr. If necessary, Xanadu would be quick to help Western dispatch of any problems.

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