About Xanadu Weyr

Xanadu Weyr is located on the banks of Caspian Lake and the Sea of Azov, on the southern continent. It is a medium sized weyr, but unlike the northern weyrs, it is not settled in a dormant volcano or in a cliff face as Southern's original location was. Rather, the main caverns of Xanadu Weyr are in the ancient-cut housing of the original Xanadu Stakehold, while the majority of the other housing is built in the forests and meadows surrounding the coastline. Almost all buildings are freestanding, including the large Hatching Cavern and DragonHealer's Annex.

Xanadu Weyr is also the most technology reliant Weyr - almost all new technology from the TechCraft and the Computer Craft is released first to Xanadu, the to the other interested parties around Pern. Thus, Xanadu Weyr has the highest concentration of technology on the planet outside of Landing. Amongst this technology is the implementation of both windmills and water turbines to generate electricity, large heating coils and generators beneath the hatching sands to heat them, as well as other occupied buildings, a radio antenna to communicate with area holds, and several computer terminals, where as most other areas are severely limited in their numbers.

While most in Xanadu enjoy the technology - as there are electric lights rather than glows, and electric heat rather than fossil-fuel based fires - there are some who feel that technology in the quantities found at Xanadu is truly a blight, particularly when crops suffer from unknown issues.

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