General Weyr Members

So you're not a Crafter, Rider, Candidate or Weyrling. What do you do with your time? How do you spend your day? Who do you answer to? Some thoughts are below:


Serves the Weyr - Answers to the Weyrwoman - Works closely with the Headwoman. Traditionally a male role but can be filled by a woman. The following fall under his domain:

Gardeners - These folks work in both the greenhouse, the crop fields and the flowerbeds used to beautify the Weyr.
General Worker - These folks are at the disposal of the Steward. Depending on their skills, they may be put to work helping with general repairs throughout the Weyr such as fence-mending, furniture repair or structural maintenance to buildings or carts. They help maintain the outside areas by pulling weeds from the clearing and meadow picking up trash, sweeping walkways, maintaining existing and clearing new trails leading to newly-constructed forest Weyrs, They help transport items to be stored there from the docks after cargo ships crews have offloaded them. Candidates chores will often fall under this category and when it does, they'll report to the Steward.
Hunters - Hunting is used both to supplement the Weyr's food supplies, and control the populations of dangerous animals such as wild felines. Hunters work with the Woodsmen to track the locations of animals, being careful not to over-hunt any one area. In some cases, the animals hunted may also provide valuable items such as furs; however, the Weyr's hunters do not hunt animals exclusively for such a purpose
Woodsmen - Patrol the forest lands on foot, mark and maintain trails, assist Search and Rescue when it involves the forest areas.
Foresters - Responsible for maintaining the health of Xanadu's forest. They mark trees for lumbering, remove diseased trees and replant clear-cut areas.
Handiman - fixing what's broke. More specialized jobs will fall to crafters of various sorts, but when a table's not level or a toilet's backing up, that's what handymen are for
Runner - foot runners who deliver messages to the nearby holds. These messages are often either to holds too small to have a radio, or physical in nature - or, in some cases, too secret or private to be trusted to the radio


Serves the Weyr - Answers to the Weyrwoman - Works closely with the Steward. Traditionally a female role, but can be filled by a male. The following fall under her domain:

Bartender - serving drinks, doing inventory, slicing lemons, serving barfood, cleaning glasses, and listening to patrons. Generally busiest in the evening hours
Bakers - work closely with the cooks. It is the bakers who have particular expertise, focusing mostly on the eponymous baking but also extending to other dishes. Any food which is to be sold requires the bakercraft's involvement. The bakers are busiest in the pre-dawn and early morning hours, preparing the day's bread
Cooks - Weyr's gotta eat! This includes cooking, planning meals, washing dishes, and so forth. While the focus of activity is going to be on providing breakfast/lunch/dinner, there are enough riders with erratic schedules (and visitors from elsewhere) that some amount of food is provided throughout the day and night.
Laundress - Washing clothes, mending things. For a more unusual day, perhaps the curtains in one of the buildings needed to be washed, or a spill has made for some interesting stains
Housekeepers - Act as maids, for lack of a better term. These people clean the main living areas such as the caverns, dining area, crafters common room, hot springs and latrines while residents in the barracks and dorms are responsible for those areas, journeymen, masters and riders responsible for their private quarters and weyrs, but may, out of their own pocket hire housekeepers and laundress.
Nannies - These folks maintain the nursery and care for the Weyr's children that are too young to attend harper lessons during the day. They may also care for children under the age of 8 turns old if their parants are Riders (attending night sweeps) or crafters working late night shifts (such as bakers or infirrmary staff). For babysitting purposes after nursery hours irders and crafters may hire nannies out of their own pocket.
Storage Cavern - Inventory existing supplies and submit requisitions to the Junior Weyrwomen's office for approval and purchase.

While the Steward and Headwoman are responsible for creating budgets in their areas, the ultimate fiscal power rests with the Weyrwoman; she is the one who holds the Weyr's purse strings and is capable of disbursing money.

Similarly, the Steward and Headwoman will tend to be the ones to coordinate with crafters of various sorts to assess projects - for instance, the Steward might be consulted by the woodcrafters regarding new construction or by the beastcrafters regarding changes to the Weyr's herds, while the Headwoman would consult with the weavers regarding clothing production or the bakers regarding planning a feast.

This coordination is done by the behest or on behalf of the Weyrwoman. In practice, many of the small decisions of running a Weyr may actually be made by Steward and Headwoman, either directly or as suggestions presented to the Weyrwoman; however, strictly speaking, all their actions must be approved by her. She may permit them whatever degree of autonomy she sees fit, and is capable of countermanding them at any point.

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