Following the hatching

10:48 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level(#8686RIJ)
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.
People: Fl'ynn, Ers'lan, Alzanbri, Tarrin, Rea, S'gam, Kershaw, Zi'on, Mishkia, Sorayah, Zinesha, Soriana, L'yn, and Qe'pol
Obvious exits:
Foyer <FO>
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Sorayah can't help but snicker at the brown's movements, though she's quick to put a hand over her lips. There's a moment of stillness as the harper calms herself, still grinning as the hand falls away. "Right…shouldn't be amused. Nope, not me." After a moment of chiding, Sora falls silent again, gaze shifting towards the blue. "Oh! Pretty wings."

L'yn watches as Jeniosa hides behind some guy. "Come on, Jen! Don't be afraid! They're only dragons, for Faranth's sake."

Ers'lan tilts his head some as his eyes fall upon Iforian from his stance near the edges of the seats, noting the direction of the brown with a pleased smirk on his face. That's all, just a smirk, that settles and doesn't wane. If he could goad Keziah with a stick from up here, he would, but there would be time for that later. Now is for the observation of whose impressing - important business to mind the newest prospects, even this early. He does stand as out of the way as he can manage, but he does catch the name from Iforian's brown, "Izzuth… Reckon tha thar one be good fer somethin."

The rain beats harder on the roof. Torrential downpour and crackling lightning with booming rumbles that vibrate the stone building.

Soriana grins. "See! There you go!" she says as the demanding green Impresses Kinzie - but then her gaze wanders on. Other hatchlings, other Imporessings, and all in all pretty well too much to keep up with! Not that she doesn't try, oh no. Green again, and… oooh! "A bronze!"

L'yn holds his breath without realizing it. He leans forward, intently watching his cousin and the few dragonets still there on the prowl for their lifemates.

Fl'ynn is also a pouncer, a very wet pouncer as he sidles into the caverns. Dripping from his dark hair, the teen meanders his way past this person and that, bumping forward to take a spot kinda shoulder-to-shoulder with Lan. "I didn't miss any good maulings, did I?"

"Oi, back off!" It's not clear /what/ Alzanbri is hollering about, but the lad crosses his arms over his chest and glares with intent, hand scruffing along his jaw. "C'mon, c'mon." A quiet hum of hopeful fear, and, still not glancing around, he relaxes minutely. Enough, at least, to smile briefly at the vividly green dragonet and her new rider. Still, it's only a brief respite, then he's back to staring.

Soriana glances up toward Zan at his shout, looking perplexed but then turning back towards the sands with a shrug. There are dragons down there! Like the new-hatched… gold! Sori's eyes widen, and she lets out an ooooh, leaning forward for a better look.

Ers'lan continues to watch the hatchlings, noting the color, size, and what few moments from the galleries he can view of their personalities. He is caught off guard at Fl'ynn's voice abruptly next to him, blue eyes darting to regard the younger rider, "Aye, ya almost did. Reckon thar be a brown down thar tha impressed ta Iforian. T'was close ta bitin, just knocked some over instead." He smirks, "Reckon iffin If'an does good, boy might be a decent addition-" he pauses mid sentence, grabbing Fl'ynn to twist him a bit, "Whar is that-" a point as he lets Fl'ynn go, "Whar -is- that? Ya steal it off someone?" A hint of mirth there, but shock too, "Yer nar really -Wingleader- … ?!" Totally missing the gold for this.

Sorayah leans forward as the bronze and the gold appear. There's an appreciative whistle and she gives a few tiny claps, but for once the talkative harper is mostly quiet. Though….she really can't help the oohs and aahs.

Zinesha wanders up the stands just as the gold is hatching and the young girl ohs softly. "So pretty." and she's hurrying down to the railing instead of a seat. "Oh look, she's coming this way!" she exclaims.

L'yn chuckles at the little Queen. Cute!

Alzanbri rolls his eyes at the wayward dragonet who wanders towards the sands, eyebrows flashing towards his hairline. "Shoo, you! G'wan, other way." He takes his opportunity to flick his hands a little, shaking his head in exasperation at the antics of the little one. "Shells." He snickers, but again; it's brief, before he's focused once more on a dot in the mass of white dots.

Fl'ynn reaches up to rub the back of his hand against his nose, wiping away any such drops of rainwater. Dark eyes watch the sands and all the chaos upon such, picking out gold and green and bronze and so many colors. Hearing Lan's voice, the teen turns his head, looking across to Ers'lan with a broad grin. "I stole a pie once and got spanked for it. I stole a flask once and got spanked for that too. I never thought to steal a wingleader's knot for a spankin' as well… but no, this is legit, sexy."

KRRRSSSSHKABOOM!!! The lights flicker and go out, leaving the sands in darkness!

L'yn says "Oh poo."

Ers'lan suddenly breaks out into laughter, putting his arm around Fl'ynn, "Aye. Legit ya say. I reckon I dun narh believe that, but iffin ya be do sayin so. Looks like a drink is in order!" Of course, at this point his attention reverts back to the sands, noting the presence of the gold and the bronze… until darkness. "So much fer that, huh?" Of course at this point he's tensing up and drawing his arm back, "Whar be the glows!" he bellows out, hoping someone decided to bring them tonight.

Soriana stares intently down at the…. suddenly very very dark sands! "Wha?" she manages, and then a just-as-coherent, "But!" How's she supposed to see what's going on without any light? She can't miss this, it'd be… be… be… she wants to see! She wants to seeeeee iiiiiiiit!"

"Ooooh darkness!" Sora's squeal sounds….delighted? She leans forward, hanging onto the rails and giggling in the darkness. "I do want to see though. Aren't there generators or something?"

Alzanbri's howl of anger might just be heard in Ista as the storm (…that he hasn't previously really noticed, he's too busy!) knocks out the lighting. "NO!" It's a healthy bellow for such a small guy, as he glances towards the call for glows and the general chaos of the stands briefly. Still — it can't even sort of compete with that of the sands, and he's leaning on the rails now, eyes straining to see.

There's a loud electrical hum, the generator kicks in and the lights flicker back on. Outside the rain continues.

Fl'ynn is plunged into darkness… and then there is light again. "Pretty sure someone goosed me in the dark." His voice lifts, "Whoever it was, you are welcome to do so in the light as well." His eyes remain upon the sands, trying to catch what he might have missed. "Oh hey… she impressed." A slow grin forms on his lips, but his head tilts back to Ers'lan, "I'll take a drink, a flask, a barrel. All of the good stuff."

L'yn can't help it. He jumps up as the Green picks his cousin. He almost dances around he's so happy for her. "All right! That's my cousin there! Oh yeah! She Impressed! Well done, Jenni!"

Ers'lan is looking up and half turned to attempt his way in the dark, when the lights flicker back on. Oh hey, look at that. He blinks as he pivots back to Fl'ynn then a look to the sands, "She?" curiosity and he's certainly intrigued by that look. "Fl'ynn… yer narh tellin me somethin…" a smug smile creeping on his face, "'N they be worried bout me…" he chides, nudging Fl'ynn. Hey, he wasn't born yesterday.

Fl'ynn turns as well to meet Lan's look. He breaks out into a laugh, giving his clutchmate something of a nudge. "I have fun." A pure and simple statement. "You like to have fun too. /We/ like to have fun." He flashes him a generous wink, gaze returning to the sands to watch the last of the impressions.

Alzanbri flops back onto his seat just in time to surge forward again, this time in alarm — first, there's that bronze who hovers near his mark, then there's that lost little gold going for her like she has a reason to be there. WAIT. "Oh." The lights may be affecting Zan's sanity; or maybe not, since he seems to know instinctively that it's not a misstep or mistake. "Sh…shells." A shaky hand gets up to pass over his eyes, and then the boy rises, never mind his surprise or future thoughts on the matter. He WHOOPS. "YEAH, ESI!" There's a laugh of pure adrenaline release, as he abruptly sits back down; when did he even stand up? "I TOLD YOU SO!" …maturity, right? Clearing his throat, Zan doesn't bother to glance around and see who he might have offended. Nope! He focuses on the sands once more, eyes narrowed, smirking faintly.

Soriana grins wide, as green and bronze and gold all find their partners… and then, somehow, the flurry of hatching seems to be over; the sands are empty of eggs, empty of dragonets, emptying of candidates. Just shards left. She blinks, looking around, and then curls herself up a bit to stay out of the way of hurrying audience going out to congratulate new weyrlings or comfort unchosen candidates… or maybe just to feast. She's patient. Let them rampage out first.

Lan briefly notes the last impressions, taking a keen interest in the bronze who has paired with Matrin, "Reckon thar there Harper going ta make an impact thar. Reckon we best be glad he impressed 'ere." A note of admiration, then a slight consideration for those left standing. "T'was fast, good. Reckon we be off fer a drink now, aye?" Ers'lan gives a final glance to the egg shards left on the sands, contemplating the outcome with one dignified sniff, for his dragon of course.

Fl'ynn's chest deflates with a long sigh. He turns his head, a few drips of rainwater falling from his dark hair to further dampen his neck and shoulders. "Oh… absolutely, but you are buying." He reaches over as if to clap a hand to Lan's shoulder, his smile hitching at the corners. "I may let you get me drunk. Maybe."

Alzanbri is still kind of staring. Helplessly. Never mind that the sands are quiet again, or the mass of people are exiting. He's busy blinking dazedly after all of it, frowning thoughtfully. Well, eventually he'll head on down to the festivities, rain or no rain.

Zin slips away from the railing, even though she knows she's too young, there was that faint glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe… She sighs a little and then makes her way down and out into the rain.

As more and more of the crowd filters out, Soriana slowly stretches out. She looks around the emptying stands, and then up at the roof with the rain still drumming down. "Hurm," is her comment, and then she gets to her feet, giving another glance around and noticing Alzanbri still there. She gives him a wave and a grin.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns(#8800RJs)
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.
People: Fl'ynn, Ers'lan, and Zinesha
Other: Auntie Jackie and Betting Table
Obvious exits:
Store Room <SR> Kitchen <K> Hot Springs <S> Clearing <O> Administration Hallway <AH>

Considering the after hatching feast was being thrown in the caverns instead of the meadows this time, due to mother nature deciding to storm on Xanadu's parade, it was a clear and easy decision to go there instead of the Tavern. Nothing was quite ready yet, since it does take time to prepare the feast once word had gone out that the hatching took place. Regardless, this is where the party would be at, just not right away. For the brownrider, he wasn't concerned with where he got a drink so long as he got one. It's also smart to grab a seat early before the crowds waded through the storm and made their way in from the galleries. Standing rather than taking a seat made for quick escape of the two wingleaders. Lan shakes off a bit of water from his head, smirking over at Fl'ynn, "Reckon t'was narh so long ago tha we be weyrlings." So this is the memories that older riders always talked about, the fondness of reminiscing.

Fl'ynn is dripping once more, wet through and through. Dark hair is near to plastered to his skull, sticking his shirt to his shoulders and torso. Heck, he even squishes some when he walks. "Pretty sure Keziah still thinks I'm her weyrling kid," Fl'ynn notes, glancing across to Lan with a broadening grin.

Ers'lan gives a sly glance back at Fl'ynn, searching for a roost with a curling grin, "Aye.. you 'n me both…" wry amusement in his sea-farring tone, pointing toward the booze being set up in preparation. "Better 'n payin I always say. Lor's friends, aye, treat me well now…" said with a lackadaisical wink, considering he can sneak a pitcher of ale without getting his hands slapped. They'll need the pitcher. Upon snagging it and giving indication that Fl'ynn should grab two stiens, he decides on a good vantage point in the cavern, taking a table near one of the hearths as well. Once settled in a chair that creeks under his sudden weight, he asks across at his friend, "So tell me, whar be that look all bout thar?"

Fl'ynn is obedient, reaching out to claim some steins. He peeks inside to make sure they weren't already in use before procuring them. The bluerider trails after Lan, leaving the bigger man to blaze a trail through the celebrating souls. He sets down the stiens before reaching for a chair. The teen spins it about upon a chair leg, then goes to straddle the thing. "I like grinning, and you've been busy by her."

Lan gives a vague roll of his eyes, grabbing for the steins to make use of them, pouring frothing servings for both. Sliding the mug toward the bluerider in offering first, he then pours and assumes his own mug, settling back with a slight 'whump' sound against the back of his chair. Wet leathers and creeky chairs do that. "Aye, tha ya do…" he notes with an unsatisfactory look settling on his features, "Too much aye. Jus dun get yerself in trouble thar mate. Tis quite some work. Dun have much a free time ta drink with the boys much, yerself included." A slight glance towards the kitchens then back, "Wingleader uh… When did ya become tha?" since the action in the galleries didn't allow him to properly ask, "Well deserved tho mate." Hoist of ale stein in toast.

Fl'ynn watches the pouring process, smiling as he is offered the stein. He bobs his head in appreciation. "I suppose I'll find out soon enough with Comet. But that is then, and this is now, and I'm liking this drink and this company, but not so much being wet." Sticky shirt to chest is sticky. Wet-plastered hair is wet. "Earlier today. Xe'ter-sir asked me in. I uhm…." He hesitates, dark eyes moving along to look elsewhere. "Didn't expect it. Last thing I ever expected, to be honest."

"Did narh expect it uh?" He shrugs his shoulders some as he settles back, "Ya jus never know bout that Weyrleader… half expect 'em ta grab the knot off me shoulder at any time. He 'asn't gone 'n made anythin official bout Galaxy yet…" And the worry shows in his tone, that he's going to lose his opportunity again to some other more experienced bloke. Lan stretches out his legs underneath the table, "Move yer chair round ta get the heat of the hearth thar-" which means coming closer to the brownrider, considering he put his back to the heat, "Does away with the wet." As for the company part, Lan gives a half nod, "Reckon we dun get much time ta enjoy this now…" A slight glance to the clatter as someone in the background drops a plate and earns a scolding.

Fl'ynn is an agreeable fellow, scooching as bid. "No. I mean… honestly, if you were Weyrleader, would you pick me?" He breaks out into a broad grin, shrugging his shoulders, and then taking a long drink from the glass. A long sigh follows suit, dark eyes drawing to Lan, "I think you are right where you need to be, Lan. What fits you best. You be you. Can't go wrong." More drinking ensues. Someone plans to enjoy the evening and get good and sloshed.

They have a pitcher! They'll get drunk. Ers'lan does snort at Fl'ynn's question, serious or not as it may be, "Reckon I dun narh know, since I can narh be seein all tha thar is ta see, especially since I narh be a Weyrleader - nor ever will be." A beat, trying to be political but failing as a grin sweeps over his features, "Yer a cute little bastard with yer dimples thar, Zhaoth 'n I be respondin ta looks. I dun narh think we'd put ya as Wingleader because ya were good at it, so ya be askin the wrong bloke." He does wink, putting his ale down long enough to get out of the wet and slick leathers, "Hope 'em folks start makin thar way down from the galleries. Reckon any of the weyrlings be making thar way in tonight? Yer eye be on one of 'em. I meself would be likin ta talk to Iforian, or whar ever his name do be now." Then there's a quick shrug, "Aye aye. Whar is, is. Fits, aye. T'would be nice ta make it fit fer some time longer-" this of the wingleader comment.

Fl'ynn uses and abuses those dimples, damn straight. They make an appearance again, completely on there own considering the bluerider is breaking out into a huge grin following Lan's words. "Keep calling me cute. I'll go home with you. No problem." He leans forward on his stradled chair, enjoying another long drink from the stein, "Hmmmm, I don't know. Maybe later. I remember being kind of attached to Kagenaith. I… I'm not sure I even came to the dinner afterwards, now that I think about it."

Blue eyes scrutinize those dimples, the acting wingleader taking some time to enjoy his friend's reaction. "Cheeky bugger," he notes around a mouthful of ale, downing a few gulps before replacing it on the table with a hearty sigh of relief, "Ya sure ya want ta do tha? Me home is filled with bawlin babes 'n I ain't talkin bout the infants." By the mirth in his eyes, he means no harm by his words. "'Sides, tis yer celebration, should be yer home we crash." As for the weyrlings, he does grunt some agreement to it, "Dun think I ever be makin it either. Narh like thar be parents ta come greet or nothin. They did be havin food brought to us, since some of our dragons did narh want us ta leave…" His own included, as his tone expresses.

Fl'ynn looks to Lan, and is immediately wincing. His dark eyes shift to the side, considering again, before he is focusing back upon the brownrider, "Uhm, yeah, my place. My place." Hearty agreement there. His head nods slowly to Lan following his later words as well, offering up a stein for a good toasting, "Had no reason to come out here either. All I had was Kagenaith and Xanadu, you and Briana." His smile softens, drawing a smoother liner to his features.

Ers'lan gives a hearty chuckle, a rumble that takes forms in his words, "Yer a smart man after all thar Fl'ynn. Jus no tellin whar three women can do to ya iffin I bring ya home. One be pretty good with a skillet, tho I reckon she be busy with 'em weyrlings now." A time spent sipping on his ale, turning his attention on Fl'ynn since his eyes wandered for a time, nodding in quiet understanding and empathy for Fl'ynn's latter words. "Tis narh much more than I, at tha point." A secretive smile slides onto his lips, showing pride in his eyes for something that goes right along with that conversation but isn't said outloud. Instead he clinks his glass to the bluerider's, letting their conversation go into a quiet ebb for now.

Jessi wanders into the Caverns, from the Clearing.

Jessi moves slowly into the caverns, she tosses a glance around, maybe looking to see if any of her family has remained, but if they have they're not currently in the caverns and she frowns a little. But, well, she came here for a reason, ayup, and she's reminded of that reason by a deep growl of her stomach. Hmm, food, yes, that's what she needs. And the young woman heads towards the fingerfoods since those are probably the quickest to eat. Oh, hey, look, people who aren't family. And once she grabs some chow, she's making her careful way towards the table where Fl'ynn and Ers'lan sit. "Hi."

"I finally told my parents about… oh, I guess it has been almost a turn now, that I impressed. Surprised the shards out of them. Then spent the next two months trying to make up for… well, for not saying anything. I think it all worked out. I'm not there. I'm here. I like it here. I like it /here/." Fl'ynn realizes he has made it to the bottom of his stein, travesty. He leans forward on his straddled hair, tipping it onto two legs while reaching to refill his drink. Wet shirt sticks his his arm while he stretches, not exactly the most comfortable, but that heat is drying him some. At least his hair isn't plastered to his hair any longer. "You've made a few more connections since," Fl'ynn drawls slowly. Can you hear the slow grin in his words. "Busy. I couldn't live like that. I don't know how you can."

"Aye… did the same narh too long ago," he hadn't ever really talked about his parents much, not even during weyrlinghood and likely not even since then and now he doesn't go any further than that odd remark, picking up on Fl'ynn's admission to steer away from his own situation. "Ya should've been tellin 'em sooner, tho, when it be right time, it be the right time. Tis 'ere tha do be our home now, n I like it too." Clearly, or else he would've left. He notes the empty mug, watching Fl'ynn repour into his own stein, sliding his own toward the pouring to get the bluerider to help him out some. He's ditched his wet jacket on the back of his chair, sitting with it set towards the hearth flames. It's some time after the hatching now and the feast preparations are still getting underway, frantic kitchen folk trying to get things ready for the celebrations to come. Lan and Fl'ynn are by the heartside, talking and drinking, enjoying the brief interruption of weyr-duties like the rest. "Fl'ynn… whar were ya durin our weyrlinghood man?" Lan responds to the last of the bluerider's remarks, "Zhao be havin me so busy tha I be runnin at tha pace fer life now. He got me good 'n trained fer it. Can imagine narh having nothin or no one ta talk too or keep after." He does smile some, "'Sides, I reckon I do be likin the idea of havin' a family."

Jessi gets distracted briefly by someone from Eastern grabbing her sleeve. And as she listens to the rider she frowns briefly and nods. "Guess I'll send a firelizard later, thanks for telling me." Well, now, where was she? Oh yeah! She was munching on a meatroll and trying to make her way through the crowd to visit with the few visitors she knows, there aren't too many however, most of the people that came to see her have gone home, a shame really, but maybe they didn't think she would be out of the barracks until much later.

Fl'ynn does once more at the silent request for more, pouring for Lan as well. The teen straightens, rolling his shoulders while sitting up, "Eh, I was a coward. I admit it. Paid for it. Moved on. I like it better here anyway." He ends that statement with an uptick of his voice, grinning to the brownrider. His head comes back up, "Where was I? Trying to keep up with Kagenaith. Still am. Always will be. As for a family, Lan, being prefectly honest, I think it'll be good for you. Better you than me, man. But if you need a break, you know where to find me. Just… don't bring them." He finishes it at a laugh. At the voice, the bluerider turns his head, eyes taking a moment to focus upon Jeniosa. "Hey… didn't you impress, pretty?"

Ers'lan makes a silent gesture of appreciation for the top-up, letting his sight linger on Fl'ynn for the coward remark, grumbling, "Iffin ye be one, reckon I be as well." Though, each didn't tell their folks about it for much different reasons. The man stretches his legs out further, dragging one of the chairs opposite him to help hoist up his leg, slinging his arm back behind him against the chair's arched back. Slight cant of his head to the side as the bluerider is once again grinning, allowing such a grin to be infectious and thereby appearing on Lan's expression, "Aye. T'will be good. One cooks, one cleans, and… one is for—" wink wink, finishing up his sentence with a laugh that cuts off only for a drink of ale. As for the invitation, he makes a smirk, leaving it at that - not promising he'd keep them away if he visited. But the main reason he doesn't continue is because of Fl'ynn's acknowledgement of Jeniosa, the brownrider keeping respectful, though there's a knowing look glinting in his eye as Fl'ynn tacks on 'pretty' to his address of the newest greenlings.

Jessi nods to Fl'ynn, "Aye, or rather, got pounced inta submission. Guess I won't be needing a ride back to Eastern afterall." And that statement is accompanied by a little wink for the bluerider. "A shame, really, I was kinda looking forward to it." She giggles and pushes the thought out of her mind, though, she has to be good now, doesn't she? Ah well, what's a turn or so, right? Oh dear, she dared to almost flirt in public there, shame on her, must be the heat and exhaustion making her goofy. Yeah, that's gotta be it. Hey, ahem, there's an Ers'lan at this table too and Jessi grins at the brownrider, "Guess y'all are stuck with me now. Gonna have to wait for that feline trip though I'm afraid."

Fl'ynn breaks out into a huge grin at Jeniosa, nodding to her, "Yeah, pouncing. That's… yeah. I saw that one bouncing around. I heard you got tackled or pounced or something when it got all dark in there. Missed it. Heard about it, but missed it. I'm happy for you impressing… Jessi is it now? Jessi. But yeah, I'm really happy for you, for your dragon being out there for you." He flashes her a wink while pushing back in his seat. Back to drinking. Delicious, delicious drink. A sidling glance is offered to Lan, along with a nudge of his elbow, "Oh, that's right. I guess you'll be too busy to visit, for various reasons. Shame, that. Offer still stands though. Always had and will."

Ers'lan allows the two to exchange words, minding his manners and biting his tongue as it were, using the excuse to drink to his advantage, observing over the rim of it. Really what he's observing is clear as day to him, which causes a smug grin to ooze onto his lips. "Careful," he advises, "ya dun narh want yer little ta be broadcastin to the Weyr…" and that's all he's going to say on the matter, experiencing it first hand was enough. As for Jessi paying mind to him, he smiles quietly, "Reckon they be round fer sometime ta come. Dens all over the place now. Multiplying whar the huntin be good." His eyes slide toward Fl'ynn, smirking, "Reckon I can make some time ta visit. One of these days." The last part of Fl'ynn's words have Lan squint some, a hint of surprise on his face, masked by an effort to clear his throat.

"Think she may've bruised my ribs, too, my body feels like it got used as a punching bag. Gonna keep me busy I think. But at least she's sleeping now, barely managed to get her into the barracks after food and oil before she passed out. Bet she won't stay asleep long though." Because, well, isn't that the way dragonets are? "Can't wait for you to meet her, she's very friendly." The young woman giggles quietly. Ers'lan gets a grin from the beastcraft-weyrling, "Broadcast what? I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about Wingleader Sir." She's innocent, innocent I say! She nibbles on a meatroll idly, watching the two riders briefly with a grin. "Well, didn't mean to interrupt, just wanted to say hi and stuff." Hey, wait, "Fl'ynn, you got a new knot?" Yep, she noticed, probably because she was kind of checking the teen out, must sneak in some looks before the baby wakes up afterall.

Fl'ynn finishes up that second stein, licking his lips of the amber-hued drink afterwards. His mahogany-irised eyes focus upon Jeniosa, giving her another wink before bobbing his head with some sort of unspoken warning. "She'll learn. We all did. And Mom will be there through it all." Yup, still known to refer to Keziah as Mom now and again. The teen exhales, then pushes to his feet, at bit more unsteadily than when he first sat down. Seriously, he is the worst lightweight. Blame it on the size and genes. "I'd be honored to meet her later. Can't wait to do so. She's pretty too." He turns a bit to look at Lan, flashing a smile as his chin drops, dried, dark hair falling across to shadow his eyes. "Don't give me that look. Talk to me if you have questions." A hand briefly moves as if to press to the brownrider's shoulder, then the bluerider is turning away, "I've got to pee…. I've got a new knot~ Didn't steal it. Didn't get spanked for stealing it. Legit~" The singsong continues as he wanders off to… well, to pee.

Ers'lan's smug expression stays firm on his features when Jeniosa acts all innocent, rolling his jaw while he bobs up and down, "Aye aye… No idea. Whar do I be thinkin?" He flags a hand at Jessi, at her apology for interruptin, "Narh much ta interrupt, jus two blokes shootin the shit over a pint." A sidelong look to Fl'ynn and then Lan's kicking out the chair his leg had been resting on, "Sit girl, befer ya fall off yer feet thar." Because, impressing was exhausting business. The nickname for Keziah makes Lan given a chuckle, not even going into -that- territory again. Lan regards the hand on his shoulder, noting the way the ale has gotten to his friend, leaning over with a short rise off his chair to follow the bluerider's sing song departure with a wallop of a hand to -spank- the newly appointed wingleader. "Ye just got spanked fer wearin it!" Then there's an innocent look pawned back off on Jessi, "He's got ta pee." Yes, she must've heard that, but he felt it necessary to reiterate incase she missed it the first time. A mirthful chuckle bounces his shoulders as he shakes his head, sighing loudly as he offers Jessi a belated, "Reckon yer stuck with -us-."

Jessi watches the bluerider go, giggling quietly at his reason for leaving. "Thanks for sharing, Fl'ynny." She calls after the bluerider. "He seems wobbly, hope he makes it okay. Though I'm sure someone'll help him if he needs it." Because, well, he's Fl'ynn, and he's damn cute. She flops down into the chair. "Skipping meals before a hatching, not a good idea, thought I was gonna die when Aisuohkoth's hunger hit me. Serves me right for being all distracted and braindead all day, I suppose." Watching the spanking of bluerider, she turns away with a blushing giggle to concentrate on finishing off one of her meatrolls. She regards the brownrider a moment and grin. "I think I can learn to deal with y'all." Yep.

Fl'ynn pretty much squawks as he is spanked. Spanked! Good damn thing he doesn't have to pee that horribly bad, or that'd be really… uhm… a mess. Fl'ynn turns about to focus wide eyes onto Ers'lan, break out into a laugh, then point a finger at the brownrider. "Flirt," he accuses in a chuckle, turns about, then continues along with his made-up song.

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