Traveling to the Yoko again

04:18 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing(#9292RJs)
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.
People: Fl'ynn, Iforian, and Inuelle
Obvious exits:
Resident Dorm <RD> Meadow <M> Craft Complex <CC> Infirmary <IN> Hatching Arena <HA> Caverns <C> Tavern <T> Forest <FO>

Towering white clouds drift slowly through the blue sky. It's hazy and hot this summer afternoon, but the shade under the green leaves of the trees is welcome relief from the hot glare of the sun. Not that the Candidates have the leisure to enjoy it. The Weyrwoman is, apparently, big into giving the Candidates learning experiences and with that in mind, she's scheduled an out-of-this-world trip for them. Though the Candidates haven't been told where they're going, they have been told to pack a bedroll, pillow and overnight bag for a 4 day stay and instructed to meet in the Clearing. The AWLMs have rounded up the Candidates and have dragons awaiting them. "Please present yourself to one of the riders," one of them instructs. "And follow their directions as to stowing your gear and we'll be off as soon as you are all mounted and buckled."

Fl'ynn is candidate nor AWLM, but somehow or another, the Comet wingrider has managed to fenagle some kind of messenger duty that requires him to take part. Kagenaith sits upon his haunches, a brilliant near-purple rival to the beauty of the summer skies. The dragon happily croons to himself, looking to the clouds and remarking upon their shapes so that Fl'ynn's head is a crowded thing. The rider gives a pull to the side of his dragon's straps, making sure all is well. "Just wait and -flopped puppy." Err. Wait. "I guess that cloud looks like one."

Inuelle arrives with her travel gear with a light happy step, but a slightly nervous chewing of her thumbnail. "I brought warm clothes for a cold places, and cool clothes for warm, but I didn't know what to wear for the journey there," she's wearing proper clothes for riding, despite her own concern, and her pack isn't as overly packed as she's fearing. She gets in line with the other candidates to board one of the dragons.
Denil is there, amongst the assembled, pillow and a ratty little blanket tucked under his arm and half-full backpack unfastened (and probably lacking clean socks and underwear) on his back. He's not at all hesitant to pipe up with, "Hey, where are we going anyway? We get to know yet?" The answer, if he gets one, doesn't stop him from skittering over to a cute green and her rider, skidding to a stop in his excitement just before he plows into her rider. He offers a cheeky little grin to go with his, "Hi! I can go with you, right?"

Esiae has arrived.
Esiae arrives from somewhere else.

Matrin hangs back a bit, watching the younger candidates scampering about and eyeing the gathered dragons and their riders. His pack is the sort Harpers use for their circuits between the smaller holds - well cared for but obviously it has seen some use. For once he's dressed truly casually in denim, with a leather jacket slung over his shoulder for the ride. "Flopped puppy?" It's asked with a light grin and a squint at the sky. "That's not bad actually." Kagenaith and Fl'ynn both get a nod of greeting and Mat adds, "He's a really gorgeous color. I'd love to paint him sometime." Oh yes, they are supposed to be mounting up and such. "Are you taking passengers?"

Along with all of the other Candidates, Iforian is herded from the barracks with a napsack slung over his shoulder. He's flirting with one of the girls, who is doing her best to ignore him, even taking the oportunity to run up to a rider that's already got several other Candidates lined up to ride with him. The broad shouldered miner-candidate scowls for a moment before he wanders over to Fl'ynn and offers a charming smile, "Mind if'n I ride with ya, Fl'ynn?" He gives Matrin a quick nod of greeting.

Its just Inuelle's luck that she's in the line to get on the same dragon as Denil. She gives the boy a look that the weyr nannies would give a small boy covered in mud. She turns to hear the sound of Iforian's voice and her face turns a little red and bashful and she eyes Fl'ynn's dragon rather longingly for a moment before she's brought back to reality by the greenrider urging her to get on the dragon.
Its just Inuelle's luck that she's in the line to get on the same dragon as Denil. She gives the boy a look that the weyr nannies would give a small boy covered in mud. She's about to start lecturing the boy on his state of dress, when the sound of Iforian's voice causes her to turn. Her face turns a little red and bashful and she eyes Fl'ynn's dragon rather longingly for a moment before she's brought back to reality by the greenrider urging her to get on the dragon.

Esiae arrives a tad behind schedule, puffing sight-impeding flyaways out of her face as she heads into the clearing from the direction of the coastal road. The rest of her is much better put together, bright blue shirt clean and tucked into tan working pants, but her hair has seen much, much better days, clearly having been just thrown back in a braid to hide the mess. A squashy looking sleep roll is coiled around her pillow sushi-style and hiked up under one arm, with an overnight back slung over the other. She's just in time to catch the AWLM directions, head bobbing in a willing nod before she turns and gives a random nearby rider an awkward curtsy, burdens considered. "Greetings. Might I request a right with you?" Making up for her lateness with charm? Mayyyybe.

Kagenaith's muzzle remains lifted to the sky, nostrils wuffling, throat throbbing as he continues to draw out idle notes in his bemusement. Fl'ynn gives his dragon a look before gloved fingers release the strap, leaving his blue to his clouded musings. At a voice, speaking his name, the teen turns to lay dark eyes upon Matrin. "The one before that was a headless ovine sitting on the back of a wagon… Oh, yeah-sure." Then to Iforian as well, returning that smile with one of his own, "Don't mind at all."

Denil is all but wriggling with having to contain his excitement but manages to fumble into the jacket and gear handed to him. He catches Inuelle's look (but only after pushing the helmet back from where it's fallen over his eyes) and clearly recognizing that half-open mouth as impending Lecture Mode, points at her shoulder with wide, horrified eyes. "Lookit that HUGE bug!" And then, since he's next up on that green, scrambles up before she can swat at him for the diversionary tactic that it was.

Matrin tries to hide his smirk, he really does, and though his lips twitch he covers it by holding a hand to his brow and peering up at the sky again. "Well, I'm not sure I can spot that one, but maybe the wind disturbed the clouds." He's making an effort anyway, though the vivid blue seems to be far more focused on cloud pictures than anything Matrin has to say. When Fl'ynn agrees, he smoothly swings his pack down off his shoulder and lets it dangle from his hand. "You want to point me to the best place to strap this in?" In spite of the heat he juggles the load while shrugging into his jacket, pausing only to offer Iforian a nod and a polite smile. "Any ideas on what we're up to, Iforian?"

Iforian flashes a quick grin at Fl'ynn and shifts his grip on the bedroll and pillow tucked under his arm, shaking his head at the quesion from the older Candidate, "Ain't got a clue." He glances off in the direction of the kennel, "Just hope th' pups're fine while I'm gone." Not that they won't have plenty of people to look after them, "They's big 'nough t' find homes." And, as long as they're all working together, bring the big Candidate down.

Alosynth is bright and shiny from a recent scrub and oil and well, post flight has the green sitting smug and self satisfied. Kezi herself is on the tired side herself and looking disgruntled. The green is all strapped up with all the safety straps in place. She watches as a number of candidates head over towards Fl'ynn and she just relaxes against Alo. "Perhaps we'll have an easy trip this time." she murmurs to the green. "And maybe I won't have to clean things off again like the last time when someone lost their lunch." she adds with a wrinkle of her nose.

Inuelle is certainly a sensible girl, and certainly not completely prone to falling for the usual tricks of children. But she's also a very feminine person, does not enjoy being dirty, and almost always wears dresses, save for the rare occasion when pants are required. And she does not like bugs, insects or creepy crawly things. Just the idea of the bug then, is enough to causes her to shriek a peircing female scream of fright! And then she realizes she doesn't have a bug on her and glares up at the boy already on the green. "Not funny at ALL!" she says and stomps her foot, embarassement and anger reddening her features. Grr. Then she has to get up on the dragon right behind him.

Esiae can't help but snort over at Denil from the next dragon over, brown eyes rolling playfully, if not a little tiredly. She likely just got through with such antics, on her day off no less, but there's no rest for the weary it would seem. "Keep one eye open when you sleep with that one around, wherever we're going," she says teasingly towards Inuelle once the girl realizes the trick. Now that she's a little less harried, the others are marked and waved to… but then her rider is speaking to her, and Esi goes straight-faced and solemn when taking direction - see, at least she knows when to be serious, even if it's only sometimes! Indeed, as soon as she's scuttled a-dragonback with what has to be practiced ease, the girl is all smiles, all but bouncing up and down as she buckles her pack in behind her as instructed. Then there are straps, and a helmet, and dear Faranth, somebody's ready to go, isn't she…? Cough.

BUG! This rips through Kagenaith's mind like a bolt of lightning, obliterating all thoughts of clouds and humming in favor of a BUG. His head drops low, legs stepping right on over Fl'ynn as the blue looks to try to crowds up closer to Inuelle 'cause she apparently has a BUG and that little human pointed to her Shoulder! *Breathewufflepeer* "Whoa there. Just wait. She didn't. He was /kidding/." Of course, when Inuelle shrieks as well, this stops the blue short. Fl'ynn reaches out to take things from the candidates, "I'll get it," especially while his 'mate is distracted.

Riders are handing out flight gear for those who need it. Jackets, helmets, goggles and gloves, while most may be too large, they'll at least do the job intended. The AWLMs are helping wherever needed, stowing bags and giving Candidates a hand up. The signal from one sends several aloft, who wink *Between* Several minutes later the dragons reappear in the sky and another group is sent aloft. Finally it is down to these few left to take their turn. "Everyone ready?" His signal sends the last group to the skies.

Matrin hands his pack over a little absently, busy watching Kagenaith and his antics. There's amusement first, followed by a narrowing of his eyes in thought. He shrugs it off and pulls his smile back on, and when Fl'ynn gives the go ahead he makes his way up to the blue's neck. He's definitely done this a time or two, making good use of the straps and settling comfortably before reaching a hand down to help Iforian up if he needs it.

When Kagenaith goes to whuffle Inuell's shoulder, Iforian blinks and frowns over at the girl before shaking his head in amusement. Then the blue is being mounted by the others in line and the tall man steps up when it's his turn, gladly taking the harper-candidate's offered hand to haul himself up, "Thanks, Matrin." And there's another charming grin for Fl'ynn as the miner-candidate gets settled.
Iforian steps up onto Kagenaith's back.
Iforian has left.

Away from Kagenaith, Alosynth watches Kagenaith and then chuffs at him as she lets out a breath. Keziah pats the greens hide and then climbs up on Alosynth as a few of the younger candidates head her way, being not so keen about climbing up on the larger dragons and taking the smaller one. "You know Fl'ynn, it'll be a sad day indeed if he ever grows up."

Away from Kagenaith, "Sure it was," Denil smirks down at Inuelle while those buckles are clinked about him. While a REAL bug would have been better, those prissy-type girls are still fun to fool like that. Then she's climbing up to sit behind him. Uh oh! "If you hug me I promise I'll stick some real ones in your hair," he tells her over his shoulder. Then he points to the straps crisscrossing his thighs. "Y'can hang on there if ya have to."

Fl'ynn climbs up onto his blue's back as soon as the candidates are situated. Buckles buckled and straps strapped. The teen pulls up his jacket, making sure all is fastened in order. He just catches Keziah's words, evoking a chuckle. "Pretty sure he hasn't hit puberty yet." Seriously, not a single flight so far. Thank goodness for small favors. Hang on!" And up they go.

Away from Kagenaith, Seryth's back> Inuelle is so embarassed by the fuss made over her, and then the dragon is whuffling her too, and now now…this boy again. "If you try to trick me like that again I'll make sure to your laundry is washed in the most flowery potent smelling soap I can find," she counters. Then suddenly they are up and away and looking down at the weyr. "Oh wow!" Okay she hasn't seen the weyr from up here yet. She may be afraid of bugs, but at least she's not afraid of heights!

Away from Kagenaith, Seryth's neck> The AWLM in charge waits until the larger dragons are aloft and in formation, then warns his own passengers to hang on and count to three, it won't be but three beats then he gives the group the signal for *Between*

Away from Kagenaith, Seryth's neck> Into the cargo bay of the Yokohama the last group appears. Instead of entering on the landing pads, the dragons appear in clear air with wings folded, floating almost motionlessly. "the grav units are down for repair," the AWLM announces calmly. "Just keep your movements small and use the dragon to push off of gently in the direction of the lift. we'll have your gear brough up in a short while." Buckles clink and passengers are discharged, some given gentle pushes in the general direction, but it's clear some of them are floating awry. Not that they're hurried by any means as some of the AWLMs are grinning and enjoying the weightlessness.

Away from Kagenaith, Kagenaith is here. whoa. Whoa. WHOA. As the blue blink in from between, he immediately begins with a flap of his wings… and again, and… nothing happens. *SNORK* It is a noise that manages to reverberate and echo within the chamber, made more loud alarming by one very alarmed dragon. Wings to wide. Legs to wider. Tail flicking abotu from behind. Yeah, this blue will take up a bit of space. "Just… Just don't worry." And then there is a flurry of commentary passing from rider to dragon. Then a murmured, "You might wanna get off before we start spinning."

The trip between is as disorienting as ever for Iforian, made more so by the lack of gravity. The blond miner has his eyes squeezed shut and looks the faintest bit green at only being held to the blue's back by the straps. He swallows hard, just barely managing to keep from losing his lunch. Then spinning is mentioned and Ifo looks even more sick to his stomach, "Uh… Yeah." He fumbles with the straps for a moment before he manages to unbuckle and starts drifting up from Kagenaith's back, frantically grabbing for the straps again to steady himself. There's one more hard swallow before he pushes off in the direction of the lift; unfortunately, he pushes off a little too hard and launches faster than he'd intended. There's a more than half panicked yell from the big man and he covers his head with his arms to protect himself from colliding with the wall. Ouch!

Inuelle does NOT get off the dragon. Her eyes widen at the sight of floating dragons, and then she gives a sort of wordless gasp as Kagenaith starts to panic. Oh oh oh, what on Pern…? ON Pern? Oh gosh, they're somewhere not where she would ever expect to be. She GRABS Delrin and clutches his shoulders. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't let me fly away!" she squeaks.

Away from Kagenaith, ""Denil is used to *Between* He's done it all of one time in his entire life, but he's an expert, don't you know? "Nothin' to it!" He announces with feigned boldness a beat after they enter the cargo bay. Then they're floating and the AWLM makes his announcement. And there's Kagenaith over there in all his spread-eagled glory. "Su-weet!" The herder boy exclaims and he's not waiting for his buckles to be undone

Away from Kagenaith, Esiae has, luckily, arrived abreast a dragon that knows how to land in zero-grav. This is… probably a good thing, because the green is calm whereas Esi is… not so much. "Gah!" Her initial reaction to the lack of gravity is to cling to the rider in front of her, a natural response considering of all the places she's gone by dragon, none of them have ended with her feeling like this. But she's smart, our Esi, quickly piecing together that there are very few safe places for dragons to dock where you're also suddenly straining at your tethers in midair. "No. Way." By now, her legs are floating up of their own accord from momentum. Combined with wide, owlish eyes, the end result is a tad comical. Kagenaith's immediate flail doesn't help, but she's less scared, and more thrilled. There's a little of her former self there, just a quick glimpse of Dread Pirate Princess Esiae, Feared of Hold and Hall, Conqueror of Land, Sky, and Sea, now AMBASSADOR TO SPACE. Iforian's push and Inuelle's squealing departure encourage her, and as soon as she gets her feet back under her, she unclips herself and wheeeeeeeees off in the first direction she points. Erm… Someone may have to fetch her in a sec.

Away from Kagenaith, It is bad enough to go Between, whether or not you have done it before. But to be expecting snow or sun and to come out surrounded by metal and without any gravity instead is… rather a shock. Matrin handles it by blinking rapidly and tightening his grip on Kagenaith's straps, and he gives a weak sympathetic chuckle to the blue. "I completely agree," is his wryly spoken mumble, but hanging on tighter might actually end up being counter-productive. Fl'ynn's suggestion makes his lips press into a firm line, but he nods. "Right. Getting off would be good." He undoes the buckles keeping him still and clears his throat when he immediately starts floating a few inches above the blue's neck. "Um, I'm just going to push against you a little, ok?" Hopefully it is, as he plants his hand and shoves gently toward the lift door. His eyes are wide but he manages to float semi-gracefully to the door, although when he gets there he just sort of slams into it with his shoulder and starts to bounce off until he frantically grabs for the hand of whatever AWLM is near.

Away from Kagenaith, "-so what if stinky soap-" Denil is used to *Between* He's done it all of one time in his entire life, but he's an expert, don't you know? "Nothin' to it!" He announces with feigned boldness a beat after they enter the cargo bay. Then they're floating and the AWLM makes his announcement. And there's Kagenaith over there in all his spread-eagled glory. "Su-weet!" The herder boy exclaims and he's not waiting for his buckles to be undone, either. His clink as he undoes them, draws both feet up until his knees are under his chin and pushes off the green to go rocketing across the space. "Waugh!" His arms flail but there's a big, silly grin on his face.

Away from Kagenaith, One of the assistant weyrlingmasters is, indeed, enjoying the weightlessness of zero gravity. Rysith makes a relatively quiet reappearance from Between, the aged green tucking her wings firmly to her sides and simply submitting to floating through the open space rather then flying. Kagenaith's attempt at flight and his alarm has her tilting her head just enough to watch, a gruff rumble escaping her. Laughter? Perhaps. But she gives the blue the space he needs, drifting by as she is. Anoryn is just as reserved as her lifemate, mouth quirked up in a half-smirk as she takes in her surroundings, but also takes notes on the whereabouts and reactions of others. Carefully, she unbuckles her passengers and then herself, muttering a few blunt tips on how to dismount. Once all begin to drift away, the greenrider follows. But even in her experience, however many Turns ago, even Anoryn has her difficulties as she drifts just a little too wide from the lifts. Which may be a good thing, for any unfortunate souls who also miss the mark and go adrift.

Away from Kagenaith, Kagenaith does, indeed, panic. All of those fine draconic instincts that have gotten him thus far in life? They really don't do so well in a zero-G. The blue honks again, loudly, fanning his wings 'cause that is what you do when you are not touching anything! Again, dragon doesn't really go anywhere, just kinda starts rotating a little bit… sideways, upside-down, sideways again. "Uhm." Yeah, this may take some work to get the blue settled. The bluerider glances up, and up, apparently back now to make sure his passengers got free without getting caught up in all of his dragon's flailing limbs. Okay, good. Now to work on the dragon.

Inuelle is suddenly being pulled along with Denil and she starts to squeal. "Ah ah don't let me go! Slow down slow down!" she says, and clutches faintly and whitely at his shoulder. She's not afraid of heights, but she's never been OFF Pern before, thats for sure. "Watch out!" she says, but of course she's perfectly safe, there's nothing in front of them.

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