Mmmm, whips.

07:56 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow(#9290RJL)
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.
People: Fl'ynn
Dragons: Isobeth
Obvious exits:
Garden <G> Ridge <RI> Beach <BE> Forest <FO> Clearing <C> Smith Forge <SF> Coastal Road <CR> Stables <ST>

Squishy ground. Critters chirping in the foliage. The clouds leaving the skies overcast as the last drip-drip-drip of a passing shower leaves the meadow damp and fresh. Fl'ynn is well off center of the grounds, having somehow pilfered some straw-bales from the nearby stables, set them on their tall ends, and settles some bottles (also pilfered, but from the tavern) upon such things. *Cha-POW* there is the sharp crack of a whip as the teen flicks his wrist, curling and snapping, just barely licking one of those bottles to send it tumbling to the ground.

The sound of the cracking whip is carrying across the meadows and bringing back a Daoi. The girl is visibly alert and eyes dart as the sound pierces the air once more. There was a slight disadvantage as her approach came from past the hay bales, allowing Fl'ynn to be hidden but at least she has the brains to swing her path around to the side for a safer approach. As she comes to a stop, bare toes curl into the muddy ground, squishy indeed. "So… you finally good enough to give me that lesson?" No, she hasn't seen him since that first meeting, but apparently she hasn't forgotten.

As the rain finally comes to a pause, Esiae all but flees from the nearby stables, heels kicking up squishy splashes of muck with each step. Birds disregarded, she seems far more occupied with putting as much distance between her and a smelly, musty morning's worth of work as humanly possible. Well. Almost. Like Daoi, the girl's attention is quickly attracted to the sound of a flicking whip. Unlike Daoi, she has no idea who or what's going on, except that those hay bales definitely weren't there when she came in, and they look suspiciously akin to some that recently went missing. Recognizing the techcrafter and the rider, Esiae approaches, but keeps careful distance, considering Fl'ynn just snapped that bottle right off the straw. "Lessons?," she asks, catching on to the tail end of Daoi's question. Pale brows arch high, glancing from one to the other. "Er, I mean… Hi?" Tsk tsk. No manners.

A tongue pokes from the corner of Fl'ynn's mouth in concentration, dark eyes focused upon the bottles before him. His attention moves to the bottle on the next bale, whip coiled at the ready, 'but he hesitates before going after the next target at Daoi's voice. The bluerider pauses, a smile appearing and provoking the dimples in his cheeks to make an appearance. "Hey, Daoi. I'm…." He pauses again, thought going into a correct response here. "I'm… not that bad, I think. I'm not sure I could teach anything yet, but there isn't anything wrong in trying." Eyes focus back on the bottle and then *CRACK* another empty container tumbles to the ground. His head turns at the new voice, focusing upon Esiae. "Hi." Flashing grin.

Daoi gives a blink and twists her body to peer at other girl and sheepishly adds her own. "Oh…. hi." to both. Who can blame someone for forgetting the simple things like greetings when there's a whip involved? Anyhow, Fl'ynn was slow on the uptake there too. Thumbs hook into her pants pockets, anchoring the somewhat twitchy fingers as her attention wanders on back, eyes more on the leather than the person holding it. "Well you got the crack bit down at least, heard it back in the forest." Rocking back and forth on those toes as they curl she is very much the image of a child waiting to open her turnday presents. "Nothing wrong in trying at all."

That second whipcrack is much more startling up close, but Esiae relaxes when Daoi adds her greeting, a reflexive smile hitching up onto her face. "Sorry. Foster mom told me it was rude to just… bust in on conversations. The practice is… not going well," she says just as sheepishly, one hand raising to scratch at the back of her neck. Interested eyes observe the exchange between Fl'ynn and Daoi, lighting up at the notion of the bluerider teaching the crafter how to do it. "That actually sounds incredibly interesting," she says, adding her two cents. "Never seen anyone teach something like that. Or, well, try." The statement is amended with a nasal laugh before her gaze catches on something else. Namely Daoi's feet. "Are you… barefoot?"

Fl'ynn's grin grows even wider, a product of enjoyment in his current companions. And, well, it did stop raining so he can hang out here and be Awesome. Or something. "I've been practicing," he drawls in near a sing-song, chuckling afterwards. "And improving. I'll be needing an assistant soon who is willing to put life and limb on the line by tossing things for me to hit." Pregnant pause. "But not quite yet. Maybe after another sevenday or so." He flashes Daoi a wink, then looks to her. The whip is gathered up in his dusky hands, fingers slowly drawing the supple leather into a coil. Then it is offered. "Do you want to try it?" Mahogany-dark irised eyes focus back upon Esiae, his smile twitching, "Everyone needs a hobby."

Apparently the way to get girls is with a whip… wait… something is wrong with that. But, Daoi is totally reeled in and more than eager. "It's a good way to get involved though… otherwise people just keep talking and ignore you." Oh, there's probably another mother failing at getting lessons to stick. One foot lifts and absolutely grimey toes wiggle towards Esi with a giggle. "Yeah, almost lost a sandal in the mud… so figured I'd just leave them at home." The distraction doesn't last too long as a dubious look needs to be directed at Fl'ynn. "Only if you hold something for /me/ to whip once I learn." Grabby hands finally appear as he asks, did he really need to? "YES" The word comes out a little more forceful than she meant it and the sheepish look returns. "Please?"

Esiae's mouth lifts in her own smile, mirth scrunching up both eyes. "Too true. I suppose of all of them, this is actually one of the safer ones," she says, in light of life and limb and all. "Diving off dragons into the ocean, now that's a dangerous hobby." There's a light laugh for Daoi however, head bobbing in agreement. "I know, right? Sometimes you just have to assert yourself. But O'rly— well, no, her /dragon/, she's very proper." Esi makes a very ladylike gag sound for that. Charming. "Ah, okay. That makes sense then. It's just… of all the things I expected, no shoes in the mud was not one of them." That said, Esi backs up a few steps, giving Fl'ynn and what is apparently his new assistant plenty of room to work. Eyes watch avidly however, just as interested in the lesson itself as she is in the actual whipflicking.

Fl'ynn's own dark eyebrows lift in question at Daoi's pronouncement. He extends out his hand, moving a pointing index finger as if to touch the very tip of her noise, "Now, who said I meant you." With that, the teen deliberately turns in place to stare down Esiae. While he looks across to her, he does still offer up that whip to Daoi. "Sure. Did you see how I did it though? Use your dominant hand." His dark eyes are still focused upon Esiae though, "Would you be interested in being my partner in throwing things when I get to that stage?"

Daoi goes crosseyed glaring at that finger, which ruins the effect entirely. The whip is snagged the moment it's held towards her and perhaps even before it's fully extended. "Course I did." She was watching him rather intently after all. "She's prettier for an assistant, get more people to watch that way too." is the spared comment that despite the words she doesn't seem bothered at all. Apparently she'd rather be on the handle end of the whip as she steps away from the pair, getting a feel for the weight with a perhaps too gleeful grin.

Well, shoot. Someone's gone and tamed the Pirate Princess. Where twigs and brambles once snarled a six-turn-old-Esiae's hair and clothing beyond recognition, there's now a skinny young girl trying to become a woman. Long, dirty-blonde hair falls in a cascade of slight curls, occasionally bound back in a casual braid. The rest of her seems a bit… gaunt in comparison to the long, flowing locks, really. Hollow cheeks seem to be filling out nicely, but the rest of her is thin and wiry, the all-sinew build of someone that lived only off what they could catch for some time. This perhaps explains the half-wild flicker behind bright brown eyes, and the occasional hard purse of otherwise full lips.

A mother's hand has had a fair share in trying to conceal the majority of that, at least. Dresses and tunics have been carefully coordinated to give her hard angles a softer aura, belted high around the ribs instead of accentuating a skinny waist. If worn, her pants are baggy and tucked into heavy boots. Dark colors are avoided in favor of warm, happy ambers, blues, and greens, that somehow manage to make up for whatever they lack in the fancy department. Esi's still a little too rough-and-tumble to really deserve 'nice things.'

Esiae stills when she's suddenly made the focus of Fl'ynn's attention, eyes shifting from that whip he's extending towards Daoi and back. There's suspicion there for a moment, then amusement, followed by determination. "As a matter of fact, I would," she says, flashing a wide grin, gaze flickering as though mentally picturing it already. "Loss of limb doesn't scare me any." A beat. "Well, not much, at any rate. You gotta promise you'll be good and practiced first though, yeah?" She pins him with a pointed look that's supposed to be serious, but it's rather undercut by a growing sense of excitement behind her eyes. Well. That and another ladylike snort for Daoi's comment. "Well, I do have a certain expertise when it comes to entertainment," she says with a theatrical flourish of both hands, gesturing dramatically from Fl'ynn to Daoi when the girl takes and immediately weighs the whip. Esi can't help but grin as well, dropping the act to watch her just a tad warily.

Fl'ynn releases his hold of the whip as soon as he feels Daoi take ahold of it. Just as quickly, the teen is scurrying away to watch at a distance the same as Esiae. Actually, the bluerider reaches out as if to snag the girl's shirt-tails and try to tug her back just a hair more. You know, just in case Daoi gets a little wild there -which is a distinct possibility. "Try a few light runs at first. Swing your arm forward and up, only about as high as your shoulder, girl. Use your wrist." He nods back to Esiae following his tips to Daoi, "Oh, I will. I wouldn't do anything that'd hurt you. You've got a good throwing arm though, right? I can't have some wussy noodle arm assistant." His dark eye slant briefly to her before quickly glancing back away, as if he wasn't gauging her reaction at all. "Nice flare… I like it. Guess I'll keep you -if you've got an arm."

Oh, that's a definite vote of confidence, the scurrying away /and/ dragging the other bystander with. Then again, with Daoi's eagerness she could easily have started swinging the whip around every which way. Luckily for everyone in the vicinity though, she's still letting herself get the feel for it even just turning the handle around with her fingers. Sadly, she missed Esi's quick demonstration but at least didn't tune out the directions entirely. Taking a stance she swimply swishes it back and forth a few times before doing as she's told. The first flick doesn't produce that wonderous crack, but the second is much more satisfying. Oh, and did I mention she's positively beaming at this point?

Esiae eeps as she's pulled back by her tunic, slipping just a tad on the slick ground. Luckily she keeps her feet, but it's a near thing, causing the girl to clear her throat and straighten her clothes oh-so-casually. "I uh… have a better arm than I do balance," she says, tone awkward, but grin put firmly in place. "Sailing with my dad had its perks, one of which is decent upper body strength. No use on a ship if you can't haul the lines." She makes an audacious muscle-arm, considering she's a skinny little wisp of a seventeen-turn-old, but she knows it's a poor representation if her expression is anything to judge by. The bluie will just have to take her word for it. For now though, Daoi is giving the whip a few experimental flicks, and Esi's grinning just about as big when her second go apparently gives the result the techcrafter was looking for. "Niiice," she comments, bouncing on her toes just a bit.

Fl'ynn can practically feel the glimmer of Daoi's beaming from here. Oh yes. So maybe that would necessitate yet another step back, 'just cause. His voice drops a tad, lowered for Esiae's ears only, as his hand shields his mouth from view "Pretty sure that crack just created a monster." In the next breath he is clearing his throat, speaking plenty loud for the whip-wielder's ears, "Not bad. Careful though. Don't catch your ankles or face." He obviously speaks from experience. He glances back to Esiae, smile appreciative. "Yeah, you'll do. Gimme a sevenday or two, depending on how much Comet runs me about the planet. Then I'll be requesting your services."

Daoi is currently the happiest girl alive, and the fact that wielding a whip made her that way should simply strike even more fear and concern into the bluerider's heart. At least she's not charging in without a care for hitting herself. Every movement actually seems thought out, the glee not translating into sloppiness. In fact she's concentrating quite a bit, the next flick of her wrist has even better timing and this time the crack splits the air. A squee follows after that noise and she turns to grin at her audience, blinking as she notices their increased distance. "Thinking that I should maybe be insulted by how dangerous you think I am…" Yes, dangerous with whip is /good/ but not the first time you use it. "Think you could get your dad to take me out sailing? I could think of a way they could use a techcrafter… really."

The corners of Esiae's mouth twitch, trying to hide a smile for Fl'ynn's words. "You think?" That's said aloud, but innocently enough - she could be remarking on the latest fashions of the weyr if it weren't for the devious sparkle in her eye. It's a good sparkle though, as she seems to be enjoying Daoi's enthusiasm. There is a wince for the mention of whip catching on certain body parts, however. "Yeah, those bruises don't sound like ones that would be fun to explain," she admits with a hint of a question mixed in, issuing a giggle when the techcrafter finally turns around and notes how far away they've gotten. "It's not you, it's it?," Esi says rather unconvincingly, smile showing she clearly doesn't mean that. "But yeah, sure. Ista Hold is his port, so it might not be for a while, but he has travel near Xanadu at some point." A blink. "Really? Seacrafters have always been so… traditional, at least in my experience. What do you have in mind?" Not that she's trying to distract Daoi from her precision, but Esi's curious now.

Fl'ynn :'s smile draws wider as Daoi continues, "Looking pretty good there. Not bad at all." Oh yes, that is a very appreciative comment coming from a bluerider not shy about admitting he is liking the view of Daoi playing with that whip. It takes a clearing of his own throat and a look back to Esiae to clear his mind… somewhat. He laughs at her talk of bruises, "Oh, I'm pretty good a story mentioning a whip will make it plenty fun." He quiets again though, listening to the talk of the sea-going trade.

Daoi apparently is interpreting that as a compliment to her whip-cracking abilities and form. Or at least if she's realizing it's about /her/, she's not paying it any mind. And if the rider wants he can probably watch her working that whip for hours before she grows tired of it. Another handful of attempts have varied results, luckily none of them will create bruises later at least. "Least they'd know who to blame if bruises started showing up, right?" And the grin Fl'ynn gets is pure innocence there. "Oh… I dunno, but I could think of something! Or maybe just run away from the craft for awhile to sail, could just do that instead." And back to that whip, the last remaining target is eyed for a moment, and then the whip in her hand. Is she really going to try? Apparently, but stems fromt he hay bale go flying through the air instead causing her to squinch up her face. Guess she's not advancing /that/ fast.

Esiae /does/ have to laugh for that comment, an abrupt 'ha!' at the idea of actually telling a story about bruises that involve whips. "I, uh… didn't think of it that way. Dear oh dear, that would be fun indeed," she says with an impish grin and a shake of her head. "So many ways to misspin that tale. Anyways, sailing isn't any easier than crafting, but it's definitely… well, wonderful," she says a tad wistfully, eyes instinctively drifting in the general direction of the sea. "There's nothing like it. Not even flying," she adds, even though that's pretty high on her list of fun things to do. "But if you ever want to, just let me know. I'm sure something can be arranged." Rocking forwards on her toes, Esi peers to watch this latest whipcrack, hopeful for the result. She awws aloud when it's hay that goes flying rather than a bottle, but she does have to give her hands a little clap of encouragement. "Better than I would have done, honestly. Some practice and you'll be as good as he is!" And isn't that just a scary thought~.

"Hey, you hit the bale," Fl'ynn calls out in encouragement, his voice raising in pleasure at her having managed to strike one of those at the very least. "Once you get a knack at actually getting it to crack. Then you need to start working on accuracy." His grin breaks out huge at Esiae's words. He deliberately moves as if to nudge her, chuckling and echoing, "Fun indeed." His movement has the teen coming around her and moving around the periphery. "I'll be right back. I'm going to grab a couple more things out of the stables." A thumb is jerked towards the stables, "Just right in there. Be right back. Don't like… yeah." He'll leave the rest unsaid, kinda hesitate, dithers, shrugs his shoulders, and disappears into the stables.

Daoi did at least hit /something/, and vaguely near where she was aiming at that. And it wasn't 'someone' instead which is always a plus. "Never thought sailing would be easier but… it'd be an adventure." And apparently that trumps 'easy' by far. There's a bright grin at the offer of making arrangements but admittedly here and now is taken up by that braided leather in her hands. At least she's dedicated in her attention and stepping back starts working simply on getting that wonderful noise consistantly. Fl'ynn departing rather suddenly causes her head to snap around, in fact it seems more abrupt since she was so focused on the whip. Then comes the blurted curse as she managed to catch her other hand in that turn. Right, concentrating is important. Shaking the hand out she then uses it to wave. "Kay…" right, wierd boy.

It's early afternoon, and Daoi is, scarily enough, wielding a whip for the first time. Bales of hay have been set up, and one bottle remains standing, the first two having been expertly dispatched by Fl'ynn. He and Esi are standing by at an exaggeratedly safe distance, watching the techcrafter experiment. Esiae snickers with that nudge from Fl'ynn, head shaking to and fro as though she were disappointed in him for his outrageousness. If only her expression didn't reveal how incredibly amused she was by the whole idea. "This sounds like a vicious rumor that should be spread with little to no discretion just to see how people react," she says, trying to fight back a giggle. Ahem. "Anyways, yeah, an adventure is an understatement. It's like nothing else on the planet," she says, raising an eyebrow over at Fl'ynn for his halting speech. Her mouth works open and shut in a rather fishlike manner, watching him go for a long moment before Daoi's curse breaks her confused attention. "What a strange man," she says, shaking her head and then pointing at her hand. "You okay?"

Apparently Daoi is not to be trusted with a whip in hand, at least that's what the distance seems to suggest. The girl does not appear to be purterbed at all by that though, and has been happily working with the whip, managing quite a few loud cracks that could likely be heard across the meadow. Luckily the curse wasn't loud enough to travel nearly as far. "Yeah, just a little sting is all, bound to happen. And yeah, he /is/… but he's letting me play with his whip so I'm not gonna complain." And he left it with her as he strangely took his leave.

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