Dodging Babes

09:45 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing(#9292RJs)
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.
People: Fl'ynn, Jeniosa, Keziah, and Soriana
Obvious exits:
Resident Dorm <RD> Meadow <M> Craft Complex <CC> Infirmary <IN> Hatching Arena <HA> Caverns <C> Tavern <T> Forest <FO>

Soriana beams happily at Kinzie and Jeniosa's compliment to her pet, who continues for his part to be fascinated with her ear. It's like he's never seen it before, or at least not for, oh, a couple hours. "Thank you," she says, and then grins as Kinzie continues on about the runner, nodding happily. "She's a good one. Her sire was really fast, only kinda with a jarring pace… but she's better'n him." When Kinzie turns to depart, Soriana waves happily, and then turns to look back to the other two. She reaches up to pet the tunnelcat behind his ears. "I found him when he was just a little baby."

Jeniosa smiles softly, she likes critters. "I've a bunch of felines, myself, back at Eastern. I'm a Beastcrafter by trade, felines and other small mammals are my specialty. I did some studies on some of the jungle creatures back home." But, she doesn't want to bore people with her craft talk so she grins and quiets, watching the tunnelcat. "Iforian and I found a litter of pups the other day by the clocktower, we'll be taking care of them until they get healthy and big enough for us to find homes for." Yay for new best projects, a workaholic's dream come true.

Fl'ynn, with his dragon noticeably absent, it hoofing it from the main areas of Xanadu Weyr back to his place out on the coastal road. He has one very flat manpurse and one very heavily laden burlap sack supported over either shoulder. Head bowed slightly, he trudges along 'til voices cause the teen's head to lift, spying out candidates. Infesting everywhere, they are. Two fingers touch to his brow in a half-assed waving salute as he moves along.

Keziah eyes the little critter warily and then she's excusing herself for a little as one of the triplets starts to whimper and she snags him up before it can turn into a full blown howl and thus get the full trio going. Course at this time Cora's returned with some bottles filled with fresh caprine's milk "GOod timing as always Cora." she murmurs as she takes one to feed the one's she's holding while Cora tucks a bottle with one and then picks up the other. There's a glance around and a FLy'nn is spotted "PLease tell me you're not lost, or your dragon, and speaking of lost, maybe you should train with V'dim some more. So we don't lose you Between…" she states almost too sweetly.
Jeniosa gives Fl'ynn a smile of greeting along with a little shy fingerwiggling wave. "Hi Fl'ynn, Sir." Oops, she forgot the salute this time, of course, she kinda forgot the salute for Keziah too, oops, she'll lecture herself later. And then when Keziah speaks to the bluerider, Jen's attention is briefly on the triplets as they get their bottles, she slips over towards them to peek at each little one. "They're so little." Daww, mommaJen. Then she's slipping beside Kaziah. "I can help give them their bottle if you want, Ma'am." Because, well, they're babies! And hers is a toddler and too big for bottle cuddling anymore.

Fl'ynn will take this moment to look rather disgruntled at the implications of Keziah's words. "Hey now… I know where I live. Kagenaith is sleeping off a good buck, all fat and warm in his barn. Considering how I like nothing more than to be fat and comfortable after a good meal, I'm leaving the bloke to his snooze." He flashes her a grin, then allows dark eyes to move on to Jeniosa with a wink as well.

Keziah snorts a bit at Fl'ynn "Sure. You can find your way home, but if you lose yourself going elsewhere. I heard about your not visualizing well enough and ending up at the wrong Weyr. Not that it wasn't a profitable mistake, but I'd hate to lose you." she murmurs softly "You wouldn't want to do that to me now would you?" she asks and then she's smiling at Jeni "Oh yes, please, I take all the help I can get "The one still in there is Aezlan. Cora has Ierlan and this one is Kelahn." she notes softly.

Jeniosa blushes a little at the wink from Fl'ynn, but luckily she has the possibility of snuggling little Aezlan to distract her from that wink and she doesn't have to stutter and try to avoid looking at the teen because, well, cute as Fl'ynn is, babies are just, well, irresistable! And she moves over to lift Aezlan in her arms lightly, cradling him gently. "So warm and soft, I remember when Rysha was this size." And then she's moving back beside Keziah as she holds Aezlan's bottle for him. Daww.

Fl'ynn looks more shocked now than disgruntled following Keziah's words, actually pouncing in place. The heavy pack smacks hard against his arse. "I was given the wrong picture!" Seriously, it sounds almost like a kid talking to his mom. "They gave me eastern when it was supposed to be western," he protests further, only to purse his lips in annoyance and glance away. The teen rallies though. It is hardly a breath later when a thoughtful smile turns at his lips, dark eyes slant back to look first to Jeniosa and then to Keziah from beyond the fringe of his dark hair "Very, very profitable." The young man moves as if to sidle up behind Jeniosa, but then she has a kid in her hands and that is pretty much as good as birthcontrol as bluerider-bane.

Oh yes, babies are adorable and these three are just the most adorable in Kezi's opinion. "Fl'ynn. I know we went over each Weyr during training." she sighs a little "Still, I'm glad you made it." she notes quietly. "Wrong images are nothing to be taken lightly. Perhaps you should let me know who it was that gave you a bad image and I should have a talk with them as well." she notes. There's a glance between Fl'ynn and then Jeni and she just shakes her head. "Course, perhaps I should talk to Xe'ter about doing more than just escorting candi's. I should see about teaching again, and perhaps have you do a talk on betweening and proper images." Ooo, she likes that idea

Soriana smiles as she listens to Jeniosa talk about her own critters, and nods. Before she can really put an answer together, though, there's a baby crying out. Soriana looks over that way, but she doesn't approach… somehow, she suspects babies and tunnelcats aren't the best of friends. Inkfoot is not so smart, and starts to jump down… but Soriana catches him, and holds him in her hands to pet (and distract) him.

Jeniosa was gonna have a bluerider sidle up behind her? Well, maybe it's a good thing she has the bluerider-repellant AKA baby at the moment because she'd probably run away otherwise. She glances from Fl'ynn to Keziah at the talk of betweening and teaching. "I think you'd make a fine teacher, Keziah ma'am." Because, well, you know, it never hurts to butter up a rider when you're a candidate right? Aezlan is glanced to a moment, and the bottle is rearranged. "How old are they? If you've told me I've forgotton." Blush. The tunnelcat interception gets a little bit of a grin from the woman, Good catch." She quips.

"Yes, mom," Fl'ynn near to sing-songs, glancing over Jeniosa's shoulder to Keziah, a smile still curling at his lips. "How about we just forget it happens and I swear it'll never happen again and I'll be an absolute model of rider perfection from now on. I'll be an example of all that is right and true for Xanadu. Comet will be proud. You'll weep in all of my glory." Oh, the grin that follows. Sh*t-eating. But he glances to Jeniosa and the kid, and is backing off a bit.

Oh my, it has been awhile since Fl'ynn has called Kezi mom and she just rolls her eyes at him "Honestly. I sometimes wonder about you. You hit on me at time and other times call me mom. Makes me wonder about you." she notes ever so sweetly. "But I don't want to forget, I like the idea of you lecturing." she admits with a grin and shrugs "I never said I was nice."

Soriana grins to Jeniosa. "He's friendly," she does insist, though honesty forces her to add a, "Mostly." Still, even friendly tunnelcats tend to bite things.. as he's doing now to Soriana, with little play-nips. Not friendly but not good for a baby… and there's no saying what the ferret would do when startled by, say, someone screaming in his ear.

From the depths of the weyr comeths Esiae, blonde hair askew, eyes feverish, nose all but pressed against a stack of papers in her hands. Judging by her rumpled clothes, whatever she's up to, she's been at it for a while and has probably been forcibly ousted. If she's bothered, however, the girl doesn't show it. Brown eyes skim the bars and notes on her pages, humming under her breath and frowning, head shaking, before trying again. Hum hum hum, growl, hum hu— "Oh, shardit!" It's not one of gathered party of riders and candidates, but Esiae totally collides with someone nearby, and her sheets go scattering. Hopefully she didn't freak Soriana's ferret out. "Honestly, doesn't anyone look where they're going?," she asks with typical hypocrisy, staring at the mess in dismay. "Er, I mean… Sorry." Head shaking, Es crouches down and starts gathering up her scribbled-upon sheet music, inching along to sweep up the ones that have blown near Keziah and company. "'Scuse me, ma'am, I just need to—" But whatever she needed is cut off with a snort, Esiae very clearly catching the tail end of Fl'ynn's declaration. She says nothing, but suddenly it's really rather hard to keep her expression neutral.

Jeniosa peeks behind her at the backing off Fl'ynn, and she can't help but giggle softly. "Why Fl'ynny..are you afraid of a lil baby?" Did she just tease the bluerider? Wow, don't tell anyone that happened(nevermind there are plenty of witnesses). At Soriana's remark about the tunnelcat, the woman grins, "So are my felines back home, unless you startle them or somehow tick them off." At Kezi's words, she grins. "I bet if you make Fl'ynn one of the teachers, the weyrlings will pay attention for sure." Eep, oh wait, did she say that outloud? Oops! And, thankfully, there's the distraction of flying sheet music and jen's eyes turn towards Esiae. "You alright?" She asks. She would offer to help gather the sheets, but she's too busy cuddling Aezlan at the moment.

Fl'ynn's smile is absolutely huge, with dimples bordering it rather deeply, following Kezi's response to him, and he isn't a bit repentant. The teen chuckles, comes around Jeniosa as if to come up to Keziah, lean in close and if allowed plant a smooch to her cheek. Oh yes, very cheeky. "Anything to keep you on your toes." His head lifts, looking back at Jeniosa, "Very afraid. Very. I hear they are contagious." The teen backs up a couple of steps, dark eyes widening a tad. "Teachers? Shells no. Although I like the idea of having people giving me redfruit. Teaches still get those right?" The young man backs up a few more paces, mostly in the vague direction he was heading before. Mahogany-dark eyes move to the approaching Esiae briefly.

Keziah is holding the oldest of the twins, Kelahn, Cora has the youngest Ierlan, while Jeni has the middle child, Aezlan. "Oh, you asked their age, I'm so sorry. They're almost two months old now." she notes as she then eyes Fl'ynn balefully, though there's a smirk on her face that sorta ruins the effect. "Tell you what, if Xe'ter allows me to assist, then I'll bring you a whole basket of redfruit personally if I can get a lecture out of you." she notes ever so sweetly. "Just think. Jeniosa here might be a weyrling." Yeah, she's not blind "And well, they do grow on you, you never know, You might grow to like one. I'll let you hold Kehlahn here if you want." she notes softly and then there's a worried look for Essi. "Oh, do hold him Fl'ynn so I can go help her." and she's holding the baby out to him…

Yep, Jeniosa's got that about right. Soriana nods to her, and keeps on playing with her ferret. When the music-papers go flying, she blinks, and then bends down to start picking some of them up. It's not the most-effective, what with having to do it one-handed while keeping a grip on Inkfoot and also keeping him far enough from the pages that he doesn't try to chew them, but she does manage to get a few of them together before the wind catches them.

Oh thank goodness, an excuse to smile! Esiae veritably beams over at Jeniosa, head bobbing in a reassuring fashion as she gathers up a few wayward sheets of music. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Can't say so much for the music, but…" She shrugs, eyeing the little boy in the candidate's lap curiously. Similarly-sized children are being held by Keziah and another person she doesn't know, so perhaps these are the triplets she's heard her foster family speak of… hmm. Apparently not worried about it enough to comment, she lets her attention be snagged by Kezi's words, mouth opening to tell her not to worry about it. You know. Until she sees what the greenrider did there. Deprive them of the chance to make Fl'ynn hold a baby, when they've so obviously been teasing him about it? Never. Instead she pretends to go deaf to what Kezi said, smiling over at Soriana when the girl helps out. "Thanks so much, I was worried about those blowing away." She blinks and pauses mid-reach, perhaps just realizing Inkfoot isn't the cat she first assumed him to be. "Oh! My, that's an interesting pet you have."

Fl'ynn dodges, like a very unPernese ninja. Baby avoided. In fact, he flat out backs away, both hands coming off as if trying to ward off a charging 'beast. "Oh, how I wish I could. I really wish I could, but… but Kagenaith is waking up now and I swore I'd give him a good oiling when he woke. I'd hate to break my promise. Remember, I'm being a perfect example of all a rider can be. Can't be disappointing my 'mate." Notice that he also didn't commit to a damn thing considering this whole teaching silliness. "I'll get back to you on that though. Come visit me. Alone. Have a good day, ladies." A bow is quickly sketched. Of course, with that heavy pack over his shoulder, it nearly causes the teen to topple forward -but a couple of quick steps forward and all is well. The teen shoots off another salute (with a smile), then comes about and heads for home.

Jeniosa pouts cutely, or so she hopes it's cutely, as Fl'ynn moves further away. "I don't think they're contagious, Fl'ynn, otherwise we'd all be pregnant from our turn with childcare for a chore." She grins. "If you held one you might like it, they're cute. You like cute things right?" She's trying to tease the bluerider, but likely failing at it as he moves off. Then she's back to the others, trying to listen to everyone and pay attention to the baby in her arms. "I hope your music didn't get ruined." She looks from Esiae to the sheets briefly.

Keziah awws a little at Fl'ynn "What a shame. And here I thought you would get along so well too." she sighs as she cuddles Kelahn. "So now I'll just have to help pick up music with a baby in hand. It'll be on your head if I drop him since you couldn't help a convalescing rider. After all, the healers haven't cleared me for duty yet." she notes softly and then she smiles at Esiae "You look like you need a break dear."

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