Reconnecting with Briana

10:24 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern(#8821RJM)
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.
People: Fl'ynn and Briana
Other: Beldar
Obvious exits:
Clearing <O>

Fl'ynn is barrel-perching again. It could possibly be the same barrel he has perched upon a bazillion times before -hopefully not. But it is relatively the same spot, hands cupped around a heavy-bottomed mug filled with frothy ale, booted feet shy of the floor, and a heavy-lidded draw to his eyes that may tell that he'd probably be better taking a nap at home instead of being lulled to sleep in the gentle hub-bub within the tavern.

Briana enters the tavern with a clipboard in hand showing that it seems she is here for business instead of pleasure. As she enters she pauses and looks down at the sheet in hand, face drawing in thought as she reads down the list then gives a nod, that bounces the curls around her face. Finally she looks up and heads over to the bar, setting the clipboard atop. "Do you have your tallies for the month?" She asks of the barkeep before noticing Fl'ynn and smiling, "Be careful there Fly, you are a bit far from the ground you might hurt yourself if you fall asleep and fall over."

Fl'ynn's eyes pop open wide at the voice and the fact that it is directed to him. Pretty impressive. Dozing to wide awake in the span of the proverbial blink. Only, well, the words that fall from his lips, "Yes, R'owan, ma'am." Pause. Longer pause. Even longer pause as confusion draws at his features. That doesn't work at all. I mean, R'owan most certainly isn't a ma'am and… You can pretty much well see this organization of thoughts flit through his mind with the changing expressions of his face. Now he'll do the blink and now he'll focus upon: "Briana."

The barkeep goes back into his office to go look for the requested paperwork, leaving Fl'ynn the sole focus of Briana's attention. Her brows raise as he calls her R'owan. Then she crosses her arms as she watches him try to sort his thoughts out.

The barkeep goes back into his office to go look for the requested paperwork, leaving Fl'ynn the sole focus of Briana's attention. Her brows raise as he calls her R'owan. Then she crosses her arms as she watches him try to sort his thoughts out. "So I look like a nearly 30 turn old male bronzerider?" She asks with mock seriousness in her voice before she looks to his drink, "Just what is in that drink?"

Fl'ynn licks his lips before offering, "I didn't mean that. I didn't. Just…" Yes, blame the drink. "You know what? That is a good question. 'Tender! I need a new drink! This one is faulty!" The bluerider hops down from that barrel, approaching the bar at an outraged swagger (or at least a close approximation to it). He pauses then looks back at her. Pauses. Then comes the unabashed grin. "So how are you?" Bar-lean.

Briana looks amused at least as he tries to explain himself. At his solution she just rolls her eyes and decides to settle onto the barstool next to him to await her paperwork and his drink. "Do you think that is wise?" She teases before looking back down to her clipboard, looking over who else she has to visit today. At the question she gives a little shrug, "Doing alright. It will be nice though if everytime I leave the weyr some people didn't think I was joining up with the renegades." She says with a shake of her head.

"Well, that sounds more exciting than them whispering about you going around bothering the philosophers of Pern about how many Telgarian Firewaters were sold the past quarter," Fl'ynn counters, his grin gentled. "Take me next time you leave the Weyr. Bet that'd change the directions of the tongues."

"But that is pretty exciting…did you know there are more sold in Eastern than Telgar itself?" Briana asks seemingly seriously until she gives a smile to show she is teasing, well maybe. The girl likes her paperwork and those closest to her might well believe she would travel the globe for random statistics. At the offer to come with her, Briana tilts her head, "If you would like to, you might get bored though. Just going around finding trade for the weyr. What we can offer, what we can receive and such." She looks down at her sheet before looking up quickly, "But if you wanted to join me I would appreciate the company."

Fl'ynn levels a look at her. "Briana. My life is based on moment of travel to remote and exotic places like a sheephold near the mountains or the smith's crafthall where I sit on my ass for hours upon hours at a time waiting and waiting and waiting some more and… oh yeah, waiting some more." Nature of Comet. "While R'owan can hold his own, admittedly, you're so much more pretty to follow along behind."

As Fl'ynn speaks Briana tilts her head to watch him before her skin seems to darken at the last. "So is he your new boy interest?" She can't help but ask. Is that what she got from all of that? One of the barmaids notices the junior without a drink and sets a glass of her favoured juice, "Non alchoholic miss." She assures her before Briana picks up the glass. "I suppose a member of Comet would come in handy."

Fl'ynn puzzles for a moment, wondering wherever he went wrong. His dark gaze slants to the side, considering and quiet. Ever so slowly, his eyes come back to her along with just the slightest of notes of resolution tightening his lips. "You know me… I have a lot of interest to give. A lot." He takes his new ale, enjoying a healthy drink of it before continuing, looking away, "Yep, handy."

As she notes the change in his demeanor, Briana looks down to her glass for a moment looking more serious and thoughtful. "Once a time, I was one of those interests." She says in a soft voice before looking over to him before smiling to ease the mood, "It was a good time." She says and takes a slow breath, "I wish you luck with R'owan." Aww a pair of teens skipping between the lines.

Fl'ynn was in the middle of taking another drink. He was. But he sets the mug aside, nudges it a little bit away, and then the teen figuratively melts. He just sorta collapses upon the bar's counter, head down to the top, arms kinda draping and dangling. It is appropriately dramatic. Can you hear the sigh? You can certainly see it as his rounded back rises then deflates. A moment later and his head turns to the side, eyes focusing upon her, maybe a hint of a grin on those now sideways lips. "I wish me luck with Briana."

As always she keeps a stoic face, though it is a serious face that turns back to her drink and looking toward the Barkeeps office. As if it was now time to leave as things get awkward. Then she notices Fl'ynn's dramatic collapse and her eyes widen a bit, "You alright?" She asks as her gaze turns to him. Then his words come forth and are at first met with confusion, then slow realization. A touch of a smile comes upon her lips. "I wish you luck with Briana…"

"I'm collapsing with the heavy burden of life and falling under the weight of awkwardness." Bet you didn't know Fl'ynn was filled with such Harperesque poetry and the rhetoric of Lord Holders long moldering in their graves. Or something. In a single movement he slides his arms underneath him, elbows to the bar's top, chin braced in the cup of his hand while considering her from beyond the dark fringe of his hair. "I don't know about you, but I think I got a little confused back there. I figure it came from my mom smacking me upside the head when I was a brat. Ignore all of my mentions of my wingleader for the time being. Erase it from your head. Poof. All gone. Ok?" He rattles on. "Not put into focus something else. Put into focus that blush. Because I saw you blush. And put into focus that wish voiced. That wish upon a star. That wish upon the Yokohama. Whatever. Okay?"

There is a curious look upon her features as he starts to speak. A touch of uncertainty in her gaze at the artfully put together phrases."Oh Fly I know you like men too. Ain't nothing that worries me. Most of the men that raised me did. The good ones and the bad. Ain't no thing." She comments before the last words draw her skin to a darker tone. A bit of rose amoung the mocha colour of her skin. Her fingers extend to him, "There ain't many men I trust proper, but you are among them Fl'ynn."

Fl'ynn finally straightens and practices a move he learned somewhere upon the way of that burden of life. He moves as if to take her fingers and bestow a kiss upon the back of her hand. The gallant with the dramatic? Maybe so. His smile is a gentle thing, eyes dark, "I'm honored."

Briana tilts her head curiosly as he takes her hand. It is about this time that the barkeep comes out of the office waving papers around. Before he can interupt the young pair, the bar maid intercepts him with a knowing look in her gaze. Briana smiles at the kiss. There is a hesitation before she leans in to kiss him on the cheek. "As am I." She murmurs in a soft voice.

What? There are other people in the room? Actual people with things they want of the junior? Other than Fl'ynn? He also may just lean into that smooch to his cheek a little bit there. If he was thinking, he would have turned his head real quick to get one on the lips. Alas for lost chances. "Well, I could… uhm, honor you some more?" Hopeful. Boyish (damn the dimples). Interested.

Where did time go for them? Wing duties and all those grown up things they had to focus on once they graduated. Were the words once spoken between them forgotten? It seems not, just held over for another time. "I…what did you have in mind?" She asks in a quieter voice and it seems he has well distracted her from her current duty here.

"I could toss you over my shoulder again?" Fl'ynn suggests, humor limning his voice. He turns his head slightly, considering further darkening his eyes as they are briefly lost in shadow. "I mean, I could. It'd give everyone something else to talk about."

Briana smiles at his response, "Once I am finished here maybe? I really need to get this report in and then I am done for the day…and you…Well as drunk as you are right now, I think such an act will end up with us both on the ground." She teases lightly and sneaks another kiss on the cheek. "It would be nice for them to have something else to talk about."
Fl'ynn inclines his head just the slightest as she speaks, bowing to her better judgment. "I don't mind the ground…" he near to croons. In an exhaled breath though, he does nod his head. "Okay." Chin lifts and the teen glances over towards the waiting 'tender, lifting a finger in a motion for 'just a moment'. "Come find me. Or I'll find you." Her last words though abolishes the boyish and brings on the puckish, a slanting look, a quirked grin, and then instead of any more smooches to cheeks, he leans close for the brazen, lip-devouring, sense-banishing kiss.

As an agreement is met on a 'date', Briana seems to be far happier now than when she walked in. She waves to the Bartender for his paperwork as she slips down from the chair. "I will have Sahazyth tell yours where to find me." She says with a brightness to her tone. Then suddenly lips are on hers and for a moment she freezes, caught by surprise. Then her skin warms up as she starts to respond to the kiss. Indeed they are giving something for the bar to talk about at least. Crazy Bluerider kissing renegade princess…"

Fl'ynn comes away. deliberately smacking his lips. "Mmmmmmmm. Hrm? Yeah. Yeah. That sounds good." Brain returns to working and then he cringes, "She'll have to remind him often." It is Kagenath, after all. "Or tell him to tell me right away." He glances over to the 'tender, "Okay, you can have her now." A wink is flashed to Briana as he takes up his mug of ale again, every so slowly turns about to move along, humming a happy tune.

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