Putting a light on things

11:16 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Store Room(#10766RJ)
This large storeroom is lit with a series of electric lights, illuminating the smooth cut walls. Rows of shelving contain all sorts of items, while large trunks contain all sorts of clothing, and a mix-matched variety of furniture is stacked up in one corner.
Obvious exits:
Kitchen <K>

A great thing about Xanadu happens to be the proliferation of electric lights, especially in rooms such as storage rooms that are often dark and not to mention a little creepy. This storage room in particular is nicely lit, making it actualy easy to find what it is you're looking for instead of digging around dark dusty corners. That is, normally it's well lit. This morning there seems to be a rather distinct lack of light in the entire back half, minus a thin beam darting this way and that in a totally random trajectory. It's source although high up on top of one of the banks of shelving, seems to also be the orgin of a rather long string of curses. The words may be closer to that of a seacrafter, but the voice is most definitly that of a younger girl.

Fl'ynn will make up for the dark and creepy. Okay, maybe not. He's dusky? I suppose he could be kind of creepy in that awkward teenaged bluerider sort of way. Into the relative silence of the cavern comes cursing -not his. From a stack or two away comes a very long, every exaggerated, rather low whistle. "Mother of dragons… I wish I could string together half of that stuff and not get laughed off of the continent." Tousle-haired head peeps around, eyeballing the source. "Hi."

Derin is perfectly comfortable in dark and creepy? Maybe he's Batman! For whatever reason, the wherhandler finds himself in the storage cavenrn, and that familiar cursing voice is grinned at, he knows those curses! "Hail Daoi!" Hey, it's you boyfriend! And then Fl'ynn gets a smile from the wherhandler too. "Howdy Fl'ynn." He coulda said howdy Cutie, but that probably wouldn't've been good.

Daoi is at least towards the grey edge of the currently working lighting, instead of tucked all the way back in the dark. Though it's not quite what one would consider sufficient light. Which of course, is the reason for that torch in her hand which shines down at the source of the whistle rather quickly. Jumpy? Daoi? nah… Actually, if she was literally jumpy that might be an issue as it becomes evident in the bluerider's peering that she's somewhat precariously perched up top. "Well, apparently you just need to practice." comes the response once she's able to visualize Fl'ynn. That, and blind him with her bright light source. Meh, details. Derin gets to be blinded too, since he seems to insist. Least he gets a bit more of a grin if either of them could see it beyond the yellow floating globes of light left in their vision. "Hey. Come to help?" Why /else/ would Derin be there after all?

Fl'ynn touches his fingers to his forehead in salute at Derin's appearance. It was supposed to be a rather simple move, only further complicated by the fact that said fingers are curled about a length of treated leather, thus nearly slapping himself in the nose. The movement gets wry twist to his lips. "If I did practice, I'd have have gotten my arse whupped so hard I wouldn't have been able to sit for a sevenday. Mum was fierce about language, nevermind I heard what she said when she'd burn a crust." Squinty-squint as he is blinding. Eyes open to spots. So many spots. They dance. They flit. They eventually fade. Slight form fills in the shadows as the teen comes around the stack.

It's a good thing Derin isn't Dersk, but even still, the torch in his eyes hurty hurts. "Ack, Daoi…bright light." Come on, this is the guy who works in the dark most of the time, it was bound to happen that he would develop light-sensitive eyes, not quite as much as his wher though. "I dunna think I could help, might make it worse. Actually came lookin fer some leather, Dersk needs a new collar." Hey look, Fl'ynn's got leather, probably not the right kind though, and wherhandler has to chuckle at the near face slap.

Daoi belatedly realizes the issue and the light source suddenly goes dark. "Sorry." is muttered before she simply moves on in the conversation. "Then you just have to curse when you're mom's not around. You think mine would have tolerated it?" Not that either of the boys /know/ Daoi's mom, but isn't it a universal mother thing? To dissaprove of crass language? "Well, if you want anything back /there/…. good luck. Stupid lighting crapped out, trying to see if it's a wire problem, but it's sharding hard to see." Headlight.. now /that/ would be better than a handheld one.

Fl'ynn's lips turn slightly at the corners. "Good think I left the family back in Igen." He looks about to say more, but something Derin says has the bluerider pausing and showing the leather in his hand. "I have leather." Slowly articulated. Stating the obvious. "Do you want my leather?" An internal debate going on as to whether or not he'll actually give it over if it is requested. We shall see. "I'm braiding a whip." Pause. Awkward pause. "It is for Kagenaith." Longer awkward pause. "It isn't what you think."

Derin starts towards Daoi, then pauses at Fl'ynn's words. "A whip..for a dragon?" Okay, that may be a wee bit frightening there. Then bluerider gets a dashing smile, well as dashing a smile as Derin can muster. "Nope, don't wanna take your leather, that's 'kay." And then he's near Daoin on stack. "Want me t'hold th'light for ya Daoi?" He asks, craning neck to look up towards her.

Daoi sets the torch down in her lap and leans foward to postively peer down at Fl'ynn as he starts talking about a whip. "That seems… impractical…" Dragons don't even have fingers to /grip/ a whip, not to mention reason to use them. "What's it for?" Apparently, the perplexed state of being is not acceptable, and answers must be known. "Um… sure. Think you could aim it from down there…" No letting the boy try to join her up on the shelves, their sturdiness might not be great, and he's accident prone. "can you catch?"

Fl'ynn launches into explanation mode, finding amusement at his own expense. "No, it is like… Okay, we were over in Keroon yesterday and there was this runner fair going on and one of the guys there was doing tricks with his whip. He was knocking things over and catching things and Kagenaith was absolutely entranced and wanted to know how it worked. So… yeah. I'm going to try it. It didn't look too difficult." He'll be covered in welts. Just wait. A wink is flashed Derin-wards, then the teen glances back up to Daoi. "How did you get up there to begin with? If Derin catches what you have, I can help you down?" Because falling is B-A-D.

Derin isn't accident prone…much! "D'pends what I'm catchin." He peers upwards at the girl. "Don't fall, dunno if I could catch you." Hmm, though he'd probably make some good padding if need be. Fl'ynn is eyed a moment. "Whip tricks?" Hmm, interesting.

"The /light/ silly" comes Daoi's response with the tone usually accompanied with an exaggerated eye roll. "And why would I want to get down? The wiring is up here." Not to mention, why would she need /help/? "Whip tricks? Those could be fun… " right then, apparently her interest is piqued. The flashlight is dangled down as far as she can reach before she lets it fall as long as Derin has moved to catch it. "Don't let it clock you in the head, I won't take responsibility for a concussion."

Fl'ynn returns to awkwardness as offerings are soundly dismissed. "Oh. Well. Okay." Dark-irised gaze slides back towards Derin, accompanied by a shrug of his shoulders. "Yeah. Whip tricks. I've only ever used one on a 'team before. Everyone needs a hobby." Or a really, really odd dragon. He draws back a couple of steps, looking to Derin 'cause looking up at Daoi is rather awkward from this angle and bound to create a crick in his neck.

Daoi wrinkles her nose as Derin quickly excuses himself, at least without injury. "See you later?" It sounds perhaps a little hopeful, but her attention is quickly drawn back to Fl'ynn and talks of whips. "Least you've already used one before, that's a start… right?" Okay, so he has the light, now to get him to point it the right way. "Just shine it at the ceiling right above these shelves, kay?" Why? Because she's getting to her feet, which is a brilliant idea on top of tall shelves, really. But, if he follows directions at least he should easily see the bundle of wiring that's running along the stone surface above her.

Fl'ynn looks over his shoulder and after Derin as the young man hikes off, near to juggling the light. Shadows and brightness dance about the immediate area before all settles. His lips thin slightly before the teen is coming back around and is back to looking up at Daoi. "Sorry. So what are you doing up there? With the wires?" he queries, belatedly focusing where told.

"Fixing the lights." is said with a little more confidence than she might be qualified for. But currently her hands are running along the bundled wires as she investigates them, carefully stepping her way along the shelf. There's bound to be a safer way of doing this, but would that be as much fun? Nah. "So… you asking the person to help you learn tricks… or are you going to try to figure it all out on your own?" No awesome internet to watch demonstration videos for random skills like whip cracking.

"Nah, I'll just figure it out as I go along." Story of his life. Fl'ynn's eyes drop back down to the floor as he voice carries to her, moderately steady with the light, even if it may bobble now and again with each word that falls from his lips. "Of course, by the time I get back home, Kagenaith will have forgotten completely about it. I'll remember for him though." He pauses before continuing, "So you're a handyman? Handywoman? I'm not sure about the correct wording for that."

Daoi can't help it, a giggle comes from above. "Well, least you can impress the girls later?" Okay, that makes it sound like it was a floozy giggle, which is entirely not the case. But she's definitly amused, that much is evident from the glee in her voice. "So.. if you remind him, is he interested again?" And on she goes, hands running the wires, eyes scanning them… and feet carefully finding their own way around the top shelf's sparse occupants. "Techcraft apprentice technically, but we gotta keep all this junk working, so Handywoman works too." Handygirl!

Fl'ynn didn't think of that, and it shows upon is face with the brief moment of surprise should she even notice. "Oh. Uhm… well. Hey, I guess you have a point. More than one use beyond pleasing my 'mate." He looks rather pleased himself now, leaning back against one of the lines of heavy-duty shelving. "Kagenaith is… very forgetful. You know how most dragons can't remember well long term. Well, Kagenaith is almost like that way in the short term as well. He'll become interested again. No doubt." A drawn-in breath at her response, "Oh! Sorry. Yes. Techcraft. Crafter. I've got a lot of respect for crafters. I think I'd have been a pretty amazing vintner."

Daoi sadly has no attention to spare to watch Fl'ynn's reaction. It would have been entertaining to say the least. But it's best of the girl keeps the majority of that on the task at hand, which not only if finding the lighting problem, but also not toppling downwards to the unforgiving stone floor. "Or you might impress guys, not sure which." She'll toss that in there, a smirk flickering over her face for a moment. "Figured techcraft made sense here… lots to do at least. Were you a vintner before impressing?" It's always a possibility.

Fl'ynn chuckles at her comment about guys, a warm sort of noise showing true amusement and appreciation. "Right now. I just want to impress my Kagenaith. I'll take that over all else. The rest is frosting." Frosting really is delicious. "No. I was a… wanderer. I wandered. Fetched up here. No. I like grapes. I wouldn't mind growing some and trying to turn it into wine. Of course, it'd probably wither up an die. I gave Ers'lan a vine for a weyr-warming gift. I wonder if it is still alive." Simplicity reigns. Dark eyes shadowed in the rare light consider the rest of the aisle. "What do you mean made sense?"

"Just don't go impressing him with the size of the welt on your forhead." Right, well, it's a valid concern, right? Finally she stops her slow progress and settles feet down into a more stable base for not toppling over. "Wanderer?" Oh, that is jealousy, pure and simple, in her voice. There's no mistaking it. "Don't know much about growing them myself, I'm sure they'd die." No green thumb there. "Well, they /use/ so much tech here, figure there's always use for more help."

Fl'ynn cracks up into laughter at her words about the welt. "Ah, my hair will cover it. I'll be good." His hand starts to reach up to ruffle said dark hair, only considering his hands are full of leather and light, it causes all kinds of chaos. "Ah, sorry. Sorry." Light steadies anew. No more leather strips to the face. "I'm not so good with that stuff. I try to tinker. I break things. Good thing you are around." And then he continues, "Yeah. Told my 'rents I needed to step out for a little bit to get my head on straight after stuff… and I stepped right to the Bay. Got to Boll and a couple of other places before I was asked to be a candidate. Never got to do that before. It was great. I saw Pern from the Yokohama. Never imagined I'd do that either." He pauses for a moment before continuing. "I finally told my parents about a couple of months ago that I impressed a dragon. I've been impressed to Kagenaith over three turns now. The girl I was supposed to marry actually waited, believing I'd wander back." He sighs, then looks back up to her. "I haven't told anyone that."

Daoi clings to her wiring as the light wanders off on her, with a "hey!" escaping. At least it didn't sound /that/ annoyed, after all, he was rather unfairly roped into work. "Can't say I always fix stuff… there's been plenty of breaking. The really frustrating stuff especially… some electronics don't like hitting hard walls." not that she /ever/ throws them. Really. Hands stay where they are, but heads now turned to peer at the other from above with curiosity evident, and perhaps envy… okay tons of envy. "So… you just left. Disapeared?" She sounds, impressed. "Nobody to answer to but yourself for awhile… not always bad." There's a wince at the mention of a girl though. "Though… that bit lacked a little tact, but we don't always have to think things through, right? That's what adults are for. Supposedly."

"I swear only a small amount of the stuff that you have fixed I have actually been the cause of," Fl'ynn admits with a bit of a cringe. "And I don't mean it, I swear. I try to make it better, but I may make it worse. Maybe I need tinkering lessons too." He'd totally be up for that. The teen cringes slightly, but doesn't avoid her look. "I did. I'm an asshole. I thought I wanted to marry her. Everyone else wanted us to marry. We were expected to marry in a couple of turns. Our lands touched. And then suddenly, I couldn't. I had to go. They thought I'd be back a couple of turns ago. I'm a real asshole." Beat. "And then I showed up with a dragon." That actually earns a chuckle from him. "Nobody knows about any of this. Not even Briana. Can't believe I'm talking about this stuff. Sorry."

Daoi can't help but let that ringing giggle out once more as he pleads innocence for broken things. "Maybe I could give you some? Though, I'm still new at it, so I'm sure it'd be a disaster." Least she's truthful about that. "And I have little enough patience to learn." Teaching? that might be a stretch. Glancing up at the wires once more she makes a face and sighs. "Tunnelsnakes… or something. Would't be suprised if there's a dried out husk of a zapped one around here." And with that she'll crouch and manuever her way to sitting on the edge of the shelf, hands gripping the edge and peeking at the boy. "Least you didn't do it to /be/ an asshole, right? Guessing you didn't consider she'd wait. Did /she/ like you? Maybe she's relieved even…" blink. "wait… I didn't mean it like that, not saying you're unattractive or unmarriable." Head tilts again as she contemplates. "Not even Briana?" She has to be curious as to why he mentions her friend in particular.

"No, I didn't even imagine she'd wait. Never even crossed my mind. I mean… it is just me. Flandynn." His shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. "I'm still an asshole. Ah well, what is done is done." His lips curl into a bit of a smile, "I used to tell her a lot of stuff about before I came here. She's a good woman." Along with a slow deepening of that grin… well, until he realizes he is talking with someone here. "Do you think you could be careful about what I told you? About back home? I mean, I know I can't stop you or anything."

Daoi swings her legs a little as she contemplates this. Noticably, she's barefoot as well as rediculous in her shelf climbing. "But… I think it's better that you were unintentionally an asshole? Sometimes that's bad as well, but no good to be expected to do something /that/ important. And have someone else roped in with it as well, right?" There's a blink and a shrug. "Why would I tell anyone? Nothing in it for me, blabbing someone else's life story, right?"

Fl'ynn continues to look up at Daoi at her lofty height, still leaned against the shelving. "I think you are being nice to me and nowhere near as outraged as I'd imagine most people to be," Fl'ynn notes with a wry grin. And next comes the embarrassed look, "Thank you, lady tinker. It is much appreciated. I owe you a drink. Or my first wine pressing… or a show with my whip." Beat. "All done up there? Need a hand?"

Daoi contemplates that a little. "Well, I've never been stood up by a guy yet? Only fourteen and all. So I can't commiserate and get all indignant." That comes a few turns later perhaps? "Anyhow, not so fond of people making life choices for others. So… I think you're both probably better off." That sounds like there's more personal experience behind it than any of the 'love' stuff, and some disgruntledness, (if that's even a word). "Um… if you could figure out where I left my sandals… that'd be helpful." Oops? "Not sure I trust the ground here." But she trusts the shelves, go figure. "Or a try with the whip? That could be fun." And dangerous, but meh.

Fl'ynn bows his head slightly in acceptance with her words. "Well, considering you listened to me and didn't get too upset, I'll repay the kindness by offering to preserve your honor if you are ever stood up. I've been told I'm something of a scrapper. That and I have a dragon to back me up." BS, thy name is Fl'ynn. He's still good for the promise though! "Uhm," he near to mimics. "Sandals? No, sorry. And Oh, you are a trusting soul. I wouldn't tempt fate with a whip quite yet. No."

Daoi contemplates that for a moment, eyeing the boy as she does and looking more or less doubtful. "Hrm. Well.. I'll keep that in mind. But I'd rather get revenge myself. More satisfying that way." Blink. But then a grin forms on her face. "But, still might call on you for help." The little gears in her head are cranking away all sorts of fun schemes that Fl'ynn probably should want no part of. Confusion returns with the trusting bit. "No… /I/ wanna try using the whip."

Pah. Fl'ynn is always up for hijinks! Just you wait, Daoi! But the mention of the whip brings forth another blink, pause, and then a slow grin, "I haven't even tried it yet. You'll have to get your own, lady tinker. Need any help getting down? I need to go find what Kagenaith is up to."

Oh, Fl'ynn gets full out pout face at the mention of getting her own. "What… won't even let me borrow it briefly?" Grump. Turning she lowers herself off the top shelf until her toes make contact with the one below and she's quickly scaling downwards to the floor. "Nah, I got it. But… gonna need the light to find where I left my stuff… should be near the base at the other end." Footfalls are made with care, who knows what's rolling around the dimly lit floor.
"Sorry. Light. Right." And as such, the light is offered back to her, along with a quirked grin. "Luck with the rest. I've a dragon to entertain." Honestly, he could upend a bucket full of trundlebugs and he'd give Kagenaith fits. Making sure to use his free hand this time, he offers her a salute to the forehead, a slight incline, then the teen is turning about to lose himself in a shadow. Wait for it. Wait for it. *CLANG* "Ouch! Son of a #$*… and so it goes 'til he is gone.

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