Fl'ynn and Derin get some food out of Keziah

10:23 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

You head into the Forest.
Xanadu Weyr - Forest(#9202RJM)
This broad path that leads from the Main Clearing into the forest has been designed in such a manner so as to be not only wide enough for wagons to travel through, but also providing ample space for dragons. The path appears only worn in the center though, as the main traffic which finds itself moving through this area is that of the two-legged kind. Grass lines the path and creeps all the way up to the bases of the trees that rise upward in their aged magnificence, gargantuan limbs casting often welcome shade that frequently envelopes the entire path.
The path winds its way leisurely through the trees and a number of less traveled paths branch away. One to the west leads to the Weyrling Field while one headed further northwards leads to the river and numerous popular spots. (see +view) Northeastwards, the path straightens out to join the coastal road that leads out of Xanadu while east leads down towards the beach and the Caspian Lake. A few flowers sprout up and speckle the brown and green area with their little faces of bright saffron and cheeky rose, and the general atmosphere and scent of the path is one of freshness and wild abandon.
People: Fl'ynn and Keziah
Obvious exits:
Meadow <M> Forest's Edge <FE> Clocktower <CT> Feeding Grounds <FG> Theatre <TH> Clearing <C>

It has just recently rained, leaving water to drip from the trees, and swollen creeks can be heard burbling in the background. The sky is still overcast, casting a bleak light on the area, causing even the leaves to lose their lustrious appearance. Out on this raw and chill afternoon is Keziah who is currently taking a walk for a lack of anything better to do. She's dressed up a little warmly with a hooded jacket that's pulled up to protect her face and her ears.

Short, freckled could be the two words to sum up this little bit of a thing. And those two things seem to be her lot in life. She never grew past 5 feet and is still light enough that it seems as if a stiff breeze would knock her over. Her hair is wavy and oft times unruly as well, tossing the myriad shades of caramel blonde to honey brown in all directions. Her eyes are a pale blue in color with a darker band of blue around them giving them a grayish hue. Her fair skin has the faintest of tans, darkening it to a slightly burnt cream in color, though much of it has a tendency to take on a reddish hue with the sun. The freckles are everywhere. Up and down her arms, across the bridge of her nose and cheeks and there are even a couple on her ears. She's just covered everywhere with them
Though little in size she may be, her muscles are well toned and defined. Of course this has it's downfalls as well, though hard work and excercise defined her limbs and body, this also made her lose some definition in the feminine curves department. So though she doesn't really look like a boy, she might as well be one for her near lack of a chest.
Well-fitted and durable cotton pants dyed an earthy brown, protect her legs as do a pair of fitted boots suitable for long treks and climbing. Looped on the belt that helps keep the pants up, are a dagger and a belt pouch that hang at opposite ends of each other. Her shirt is a simple cotton weave, short of sleeves and simple on design. It's been dyed a soft blue, almost the sky and compliments the shading of her eyes. Adding to the ensemble is a far from simple vest. Pockets, pockets, and more pockets. This vest is full of pockets, shading itself in a deep earthy green while the pockets are deep browns. It seems to bulge from even more pockets that are unseen, on the inside. The size of the vest appears adjustable, able to fit almost every size that may attempt to slip it on. It's made for cold conditions, packed nicely to allow anyone to be warm wearing the vest. The front breast pocket has the name 'Keziah' sewn into it with a deep gold color.
She has on her shoulder an orange and blue double corded, double looped knot with a single tassle hanging from. Woven within it is a gold and green thread signifying her to be a Wingleader of a green dragon at Xanadu Weyr.
She seems to be about 33 turns old.
She has a firm belly with a small bump to it.

Rain. Swear to Faranth it is always raining whenever he has to move about outside. There is probably something comic in that, somewhere, somehow. Fl'ynn isn't seeing it at the moment as he looks just as damp as those trees. Typically haphazard hair is plastered to his skull, clothing is slick to his form, and would you just look at that? There is even a drop of water forming upon the very tip of his nose. While Keziah walks, Fl'ynn squelshes, each step a lesson in squishiness. *squich-squish* Paths cross, Fl'ynn before Keziah. Shiver. "Hi."

Derin arrives from the Clearing
Derin has arrived.

Maybe it's nature's way of saying he still needs a bath. Keziah blinks as the squich-squish stops in front of her. She looks up. Then there is an arch to her brow "You look like you were out in the rain." she notes after a moment "That's a good way to get yourself sick." she smiles, almost fondly for the blue rider "How have you been doing Fl'ynn?"

"I was out in the rain," is the affirmative reply coming from the teen. Dangle. Ohhh, how that drip dangles so precariously from the tip of Fl'ynn's nose. "I like wherry noodle soup. Mom would make that if any of us were a bit sniffly. She'd also put this stink-awful stuff on your chest that could clear out a bovine. But I liked the soup best." Breath. "I've been… abandoned by my dragon." Head hangs and that drip finally falls from his nose to meet the mud. He glances back up through damp bangs.

You know who else is out in the rain? Derin, that's who, but then he doesn't look like he's been out in it too long as he moves, slipsliding along. Sans wher, sans Daoi..sans firelizards even. If he wasn't paying attention to where he was stumbling before, he does look up as he hears voices, taking in each one with a distant look to his eyes, someone's already been indulging at the newly opened tavern, apparently, or something like that. Of course, when he does look up and see who at least one of the voices belongs to, he just sighs, shoving his hands into his pockets, he was going back to his den, but that would require crossing the path of Keziah and Fl'ynn. Fl'ynn-path isn't so bad, Keziah-path, however, could be hazardous to his health.

"Abandoned?" Keziah asks and shakes her head a little "Did Kagenaith find something interesting and forget about you?" She looks indulgent. "And have you tried talking to him?" As for the soup "Me mum would make some soup too, she's coming down to spend some time here. Want me to have her make some? I'm sure it won't match yer mum's but it's quite tasty." Derin, for the moment isn't noticed, but then she's taking of her coat and offering it out to Fl'ynn "Here, you look like you need this more than I do."

Fl'ynn looks most bereaved. "He /always/ forgets about me." The dragon has the attention span and memory of a VTOL, possibly worse. Fl'ynn shrugs his shoulders, his clothing making wet, stretching sounds with the movement. "We were out huntin' west of here, and we found a wild porcine and he let me off and then… well… He took off, and then he couldn't find me again 'cause he forgot where he left me so I've been walking and walking and it rained and now I'm here." Dripping, sans dragon. "Shells, I'd love some soup, with great, big noodles and chunks of fingerroots and tubers and wherry and… delicious."

Derin is happy to remain unnoticed, he's patient, he can wait for the path to be clear to the wher dens. He does watch the soggy Fl'ynn as he tells the story of his dragon forgetting where he was, shaking his head lightly. He thought dragons always knew where there riders were, but he could be wrong afterall. It's Keziah, now, that the wherhandler is studying, maybe she doesn't know about Daoi and his little mishap, maybe he's safe. And so he takes one step towards the pair, slipsliding and nearly losing his balance as his boot slides through the mud.

Keziah shakes her head a little and hands over the jacket "Put it on." she notes "Well, maybe he's come home. He can find his way right? Or should I have Alosynth direct him back?" she notes softly at the sound of sliding she quickly turns, nearly losing her own balance. She then relaxed a little when she see's that it's Derin. "Careful there, it's slick out." she notes sofly.
But Kagenaith is exceptional, Derin! He is a unique blue all his own. Trust Fl'ynn, the dragon will manage to forget where he last put his rider! It is the movement out of the corner of his eye that has the bluerider turning his head to spot Derin, a hand coming out as if to offer him a balance point. "Whoa there." His words near to meld and mesh in with Keziah's. Also, jackets are ignored, he is clearly too manly to accept such a thing from a lady. "Oh, he's already home. Not far from here."

Derin manages, barely, not to fall flat on his arse. But at least the greenrider isn't after him with a skillet or snything, and he actually breathes a sigh of relief. "Sorry, was jus'.." What was he doing again? Oh yeah! "..was jus' headed back to th'den." Yes, that's what he was doing. He smells of the tavern, and too much indulgence in his most recent favourite pasttime, but he manages not to stagger too much.

Keziah wrinkles her nose a little at Derin "Bad idea ta be drinkin so much ya need an escort home." she notes quietly. She eyes Fl'ynn, she eyes Derin and then she snorts "Men." she rolls her eyes a little "Well, den be a good place fer ya. Sleep it off. Shells I think Belly's makin more with everyone havin' been deprived of the atmosphere. And Fl'ynn, but the dang jacket on now." she practically orders. "Ain't no point in makin' yerself worse."

Just to be onery, another drip of water forms upon the tip of Fl'ynn's nose to dangle there. He looks after Derin, the faintest of grins touching at his lips, "Think it is warm and dry there?" Because he is a tad chilled and wet, thank you very much. Keziah's jacket offering gets a shake of his head, flinging away that drop, "Oi, you're too young to be acting like my Mom."

Warm and dry, in his den? Well, probably more like dark and earthy. "Dunna need an escort, I know 'xactly where I'm goin'." Well, afte he thinks about it anyway. "Warm an' dry where? M'den?" He blinks bleary eyes briefly at the questioner.

Keziah eyes Fl'ynn and then just snorts. "Nah, not yer ma, just yer ex assistant weyrlingmaster. Someone's gotta keep an eye on the pair of ya. Yer dragon gettin lost and you gettin yerself sick from being soakin' wet and bein' too much of a ninny to accept help. And they say I'm crazy." she hmmphs. She eyes Derin "and you ain't much better. Ya slip in the mud and crack yer head open, where will we be? With a wher that may go wild and then need ta be put down, thats what." Hmmph.

Fl'ynn looks to Derin as if he is off his rocker, "Well, of course I meant there." He looks about to say more to him when Keziah up and calls him a ninny. The teens head comes up, damp as he is, to just look at her. "Awh, now who are you calling a ninny? There is no call for talk like that. Now you are just being mean, Keziah-ma'am."

Derin's jaw tightens at being included with the ninny comment, or something close to it. "I've walked through th'mud planty o'times in th'dark, ain't cracked m'head open yet." Not counting the other two times, which were totally under different circumatances. "Reckon th'den's dry, not too sure 'bout warm tho." Rin offers towards the bluerider.

Keziah shakes her head a little "Honestly, half a mind ta bring ya both home and cook something up fer ya, but I won't be accused of poisonin' anyone." she notes, and Kezi's cookin' ain't nothin' like her mama's and poison might taste better.

"Promise?" This is Fl'ynn's hopeful voice. He'll forgive the name-calling if he can get food out of it. Food is delicious. It is good. He likes food a lot. He hand comes out as if in an attempt to bang the back of his hand against Derin's chest. "I'd talk about body warmth and such, Derin, but Keziah just mentioned food and I'll be sent between, but damn if I'm not hungry now that she mentioned food."

Foiled by food? Derin eyes Keziah a moment at the semi-threat, or was that a semi-promise? Either way, the bluerider's attention has been moved from Derin's den to Keziah's feeding offer, darn. Of course, the wherhandler himself could almost be swayed by the thought of food, but it was Keziah, and he just doesn't know about her.

Keziah shakes her head and then smiles "Well, food it is. I'll make Mirai cook, she's much better at it anyways. And you can meet Micaela as well." she notes as she points out the path to her cottage. "Should be a fire goin' too, gotta keep the baby warm." she notes with a smile.

Fl'ynn claps his hands together, lighting up like a newly opened glowbasket. "Hot sands, that sounds good. Food. Just… I need to change, something try." That isn't her jacket. I mean… FFS, guys offer girls jackets, not the other way around. Don't revoke his man card! "I'll be- I'll be right there. Just let me…" He trails off in the excitement of food, coming around and nearly colliding with Derin in his excitement. "Food, man. Food." He reaches out as if to clap Derin on the shoulder before hiking towards the road and his place, soggy boots squish-squashing with each and every step.

Derin doesn't stagger too much at the clap to his shoulder, but wait, did Keziah say Mirai, isn't she the other girl that has a crush on him? He might not quite be ready to deal with another girl right now. Food..girls..Fl'ynn…Daoi. The wherhandler is o so torn at the moment.

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