Waking up

11:58 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - A Little Bit of Paradise Weyr(#5778RJh)
A well-formed path leads down from the road to a little piece of paradise. Crisp, green grass gives way gradually to the sparse grey-green beach grass tinged with streaks of pale yellow as it slopes down towards the lake and then gives way to a strip of dune-covered beach that levels out near the shore. The lake lapping across the sand has created a mini-cove that is just right size for a fun-loving blue and maybe a friend or two. Trees shade an area full of stones that do not seem natural. Perhaps at one time it was the sight of a hold, but now it's a sight of curiosity and is brimming with life. From various plants to little critters and birds. A small stream bubbles up from behind the cottage and makes its merry little way down towards the lake.

Up on the hill is a good-sized weyr barn with an attached cottage. It is well-weathered and has seen better days, but it is still sound and is roomy enough for a good-sized blue. The doors of the barn can be opened wide and provide a nice view of the lake while allowing cooling breezes inside. The floor is half stone and half sand and there a number of shelves along the back edge near the entrance to the cottage and a vat for oil storage.

The cottage faces the lake - its porch wraps around the front and the side that is not attached to the barn. The roof overhangs the porch and provides protection from the weather. Inside, the main room is open and airy with the wide rafters open to the room. Though sparsely furnished there is a table with a couple of chairs and a couch along one wall. The bedroom itself is spacious and has a large bed within it that takes up much of the room. A small kitchenette is off towards the back where there is also a back door and access to the small pool that has formed from the spring. The area has been dug out and stone has been used to form a number of benches and steps down into the cool water.
Obvious exits:
Coastal Road

Briana has arrived.

From stable to cottage, to the following day, ever-clouded skies mute the light that filters through the windows, basking the room in a dull light as the sound of a soft drizzly rain plays rat-a-tat-tat upon the windowpanes. Big bed is big and rumpled and well-used. Kind of like Fl'ynn. Not that he minds. Sprawled, the teen isn't so much a lump as a slow morning waker, stretching and sighing and blinking eyes open. "There was something…"

Briana is curled up next to Fl'ynn, tangled up in some sheets that stand out against her dark scarred skin. Old scars mark her back, like a couple of lash marks, including the newer one present on her arm. As she feels the motion in the bed there is a mutter from her as she first pulls the sheet over her head, then pauses, then pulls it back and looks up at the ceiling. Then around the room, then the bedmate. "Oh…it wasn't just a dream." She gives a sleepy half smile, "Figured it must have been because the place looked a lot better than you described."

"I'm a dream?" Fl'ynn sleepily replies, but those words fall from his lips as if he was just offered a lollipop. He loves lollipops. Then the rest of her words sink in and he actually breaks out in a chuckle. "This is my hole in the wall. You should see the scummy pond." He rolls over, turning his head so he can look to her, squinting some despite the dulled light.

At his reply, Briana reaches over and taps him on the nose, "Absolutely." She says as she rolls over to face him. She at least looks relaxed. Fully relaxed in such a way he has not seen of her before. The wariness that always seems to infect her gaze, gone for now. She feels safe. "Well its not a bad looking hole in the wall…and such a large bed." Briana says as she spreads her hand out in the space between them.

"I demanded it. The bed. I told /them/ that I had to have a huge bed. Gigantic. I tend to roll around a lot and sprawl and after being inflicted with the wobbly cot during candidacy and weyrlinghood, I told them that I damn well deserved it." Fl'ynn looks for all the world that he is perfectly serious. Alas, it really doesn't last that long and his grin breaks out. "Came with the hole. Bed is almost bigger than the room I shared with my siblings," he admits.

Briana sits up slowly and stretches, as she continues to look about the room. Really there was little time for inspection earlier when she was being kidnapped and all. She can't help but giggle as he explains how he ended up with the bed. "Well its a nice bed and a nice hole Fl'ynn. It sorta suits you and Kag." She says in a light voice as she looks back to him.

As soon as Briana starts to sit up, Fl'ynn is right there to make the action a bit more difficult. From being a relative lump to sudden action, the teen is left to struggle some with the pale sheets, muttering a choice word, and then trying to come up to straddle her thighs. "Kagenaith sleeps in the outbuilding barn. He figures because it is a barn, it should have bovines right there in it for him. I figured we'd try it some time and see how it goes." He licks his lips, watching her with his dark eyes, "You look.. better."

Briana eeps and falls back on the bad as she is pounced by the bluerider. She can't help but giggle a bit as he settles into place and she reaches her hands up to rest on his legs, "I think Sahazyth would like that to, she likes her meals delivered to her by willing males." She rolls her eyes at that. At the last words she tilts her head a bit, "Better? Better than what?"

"Better than in the stables," Fl'ynn remarks, his features settling into an oddly more serious mien. He exhales slowly, watching her with a head tilted just the slightest to the side. A slow grin, "Better naked." Okay, he had to be granted at least that one. But the grin drops off again, speculative once more. "Is she still throbbing in your head? Or filling it? Or whatever it is?"

As he explains, Briana nods , "Yeah I am better…I think there was just all this pressure building up from trying to fight it. Um…thanks for um…releasing the pressure." Briana smiles a bit at that, her skin darkening with a blush, especially at the comment about her body. "You ain't too bad yourself." She replies with a half smile then looks thoughtful at his last questions. "It isn't so bad. She is still there…and I feel…her urges. I could just stay here all day…"

"Releasing the pressure," he echoes, a grin tickling at the edges of his lips. "You can stay here all day. You can also stay on the kitchen counter, in my spring, against the table, on the couch, and up against the wall, but the bed is fine too. I have a porch too, with a railing. It has a great view." Not shy at all, nope. "I've a question for you…" he begins, eyes drifting down her form as a hand slides over to touch her stomach.

Briana does a sensual squirm beneath him at his listing of all the places where the pressure might be released. "Well I think you would be doing the weyrmates of the weyr a great service." She says with a serious note to her voice, though there her golden eyes are bright. Yes she has taken on the sensualness of her lifemate now that she has stopped fighting it. As a question is mentioned and he slides her hands over her stomach, she draws her arms overhead and under hers to stretch out her torso. She is not overly endowed, and fairly slim, but a bit has managed a couple of curves over the last couple turns, "Whats that?"

"I'm curious. What if… all of this pressure releasing 'causes your 'mate to pop? What if, while we are so busy, against the wall or in the spring or wherever, she decides to go up?" As he speaks, he shifts his position some, coming in closer, moving a knee that was to the outside of her thigh to nudge between her legs instead. "What if, while we are working on that sharding pressure, she takes flight?"

The questions do give her pause for a moment, "Well I …well I don't think it works that way, but I suppose I would have to run to the feeding grounds before your weyr gets taken over by a bunch of horny riders instead of just one." Briana says with a half smile and at the nudging she easily responds. "I suppose we can try our hardest and find out what would happen? If we can throw her over the edge?" She offers with a look of challenge in her gaze.

"We can make it work that way." Here is to hopeful thinking? Fl'ynn's grin grows just a hair deeper at her words. "If I did get invaded, I'd demand at least one of the losers see to my needs after I get plucked from you like a leech." Such pretty, flattering words. He'll follow that with a lick to her collar. "My next question is… how long have you been feeling this need to… pop? Because, clearly, we cannot let this happen again, and I need to know the signs if it is about to begin, because, of course, I'm all for putting myself in this position again. If I missed the beginning by passing out at your place after too much wine, I'm done with wine."

Briana giggles at the first, "I will see what can be arranged." She draws her hands up to her face to try to hide her blushing features. There is a little shiver at the lick and she peeks through her fingers at him. "I don't know…seemed to grow and grow. Might have been then…or right after. They say I will be able to figure it easier each time." She raises her hands from his face, to reach up for him. "I think we both drank too much that night…but it was worth it.." She says and leans up to kiss him before succombing to his…charms.
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