Weyrling Graduation

11:28 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Forest(#9202RJM)
The sunlight filters gently through the canopy of the verdant forest, causing the foil garlands and hearts hung from the branches to shimmer and flicker as the soft breeze blows them in an out of the narrow holes of light. Widely spaced among the trees are small intimate tables with seating for two to four apiece. These tables are decorated with small red baskets of glows in the center of each and are covered with red tablecloths. Firelizards flit overhead with long streamers tied to their tails by overly festive owners. Just outside the edge of the forest a large buffet table is set with all the food. The centerpiece is a large bouquet of red, pink, white, and gold flowers. Stuck in it are some small dragon figurines on stick, 3 for each color of dragon are scattered throughout. The white table cloth has a red garland looped around the edge. And the food! This is not a healthy meal. There are cakes, pies, cookies, candies, and other sweets. Also a few fruits. One industrious cook did make a candied ham and put it up there. Anything that can be is heart shaped. Finally, hidden in among the trees in a small clearing is a streamer draped harper stage in all the usual colors. There is a small space in front for the dancers to dance in and the edge is ringed with small red, gold, and pink glow baskets hung on poles to provide light come nightfall.
People: Fl'ynn, I'srie, Thea, Briana, M'nol, P'rel, and Keziah
Dragons: Sahazyth, Tscyleth, Malphath, and Alosynth
Obvious exits:
Forest Meadow <M> Forest's Edge <FE> Clocktower <CT> Feeding Grounds <FG> Theatre <TH> Clearing <C>

It's an unusually clear, dry evening in Xanadu, the rains have been pushed back by a dry cold front, leaving the area pleasantly cool for midsummer. Laughter echoes amongst the trees where the festivities are set to take place as children scamper to and fro, generally getting in the way of women still carrying food to the already laden tables. Someone has made good use of the donations of flour, sugar and butter to Xanadu, the resulting feast mostly on the sweet side tonight, although there is regular food as well. Someone has had a successful hunt so there is roast wherry and grilled herdbeast to serve. People have begun to drift in, lured by the scent wafting through the trees and the knowledge that time draws close for the Weyrlings Graduation Ceremony to begin.
Keziah meanders her way through the forest from her weyr. She seems to be mentally reviewing things and therefore nearly stumbles into someone else when she reaches the area where there is more people traffic. "Oops, sorry." she murmurs and then she inhales "Oh, sweet Faranth that smells wonderful." and thus moves towards the tables, maybe in hopes of stealing a bite fore the feast starts? Not that she gets very far as one of the kitchen workers whacks her hand with a wooden sppon, even before Kezi gets too close. "Heh." The other woman smiles. "I can hear you thinking. Stay out of it, we're not even finished setting up." There's a mock pout and cradling of quote, unquote, wounded hand. Still. She smiles and moves on. Away from temptation. But oh, that food. A sneak peek back towards it. Sigh.

M'nol moves in from the general direction of his weyr. He's dressed in his best leathers and it takes him a moment to feel comfortable in them as he walks. He makes straight for Kezi, though, "Hey there, Kez. You still stealin' sweets?"

Fl'ynn creeps into the area, moving a bit as though his new dress leathers aren't exactly fitting him the best they should. A bit of tugging and pulling and plucking along his rear area, and then a stretch and wiggle. Okay, maybe all is well now. Easy stroll returns, with maybe a glance behind to try to see how things are looking. Maybe the dragon knows best. "How does it look back there, Kagenaith?" « How does what look? » "My arse." *odd look from a couple of people he passes by* « Like your arse » He should have known better.

Briana arrives with Sahazyth lumbering along beside her. The weyrling did choose to wear her new riding leathers, in that same antique gold as her lifemate. Well fitted and she moves easily in the newly made leathers. Her hair is drawn back in a thick runner's tail of curly hair. A few steps behind are Ers'lan and Zhaoth, both standing proud on this night. The Weyrling wearing his own Brown leathers to good effect. There are quiet words being passed between the pair as they stand at the back of the crowd. As Fl'ynn joins the group Briana looks up to him and offers a smile to the blue weyrling. "You look fine in your leathers Fl'ynn."
"As if you never did?" Comes an extremely familiar voice from behind M'nol, but likely in Keziah's vision. Somehow Phylicia has managed to 'sneak up' behind the brownrider, her dragon not in the immediate area. Her riding leathers - along with that familiar long trench coat - are not quite as dressy. It's a figure long unseen at Xanadu except for Keziah. "Hey." The healer-craftrider says a moment later in greeting, with a smile.

Fl'ynn finds this moment to sketch a bow that would make a blooded Harper envious in how deep and dramatic it is. He comes back up, dark hair flopping just shy of his dark eyes. "And you look absolutely delicious, Briana." Clearly a comment also born of the scents of food. He smiles after her, and just the same is Kagenaith hooting a pleasant note in greeting. Lan, beyond her, gets a broadening grin, and a generous look to those filled-out brown leathers.

Malphath rumbles low a greeting to the others of his clutch each in turn, followed in turn by Tscyleth. In their wake, side by side, is P'rel and I'srie. The blond of the pair, jerks his chin upwards at a few people, gaze lowering at others still, before reaching out and brushing a hand along his lifemate's darkly etched hide. He pauses however, surveying the good as it were upon the table. "Awful lot of sweets." he notes to the bluerider, both of them wearing not the leathers provided to them by the weyr, but rather gifts sent to them from their families. Black and silver, for the most part. Golden eyes dart over the gathering crowd, before they wander about the grounds, continuing on.

Thea arrives in the company of the Weyrleader, both conversing about something unimportant if the tone of their pleasant voices is anything to go by. They part ways at the edge of the crowd, mingling with people seeking out the Graduates to congratulate them privately, warmly as they go. Tonight Thea is dressed in a set of smartly tailored leathers, her hair pulled up in a twist and her fancy knot on her right shoulder. She's carrying a smallish box under her left arm, but her right is free to salute with and as she speaks to each Weyrling, they're given a smart salute. The sight of Phylicia has her pausing to say hello quietly, "Phy. It's been a long time." There's no mistaking the welcome of her smile, though.

There's a little pout for M'nol "But I'm hungry." Keziah murmurs but that's all that she says on that account for her attention turns to Phylicia "Hey! Good to see you again, it's great that you could make it back. I must say, the spices you brought went over really well. Ocelara has been seeing that they've been put to good use." she states. Then she gestures towards the weyrlings "Don't they all look great?" Yup, she's a proud little one.

M'nol recognizes that voice, as the grin on his face well imparts before he turns on the greenrider, "Phy! I never said I didn't, but after this class of Weyrlings Kezi deserves as many as she can stuff in her pockets. How've you been?" He glances at the arriving weyrlings, then chuckles a bit, "They all look like themselves… I really hope Pol got new leathers, though. Shards those things were worse than any I've seen before."

I'srie snorts softly, head jerking upwards to nod a few greetings as well, his own fingers trailing across Tscyleth's midnight hide before murmuring to P'rel, "Looks like a wedding. Could have spent the marks on stocking up the kitchen stores.." a pause, "Buy you a real dinner later," lips twitching in a very slight smirk. Pondwater-blue eyes flick from one person to the next as he walks beside P'rel, his shoulder occasionally brushing the bronzerider's. His leathers, similar to the other boy's, are sleek black entirely, edged in the palest silver-grey, brand new and custom-tailored to fit snugly without restricting movement. He has to snerk, attempting not to laugh at some of the getups the others are in, but falls very quickly silent when Thea approaches, face schooling into impassivity even as he salutes, totally proper and formal.

"Busy." Phylicia responds to M'nol with a grin. "Funny thing how impressing to a dragon gives you the freedom go to places, but duties and the like just suck up all your time." Keziah also gets a grin from the young woman. "Don't tell me I need to go find more already?" And Thea's approach brings about a slightly wider smile from the former Xanaduian. "It certainly has, Thea. How've you been?" And a look is given to the weyrlings in question. "Well, they're all still standing, Kez. Bonus points for that." She teases, with her classic impish grin.

N'shen is here, lurking at V'dim's side, his green eyes tired, but satisfied as he flicks a glance over the Weyrlings. The older greenrider stands, spine straight, at his side, his careful mask not quite concealing the glint of pride - and relief - in his still sharp eyes. As Thea arrives, both Weyrlingmaster and his assistant offer nods to the pair of them, and the latter, dark face breaking into a grin, offers an extra to Phylicia, greeting his long-absent clutchmate and friend.

Briana does at least smile at the compliment from Fl'ynn, getting a little ribbing from Ers'lan. The three muskateers perhaps who have stuck it out together through Weyrlinghood. An 'odd' seeming group they might seem, but they seem to have gotten along well together. As various riders, then the Weyrwoman pass, Briana stands up straight and salutes the woman. "Good evening Weyrwoman." She greets before looking over the gathering crowd, "These shindigs always like this?" She asks with a whisper over to Fl'ynn.

Given the look of the decor, someone has raided the storeroom and found decorations for an Old Earth Valentine's Day celebration (thanks a lot Aivas, for sharing!) There are no marks to spend on decorations, after all. Thea's smile widens, if anything as she answers her old friend. "I've been well, how about you? The twins are six turns old now and keeping us on our toes. You should come more often; I've missed you!" She'll save further questions for later, being mindful of her duties tonight, she contents herself with a brief brushing of fingertips aimed for Phylicia's foreaerm. "I'll catch you later. Hey M'nol, Kezi." She moves away reluctantly, a warm smile for N'shen and a murmured "Sir," for V'dim. Her path intersects with P'rel and I'srie's. She returns I'srie's salute gravely, pale green eyes taking his measure a touch warily, but her eyes have a hint of merriment in them when she shifts to P'rel. "Congratulations, both of you." Her lips quik in a slight smile as she moves off. "Briana, Ers'lan. Good eve." They also receive a salute before she continues on towards the platform.

"I imagine so. This one time, at Keroon, I snuck into this once high-snobby party. It was inside though, and the drink were flowing. I met this really great herder master; she was all into breeding." Fl'ynn's head bobs up and down following his words, flicking a look back to Briana and then giving her something of a nudge. "It has a lot of good looking food. I bet it'll be delicious."

Shoulders drift upwards, if only to drop again slowly in response to what I'srie has said. "Never been to a wedding. None of my brothers have mates." P'rel says, giving the sweets another eying before his attention fixes back on the bluerider beside him. "Sounds like a plan, though I do smell roast wherry…" Hmm. Yummers. There is no hurry in their footsteps, merely meandering about really with no specific course or destination. Shoulder bumps may be commonplace for all the attention that the bronzerider pays to them, brows lifting upwards at his companion's snerking. He opens his mouth to speak, but salutes instead with lips sealing themselves back up. Much the same, formal, proper. "Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am." he chirps off, crisply. Practiced. Golden eyes follow the Weyrwoman as she moves on, only relaxing once she's out of earshot.

Keziah gives a nod to Thea as she comes past and smiles. She then grins at Phy "Well, it certainly made a nice change from fish, fish with water, fish with broth or fish with withies." she grins as the waits for teh proceedings to start.

M'nol chuckles lightly, "Phy… you're lucky you weren't teaching this class. Bedazzled leathers a rider who hates his dragon… shards it's been like beating off wherries to get 'em all through." He inclines his head to Thea with a soft murmur of greeting, then adds, "And how's your lifemate?"

"I reckon it will be as well…stopped by the kitchens this morning. They were definately working hard in there. Smelled wonderful." Briana says with a smile to Fl'ynn before she dips her head, "If you will pardon me for a moment." She steps towards the gathering of Weyrlingmasters. Her gaze most direct to Keziah though she looks to the others as well, "Thank you all for teaching us these last few turns, I know we have not been the easiest class, but know we appreciate the work you have all done." She gives a nod then passes by I'srie and P'rel on the way back to her dragon, offering a smile to the pair, "You do both look fine in your new leathers. Good luck and congratulations tonight." She says with a pleasent tone at least before continueing back to her lifemate and Fl'ynn and Ers'lan.

Phylicia seems to be popular tonight. No wonder, after being gone for a couple of turns. N'shen gets a grin in return with the mouthed words 'after', probably for some catching up. And maybe she'll just save words until then anyways, to save answering the same question repeatedly. And Phy just shakes her head at M'nol. "Teaching classes for the Healer Hall, I'll do. Teaching a bunch of weyrlings… mmm. I'll pass, thanks." She says, chuckling. Phy doesn't shy away from Thea's touch, but instead a nod to signify she heard. "Faui?" Phy can only assume Nol was talking to her. "Faui is good. She's off being anti-social on a ledge somewhere for the moment."

Thea makes her way to the platform where D'son is waiting, ascends the stairs while he calls out for people to head their way, raising his voice pleasantly over the babble of voices, "Welcome folks. We'll get started as soon as the Weyrlings and the Weyrling management team to join us up on the platform." It's possible they've had practice for this: to line up in place where they're to stand. D'son doesn't seem worried about where they'll go, just as relaxed and informal as ever as he waits. Thea makes eye contact with N'shen and V'dim over the heads of the crowd, silent as she stands beside the Weyrleader. Her gaze drifts out to the perimeter where D'had is keeping the twins occupied and hopefully out of trouble.

Given Iess had no part in any decorating, he wouldn't know who spent marks where, only what he could see with his own eyes. The bluerider does catch Thea's wariness, returning it with a lowering of lashes and a considering look. He'll jerk his head in a stiff nod to the weyrwoman, but there's an echo of P'rel's, "Thankyou, Ma'am." I'srie waits as well, till the woman is out of earshot, then flicks a glance sideways to the bronzerider, "Got something better than wherry." And if there's another twitch of a smirk, at least it's brief. He lifts a hand to rub at his face, muttering, "Been to too many weddings," a pause and a slight grimace, "One of my brothers is getting handfasted in a few sevendays." As Briana passes there's only a low-lidded look toward the goldrider, Iess taking a step closer to P'rel, without a word. He then moves over to wherever they're supposed to stand, lining up with the rest.

Fl'ynn is momentarily left alone, stuck as a wall-flower. Doo-de-doo-de-doo. He rocks, prettily, from heel to toe upon his shiny new boots, still tight enough to be just on this side of uncomfortable. His thumbs tuck into his beltline, head dropping back so he can cast a look kinda up and back at Kagenaith. Yup, a look is shared, along with a smile. Dragons smile. Believe it. But here is Briana coming back, and here is Fl'ynn back to looking attentive. He moves as if to link his arm with the young woman, leaning in nice and close. He'll whisper right one back, "Smile all nice and predatory. It makes people wonder what you're thinking. That and it is sexy as anything."

Qe'pol has arrived.

M'nol gives Phy a quick smile, "Sorry, work to do. I'll catch up with you later, maybe." He jerks his head towards the stage at Kezi, then moves that way, shooing weyrlings into line as he goes, "Big smiles, this is your big day."

Keziah gives Phy another smile and then follows M'nol up to the platform. She frowns a little as she watches Iess as she makes her way up to the platform and mutters under her breath. She shakes her head a little. Course her attention is diverted as she turns to look at the other weyrlings. Tis a shame that Fl'ynn whispered. Mighta given her a chance to say something to the boy, but as it is, it falls short of ther greenriders ears. What a shame. She then whispers over to her friend. "Well M'nol, I suppose at least no one killed each other. There is something to say for that." A pause and then a hmm. "I think."

P'rel arches a brow at the bluerider at his side at promise of something better than roast wherry, but he doesn't ask, not with the ghost of a smirk that follows that particular statement. There is a bit of a flicker of sympathy however for the part about weddings and handfasting, but is distracted by anything he may have said or added at the arrival of Briana on her way by. "Briana." he says, golden eyes meeting hers for a moment before they slide with a lowering of lashes as I'srie moves closer to him and says nothing at all. "Thank you, you and yours as well." Polite, but brief seeing as the young woman doesn't linger past that. He exchanges a look with I'srie before he follows him up to takes his place with the other weyrlings upon the platform.

As the arm is offered for her, Briana looks to the young man for a moment before nodding and taking the offered arm. She can not help but smile to Fl'ynn's words, "I will try…I am rather nervous and excited all at the same time." She says and as the group is called up she walks up with Fl'ynn at her side and Ers'lan walking in close behind them, standing tall and proud, to take their places on the stage. When Briana gets to the stage only then does she release the bluerider's arm. "Thank you…" She says to him before looking to Ers'lan, "Both of you.." She murmurs before turning her attention directly to the Weyrwoman.

Hey now, he's only a little bit late to his own weyrling graduation. Qe'pol's rushing towards the front, having gotten the signal to get up on that platform. Of course, it's to I'srie and P're that the young bronzerider aims for. The two, as always, close to one another. Makes it perfect for Pol to rush behind the two and throw an arm over each boy's shoulder. "Guuuuuuuuys!" He cheers, giving both a little shake. "I thought we all woulda' died before this point! Holla', right!?" If his hands weren't busy manhandling a should on each of his best buds, he'd be highfiving up a storm. "Let's /do this/!" Yelling, yep, right in the other two almost-no-longer-weyrlings ears.

And now Phylicia is left standing to be the wall-flowery type, as the people she'd like to talk with are all busy up on the platform. And not of the nearly-non-weyrling variety. However, when introductions begin, and even just when the weyrling staff are lining up, Phy is offering her applause while trying not to steal some of that delicious smelling food.

Fl'ynn is headed right on up with the others, deliberately giving Briana another nudge during the movement process. Sure, there might possibly be a hitch and a stumble as he makes that last step. It is the new boots, guys! Someone, out there, clearly deserves a wave, and so while before all the teen lifts and arm and wildly waves to those below. In the next blink he is all at attention, even if that grin perched on his lips is born of amusement. Platform standing. No problem.

Several other Weyrlings are getting wary looks from the Weyrwoman, Qe'pol, Ers'lan and T'avil among them. Though she's trying to keep the apprehension from her face, succeeding for the most part, D'son much catch something for he murmurs something in her ear as he takes that box from her. The Weyrwoman visibly relaxes, drawing a deep breath and flashes him a brief smile. Her eyes follow the other Weyrlings progress though the crowd, waiting for them to get settled. As V'dim makes a few comments to them in general, she stands poised with the box in her hands and when he calls the first forward she is ready. It is the Weyrlingmaster who has the knots, he situates them on each shoulder as he calls the new Riders forward. "Rider Qe'pol, Rider T'avil!" Thea then takes the badges and says simply to each as she hands them over, "Welcome to Quasar Wing, Rider," and salutes them.

Qe'pol withdraws himself from his two friends, keeping his hands to himself for a little while. Though he stays close… at least until he hears his name called. Taking a semi-step forward, the Weyrlingmaster gets a cheeky grin. "Hear that, /rider/! Not weyrling, but /rider/!" Truly the proudest moment of his life. Chest puffs out, that grin becoming a full forced smile as Thea then hands over their new badges. Old is replaced with new. Arms are thrown own, hands waving around with extreme glee. "QUASAR WING, RULES!" He shouts out, whooting and then making his patented 'V' for victory with his arms. Back to Thea, he calms, giving the Weyrwoman a low bow. "Thank ya kindly, ma'am!" Pol states, winking at the goldrider.

Briana can not help but smile for Qe'pol's enthusiam, such is as infectious as Fl'ynn's and does applaud with others as he is called forth to receive his not.

M'nol grins as the wingknots are being handed out, motioning each new set of weyrlings up as the time comes. In one case, he has to motion a particularly impatient one to wait, but oh what a joy. And there's no drunken booze-bottle salutes, either. Thea must be proud.

I'srie stands in line, beside P'rel, hands clasped before him, back straight, expression entirely schooled into one of calm impassivity. His dark hair has been left untied, falling neatly in slight waves, having been tucked back behind his ears - which is totally and utterly ruined when Qe'pol rushes up and throws an arm over his shoulder, causing him to stumble forward slightly, all those neatly combed strands falling across his face. "Pol!" he hisses and tries to shrug that arm off, looking entirely ruffled, but unable to keep that twitch of a grinn off his case, "Shit, man, come on-" But then the announcement of wings begins, and Iess' eyebrows arch high, the bluerider just staring. A flick of a glance is cast sideways to P'rel, and then Iess is grinning outright, and just shaking his head at his best friend over where. "Congrats, man," the bluerider chuckles, unable to help adding in a slightly teasing, You actually made it."

Amused, N'shen continues his post at V'dim's side, passing knots to the Weyrlingmaster as each Weyrling is called up, carefully ensuring that the correct one is given to the graduating Weyrling - for each knot is threaded through with a specially dyed strand that matches the predominant color of each dragon. His murmured congratulations to T'avil and Qe'pol are pitched for their ears alone, so as not to add to the general din.

Keziah arches a brow at Qe'pols enthusiasm and she can't help but crack a bit of a smile about that. It's been a long time coming, but at least they made it. She murmurs to M'nol "At least he looks presentable. No??"

M'nol smirks at Keziah and nods, "Way better than those green leathers he wore for /between/. No rider should have sequins."

P'rel twitches just once as Qe'pol comes up and greets himself and I'srie so, loudly. It actually looked like a suppressed wince. Though he does grin at his fellow bronzerider, it was after all, infectious that enthusiasm. The hand dropped heavily to his shoulder is carefully ducked under and slightly sidestepped, chin coming up slightly. "Knock it off, man." he says, half serious, half joking. However, he can't help but smirk as apparently I'srie's hair gets messed up in the process. He murmurs something low to the bluerider, by leaning over a bit, but is soon clapping as his friend gets knotted and inducted into his wing. "Congratulations, Pol." he calls over, and then promptly drops his voice. "We'll have to see if he survives another sixteen turns." is muttered under his breath.

Phylicia can't help but look just a little taken aback by the sheer amount of enthusiasm that Qe'pol seems to be displaying, yet still, she offers her applause.

It's hard not to laugh at the young bronzerider's antics, but the Weyrwoman manages to choke it back although her eyes dance at the exuberance Qe'pol exhibits, though she shakes her head ever so slightly at that winking he's doing. The Brat T'avil all but skips forward to receive his knot but as it sinks in which wing he's been assigned to, he balks. "No freakin' way!" It's muttered under his breath but obviously overheard by the quartet before him. D'son merely chuckles, but Thea firmly tucks the unwanted wing badge into T'avil's pocket,murmuring with gentle irony, "I think I said the same thing too, T'avil." V'dim waits until the pair have stepped back, then his voice calls the next few forward, "I'srie, P'rel." While he affixes their knots, his voice sternly congratulates them as riders. When he is finished, the Weyrwoman takes the badges from D'son's box and offers them over one in each hand. "Congratulations Riders and welcome to Quasar Wing. May you proudly represent Xanadu." Is that… a brow twitch? Perhaps. But her words are sincere nonetheless.

I'srie blinks, grin fading slightly as eyes slide sideways to P'rel, the bluerider's cheeks abruptly going pink, even as he brings a hand up to shove his hair back, and out of his eyes. Clearing his throat, there's only a muttered, "My father's probably here," head jerking toward the crowd. After all, there are holder's sons amongst the weyrlings. Someone from the hold must have come, right? I'srie doesn't bother to look, though. There follows a soft snort, however, "He better," another twitch of a smile for Qe'pol. His own name being called, along with Py's, has Iess lifting his chin, shoulders slanting back as he steps forward, taking a more dignified breath, and absently tugging the hem of his shirt down, and straightening. If I'srie notices the brow-twitch over there, there's little indication, merely offering a formal salute, "Sirs, Ma'am." Once the knot is upon his shoulder, he turns to P'rel, though pondwater-blue eyes flick past him and into the crowd. I'srie is still for a very long moment, before he abruptly moves toward the other rider, and grabs him, one hand curling fingers in the blond's hair, the other around his waist. And kisses him. Right there. In front of everyone. He pulls back, just as suddenly, though, with sudden smile for the bronzerider, "I love you." And steps away.

As the next pair is called up, Briana watches as they go to collect their knots adding still her applause with those of the crowd. As I'srie comes back to kiss P'rel, her eyes widen a bit, one hand coming to her lips in that moment of shock before she half smiles. Leaning over to Fl'ynn she gives a little smile, "Well that explains a bit…" She murmurs.

Qe'pol gives a thumbs up to both his best buds as they get called into the same wing as himself. More fist pumping and cheering from this happy little bronzerider. And then, when I'srie does the unthinkable… Pol just LOOKS THE OTHER WAY. He saw nothing, he believes nothing, his mind is playing tricks on him. "Whoa dude, I think I see a trundlebug." He mentions, staring anywhere but at his friends. Swimming in de-nile? OH YES. YES HE IS.

P'rel chuckles softly at the color now present on I'srie's cheeks. His job here, is done. The humor fades soon after, as family is brought up and of course this signals the blond to look out among the sea of faces. "No idea if anyone came. I did tell my father he was not welcome. Him or that…thing he's weyrmated to." he growls softly, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. No love lost there. Then their names are being called, and without thinking he falls into step beside the bluerider. He watches in silence as his weyrling knot is removed, and replaced with that of a full rider at last. He exhales a breath there, nodding and accepting his wing patch, though there is a sort of narrows glance given to Malphath for some reason before he shoots off a salute and thanks to the weyrlingmaster and weyrleadership. "Thank you Sirs, Ma'am…" Out of the corner of his eye, he sees I'srie move and so in reflection, he too turns. There is a curious sort of blink for the way the older boy looks past him, but all is revealed in the next couple of seconds. With a hand in his hair, arm about his waist and suddenly being kissed there in front of everyone, the bronzerider's cheeks flush bright red, hesitating but a moment before the kiss is returned. The smile he finds at it's end nearly floors the poor lad, but it's the words that follow that cause Py's eyes to widen. Then I'srie is just walking away, and the blond is left there on stage to look absolutely blown away. A second later however, he's red all the way up to his eartips, and coughs. "Ahem, excuse me." he mutters, and then is quick to catch up with the escaping bluerider.

Fl'ynn's smile quirks upwards at the corners, shoulders rising and falling with the semblance of a shrug following Briana's muttered words. "I am really starting to rather like these sort of… what did you call it? 'Shindig?" His smile grows evermore, eyes slipping away from smooching clutchmates.

There's no visible reaction from the Weyrleaders at I'srie and P'rel, for their attention is focused on the next few that V'dim is calling forward. "Ers'lan, M'ab, R'iver. Congratulations Riders." They too receive their knots before their badges are offered over by the Weyrwoman. "Welcome to Galaxy Wing, Riders," Thea says simply nodding to V'dim who then calls, "Briana and Issanleri, Riders. Step forward." As their knots are affixed, Thea selects their badges from the box, extending them and murmuring, "Issanleri, welcome to Asteroid Wing. Briana, Nova is pleased to accept you to the wing." Both girls get a gentle smile, reassurance meant for Xanadu's newest Junior as her new rank is formally noted, "Junior Weyrwoman." A salute from both Weyrleaders follows.

As his name is called up, Ers'lan stands a bit taller and stoicly walks up to accept his knot with a salute to the leadership. On the way back to his place, he looks out toward his dragon, sharing the moment with him.

There is applause from Briana as one of her 'champion's is called up. As he returns to the line, she places a hand upon his shoulder, whispering her own congratulations to him. Then her own name is called and she smiles to the men who flank her before lifting her head up and heading to accept her knot. Salutes are given to the Weyrlingmasters, then to the Weyrleader and Finally to the Weyrwoman as she accepts her knot from her. "And Forever will I serve Xanadu Weyr." She smiles as the knot is put in place. There is a moment of pride and…relief upon her features as she takes her place back in the line, fingers brushing over her knot with a touch of wonder in her gaze.

I'srie wouldn't have stuck around after the stage-smoochery, nope. He is gone, and hopefully P'rel with him. As out i nthe crowd, there are some totally astonished holders, who probably won't be sticking around either. Though one can only guess the fallout from THAT particular stunt, in the sevendays to come.

Fl'ynn rises up to the toes of his boots, leaning around another taller clutchmate to look after where all of the knotting is occurring. As Lan receives his, the bluerider isn't shy at all. Two fingers slip into his mouth, and out blows a ringly loud whistled cat-call to the brownrider. He follows it up with a teasing wink. As Briana receives her knot, the teen joins in with another hollar of congratulation. There might be a fist pump in there, maybe. Sure.

It's a celebration and V'dim's job is done. He watches the pair depart before the rest are dismissed with nary a cheek-twitch even. It's possible the elderly Rider is relieved, as he almost always is, to relinquish his charges to the Wingleaders and Weyrleaders. He turns to beckon the last forward, "Fl'ynn, K'tis, R'olf. Congratulations to you, Riders." Their knots are solemnly affixed, he waits while the Weyrwoman bestows their badges. "Welcome to comet Wing, Riders. Pern and adventure awaits you." While Thea's smile is a touch shy, D'son grins outright. They'll be seeing quite a lot of the planet and soon. When they have stepped back, both Weyrling Management and Weyrleaders salute the now ex-Weyrlings, dismissing them from the platform. "Enjoy your night," D'son comments, ushering them from the stage.
Ers'lan's face has proud written all over it. He stands there with his chest out and his shoulders straight, stern lines hardening a look of resolve and triumph. Once all is said and done, the moment that they are released, a flask is suddenly in his hand and he's making a wide toast, sweeping it around to all those standing with him and around him. Afterward, a loooooong swig of the amber liquid within. A small wince plays on his features and with that, he's stepping out of the lime light, leaving as quick as he can, as if something were on fire.

There's clapping to be had from the peanut gallery, that is, from Phylicia. The whole scene with the kissing riders had brought about a headshake, but in all honesty, the graduation of weyrlings was just a pretense to visit old friends again. The dispersing of ex-weyrlings is watched with a bit of a smile, reminiscing.

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P'rel calls to Malphath and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.
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Fl'ynn is more than happy to sashay his well-dressed arse right on over to collect that knot, thank you very much. There is a few good-natured nudges and shoves back and forth among the new Comet trio. When the bluerider is next in line, his grin is huge, dimples deep, all with eyes twinkling in amusement. Another bow is sketched for the weyrleaders, "It has been a pleasure as well, 'leaders." He comes about with knot, returns to the line, but not before blowing a saucy kiss. "Did you see that, guys? They gave me a /knot/. I'm a Faranth-damned rider now." Booyah.

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I'srie calls to Tscyleth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

As Fl'ynn and the others are brought up, Briana adds her applause to the others. They are all riders…they survived, they made it. They didn't kill themselves, their lifemates or each other other much to their Weyrlingmasters surprise no doubt. She turns to Ers'lan and shares an embrace with the taller man before releasing him to a bluerider lass waitintg off stage for him. She turns back to Fl'ynn as he returns to the line and offers him a hug as well, "Yes, we are riders now!"

As the crowd absorbs the Weyrlings, harpers begin playing music, weyrfolk drift towards the buffet, food is served, liquor flows and dancing follows the feasting under the lit lanterns lit that add their festive glow to the party. It's a celebration long overdue.

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Fl'ynn cheers along with the rest, sharing good-natured back-patting and well-wishing and other such endearments with those about him. He is buffeted about (damn shorter stature) 'til coming to face Briana, "Hey! Yes! Yes, we are." As he is embraced with a hug, the teen isn't shy at all about wrapping his arms about the woman, squeezing hard with all of the panache he can provide. He'd also swing her about, but there isn't the sort of room for that thing. So he laughs, nods, grins, and noses in to make sure that his clutchmates don't receive all of the smooching fun, for this closeness will have him suddenly leaning in for a kiss with Briana.

"I can't believe we all made it." Briana says to the bluerider before her, still excited about the day's events. There were no family members of her own in the crowd, but it seems not to have drawn her down. She looks to the other riders around her for a moment and takes a breath as she looks back to Fl'ynn. She looks about to say something before suddenly her lips are met with the lips of the bluerider next to her. It takes her a moment to respond and her response this time is not to push him away, but to enjoy the kiss despite whoever may be looking on.
Thea has a half-smile on her lips as she descends the stage and melds with the crowd. Watching the different family groups gather round their Rider kin , a bittersweet expression forms upon her face. Harking back to her own Graduation perhaps and the parents that weren't there. D'had meets her with a glass of chilled white wine, encircles her waist with and arm and draws her off where the twins are chowing down and bubbling over all the sweet treats, it's not long before she is shedding her past and joining the laughter. If only for a night…

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