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Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Beach(#7117RJs)
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.
People: Fl'ynn, Ers'lan, and Zafirah
Obvious exits:
Docks <DO> Meadow <M> Clearing <C> Water <E> Weyrling Beach <WB>

It's a drizzling rain, one that soaks through the clothes and the skin. Zafirah and Ers'lan are near the water talking. Course Ers'lan is looking a little shell shocked and Zafi is quite ernest looking. There's a canine by Zafi's side "Hmm, yeah. I'm sure it was. My brother came from that." she notes after a moment. Mother thinks I've a good chance on the sands, though I dunno if I really want that. But well.." she pauses as she stops a little as he says she has a point. "I do? Yes, I do. I mean, a girl should be kissed by someone she'd like to be kissed by. Right?" she tilts her head a little "I'd rather a kiss that meant something more than just one brought on by dragons, even if it is by asking someone to do it." she moves closer to Ers'lan and looks up at him. "Am I so bad looking though for even just a kiss?"

What on Faranth's fardling toes is Fl'ynn, hooded and hunched figure that he is, doing out on a day like this, at a place like this? Clearly on the beckoning of a summons. Shaggy dark hair frames a face framed in a heavy, grey hood made darker by drizzle. Squish-squelch pat his feet over damp sand. "Hoi!" Sound erupts from the figure, chin lifting and the hood falling back some to reveal his face ever further. "Really? On a beach in the rain? Really?"

Ers'lan gives a quiet smile to Zafirah, albeit slightly forced as his eyes go distant a bit, communicating with his dragon who still glides somewhere far above. Only a flash of his eyes in the direction of the weyrling beach would give some indication that his salvation was indeed there. Licking his lips a bit, his gaze reverts back to Zafirah when she approaches him, closing that distance, making the man gulp visibly. For a man who is often so casual with others in similar scenarios, he is clearly off his game, pounced on unexpectedly by the young woman. "Aye, a gal should be havin a first of her own likin… Nay, yer narh bad lookin at'tall, reckon ya be right pretty…" he pauses, awkwardly almost, until he nods, "Jus be I know… I reckon I know… who be… um… liking you…" eyes glance to the side, noticing the figure approaching, his finger gesturing that way, "Uhmm… /FL'YNN/…" he hollars in that rugged sea-farring voice, a voice that breaks through the winds and drizzle, as if to beckon the rider sooner and draw attention toward the bluerider at the same time. He whispers a lower voice to Zafirah so that the other weyrling could not over hear soon after, "He be havin a thin fer ya, I reckon. Be too shy. Aye. He be like me bro and I narh want ta be steppin in his way of …. of… his first either…" Oh Fl'ynn would likely make him pay later for this, but what are friends for? Two birds with one stone, they say. Relief is washing over his features the closer that Fl'ynn gets.

Silky dark brown hair falls in a cascade of messy waves around her face, down past her shoulders and to the mid of her back. Her bangs are long and tend to hang in her face constantly, covering up the hint of a small bump at the bridge of her thin and pert nose with a slightly upturned tip. Her eyes, though hazel have a tendency to show more greens than anything else, which the blackness of her lashes tend to bring out more. Her lips are on the thin side, though the seem to fit the lengthyness of her face fairly well. Her skin is already a nice deep tan as befits any kid of a hot and sunny climate.
She is dressed in a pair of servicable pants, nothing too fancy, just simple heavy-weight cotton dyed a generic brown. Her top, however, is a different matter. It's a mix of different clothes all pieced together in a crazy quilt manner. Various stitches are used through out, along with an assortment of ribbons. Her lengthy hair is currently pulled back in a tail and secured with yet another ribbon.
She is wearing a simple mine craft apprentice knot with the colors denoting that she's posted to Xanadu.
She is 14 Turns, 1 month, and 25 days old.

The slightly tousled brush of sloe-black hair tickles at the nape of this teenager's neck just as the dark and straight fringe cascades over his forehead to oft overshadow his gaze. Irises of a murky mahogany are set in almond-shaped eyes and framed with lashes just as dark as his hair. Youthful features are harshly angled, the strict lines drawn with the descendant of the same native blood that grants his skin its dusky cast. With his ethnic features and despite an almost gaunt appearance, a lithe grace characterizes this youth's slightly less than average height as the low swell of toned muscles leave his wiry form svelte.
Simple dark trousers draw down his legs, fitting loose and comfortable. They are left to drop down to a pair of simple wherhide boots in a shade just a little bit lighter. With a string-laced neckline, the off-white shirt he wears drops over the beltline of those dark trousers, a rather plain wherhide belt attempts to keep him all together even as is barely hangs from his hips. Often enough, he tends to wear a buff-colored vest.
Settled upon his shoulder is a Xanadu Weyr's weyrling knot, trimmed with a thread of blue.

Zafirah watches that tongue going across the lips and there's another little dreamy like sigh and even starts to close her eyes a little, only to have them fly open "Liking me?" She blinks a little in confusion and then starts when he yells for Fl'ynn way down there on the beach. "Wha?" She looks back and forth and takes a step back. Colby starts to bark and Zafi shushes him. "He likes me?" she asks in wonderment and looks over at Fl'ynn as he comes over there way. She looks over at Ers'lan "Really?" she looks completely taken aback by the pronouncement and almost looks a little shy. "Me?" That and her vocabulary has certainly fallen by the wayside.

Fl'ynn's footsteps last in a sodden trail behind him, perfectly straight and keen 'til he intersects with the pairing upon the beach. Tanned fingers come up to pull the hood away from his face, dampness ineffectual to already dark hair, simply drawing some of the hairs together in damp spikes and sickles. Maybe, just maybe, there is the briefest of confusion that sparks in murky brown eyes. Maybe it was there, maybe seen in a brow-drown glance to Lan. He looks to the girl, "Wha…. oh? Uhm. Sure. I do. I… yeah." Not even a two turn-old could believe that. "Me first though, then you can." Those words are spoken to Zafirah, seriousness to go with suddenness. It goes with an a look that asks for forgiveness. In a blink, he is inserting himself between girl and clutchmate, giving her his back as he is reaching for Lan as if to try take him by the cheeks (facial cheeks that is, nothing lower), all with the intent to try to plant a kiss on the brownrider first. Neener.

Ers'lan bobbles his head with persistence to further the illusion along when Zafirah's dream pops with her realization at his words. The fact that the girl was puckering up for him made the man ever so thankful that Fl'ynn was on the scene to save the brownrider, before his sailor roots got the best of him. Really, the older of all three was resisting temptation, especially after nearly a Turn and a half of celibacy. "Aye," his eyes flicker toward Fl'ynn, keeping his voice low, "He be sayin he do. Be wantin ta kiss a girl… and he be mentionin ya…" Sure. Sure. But the man's confidence in this belief was persuasive. "Aye, dun be shy… he be good ta look at too…" which wasn't a lie, she only had to look for herself. Lan notes the expression on Fl'ynn's face, countering with a flashed smile of gratitude, the former-sailor slicking his hand through his short cropped hair with a shaky exhale of breath and a turn of an eye up, uttering thankful murmurs under his breath. Just when Lan is taking a step back, eyes drifting to the sand to choose his steps back, in attempts to leave room for the younger folks to try out their kissy faces, Fl'ynn is right there. Lan has just enough time to lift his gaze from where they were downcast before the action of the bluerider is upon him. A comical reaction ensues. Eyes big and bulging, limbs stock straight, tension in neck and shoulders, red climbing up from his neck. Oh sure, Fl'ynn gets to exercise free will on the brownrider, getting that first kiss in the brownrider's trance of shock. Only, as Ers'lan comes around to realize Fl'ynn's lips are on his own, his hand twists a fistfull of shirt inbetween digits and his eyes narrow on the face full in front of his own. A moment lingers, hey he returns the kiss a bit, then he roughly breaks it apart by shoving Fl'ynn backward a step. He holds onto the other's shirt so that he does not trip or fall, eyes delving into the blueriders with an obvious squint of 'we'll talk about this later' translating between that single look. His hand releases the bluerider's shirt, grunting, "I have chores ta do…"

Zafirah listens to Ers'lan, her lips pursed a little as Fl'ynn comes closer. Then there's a look of something on Zafi's face. One of anticipation? Nervousnes? At Fl'ynns words it's kind of unsure because soon that look turns to shock at Fl'ynn's words and she starts to look sceptical and then Fl'ynn is kissing Ers'lan and there's a little giggle and then a quite little oh as she catches the kissing back from Lan. "I see." she grins brightly. She's not about to let a little setback keep her back. She sees how it should be done. Skip asking, one should just do. Course she should have known that from watching her mother. She steps forward and slips between Fl'ynn and Ers'lan. "Scuse me." she says brightly and takes the opportunity to try and throw her arms around the brownriders neck and give him a nice good kiss as well.

Fl'ynn is all about this kissing thing, considering it has been an awfully long time for him as well. Licking his lips as he is pushed away, but still in hold of Lan, it is nothing but a look of a very guilty boy that the brownrider gets, and pleased about it all the while. He is nothing but a ragdoll, arms falling away, feet stumbling back. Oh yes, the grin. As he is released, he stumbles back further. He was rather expecting to fetch up against Zafirah, but seeing as the girl is suddenly before him, well… that leaves the bluerider ending up on his arse in the sand. Blink. Blink-Blink. "Oh shells, look what I started. Momma always said I'd grow up to be a bad influence."

So much for Fl'ynn being a savior! Ers'lan's extended glance at Fl'ynn says as much, a slight scowl for the guilty yet pleased expression on the bluerider's face. The brownrider is scowling but he isn't reacting badly to it, just in a manner of speaking, dazed. Now as Lan attempts to negotiate the outcome of the bluerider's smooch, with his pathetic excuse of 'chores' being unable to get his feet unstuck from the sandbed, Zafirah's arms are flopping about behind him and her face replaces the bluerider's. Reaction is very much the same, yet again. Large startled eyes one minute, then the reception, the giving back. While permission wasn't present, nor is the initial surprise of it immediately leading to rejection. A kiss given is a kiss returned. Zafirah, like Fl'ynn, will feel the return of lips against lips. And like Fl'ynn, she is removed once the kiss holds for long enough, gently by the push of a hand to her shoulder and a step back.

Zafirah got in her kiss and she's feeling quite pleased about it. She touches her lips just a little in wonderment as Ers'lan steps away. Course, with the bluerider there too she looks thoughful a moment "Well if, Fl'ynn you said?" she hmms a little more as she starts to turns to face the younger of the two. "If you said he likes me." she turns around the rest of the day and looks at Fl'ynn and tilts her head a bit and then goes to wrap her arms around him too next and leans in to give him a kiss as well. "You're momma's right. You are a bad influence. But there's nothing wrong with that." She says brightly just before hand. Course between her mother and her father she likely has a lot of bad inflences in her life.

Fl'ynn remains upon the ground, now his arse as damp as the top of his head. A sandy hand lifts up so he can draw the sleeve across his nose, removing the water droplet that was perched upon the end. He looks up to Lan, his smile rather evident and seeming to grow more and more as time continues. In a blink though, his eyes go back to Zafirah, "My momma was always right. How was the kiss?"

Zafirah hmms a little as she tilts her head "I think I see why people like kissing." she notes and sits down next to Fl'ynn "So, do you really like me or was he telling tales?" she asks curiously "Course, you are kinda cute. Maybe not a hunka man like him. But yer cute." She's shameless she is. "Do you even know my name?"

Fl'ynn blinks as the girl moves to take up some wet sand with him. "Oh, shells… don't be sitting down. It is wet and cold down here, numbing my arse… which is a sight more than my lips right now." He winks across to Zafirah, offering her a hand, albeit a sandy one, "No, probably not, but does it even matter? Although, I suppose it'd be good to know, or I could just give you one while our friend is busy getting over us."

Ers'lan is breathing a little more raggedly when Zafirah steps away, his eyes edged with desire stirred from the two stolen kisses of the taboo design. As Zafi turns to Fl'ynn, Lan does nod his head to reaffirm his previous statements that Fl'ynn liked Zafirah, in quiet revenge for the most surprising of kisses. Seeing Zafi lean in for a kiss from Fl'ynn has Lan smirking a little, unable to really feel too badly now that in a manner of speaking, they've all kissed one another, no one left out. Deflating all the anxiety that had developed between his shoulder blades with a lip-flapping exhale, he folds his arms at the pair of them, eyeing them both, "Ya two be happy now, yah?" He snorts quietly, listening as Fl'ynn lets it out that it was just a tale after all, rolling his eyes, "Aye, Fl'ynn, tis Zafirah… Zafi she be liking. Zafi, Fl'ynn. Aye."

Zafirah laughs "Oh the sands not all that bad, I've sat on worse." She states with a grin. She tilts her head a little at Ers'lan and then rolls her eyes and then grins and nods "I do like Zafi, but what would you be calling me? Hmm?" she asks curiously of Fl'ynn. She's feeling pretty good herself, even if she is sopping wet. She looks up at the sky "Though it would be better if it wasn't raining so much. I do like the sun. I like to stay warm." She glances back and forth between the two guys and then pats the other side. "Wanna sit with too Ers'lan?" she asks with a grin.

Fl'ynn's dark eyes look back to watch Ers'lan with curiosity, mirth dancing deep in their depths. He flashes his clutchmate a covert wink before his attention slips back to the girl. "Zafi Zafirah. Gotcha." He shrugs his shoulders at her for the query, "I'd come up with something good. Although at this point, I'm thinking Smoochie would be a good one. Or Canoodle." Blink. "Speaking of… what the shells, mate? What in the sharding damn are you two doing out here in the rain? Really?"

"Nay," he says with an uplift of his hand, "Reckon I not be wantin ta be sick," like running in the rain was any better. Still, there is a quiet smile for each of them, the brownrider being relatively good natured about the whole conspiracy to smooch on Ers'lan day. "Recommend ya be headin fer some place warm, 'stead of bein out here. Hot springs be good fer ya…" he notes to Zafirah when she comments about being warm, "Best fer ya after spending time out in this drizzle." A look for Fl'ynn then, spotting the wink that has Lan's lips puckering just a little, some known cue flirting between the two. Fl'ynn's last remark has Lan shrugging his broad shoulders, tone jovial, "Be running like always, rain be narh stopping me from it. Ya know this well. She be puttin a stop ta it, called out me name and then all this…" he flaps his hand to gesture the 'kissing' conquest, admitting in a dry more serious tone, "Reckon we should be goin ta warm up."

Zafirah bahs at Ers'lan "I suppose." she says and then eyes Fl'ynn "Those are lame names, lame brain." she rolls her eyes and gets up and brushes herself off. She adresses Fl'ynns question "Was playin with Colby, we were both tired of being indoors." she notes and then glances back and forth between the two and then she glances at Ers'lan and smirks "Course, looks like ya be likin' the boys along with the girls." she laughs brightly. "I like you two. Yer fun, even if yer full of it."

Fl'ynn takes a deep breath and then pushes back to his feet. Yes, indeed, his whole arse area is a dark shade from sitting in the damp sand. He winces at the feeling, a hand going down as if to pick at a wedgie when it is just damp cloth sticking to his arse. He blinks and pouts at Zafi at her name from him, nearly putting put a pouting lip. "Oh. So mean." Okay, so he'll do the pouting lip for sure now. She'll get the next wink following her last words, followed with a kindly grin full of good nature. In a blink though, he is swinging around as if to give a nudge-shove to Lan, "Fuck the rain. I'm going in. Warm sounds good." In a scamper, the teen picks up his pace and trots down beach and back to the weyrling area, crying out, "Kagenaith only one with sense in his brain to not be coming out here -he won't even come fetch me!" Scamper.

"Full of it?" Ers'lan gives a guffaw, "Jus whar do ya mean by that little lady?" He does shrug his shoulders a bit at the one comment, sighing with a lift of a hapless hand, "Aye, do reckon I be open ta both sides. Cannarh say I be a man ta limit meself…" A darting look to Fl'ynn as he gets nudged, snorting at the fellow weyrling, "Hah. Aye, be seein ya." The bluerider is regarded as he trots back toward the barracks, a glance shot back to Zafi, "Yah best narh going to brag to Mirai bout this. Dun need her on me, her mum be hangin me from a rope iffin that happens." A lifted finger and then his hand turns vertical, extended to shake her hand, "T'was nice meetin ya Zafi."

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