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Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level(#8686RIJ)
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.
People: Flandynn, Aqueepoli, Kiley, and Pyriel
Obvious exits:
Foyer <FO>

Kiley is making her way up the stairs quietly, looking to Kaede as she passes. Brows raise curiously and she watches the other go down before she finishes making her way up. Pyriel is given a brief look in her scanning of the area before she's moving towards the some of the seats closer to the sands, not exactly avoiding the harper but working on notes as she pulls out the journal. A blank page is found and she begins scrawling some notes, thoughtfully considering the eggs before glancing back at Pyriel. There's a lift of her brows in question, "did you enjoy your reading?" Pyriel is sitting at the top of the observation level, alone. So there is a good distance between the two but they are still within conversational distance.

Ever since returning from their Candidate Field Trip, Aqueepoli has become a shadow of his former self. More often alone than not, the lad just seems… distant. No lame come-ons leaving his mouth as he passes by attractive women, no grinning and joking and random thrusting of his hips. The lad has been thinking, it seems, all while a blank look takes over the entirety of his face. It's been like that for a few days now. No real emotion showing through. Juuuust blank. Right now is no different. Robot-Aqueepoli was wondering about, doing that mind-churning thinking deal. It's a surprise even to himself as he walks up into the observation level of the sands. Usually content to give the eggs and clutchparents their space, unless directed to do a touching, the candidate enters the level and stops in his place. Others are here. His eyes stopping briefly on Pyriel and then on Kiley. Some ripple of emotion cascades over his facade, but it leaves as quick as it arrived. Finding a seat, far enough away, but closeish to both the other candidates. Pol just sits there. Staring straight ahead. Do de do.

Pyriel is looking rather dumbfounded, hands held rather dramatically out wards with rounded eyes. No sound comes from him as his gaze follows the exiting form of Kaede, and he only snaps out of his reverie once she is out of sight. "Jeez, why're girls so tetchy." he complains softly, rubbing at the back of his neck and making no move to chase after the other harper. He startles when Kiley speaks to him, apparently having missed the woman's entrance. "Eh?" Py says, brows popping up and then the blond boy just nods and flops back to slouch in his seat. "Yeah…" he sigh, bemused and glancing over towards where Kaede had vanished. Of course this allows him to see Aqueepoli come in and Py's gaze flicks back to Kiley before their eyes can meet, a foot coming up to plant against the seat in front of his own. Arms crossing somewhat over his chest. Whether or not he had seen the change in Pol's behavior or knew it's cause was not exactly clear presently. "Thanks again Kiley."

Kiley glances over at the sound of another arriving, blinking at Aqueepoli as he enters and says nothing and has no emotion upon his face. Brows lift in questioning, gaze focusing on the harper before brows are drawn into a frown of concern before she quickly flickers her attention away when his settles on her. Her eyes find her journal and another note is added with the scrawl of her pen and this continues until Pyriel draws her attention again. Her head tilts back to consider him, smiling for the thanks and inclining her head just so. "You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it." A smile forms on her lips before she looks back towards the eggs and begins to take more notes in silence. A moment passes before she looks over towards Pol, "are you okay?"

Flandynn is one of a herd. Moooooooooo. The teen pounces along the steps, two at a time just because he can. He glances after Kaede, but seeing as she is leaving, and he is arriving, it is nothing but a fleeting glance. His ears near to twitch at comments here and there, only deserving in a lift of his eyebrows. "So, did they hatch while I was drowning under undies in the laundry room?" Seeing as the railing is foremost and closest, he'll end up there, fingers touching the sand-warmed edge, as he leeeeaaaans out towards the sands. Queries as to Pol's current state has the teen glancing back towards him.

Aqueepoli just takes everything in. The eggs, the heat, the talking, the candidates. All in a zombie-like stupor. When a question is actually thrown his way, it's a few moments before the holder opens his mouth to speak back. "Errrr?" His voices cracks just a little. Puberty, perhaps? Probably not. His throat is cleared once, then twice, before turning his head to look at Kiley. A small nod is given. "Aye, yeah, I'm uh… fine." He rubs at his throat, giving a sheepishly weak smile. "So uh…" It's more effort for the lad to not spazz out as he is used too. "Them eggs, eh?" He jerks his chin towards the sands below. "Thinkin' they'll do that… thing they do?" Y'know. Hatch. "Soon?" The extra question is tagged onto the end the the first. Pyriel, all the while, gets little glances out of the side of Pol's vision. It's his way of being subtle. Too bad he sucks at it. Flandynn's arrival cues more egg-related questions, causing the holder-candidate to stare back at the eggs, eyebrows coming together. "I… don't think so?" Ahem. "Wha' do they look like when they hatch? I mean. Other than dragons. S'never been to a hatching before, so they could be doin' it now an' I wouldn't know!" Is that a twinge of panic on the edge of his voice? Naaaah.

Pyriel nods to Kiley, rolling his neck which results in several audible cracks, and a wince. But that is all for the time being. Expressionless save for the slight downturn at the corners of his lips, he blandly gazes forward until Flandynn enters, giving the other boy a mild once over in that appraising way before golden eyes wander over to Aqueepoli. A brow arches for the voice cracking and voice clearing. Then his gaze narrows slightly, though as to why is left to anyone's guess. Perhaps it was the not so subtle peeking, or something else completely. Then he yanks his attention off the holder and slinks down a bit further in this chair, adding his other booted foot up and over the the first at the ankle. "Wet and wobbly," he says answering Pol's question even if he's not bothering to look at him. He sighs, and then rolls his head over to regard the changed lad. The features of his countenance, closely guarded and as blank as possible. "When the eggs start to shake and hatch, all the full grown dragons start to hum together, and that's about when we'll be told to get into our robes and sandles. We're filed out, pay respects to the dame and sire, and then we make a ring around the eggs. They come out and start wandering around looking for their lifemate. Ya gutta be careful cause they will go through ya if ya aren't paying attention and dodging them. Run ya right over, maybe even maul ya a bit if ya ain't the one, but that dun always happen." That said, lets his head fall to the back of his chair, and he frowns at the ceiling.

Kiley gives Flandynn a look as he enters and speaks, brows lifting for his question and her eyes following as he makes his way over towards the railing. She doesn't give the question an answer, however as her gaze is drawn back towards Aqueepoli and a careful lift of her brow for his behavior and the way he speaks. The second brow joins the first in its upward journey. "Are you sure you're okay? You're not sick? Do you have a fever?" Though she pauses to consider his questions and answering with a shrug. "Not really sure. I was told that the more you touch the eggs that the faster they Hatch. I don't think she ever answered if that was proven or not.." But for the question about what to expect of the Hatchings, she remains silent and casts her gaze towards Pyriel for the answer. A thoughtful hum comes from the answer and then she looks to the eggs again and continues her note taking. "I won't be allowed to have my journal on the Sands.. Shells." Random thought much?

Flandynn finger-snaps, the noise probably lost in the discussion. He comes about, leaning against the railing and putting his back to those Oh! So boring eggs. They don't do that much, to be honest. Fellow candidates are far more entertaining. "Never seen a dragon egg hatch, but if they anything like avians, wet, hungry things come out of 'em." Dark eyes travel over towards Pyriel, listening with interest to the synopsis of events. "So if one is coming at you, how do you know if it is running up trying to be besties with you… or is ready to trod you into the sand to get to the shy bloke hiding behind you?" This is a question pertinent to his interests.

Aqueepoli only nods in response to Kiley's questions, though the candidate does lift a hand to rest upon his own forehead. Checking for a fever and all. His hands comes away and a thumbs up is sent towards the lone female candidate. "So… so wait." Pausing as words churn in his minds, trying to absorb the meaning. "They hatch faster… if we touch 'em lots?" Eyes stare at his hands, which are now outstretched in front of him. "Why ya think that is? They absorbing the oil and dirt we have on 'em or something?" Totally a valid question for a holder who knows little and listens even less during lessons. "So. Slimy, is wha'cha are all saying?" Groooss. "I hope they don't get it on us. Sounds nasty." A distasteful wrinkle of the nose emphasizes that point. Pyriel's explanation gets a good, long listen too. Aqueepoli nodding his head hear and there, though not actually willing to look at the other candidate completely. Still he shoots those little side-glances. Like a sad, lost puppy over here. "That's a damned good point." Pol speaks up again, turning towards Flandynn. "How can ya tell the difference between them wanting ya for their… what's that word? Lifemate or whatever? Or wanting to turn ya into a bloody mess?"

The harper's head comes up as Kiley responds with that comment about her journey, and he just stares at the back of her head, in disbelief. "What?" he asks, giving her a strange look. "Ya ain't gunna have time to be makin' notes or whatever ya were planning to do with it." A glance is given to Flandynn however, and Pyriel tilts his head to the side as he regards him. "Yeah, hungry forgot about that. So their egg wet, hungry and wobbly like any newborn." he nods, and then shrugs for the question posed. "They walk up to you and sit in front of ya or wrap their tail around yer legs. Something like that. Ya just have to keep alert, an' watch them closely and if they want ya they make sure ya know it. If they don't, if yer distracted, they makes sure ya know it." A pause and he looks as if he'd just recalled something. "Lookin' in their eyes, seen a lot of that now that I'm thinkin' about it. I dunno if ya need eye contact for the Impression, but…" he offers back in response with another shrug. "Never stood before, but I've sat through enough hatchin's to know that much at least." Slowly golden eyes train back over towards Pol, and the younger boy sighs, head falling back again. "Pol get over here, man."

Kiley looks back to Flandynn for the question he poses to Pyriel, brows lifting as she turns to consider the harper in question. It is fleeting, however, as she's drawn to look back towards Aqueepoli, shrugging in response. "That's what the rider told me, she's a beast crafter so I assume she knows what she's talking about. But.. I've never seen anything that says that this is true fact. I wouldn't know why, but… That sounds rather gross. Growing because they absorb the oil on our skin? Ew." The woman makes a face to reflect her disgust of that subject before she's closing her journal so to turn and have all within her line of vision, if even partially. Her gaze on Pol focuses a little longer, brows furrowing in concern for the holder and then a questioning look to Pyriel. There's a press of her lips together into a thin line before she looks to Pyriel for that strange look he gives her. "I know, I'll have to remember it all to write down later. It'd be easier if I could take it out there, but I won't be distracted like that…" She quiets to listen to the explanation of the Hatching, letting out another soft hum. Though when he finally calls Pol over, she's giving the holder another curious look.

Flandynn flicks a glance about the area, checking for wayward goldriders. Once the coast is clear, the teen is once again popping up to perch his arse on the railing, back to the eggs, attention upon fellow candidates. From his perch, he headbobs at Pol, because man, like minds here. His head cocks a little to the side, listening to Pyriel's wise words. "Eye-gazing. Hrmmmmm. I can do that." His chin drops, dark forelock splitting his gaze as he 'eye-gazes' Pyriel-wards. Dark. Mysterious. Engaging. Eyebrow-cock. Yeah, it is an expression that doesn't last very long. He blinks it away, glancing to Kiley, "Maybe have someone off the sands write stuff down for you?"

Mmm. Not getting distracted. Not a talent Aqueepoli really has. He's a tad bit concerned now. Sure, he's heard of the whole mauling deal in the past. Horror stories of it have been passed from holder to holder, but it's suddenly staring him in the face. "I… I really dun /wanna/ get mauled." Is muttered out loud, hands going up to his face, mental images of sharp little talons tearing into flesh. A shudder wracks his body. "Dragonridering just damned dangerous, from start to finish, ain't it?" The question is posed to all as hands are allowed to drop into his lap. "Well, if'n your right, Kiley, I bet those eggs'll hatch sooner rather than later. I feel like we're touching the bloody things all the time. Then they're up in the mind, telling me I suck, challenging my manhood." Chest is puffed out, giving the stink-eye to the eggs below them. "Think if'n we close our eyes the entire time, impression won't happen?" Pol takes Pyriel's words as the Honest Truth. "Not tha' I'd want them closed as twelve nasty wet an' hungry dragons are running about, trying to kill us." It's a worthwhile question, though, at least in the holder's mind. With Pyriel's last request, Aqueepoli turns towards the other lad. His brodawg. In a show of manliness, the candidate gets to his feet, shuffles on over near the harper, and sits down. Not looking at Py once more, instead staring at those blasted eggs again, he states albeit quietly, "Y'know I dun hate ya, an'…" Pause. Deep breath. "I'm /sorry/." His voice cracks, either from emotion or the pain of having to apologize. But he does it all the same!

Pyriel nods, apparently to Kiley despite his attention to the ceiling of the hatching cavern. "Ya, that'd be best. Dun want yer last entry to be," And here he puts air quote into play with the curling of two fingers of each hand, "Dear Journal, Wow it's really hot out here. I recall the time my mother took me to the beach that summer. It was hot there too. And then we…oh look a hatchling it's coming right at me, it's so beauti…agggggghhhh." Another set of air quotes. "Ya and imagine after that some scrawl, blotches of ink or whatever, and blood splatter." A hand waves dismissively, before his head comes up after this, sitting up right in his chair and pulling at the parts of his hair held back away from his face by an elastic. To tighten it. "I ain't a dragon dude, but seriously ya look at me like that again and my fist and yer face are gunna have a words. Not into guys, man." he warns with an abrasive tone, and chin lift upwards for a threatening haughty expression. He means every word of it, and he stresses this with the length of how long he keeps his eyes locked on Flan. As for Aquepoli's question, the harper's face falls back to neutrality. "I dunno bro, never seen a hatchling get rejected but I heard it happens. They pop between and never come back. Sad really." he says, shaking his head. Tone once again conversational. He watches the holder rise and shuffle over, blinking a few times as the tall candidate drops into a seat nearby though still isn't looking at him. "Dude I dun hatecha, it's just…" he sighs, "A lot of crap's gone down since we first met, ya know? Stuff that's kinda life changin', and I realized ya just can't be the way ya been actin'. I want ya to Impress, and maybe find that special six or seven freaking hot greenriders just for you. Ya ain't gunna get none actin' like a Lord Holder's son. That dun fly here. Ya gutta have charm, and charisma, man. Not dry hump chicks in the hallway. I only said that stuff cause I…care aboutcha man. For real." A long sigh, and he offers Aqueepoli a fist, "Yer still my bro, 'aight? Cheer up. But I meant what I said, even if I could of said it better." He sheepishly smiles at that.

Kiley gives Flandynn a weird look for the look he gives Pyriel, brows lifting upwards until he glances at her. The woman shrugs, "I suppose.. I could…" The woman trails off, tilting her head up to consider the ceiling before glancing back down to her journal. "I'd need to find someone." She doesn't linger on those thoughts as her gaze returns to Aqueepoli and she smiles, "I hope for sooner, I'd like for it them to Hatch so I can see how it works and then get to traveling. We were touching them a lot.." Her brows lift and she chuckles softly, "the eggs questioned everyone about something different, it seems. Maybe whatever was in the front of our minds." She looks to the sands and considers the eggs with a thoughtful tilt of her head. She doesn't look back to the holder and harper as they talk, attempting to give some sense of privacy to the pair. However, Pyriel's comment about the journal has the computer crafter laughing. "No. Shells no, it'd just be about what color came from what egg and then who Impressed them." More laughter follows the statement and she shakes her head in amusement.

Flandynn's hands press to the railing, tapping fingers in an idle tattoo. His head comes back up, looking to Pol with a quirk of interest. "I'll be keeping our eyes closed will be just asking for one of those lil' dragons to gut you. Better to see your fate coming at you, instead of a stab in the dark." Talon-stab that is. Dark eyebrows lift as Pol speaks to Pyriel, glancing to Kiley in silent question, then back to the pair. He levels a glance right back at Pyriel, meeting that look with one adorned in the slightest of grins and inflicted with dimples. "So you've mentioned to me before. You're the guy who mentioned looking in eyes, and seeing as I haven't a wet, wobbly dragonet before me…" Not to say that Pyriel is one either, but his shoulders rise and fall in a shrug that leaves his shirt tails stretching as he sits upon them. "Want to practice eye-gazing, Kiley? I'll even let you write about it -but only if I can see what you wrote." But as Pyriel speaks to Pol, the teens dark eyebrows lift and lift and lift, trying valiantly to merge with his hairline as he listens to the pair speak. He looks about to say something, when it is instead Kiley's words that bring him looking back to her, "You almost sound like some kind of bookie. You wouldn't happen to know the odds on how many blues will be coming from those eggs, would you?"

"Yeah, well, I didn't need to get all hormonal on ya either," Aqueepoli says, twiddling his thumbs. "I dun like this emotional crap, got it? It feels sissy to me. So let's jus' both agree we acted like girls an', y'know, man up for next time." He does finally look over to Pyriel, a grin on his face. He does spare a moment to be serious once more. "An'… an' I'll /try/, kay? Sixteen turns worth of behavior ain't goin' away over night." His left eye twitches with the suppression already. "I'm gonna try to take this whole," Hands wave around at the other two candidates, than gesture wildly at the eggs. "/THING/ more serious-like." It's a start, at least. "An', again, I'm sorry." And that's the last time those two words will leave his mouth for a while. Topic change! Back to the eggs. "Think, if'n a dragon comes at'cha, all pissy and stuff, we'd get in trouble for punching it in the face? Not that I would," A vain attempt to be serious going on here. "But my first thought, when faced with a rampaging beast or person is to slug it in the face." There's that nose-wrinkle again, this time caused by thinking. "Oh, oh! I hear they do bettin' round the Weyrs, on wha' comes from the eggs an' you can make a ship-load of marks from it. Got any guesses yet, Kiley?" The female candidate gets a hopeful look. "You are one of those smart ones, right? So I bet ya could guess pretty well. I got a few marks to put down, left overs my 'rents gave me when I was shipped to the Weyr." Pants pockets are checked to see if any of said marks are on him now. "Ya really want them to hatch soon? I'd rather wait, at this point. I like things as they are. Change really messes with a person's mind."

Pyriel smirks a bit a Kiley, at first for her sudden popularity with the other two boy but significantly deeper for her laughter at his quip. "Yeah, yer gunna need to have yer full attention on what's goin down around ya, Kiley." he says, smile fading and replaced with a bit of a frown, and nod of his head. "Do I look like a wet wobbling hatchling to ya? I assume ya can look at people without creepin' them out." he replies, pressing his lips together in a long thin line before they slide back to normal. He groans and rolls his eyes skyward, "Yer so barkin' up the wrong tree, dude. Maybe if ya were some shiny blinking control panel or a processor she'd gaze atcha, otherwise dun bother." This suggestion made, he gives Aqueepoli back his full attention. "Pol, man, ain't nothin' wrong with emotion. Shells, I'm pissy most of the time." Pissy was an emotion right? "We're cool long as ya try. Might nudge if ya forget or somethin' but yeah sorry about all that…" He doesn't explain further, likely assuming the holder knew as to what he was referring. "And ya, takin' this serious is a damn good start." FISTBUMP! Then the conversation shifts to eggs again, and Pyriel relaxes back in his chair, now paying more attention to everyone in general rather than the ceiling above. Though soon his gaze comes alarmed and wide to settle back on the guy closest to him. "Pol! Ya dun punch hatchling's in the face." he says, trying really hard to be serious and firm about it, but he bursts out laughing. "There is somethin' seriously wrong with ya dude. That's messed." he laughs, shaking his head and grinning at the holder.

Flandynn's questioning look to Kiley is missed as her gaze is elsewhere, at least until he's addressing her again with a more verbal question. Her mouth opens, then closes and she gives him a look with a furrowing of her brows. "Ah.. No." She shakes her head firmly, "I don't need to take notes about that and.. I don't think it matters if you look at them a certain way or not. I don't.. Think looks have anything to do with Impression." The woman quickly drops her gaze away from him, to the eggs before cheeks color at the next question. "I don't follow betting, I was making a program so that dragonriders could look and see where there dragon came from.. The egg and what it felt like." Pause, "besides. There is likely a twenty percent chance of blues being in those eggs." She gives Flandynn another look before her gaze turns away to consider the eggs again, furrowing her brows at them or likely at the words that come from Pol. Her head turns to consider the holder and then she shakes her head. "Don't think you'll get a chance to punch anything. Just move out of the way, I don't think a punch will do much when it is focused on food and finding a partner… And they have talons that can.. Kill you." When the talk of guesses returns, the woman's cheeks color as she gives Aqueepoli a look. "I know nothing about dragons and eggs or… Colors. I just know the statistics. You'd be better off betting there are greens in every egg as there is a thirty-five percent chance for there to be a green. There's about a twenty percent chance of brown, fifteen or so percent for bronze and five percent or less for a gold. Your best bets are on greens… According to what everyone's said so far. I don't bet, however." Lips press together in thought before she lets out a breath in a soft hiss, "I'd like for it to be over so I can figure out what to do next. I have a lot of plans." Pyriel draws her attention with his statement and a big smile comes to her lips as she nods, "I will. I just wish I could write all the information." It is his defense against Flandynn that has the woman's cheeks coloring just a shade, but she does not retort against his statements about her.

Flandynn plants his hands and pops off of the railing once more, landing flat-footed upon the ground, He drags fingers through his hair, pulling it away from his eyes for but a brief moment. Grin flashes Pyriel-wards following his words, "Don't I know it. Don't I know it…" He drawls out that last statement rather slowly, emphasizing the words with the some very wry amusement. "But I soldier on in the face of threatened fists and being flat out ignored. Call me a glutton for punishment." Speak and the stomach rumbles. "Maybe there is a kitchen lady I can make eyes at and get a rolling pin brandished at me for my efforts, or a tasty treat." Beat. "Challenge accepted." He flashes a wink to all and sundry, and is once more pouncing his way back out of there -before he does get flak. He's quick, give him that.

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