10:39 PM
Logfile from Flandynn.

Yokohama - Bridge of Operations
From the lift, the main viewscreen dominates the wall seen directly across the way from it. Set above is an enormous observation window, which affords an amazing view of space and the planet below. There are many control consoles and chairs on the deck set before them, as well as a large open area just in front of the viewscreen. Centrally located in this expansive area is the Commanding Officer's chair. Three sets of steps ascend to the platform, which is set several meters above the deck. Other important stations line the upper platform, which extends both the port and starboard, each side ending a few meters short of the viewscreen.
People: Flandynn
Obvious exits:
Captain's Quarters <CQ> Lift <Lift>

Briana emerges from the lift.
Briana has arrived.

The doors of the lift open and Briana peeks out holding a box of cut herbs in her hands. "Oh…not the right floor." She says though she glances over to the windows with a thoughtful look, stepping out of the lift and setting the box on a countertop. She looks over to a nearby technician, "Mind if I have a look out the window again?" She asks in a soft spoken voice as to not disturb the workings of things going on up here.

The chair spins upon its pivot, and the 'technician' speaks in a low tone. "Sure, if you could tell me which button it is." Oh look, it is Flandynn, settled upon a seat, looking most at home, and just as interested in all of the flashing lights, buttons, levers, and whatever else makes up many control consoles there at the bridge. The teen licks his lips, eager eyes drawing down a line of unlit red square buttons.

As the tech turns out to be a fellow candidate, Briana actually manages a giggle. "Don't think we should be pressing buttons, the alarms are really loud." She says though but with humour on her features as she looks over the panel before him. "We weren't allowed to go near the computer room at the camp, but don't reckon It would be anything like this…I just could not imagine all of this in my wildest dreams." She says with a shake of her head.

"But buttons were meant to be pushed," Flandynn reasons, his itchy index finger extending towards one of those red buttons. Must - Push - It. There is a cleared throat from further beyond from the real tech. the teen freezes, and then spins about to look to him. "I know. I know. Look but don't touch." He swings back around, giving Briana a sidling glance and a lowered voice, "He's told that to me at least a dozen times, like I've forgotten it." And then he must ask, "You must have had some really wild dreams."

Briana leans against the wall near Flandynn's seat and watches him reach for the button, before looking up to the tech who reprimands him. Her lips twitch in a smile, looking relaxed again this evening. "Which of course you wouldn't." She says with a wink before brows rise at the last, "I suppose I have had some crazy dreams, but reckon everyone does on occasion." She says with a shrug before she glances to the windows for a moment then reaches down for the box of herbs instead, "Well I gotta get back to the kitchens with this. They were gonna show me a few of the fancy gadgets in there too."

"Of course I wouldn't," Flandynn automatically agrees. Don't look too closely at that twitch of a grin perched on his lips. You know, the sort of grin that bodes nothing well. "Is there food in the kitchens?" Because this is an important question and the status of his stomach suddenly demands and answer. PS, teenaged boys are always hungry, especially when the word 'kitchen' is mentioned around them.

"Of course there is, how do you think all these people get fed." Briana says with a half smile and heads back to the lift with her collection of herbs and vegatables, "Stay out of too much trouble Flandynn." She says before leaning to press a button.

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