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Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing(#9292RJs)
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.
People: Flandynn
Dragons: Rieselth
Other: Dema's Traveling Gambling Cart
Obvious exits:
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The slightly tousled brush of sloe-black hair tickles at the nape of this teenager's neck just as the dark and straight fringe cascades over his forehead to oft overshadow his gaze. Irises of a murky mahogany are set in almond-shaped eyes and framed with lashes just as dark as his hair. Youthful features are harshly angled, the strict lines drawn with the descendant of the same native blood that grants his skin its dusky cast, going so far as to accent dimpled cheeks. With his ethnic features and despite an almost gaunt appearance, a lithe grace characterizes this youth's slightly less than average height as the low swell of toned muscles leave his wiry form svelte.
Simple dark trousers draw down his legs, fitting loose and comfortable. They are left to drop down to a pair of simple wherhide boots in a shade just a little bit lighter. With a string-laced neckline, the off-white shirt he wears drops over the beltline of those dark trousers, a rather plain wherhide belt attempts to keep him all together even as is barely hangs from his hips. Often enough, he tends to wear a buff-colored vest.

E'gin appears from the hatching arena.
E'gin has arrived.

It's one of those crisp Fall afternoons where the scent of sun-toasted leaves permeates the air, the sky a deep, endless blue. The weather being so nice is rare for this turn has been, for the most part, wet and dreary. This may explain why nearly every Rider and dragon, along with their families are absent. Out flying or otherwise enjoying the day while they can, leaving the Weyr's population quite sparse. Oh, there's people out in the meadow, children on the playground and folks on the beach, but the clearing is nearly deserted, save for an odd trio. Led by a leashed caprine is E'gin, dark of hair and light of sense. The bleating animal is straining to the end of the lead because following the pair is a blue dragon. He's hanging back as he pads along, but it's not far enough by half if the caprine has anything to say about it.

Treeless expanse leaves all bare to the rays of the sun this cloudless day, unless one has the forethought to procure for himself a wide-brimmed hat of woven grass. Loose ends cut jagged shadows across Flandynn's chest while leaving his dark eyes further shrouded in the shade. The teen's progress is motion of aimlessness. He might have come from the infirmary, could possibly be wandering to the crafter's area, or the beach, or where the resident's reside. Eyes upon the scuffed toes of his boots instead of the land before him, it takes a bleat and the footfall of dragonkind to cause the young man to pause -or be trod upon hooves or boots or paws.

It's the sound of frantic shuffling through dry leaves that E'gin's feet make as he's nearly dragged along by that carpine, the knuckles of the hand holding the leash white in the effort to maintain its grip, the other arm flailing for balance. Where they're going or where they've been is anyone's guess, but upon spotting Flandynn the animal changes course and darts his way. Maybe it's going on one last hope of finding sanity as it skitters around behind the lad and hides his head in the back of his knees. Save me! E'gin, breathless, draws up a few paces away and manages a greeting. "He-hello." Other than that he dosesn't seem inclined to drag the critter off or offer an explanation. He just… stands there, blue eyes wide.

Flandynn has known a caprine or three in his life, and he also knows well of their voracious appetites to eat anything their lips can touch. Such a good, good thing that grass hat is settled high up on his head. When the critter moves up behind his arse, the teen is wheeling around, not much wanting to get his bum nipped, or have that leash between livestock and human tangle about his legs. "Oh. Uhm. Hi. Uhm… your caprine…?"

When Flandynn wheels about caprine stays put, keeping the lad between him and the dragon. There's no attempt at headbutting sensitive areas (yay?) and although the creatures are also known to stand on hindlegs to reach high-up things, it doesn't seem to be in the mood to eat, lucky for Flandynn's hat. It just seems intent on… hiding, taking a step closer and leaning its head against the boy's knees if it can. E'gin, meanwhile has sidled around Flandynn maintaining that leadlenth's distance from them and doing his part to keep entanglement at bay. "No." He doesn't seem to mind admitting that, for it comes out easily enough but he's still got a nervous air about him while he watches the other lad.

Flandynn darts a hand out as if to try press to the hooved critter's cranium with the intent to keep it just far enough away, all to be sure any inquisitive lips find the cloth about his knees to be edible. He likes these trousers, thank you. "N-No?" Flandynn queries, shooting a glance towards the rider and then along to the dragon beyond. "Then uhm… but you have it on a leash?" Yep, most certainly ended in a question as well.

Underneath Flandynn's hand the poor critter's cranium is a-tremble, the breath coming through his nostrils send little puffs of warmth and yet there's no attempt on E'gin's part to haul the creature away. The second question is met with a faint look of alarm, the young man turns a glance dragon-wards over his shoulder. The blue has settled on his stomach, crouched back a ways. A distance that is hardly reassuring to the caprine. Turning back to the teen, E'gin's answer is a reluctant one, "Y-yes. I-I'm taking h-her for a walk." Thank you Captain Obvious. Silence reigns until the creature bleats pitifully. "S-she's frightened." That blurted observation is followed by a wince, shoulders hunch and a muttered under-the-breath, "Sorry. I had to."

Flandynn tries his best to ease away from that caprine, stepping over the leash and nearly ending up falling to his knees for the action. He glances back up and over towards E'gin, a quirked look to shadowed eyes, a certain tilt to his lips that does just enough to bring out oft-abused dimples. "Of what?" The teen is fairly sure he knows what the reason might be, but it doesn't hurt to ask -after all, he may get an answer that'll surprise him.

The movement draws a bleat from the animal. Don't leaaaave meeee! That caprine might as well be Flandynn's shadow, for it side-steps to keep itself hidden behind the lad at all costs. E'gin eases closer, enough to give the caprine some slack in that lead. One might think he's up to some weird experiment, for he makes no effort to control the animal at all. That the question is even asked seems to confuse the Rider if the rapid blinking following it is any indication. With the hand not holding that lead, he points at the blue behind him. It's an awkward, across-the-body and-under-the arm move that nearly unbalances the rider. "B-being dinner." He bites his lip, squinting at the other teen and finally asks a question of his own. "A-are you afraid of h-her?"

"Afraid of her? Mostly her appetite and the state of my trousers. I've tugged on plenty a caprine teat for grandmamamas prized cheese once upon a time to the north." Flandynn's grin deepens just the slightest, just on this side of penitent. Dark eyes peer from beyond the wide brim of his hat to look on to the resting blue, sort of bobbling his head in greeting to the dragon, good manners and all. "Well, I'm starting to understand her plight. But I'm not so sure she picked the right one to protect her from a dragon's appetite."

E'gin's blue eyes twitch as his gaze flickers to the caprine's udder, "Y-you had t-to p-p-put it like that?" All bleeding heart, this one. The blue doesn't seem to acknowledge Flandynn's greeting, although he's clearly watching the teen rather closely. E'gin swallows, his complexion pales noticeably at the telling, "O-oh Mazunth f-fed earlier." Yes, let's not think about that. "Why not?" With a quick dart of eyes to dragon and back, a clearing of throat that's telling he's been prodded to add, "D-don't you l-like them?"

Flandynn straightens some, apparently content to let the caprine do what it will. Maybe it has something to do with E'gin's words and reactions. He reaches a hand up, dusky fingers tipping back the brim of the hat some so he can get a better look at the rider. "Me versus /that/?" A hand waves out towards the blue dragon, a clear gesture. "Err, him. Me versus him? I'd take fair odds on the dragon getting past me to get to the caprine. Isn't so much of a matter of how much I get along with caprines, as my not being near so apt to be a good barrier between her and the dragon." He chuckles afterwards, humor directed to his own 'inadequacy' in the face of something far, far larger than he.

The caprine is content to pretend it's not here. As long as Flandynn doesn't move, neither does she. It's that sort of childlike 'if my eyes are covered it can't see me' sort of false security the creature employs as her head remains ducked behind the lad. "Oh." E'gin absorbs the answer, the practicality of which apparently simply hadn't occurred to him. Then again, he might just be foolhardy enough to have tried it a time or two. There's a sheepish grin flickering about his mouth as he shyly admits, "He d-doesn't l-like vegetables." A disgruntled huff from the blue recalls him to his task and he mumbles, "Right. Getting to it." Back to Flandynn, "Mazunth th-thinks you s-should stand for Seryth's c-clutch."

Flandynn plucks the hat from his head, showing his face to the daylight. Yeah, he unfortunately has a case of hat-hair, a dark line rimming about the crown of his head. He fans the brim before his face while squinting towards the rider, "Vegetables ain't so bad… but I'd rather something else…" His voice trails off, and the look he gives E'gin is very, very questioning, complete with lifted dark eyebrows, eyes crinkled just a tad at the corners, and slightly parted lips. "Crackdust… For real?"

The Bluerider simply nods, albeit reluctantly, the look on his face is that he clearly thinks his dragon could have chosen a more likely hero. There has to be a reason, right? So he blurts, "He says y-you have sense not to get b-between a dragon and his food." Lips twist, the wheels turn in E'gin's brain and he comes up with his on alternate reality. He's practiced at this, you see. "B-but I th-think it's because you let her h-hide behind you. It's kindhearted." It's as if he receives a mental push that sends him sidling closer, gathering up that lead with a practiced flip that winds it around his wrist reeling himself in as it were. His other hand pulls a white knot from his pocket. "E'gin and Mazunth, requesting…. ah?" That would be prompted as well and he flounders briefly, before admitting with a flush of cheeks, "Forgot to ask your name."

Flandynn is, unfortunately, between a dragon and possible food at the moment. He shoots a glance at the caprine, then a look to the dragon, and isn't shy at all with that broadening grin. The hat ends up back upon his head, shoved down nice and tight to bring him the delight of shade once more. "Flandynn. You probably never had it to begin with, but I respond to most anything you might call me." Murky eyes take in dragon and rider, the oddest expression upon his own features, something between befuddlement and amusement. "More of a common sense sort of thing, but… sure." His grin widens once again, chin tilted at an angle, and then the teen looks right at that knot. "Well, that's a new color for me. I uh… Really for true? Standing? Like a dragon's candidate?"

"Flandynn." E'gin says it without the stutter, seeming more at ease now that he's managed to do Mazunth's bidding without messing it up too badly. He's not one to make eye contact for long, although he picks up on the odd glance he's given while his gaze flickers between the teen and the creature still in hiding. It seems he's used to getting those, for he waits patiently for the answer. Now that he's close enough to give the caprine a reassuring murmur, he does so until that question reclaims his attention. A slow grin grows in response to the one Flandynn is wearing. "Yes, a C-candidate. You'd, um, have to p-promise not to fight, or get drunk or-" His face turns red, "-have sex. Can't leave the Weyr without a Rider and do the chores." His hand extends, the knot swinging slightly from it in a yes-or-no silent query. "I h-have to g-get her back to the pens before Keziah finds I have her. She'll skin m-me alive if she finds out."

Flandynn is rather amused by this all, a huge clue being that wry grin drawn upon his lips. He opens his mouth as if to speak, but E'gin's words forestall him. He shrugs at 'fight', pouts a little at 'drunk', and actually seems to startle at the mention of 'sex'. At that one, he even looks as if he might just interrupt, only to still again at the man's next words, and the hand offered towards him. "That's some hard restrictions there, fellow. Hard restrictions. Oh err." There is a hesitation, but apparently something tickles the teen enough to reach out and take that knot. Dusky fingers enclose about the white knot, the teen near to chuckling at his own words. "Well, never let it be said that Flandynn has backed down from a challenge."

The knot is released with obvious relief and an 'are-you-satisfied' squint at the lounging blue over there. He backs up a few steps, tugging that caprine with him and when he's out of arm's reach, he notes, "I-it g-gets worse." E'gin may as well be the bearer of bad as well as good news. "Y'have to go a w-whole turn celibate if you Impress." Yep, he's beet-red by now, but the young bluerider is nothing if not honest. It's totally possible he's been punched out by a Weyrling while hearing 'Why didn't you TELL me before?!!' That he's never had the courage to approach a girl to so much as hold her hand may well have factored into his past non-concern regarding the issue.

Flandynn cringes some more at the very idea. In a blink, an almost hopeful expression touches his features. In fact, it looks downright as if he is pleading, "Any way a fellow could get a bit of a roll before officially taking this here knot?" Yes, that is quite the boyish and unrepentant look cast to the caprine-leading E'gin. "Maybe? Possibly…?"

Perhaps he's sensed this would bring forth more questions, for E'gin has already started edging away. The caprine is pointed pen-wards, that's all she cares about. Her feet start to scrabble as she picks up speed and though he doesn't try to stop her, he does an over-the-shoulder last bit of advice, "Ask the AWLMs about that." The caprine takes off, hauling E'gin with her in the most direct route, heedless of trees and naked shrubbery. The last seen of him is the arm-flail-stumble-run through the underbrush and a stream of, "Hey! Ow! Watch it! Owowow…" that fades in the distance. Mazunth just heaves himself to his feet and heads the other way. Don't know him, nope.

Flandynn opens his mouth as if to say something more, and then he just as quickly snaps those lips right on back together. The teen is left to wince a little bit as E'gin heads out with the caprine, or fice versa. He can't help but chuckling some at the antics, just before glancing down at the knot inhis hands and shaking his head from side to side in wonderment. "I'm an idiot." Smirk at himself. Smirk. Smirk. Smirk.

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