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Logfile from Flandynn.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns(#8800RJs)
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.
People: Flandynn and Ocelara
Other: Ocelara's Chair, Adoption Object, Wing Duties, Auntie Jackie, NPC Object, and Betting Table
Obvious exits:
Store Room <SR> Kitchen <K> Hot Springs <S> Clearing <O> Administration Hallway <AH>

In another time and place, this young woman would be described as pixie-like. Her heart shaped face is wide at the cheeks, tapered to a distinctly pointed chin, and brushed with a sprinkling of golden freckles in lieu of a proper tan. Soft brown eyes are wide, bright, and open, and more often than not crinkled a bit at the edges with a half-seen smile. Her small, delicate ears poke out of her fine, fawn-blonde hair, which has been cut short in front into a severe pair of bangs that hides her forehead; the rest of it hangs down between her shoulder-blades, cut neatly and blunt. She's neither very tall nor very short, and lightly framed and a bit thin, with wide shoulders and hips and a waspish waist. Hands and feet are equally delicate, but a few callouses on her fingers prove she's not above a bit of hard work.

She wears a soft, leaf-green sleeveless sundress of sorts, softly shirred to the waist and then long and flowing. The dye-job is particularly intricate, fading from a soft, greyed tone of peridot at the neckline to a brilliant veridian around the ankles, with bold splashes of golden yellow, like tiny moons and stars scattered from the hips to the hem. Small mirrors are sewn, here and there, among those golden bursts, and delicate embroidery decorates the flowing fabric in regular intervals.

It's a relatively usual evening at Xanadu. There's food out, for those who care to take their meals with the Weyr at large, though there's some grumbling about the quality of that food tonight. The weather's been brutal all spring and summer, and well. Harvests haven't been what they could have been, and tithes…well, who tithes anymore? But there's still food aplenty, it's just not very varied of late. And despite the grumbling, it's hardly terrible and it's become a bit of a joke among the riders and weyrfolk in general, to complain about their fates. A bit away and above all the hubbub and fuss sits a slight figure in a truly gigantic chair…well, it makes her look smaller and she makes it look larger, as she's perched in the wicker monstrosity, a drop spindle and a basket of fluff at her side as she spins and oversees the caverns and mealtime alike. A couple of flits are perched on the upper edge of the back of the chair, but they're both banded from out-of-Weyr, so they're obviously looking to visitors or have come down for some fun.

Thea arrives from the Clearing
Thea has arrived.

It's a relatively usual evening at Xanadu. There's food out, for those who care to take their meals with the Weyr at large, though there's some grumbling about the quality of that food tonight. The weather's been brutal all spring and summer, and well. Harvests haven't been what they could have been, and tithes…well, who tithes anymore? But there's still food aplenty, it's just not very varied of late. And despite the grumbling, it's hardly terrible and it's become a bit of a joke among the riders and weyrfolk in general, to complain about their fates. A bit away and above all the hubbub and fuss sits a slight figure in a truly gigantic chair…well, it makes her look smaller and she makes it look larger, as she's perched in the wicker monstrosity, a drop spindle and a basket of fluff at her side as she spins and oversees the caverns and mealtime alike. A couple of flits are perched on the upper edge of the back of the chair, but they're both banded from out-of-Weyr, so they're obviously looking to visitors or have come down for some fun.

All food tastes good when seasoned with hunger. Flandynn celebrates his culinary delight by devouring what is before him with all of the panache of an ever-empty teenaged lad, hollow leg and all. Taking a breath between spork-fulls, his dark eyes flick up now and again to the perching personage within that great chair. Chew - Peek - Chew -

Slim and graceful, Thea appears taller than she really is, or would like to be. Perhaps it's her straight-backed posture which creates this illusion, though she is of average height. Alas, where other girls have curls and flame-red locks, Thea's is a straight, plain brown. As if to placate its wearer, her hair, makes up for it with a high sheen and is cut to shoulder-length. Her facial features are fine-boned, with dark, finely-shaped brows that arch over thick-lashed eyes of icy green. Her lower lip curves in a bit of fullness that hints at a smile and helps dispel any aloof appearance. Thea is 28 Turns, 0 months, and 25 days old.

Today she is wearing a calf-length skirt made of a soft, moss-green material and a sleeveless shirt of the same hue, decorated with intricate embroidered beadwork across the front with a single white cord affixed to her right shoulder. On her feet, she's wearing hide sandals dyed moss green and sewn with the same beadwork. Her hair is worn up in a twist.

For himself, Iosas isn't complaining about the lack of variety, either. The food's filling, it's nutritious, and more than that, what's there is good. So what's there to complain about, really? He gets himself a plate of food, greeting those that he knows when he passes with a nod and a friendly 'hello'. His eyes stray to the large wicker chair momentarily, and he offers a friendly nod and a smile to the one perched upon its seat, and then goes to a table to eat, with his plate of food and something to drink.

Stands at about 6 feet, with wavy black hair that's just long enough to gather in a short ponytail at the nape of his neck. Darkly-tanned skin and a reasonably well-built physique. His eyes are amber, with flecks of green. He wears a loose white shirt with short sleeves, a pair of black pants, and sturdy pair of black wherhide boots with straps around his calves.

Ocelara pauses for a moment, putting her spinning in her lap when a young woman comes out of the kitchen to her side…and the two put their heads together briefly to discuss whatever it is…but then the girl smiles and drops what looks like a truly good humored tease of a curtsey, and dashes back into the kitchens with a trilling, "Yes, of course, Ocelara!" She's gone, but the slight woman in the big chair just picks her spinning back up, and goes back to people watching.

It is hard to tell if Flandynn's ears are twitching at a name being spoken with all of that dark hair covering them. So, instead, it is a good thing that he lifts his head, eyes drawing to look right at the person in the chair. "Ocelara." His voice lifts as he speaks her name again, a hand coming up to draw the back of his over his lips, banishing any evidence of missed crumbs. "You're Ocelara?"

The bustling person out of the kitchen draws his attention, and Iosas looks up, utensil still in his mouth, at the movement. He catches the name 'Ocelara', hears someone else inquire about it, and turns his head to see what the situation is. Iosas is not openly eavesdropping, just curious about something that seems strange. He removes the utensil from his mouth, without the food on it, and chews this bite slowly, his head tilted to the side.

Ocelara glances up when she's addressed directly, and smiles a bit…this time, she doesn't stop her spinning, "I'm Ocelara." Her smile is almost utterly serene…but it doesn't make her seem standoffish…exactly, "Did you need something from me, young man?" Young man…she's not much his elder, truth be told…

Flandynn sets down his spork, the sound a simple *ting* in the hubbub of the grand room. The teen leans back a little bit, dark eyes finding her's to answer rather simple. "Aye, I was told that you could provide me with something, if you would be so inclined." Fingers come up, combing away a dark forelock of hair to smile rather softly to Ocelara.

Iosas is a distance away from all this and isn't hearing the conversation really. But it seems perfectly harmless for the time being. So he will smile at the pair of them and offer a nod of greeting, if he's managed to attract a gaze from either Ocelara or Flandynn, and return to his meal. Though he might be a little more attentive than he was before….

"A bed, which I was specifically told that Headwoman Ocelara could provide for me." Flandynn answers her query, a quirk of a grin tickling upwards at the corners of his lips. "So, Headwoman, might you be apt to provide me a place to lay my head this evening?" Feeling that nigling of a itch right between his shoulderblades, as if being looked at, the teen cants his head to the side, looking along to notice Iosas. "Try the fired mashed tubers. They are… fine."

Ocelara cocks her head, perhaps just a little too far to the side at the title of 'headwoman'…but she smiles, "Of course we can; are you intending to be here long, or only as a visitor? I'm afraid I may not have seen your paperwork." Yet. "Or it might have been eaten by a particularly noxious flit…"

Entering the Cavern looking far too casual for someone headed office-wards is a windblown Thea in shorts and bare feet, go figure. She's minus her children, must have dropped them off at home and not headed towards the tables, so dinner's not her aim it seems. She does stop right inside the entrance to have a look around. Scanning the tables, she nods pleasantly to the few who happen to look her way, Iosas might be one. There's a little smile of satisfaction upon spotting Flandynn eating, pale eyes noting Ocelara nearby - it seems she's expecting to find her in here somewhere - but dark brows hike up at the sight of that chair.

"Well, I suppose that all depends upon your hospitality," Flandynn notes with a rather gaelic shrug of his shoulders. The spork is taken up once more and set to the fish fillet upon his plate. He glances up through the dark fringe of his hair and back to Ocelara. "No, I don't expect you have seen it." The teen doesn't seem all that put out over the mention of paperwork; he seems far more interested in the remnants of the food upon his plate.

Ocelara laughs a bit, betraying a suddenly warmer sort of expression, "We've hospitality to share, if you don't mind tubers and fish and wild greens for the time being. Are you looking to stay for a while? It can certainly be arranged."
Iosas does indeed look in Thea's direction, and offers a friendly nod and smile of greeting at her as she looks his way. He isn't causing any trouble or making a nuisance of himself, he's just eating, and minding his own business.

Thea strolls on in after that pause, her track meandering through the tables where she pauses to exchange a few words here and there. Stopping by Iosas and Flandynn, she asks politely, "Are you finding everything satisfactory?" Yes, generic. She could be asking after their crafts, Iosas' shoulder knot eyed and noted, Flandynn's lack of one not directly addressed. She could be simply speaking of the meal. Her next few steps take her closer to Ocelara and Flandynn (still easily within hearing range of Iosas). Her eyes have a sly dance to them as she greets dead-pan, "Good evening Headwoman. I see you've taken to sitting in a pile of kindling."

Flandynn is inclined to shrug his shoulders once more, a hapless gesture that seems to fit in rather well with the grin-forged appearance of cheek's dimples. "I don't mind a full stomach, not at all. And, so far, seems like a pretty place." His smile grows just the slightest as he looks to Ocelara. "And welcoming too, Headwoman."

Oh, but the look on her face; for a moment she shares a gaze, a glance, with Thea, and then she laughs. It's a surprisingly MERRY sound, and then she shakes her head a little, "I found it earlier today; I rather liked it, _Weyrlady_." But it doesn't seem to be entirely a joke between them…after all, the young, pixie-like woman wears a knot on her shoulder that marks her out as a headwoman's assistant. That seems to have changed without her knowledge! "As for you…yes, we can make some … accomodations available. You can speak to me after the meal's done?"

Perhaps belatedly, Iosas responds to Flandynn's recommendation with a friendly smile and, "I'll be sure to." Assuming Thea's question of finding things satisfactory was aimed in his direction as well, Iosas gives a nod, looking up from his plate. "I am indeed," he replies with a smile. "First time I've left Landing, and I'm liking this place immensely thus far." Though he pauses to snicker slightly at Thea's comment of 'sitting in a pile of kindling', and at Ocelara's return comment. He does hide this behind a hand, however, trying to at least maintain the appearance of decorum.

Flandynn turns his head, focusing upon Thea as the woman speaks. He offers her up a drawn smile, dropping his chin and inclining his head just the slightest in acknowledgement. "Ma'am. Seems I found your Ocelara, whom you mentioned. And she seems as helpful as you mentioned. Although, when I am introduced to the comfort of a bed she's to provide, I imagine I'll be praising her virtues all the greater." He flicks a glance back to the young woman, his smile deepening just a tad.

Ocelara's expression doesn't even flicker, at Flandynn's comment. She just smiles a little more, and wags a finger at him, "Careful, lad, or I'll make sure I find the oldest, lumpiest, most Flight-abused matress in the stores for you, and don't think I can't find it in a twinkling, either!" But she's still got that strangely girlish smile for Thea. If it wasn't obvious before, it is now…she and the Weyrwoman must go back a while, somehow!

Thea takes Flandynn's shrug and 'don't mind' as a positive answer, her dry-voiced, "Glad to hear it." is followed by a flicker of a wink, though her smile beams for the both of them. But then, "First time? And you came to Xanadu! I hope we don't disappoint." Her head tilts a bit at Ocelara's rejoiner and she simply smiiiiiiles, eyes flick to the waif as she responds with an approving nod, "Oh she is. Which is why…eyes back to the brand-new Headwoman, "Congratulations?" She'll wait for that to sink in while smirking at Iosas, including him in the joke.

"I'm pleased to say the place hasn't disappointed so far," Iosas notes with a smile. And yes, he chuckles right along with Thea, though again, he hides this behind a hand, pressing the knuckle of his index finger against his upper lip slightly. To Flandynn, he inquires, "Are you new to Xanadu as well?" The notation of him needing to find a bed is pretty telling, but he doesn't want to just assume….

Flandynn is quick to open his mouth following Ocelara's comment, very apt to defend himself, or at least quip right on back to her, "Oh, now you are just flirting with me." His gaze sweeps back to Thea, the corners of his mouth tickling upwards at the edges, "You didn't tell me how much of a charmer your Headwoman is. I think I should have at least been warned some." Spork sinks into that fish fillet, neatly splitting it, before popping the portion into his mouth. Probably best his mouth is busy instead of digging himself into a deeper hole. Unfortunately, he is still chewing when Iosas queries him. To spare him from a look at masticated fish fillet, the teen instead bobs his head in a very obvious affirmative.

Ocelara smirks a little at Flandynn; apparently she's not feeling the need to fence wits with the young man. No, instead, she's standing up, and giving Thea the most amused of looks. "It's about time," she quips…bemused. But she's not doing a very good job of completely maintaining her serene expression. Really? She looks like she might grab Thea and hug her. Or…squee a little. Or something.

While not looking right at Flandynn as he nods, she's caught that headbob of his out of her periphery; under her tumble of dark hair, her ears certainly honed in to hear where, if he mentions it and managing to keep her face void of disappointment when he doesn't. Snickering quietly at the response from Ocelara, she offers the woman a warm hug. "You've earned it, my dear." Over the woman's shoulder, green eyes dancing, she silently mouthes at the pair of young men still sitting, "Pity the poor girl." Stepping back, she motions to them, "I'm sure you'll see our visitors comfortable tonight." A forefinger lifts, "Not too comfortable, mind." She smirks, then belatedly to Flandynn she quips, "Watch out?"

Iosas returns Flandynn's nod — while likely thankful he didn't get to look at chewed fish while he has his own food before him — and notes. "Ah, I see. I hope you find the place was pleasant as I have so far." The smile is pretty clear, he means that. He smirks a little at Ocelara's enthusiasm, if it is indeed visible enough that he can see her practically bouncing. "Is a congratulations in order?" he inquires with a smile. And he answers Thea's 'not too comfortable' quip with a light quip of his own, "Oh no, we can't have that, people might start getting the idea that things are easy." He chuckles, though…clearly he's only kidding.

Flandynn would have probably rather enjoyed the sight of the two women hugging, or at least partaking in a good 'squee'. Alas, what he doesn't know, doesn't even flit through his head, and the teen happily finishes up the last of the food upon his plate. A swallow later, and he deliberately draws his features into a boyish pout following Thea's words of not being too comfortable. "Noted, ma'am." His smile grows just a hair more broad following her words. Iosas is earned a nods as well, "Hard to find anything poor to say when offered a bed, given food for the belly, and so many find things to look upon."
Ocelara chuckles a little, and smiles back at Flandynn, but notes, "There aren't any free lunches, you do understand. You're welcome to stay, but stay more than a handful of days and we'll be putting your name down on the choreboards."

Thea's 'not too comfortable' was definitely meant as a bit of a racy one, her comeback to Iosas is a cheeky, "Or having their wild rumors of Weyrfolk confirmed." And there's nothing more than simple girlish friendliness in that hug Flandynn misses. He'll learn soon enough Holder-ish habits die hard with some if he sticks around here long enough; Thea's well-known for it. "I'll leave you to settle things, Ocelara. Let me just go get you're new knot." So saying she nods pleasantly to the group and heads office-wards, slipping through the Administration Hallway door after another quizzical look at that chair.

Iosas nods wholeheartedly to Flanadynn's comment, and offers a hearty, "Here, here!" And a chuckle to Ocelara's warning. He smirks to Thea's noting of what she actually meant, though his face seems to take on just a bit more color. "Ah…heh…that too," he adds. As Thea appears to be departing Iosas offers a friendly and cheerful wave to her as she goes.

Thea heads into the clearing
Thea has left.

"I've no problem with working for what I want, Headwoman. Just point me in the direction of a job that needs doing… and I'll see to doing it." Flandynn's grin quirks just a hair more upwards at a corner, just on this side of boyishly sly, "Nothing better than a job well-done." Spork is settled back onto his now empty plate, hardly a crumb to be left for a canine to lick up.

Ocelara smiles a little, and then flat out asks, "So what's your craft, trade, or upraising, lad…or for that matter, your name again?"

Iosas nods in agreement with Flandynn's statement. "Always something to be said for that feeling of accomplishment." Then he quiets so that Flandynn can answer Ocelara, since he doesn't know to whom the question had been aimed.

"Flandynn," he answers simply, and readily. "I've not the dedication for a craft, the ambition for a trade, nor the good breeding for any kind of upraising, but next time I brave the grasslands of Keroon to face my ma's wrath for leaving home on her, I'll be sure to let her know you asked how she brought me up, and I replied that my upbrining did me well and I was respectful." Oh, the grin that follows that statement is nothing shy of sly.

That garners Flandynn a bit of a snort, "I see…so you're good at carrying heavy things. Good. We could use some porters." That smile, it twinkles…just shy of a mischief-filled joke. "Well, if you'll excuse me, Flandynn…I'll go and see to it that you've a place in the young men's dorm…" She offers Iosas a bit of a smile, as she turns to go, "And no one bother my chair! I saw how Thea was eyeing it!"

Iosas laughs quietly at the declaration from Flandynn, finding the comment quite funny. The laughter is not offered in a derisive way, merely in a humorous one. He also snickers at Ocelara's statement about her chair. "I'll be certain to let you know if someone does bother your chair," he promises, with a smirk. He also returns her smile as she departs.

Flandynn shifts a look over to Iosas, not at all penitent. He looks after where Ocelara heads out, and doesn't seem apt at all to take up the young woman's chair. His voice drops some, more wry than anything, "I take I'm not the only one new to these parts?"

Iosas shakes his head, and looks to Flandynn. "I'm probably slightly less new, but yes, I'm still new," he confirms. "Name's Iosas. Flandynn, you said you name was?" he inquires, making sure he heard the name correctly when the other fellow was introducing himself.

Flandynn nods his head to him, "Aye. Although I tend to respond to just about anything tossed at me. So, I suppose I might be seeing you in those dorms she mentioned. Don't be surprised if I do get that cot the Headwoman mentioned, I'll be snuggling up with you in your cot." Dire warning, flirting comment, or simply a quip, Flandynn nods to the other teen as he comes up from his seat.

Iosas blinks, not quite understanding the connotations. "Why, it wouldn't be that cold in the dorms, would it?" Pause. "If so, I might want to invest in another blanket…." That he didn't get it, whatever the intent was, is pretty clear. Though since it seems that Flandynn is getting up to leave, Iosas offers a nod in return. "Well, either way, welcome to Xanadu." He offers a friendly smile and wave in parting.

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