Awaken The Spirit Bronze Vein

Were it not for the large build of this firelizard, his dark hide could easily pass for a chromatic color instead. Thick in face, neck, and body overall with short muscular legs and a stubby yet strong tail, the metallic tinge can still be picked out here and there. Golden streaks are reflected under light, hidden in the dark among the rest of this shady guy; yet marring his face and speckling his back, covering a trail down legs and tail are his true metallic nature. His wings, large sails to keep his heavy build aloft, are a shade paler with a touch of burgundy.

Egg Name and Description

Don't Take This Egg for Granite
This large egg is mostly composed of a peachy rocky texture, intermingled with areas of glassy gray and sharp little pricks of black. Some spots look glassy, or like it's flaking off, but overall the the easily seen shapes are the blocky peach patches.



Eggs: While most are obvious, the egg theme for this clutch is Geology puns. The puns are the names and then the eggs have the descriptions based on the geological structure or the rock type.
Don't Take This Egg For Granite is described off of the rock type granite, which can be seen here.

Hatchlings: The hatchlings of this clutch are described off of Sodas. With this hatchling, unfortunately, I cheated a little and based him off of Kahlua instead. Sorry! But he's got a neat slogan his name was taken from 'Awaken the Spirit' and an alcoholic beverage is close enough to a soda.


Name Vein
Dam Cachucha
Sire Hilt
Created by F'yr
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee Hyrlon
Hatched July 1, 2009
Length 58
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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