I Hear Banjoes Blue Turquoise

Sire: brown Brat

Dam: green Hazel

Egg: Take Me Back Home Egg

Egg Description: Natural and at home, this egg seems as if it could blend in wherever it may please, but be happiest out in the country. The bottom half is a fascimile of a field of blue-green grass, bent to a gentle breeze. What could be buildings, or perhaps just reddish-brown smudges rest somewhere above that, beneath a shockingly pale blue sky, with only a few smudges of white to mar it in its pristine glory

Hatchling Name: I Hear Banjoes Blue Hatchling

Description: This hearty little firelizard has a little potbelly to him and an almost sad cant to his features that are off-set by eyes full of mirth and merriment. The base shade of his hide is a blue-green that edges so near into green that it becomes turquoise at times. The ridges down his neck are darker, dingier, and the coloration envelopes his tail. There's a lightness with hints of red upon his wings, as if the sun has beat down upon them too long, though the change in shade does not affect the rest of his body. The overall effect leaves one with a blue that has the look of one both homely and jovial that may have spent too much time out in the sun

Credits: None

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