Lovesick Without a Cure Brown Truss

Hide of a caramel hue wraps about the form of this brown, smooth and silky in both appearance and feel. From his headknobs to just above the eyeridges, hair-like wisps of a deeper cocoa hue seem painted on with the finest of artists' brushes, almost as if he in fact had hair. His 'spars deepen from caramel at the leading edge to a rich, milk chocolate brown at the tips, with sails of light cafe latte. Claws of matte steel grey tip each talon, deceptively sharp like the pangs of love

Egg Name and Description

Shared Heart Egg
his egg looks almost as if it is two that have somehow become one, with one half of the shell stark white, and the other sky blue. Where the two halves meet on the vertical, the edges swirl together like clouds floating through the sky on a windy day.

Hatching Message

Almost reluctantly, the shell falls away from the caramel-hued Lovesick Without A Cure Brown Hatchling, leaving him curled up and creeling on the sand as if calling out for a lost love.



This egg was based upon the character of Harry Kim, from Star Trek: Voyager. The particular reference is to an episode called "The Disease", in which he became involved with a Varro woman named Derran Tal and developed a physical bond known as the "shared heart". It is one of my favorites involving this character, beautiful and bittersweet. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this little fellow as much as I enjoyed working on him!


Name Truss
Dam Jenova
Sire Future
Created By Jessa
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee Hyrlon
Hatched August 2009
Length 53
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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