Leaf on the Wind Green Tourmaline



This little beauty evokes images of willow leaves dancing on a summer's breeze, her graceful lines echoing the shape of the leaf as the wind carries it along. Her hide is an even, shimmering shade of emerald, shot through with veins of a paler green-gold hue. Deeper, leaf green spars give way to sails just the shade of a leaf unfurled to the sun for the first time, and pale, pearlescent claws tip each finger and toe. When she takes to flight, it is as if she is completely carefree, her wings spread to catch the slightest breeze. Her carriage suggests perpetual child-like laughter, every step seeming like that of a dance in its precision.


Egg Name and Description

Pearlescent Dawn Egg

A riot of pale rose, lemon chiffon, snowy white, and seafoam blue swirls madly across the surface of this egg, shot through with hints of palest green such as is only seen at Rukbat's rising. The whole effect is as if the egg is the sun, rising into the sky just as a morning storm is swept away by gentle breezes.

Hatching Message

Hairline cracks appear on the shell as Pearlescent Dawn Egg rocks about, marring the shimmering, pristine surface as the hatchling within struggles for freedom. Every successive movement forces the cracks wider, until at last, Leaf On The Wind Green Hatchling bursts free, egg-wet, like Rukbat rising from the sea.


This graceful little green is still young, but it seems she will grow to be a dainty beauty.


Thanks to Niva for letting me have my first chance at hatching a clutch! This clutch is an attempt to embody forces of nature, in all their splendor—especially reminiscent of the area where I grew up. :-)


Green Tourmaline X Bronze Bloodstone

Egg Name Egg Desc Hatch Name Hatch Desc Impressee Name
Room Where Everything Happens Egg Stairs. That's the first obvious trait of this egg. It looks like an entire white-brown-beige room of stairs. Closer inspection reveals benches and tables, all of the same marble, with tiny, non-descript togaed people sitting at them, listening intently to the man in the center of the broad, circular room. Vir Diserti Vox Viridis Coquendum Man of Eloquent Word Green Hatchling is somewhat plump, but still with a strong, proud bearing. Gentle swirls of yellow-green cuve around her eyes like spectacles, then around her shoulders like a toga. Lyana Alto
City of Walls and Hills Egg A great city ranges atop a hill. Green, verdant and growing the whole world seems alive on this egg. The city's walls range around and down the hill creating seeming districts amongst it's people.
Great City on the Plain Egg The yellow-gold of grain envelopes this egg. In the center of the field, and seemingly always in the distance at the same time, stands a stone city. Great pallisades topped with tiny soldiers surround the central stronghold. It's hard to be sure, but there might be a few elephants in the distance as well. Iuvenum Magni Imperii Caeruleum Coquendum Youth of Great Power Blue Hatchling is slim and slight. A circlet of silver crowns his youthful head, trailing a single stripe of light, baby blue down his back, ending in a broad, sweeping point on his left flank. K'shan Appears to have been sent wild


Name Tourmaline
Dam Jool
Sire Diamond
Created By Jessa
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee M'nol
Hatched 1 June 2009
Length 43
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

Firelizard Lineart by Rhasmir & R'owan

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