Sartorius Brown Stitch

Sire: bronze Vesuvius

Dam: gold Eirwyn

Egg: Long Tailor Egg

Egg Description: Browns, whites, reds and mixed tones all combine to give this egg the look of a muscle that's been skinned. There's a milky seeming layer over it all, as if holding it together. If one loogs close enough, it seems to be one long thin muscle that wraps around, over and over again.

Hatchling Name: Sartorius Brown Hatchling

Description: Long and lanky this slightly reddish brown firelizard seems almost more ropelike than a properly proportioned firelizard. Though he's not the largest of browns, his thin look makes him seem longer than he really his. His head, more a pointed wedge, has streaks of brownish white, that continues down the thin neck, across his torso and down to his forked tail, giving him a literal muscular look.

Credits: This clutch was based off of anatomy. Or basically, body parts. This egg and firelizard are based on the sartorius muscle, the longest muscle in the body. It's attachment points are the ASIS on the os coxa and the pes anserinus of the tibia. The etomology of the name is the reason for tailor. And therein lies the sources for the names. - Kezia

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