Mysterious Prophet Green Sekhmet

Sire: brown Brat

Dam: green Doll

Egg: Red Hand Egg

Egg Description: Bold and proud, this egg sticks out among tamer fellows. A single stripe of brilliant red moves top-to-bottom, another around its' middle, a harsh stripe across a face of gold. The gold is deep and flashy, brazen in defiance of the dimmer shades. Where the hazy red slashes meet on one side, a faint blotch of white splashes, imposed in the center by another splotch of white that almost seems to be — a hand?

Hatchling Name: Mysterious Prophet Green

Description: Ethereal and maybe slightly sinister, this large green hatchling is certainly unique. Her hide is deep and rich, seeming almost black at first, until any light hits her smooth hide, at which point it flares to a vibrant jungle-green. She does not vary much in color over the entirety of her well-proportioned body, the vibrant green taking over much of it. Belly pales just a touch and 'sails deepen and lose much of their shine, but other than the tips of her toes shining a shade or two paler than her belly, that's it. The deep color accents a lean build, lean but not gaunt, more athletic. She is built for strength and speed, wings long and tapered, with neck and tail neither too long nor too short, smooth of hide and maybe slightly sharp neck-and-back-ridged. Her legs are well-muscled and long-toed, with sharp but short talons at the end of each toe. This green carries herself with a certain grace, not the noble air of some, but a predatory stalk, deliberate, never putting a foot out of line or a wing too far from her body to balance. She always knows her next step, always knows where she is going and how she will get there; one might almost think that she knows and sees all.

Hatching Message: After a long and busy time wiggling studiously, the Red Hand Egg finally cracks. Neatly. And properly, right in two; one half goes one way, the other falls calmly the other, neither cracking on their downward journey. Stepping from the neat ruins is the Myterious Prophet Green, who first blinks in the light of the caverns, then hisses quietly. It burrns. But after one of her eyelids closes she calms a little, peering up at the crowd.

Credits: This green will always be something of a handfull. She has her /own/ opinions on how things are and will be, and she is not shy in sharing them. You may find that if you decide to put off oiling her one day, she will disappear for several, until you're just about frazzled with worry — and then she will reappear, calm as anything. If you treat her as she feels she should be treated, she will be your calm protector, benevolent and ever-present. She is the quiet presence that seems to bring luck, both good and bad, while she is with you, though it could be just your imagination. It is wise to treat her with caution; she might not be very big, but this green can make your life hard if you let her! Still, as long as you're reasonable about her, she is reasonable with you, and will never let you down.

This hatchling is based loosely on the Morrigan of Irish mythology. The Morrigan are incredibly hard to decipher, but I've done my best to make them Pern-canon and fit into the somewhat limited personality of a firelizard. ;) I hope you enjoy her! You can read a little about the Morrigan on Wikipedia (it won't let me include the link, it has accented characters, oops!)

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