Tabby Cat Brown Phyrite

This handsome brown firelizard carries himself with a sinuous, feline like grace right from the very start. From his snout on down to the tip of his tail, tone on tone stripes of burnt umber over mahogany wrap around his lithe little body. His belly, forearms, and hind legs are all an unusual shade of burnt orange, with each talon tipped in gleaming siena claws. The spars of his wings are awash in the same burnt umber as the dark stripes on his body, with madder-tinged fawn wingsails stretched out between each spar. His whirling, faceted eyes are ringed with a thin line of mahogany, as if he were wearing glasses and perhaps peering down his snout at you.

Egg Name and Description

Bold New Enterprise Egg

This egg is an almost uniform, drab shade of steel grey. Here and there, flecks of gold and ebony stand out, like little windows. A thin crimson line bisects the egg on the vertical, the angry hue throbbing with its own inner, deadly light.

Hatching Message

Bit by bit, a hairline crack appears around the equator of the egg, widening as the hatchling within works his way free. With a sudden, abrupt -crack-, the two halves fall apart, leaving a Tabby Cat Brown Hatchling to step free from his confinement, creeling loudly for food.



This egg was inspired by none other than Spot, Commander Data's cat from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Like Spot, your firelizard will have you trained in short order. When he creels his demands for food, oiling, a bath, or scritches, you'll know which one to give when, and hop to! He is handsome, graceful, and he knows it! :-) He was a real joy to work on for you, M'nol, and I hope you enjoy him thoroughly!


Name Phyrite
Dam Brie
Sire Future
Created By Jessa
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee M'nol
Hatched 17 July 2009
Length 52
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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