Racing Dust Storms Brown Madder

Sire: bronze Sinister

Dam: gold Hanama

Egg: White Washed Egg

Egg Description: Plain, bright white thickly coats this round shell, hiding it beneath heavy brush strokes. Here and there, a bit of shadow sneaks in, as if it needs another coat there.

Hatchling Name: Racing Dust Storms Brown Hatchling

Description: With his tail dipped in sienna, this little brown is the picture of fury, as red-toned browns sweep over his body, as if enveloping him in a heavy dust storm. Burnt sienna claims his belly and limbs, even his tails unable to escape, before the hues are overcome by ochre on his sides and neck. As ochre spirals upwards along his body, it's unable to overcome the foothold that the sienna has on the end of his muzzle, nor the burnt umber that resides over the back of his neck and body. Wingsails of the same hue stretch between spars of rust, as they fold to his back.

Credits: The Racing Dust Storms Brown Hatchling was based off of the planet Mars, description wise. He was desc'd by Niva.

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