Lean and Mean Green Lodestone

Dazzling emerald green hide flows over this lady firelizard's very muscular frame, glinting in whatever light is available. Indeed, she seems as muscular as a bronze, though she's green. However, the musculature does not make her appear bulky; in fact she's still quite sleek. Lean but strong. That emerald green color is uniform over most of her body. Even her talons are the same color. However, the top of her head and her headknobs are covered in a dark forest green. This 'stripe' of green covers her neckridges too…but it only goes to the middle of her back, stopping between her wings. And her wings! They're positively huge! Muscular and strong are the limbs, the spars are thick, and the sails are wide. They too are emerald green. Though at the bottom edge of the sails, that emerald fades, first to a bluish color, and then to stark white.

Egg Name and Description

Caustic Blood Egg

The entirety of this egg looks as though blood has been poured upon the top of the egg, and someone has allowed it to run all the way down, coating the egg entirely. Spots of red-black coagulation dot the sides of this egg, as if it has caught in pits and irregularities in the shell and begun to dry. However, an odd feature seems to bubble up from the bottom — a bright, frightening yellow-green color, like poison, seems to be trying to creep up the sides of the bloody egg. And where they meet, they begin to mix and swirl into dark, black-green. Is the blood winning? Or is the poison?

Hatching Message

The Caustic Blood Egg shivers. Then it shakes. It shakes, rattles, and rolls! Nearly rolling out of the sand, it finally stops, by some miracle remaining upright. For a moment, it stops, as if the hatchling inside needs a moment to catch its breath. And then…BANG! The shell seems to quite literally EXPLODE, revealing the lively, muscular green hatchling inside. She flexes her wings and body, stretching her neck proudly as she takes her first breath of air.


pleasant and flirtatious.


The theme of both the eggs and the hatchlings was "Classic Comic Book Heroes". The Gamma Radiation Green Hatchling was based on Marvel's "She-Hulk". In the old days, She-Hulk, a.k.a. Jennifer Walters, was the cousin of the Incredible Hulk. Jennifer was injured badly, and only Bruce's blood was a match. Bruce gave her blood, and she became the She-Hulk. Unlike Bruce, "Shulkie", as she was affectionately named, was ALWAYS lean, mean, and green. But still sexy. Your flit is quite muscular; however, she's quite friendly to just about everyone. And flirty, even when she's not proddy. But she'll never be dainty. And when she thinks you're in trouble, count on her to jump in and save the day! When young, this may prove problematic…particularly if you have a weyrmate. And when she DOES finally go proddy, she will have no time for males who aren't prepared to give it their all. She will lead the chase aggressively. But when her strength gives out (after a LONG chase!) she will appreciate the male who will be gentle with her. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/She-Hulk


Name Lodestone
Dam Aello
Sire Aeolus
Created By Donovan
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee Hyrlon
Hatched 13 July 2009
Length 45
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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